YBR Radio Host Dan Simmons Interviewed by the BBC

Dan Simmons Listen to interview (from 5:05 to 9:05) Daniel Simmons is a 23-year-old recovering porn addict. He says he couldn't have sex or concentrate on everyday things and yet, he says, he couldn't stop.

Age 45 - 220 days, lots of progress on PIED & low libido! Also, way more confident

coupleI can't believe I've been on the plan over 7 months now. To clarify right off the bat: that doesn't mean I haven't fapped in 220 days.

Age 22 - My 90 day PIED Recovery report

happy couple22 years old, Been watching porn since a young age. I didn't know I had a problem until the beginning of this year. At first I didn't know it was porn related so the doctor gave me viagra.

Age 67 - Sex is better than it ever has been

couple at the beachI am 67 and had an ED problem. I tried all the remedies and none really worked.  I had also used porn for years. Was I addicted? Probably.

Age 22 - ED cured. 3 years of struggle. Still not free of porn.

couple cuddlingI have watched porn since I was about 12 and I am now 22. I didn't realize i had a problem til I couldn't feel a thing at the age of 19 when I attempted to have sex, I immediately went flaccid and from that moment on I knew I had a problem.

Age 53 - Married, ED symptoms since my late 30s: My life/manhood is back!

happy coupleI watched the 55 minute video and saw my life being described. 53 yrs old. ED symptoms since my late 30s. I am married to a sexy, beautiful woman. I could not perform unless my hand was on my shaft. I had to imagine my wife in a room full of men to stay erect.

3 years - tons of resets - 718 days in

soldiersStarted Faping to porn around 9 or 10. Fapped to porn no less than 6 times a day until I was 18. Joined the military at 18. No porn in boot camp, did not fap either. This made me a leader, focused and more productive than I had ever been.

Age 27 - Social anxiety is gone. Also, urine would drip for several minutes after pissing. No more.

guy urinatingHey Fapstronauts, today i'm here to talk about my 300th day of NoFap and how it has changed my life. As a teen I quickly learned what masturbation was and I would do it all the time.

10 years of Porn Addiction, 5 years of ED, 4 ruined relationships: And how I managed to get over it.

couple kissing on a bedPMO had become such a devastating addiction in my life. I had avoided most of the experiences and struggles that we all have to go through in our adolescence, by channeling all my needs to Porn.

Sex without ED drugs! Been fighting against porn for almost 20 months

armsToday, I can't describe the way I feel. I've been fighting against my past on porn for one year and a half. During this time I've been noticing month by month how my life has been improving in many ways...

Age 30 - ED & extreme fetishes in the past. Sex is now great with my girlfriend

couple in bedIt is crazy now to recall what I have been going through. I will soon be 31 year old and by the age of 30 my life turned around for almost 180 degrees to the brighter side. So much has changed.

Age 17 - So motivated for everything

young guySo when I first discovered this like one year ago I did not think much of it. But during sex with my girlfriend I kinda went limp very often, and after some research on the internet [know] it could be caused by porn.

Age 24 - Anxiety so bad I was sent to a school counsellor. Pretty much gone.

eye contactI'm 24 and probably started the combination of pmo at about 13. Since maybe the age of 19 that routine would last an hour and would be done daily.

More energy, & confidence, Better sleep, Standing straighter/smile more, Look at girls differently

friendly touch by coworker49 days ago I registered this account and said to myself: Stop messing around with the small streaks and let's do this!

ED cured - It took a very long time to recover, it scared the s**t out of me

couple in bedMy PMO story is like yours, porn, masturbation, orgasm, long sessions, extreme practices, always more extreme. In my case I had a bonus: erectile dysfunction, ED, which means in simple words, you can't get it hard, or not hard enough.


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