90 days - started to feel again, gained back my empathy, super hard erections

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albino peacockNofap pretty much opened my eyes and showed me that PMO drained my energy. In fact nofap showed me a lot of more problems of my life. At least i see them now so i can work them out. It is still a way to go for me.

What happened to me: - confidence coming back at day 12 (fast!) - social anxiety gone at day 14 - On day 20 all my conversations with people just became very interesting and all dull feelings in my head disappeared - flatline kicked in around day 25 (small dick, no libido at all) - started to look everyone right Into their eyes when talking, great feeling - at day 70 i got my feelings back, i started to feel again and Gained back my empathy - at day 75 till today: super hard erections after a super long flatline of 50 days (i almost gave up and thought i'd never regain my libido but boom!)

I pretty much changed everything in my life. Nofap took so much concentration that it was easy to quit smoking for me. I smoked 10 years straight an tried a thousand times to quit. Nofap was the breakthrough. I startend working out because my doctor told me to strengthen my back. After a month the aches were gone but i still work On my body On a daily basis(since january 15th til now). I thought about all my Bad habits and stopped to drink alcohol on parties and only drink when it is a healthy amount. Also i left behind all my bad friendships that Held me back from being who i really am. So for now i am pretty happy but im trying to find my peace with my job and my Apartment. I hope to move back to my hometown this year and find a job there. The fight goes On and i am starting my own persuit of happiness. My conclusion: nofap brought me back to myself. I know who i am again. So now that i know who i am, i can Start to change my life how i want it to be. Finally i know what i want and i can feel feelings again.

Thank you guys for everything. You helped me a lot in my darkest hours. Feel free to ask me anything. Sorry for my Bad english, i am from germany.

Another 90 days post

by fuerst


Can you give us a background of your story? How long did you masturbate to porn, how early did you start watching porn, symptoms, etc


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