Age 22 - Comfortable, relaxed and confident discussing NoFap with 60 classmates

college classThis might not make sense to you right now, or even be the thing you want to hear, but the day that I started doing NoFap to improve myself, and not my relationships with women or personal bravado, is the day that I truly conquered my addiction.

Age 20 - ED cured: Less anxiety & depression, Better memory, mood, motivation & energy

young guyOk I just had sex with my best female friend.. I'm 20 yrs old and I've been watching porn since I was 14. I started nofap this year, mostly because of PIED and severe anxiety.

Age 22 - Feel like a man again, I take control over my life without substances or internal lust

happy guyBack about 4 years ago I was addicted to masturbating, porn, benzodiazepines, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, cigarettes, marijuana and anything else I could get for free. (Mom had a hell of a medical plan)

Age 18 - Confidence went through the roof, destroyed critical exam!

happy young guyI started fapping around the age of 14, however I watched very few porn. I relied mostly on fetishes inherited from my childhood to get aroused. And as time went on, they became nastier and nastier, and the internet surely helped this trend.

Age 27 - Got wizard powers back!

wizard powersIt's been over 90 days since I quit porn cold turkey and started my first ever streak (+- since our counters broke down). The nightmare mode streak, as I call it.

More social, confident & naturally aggressive, brain fog gone, greater clarity & insight, improved mood

happy guyBeen doing NoFap since six months ago, what I have experienced so far is described below:

Swansea University research shows people using the internet excessively are more susceptible to illness (2015)

Ever wondered why you’re getting so many colds? Researchers say it could be due to spending too long online

Scientists from Swansea Uni have found that excessive internet users may get ill more often as excessive internet use can damage people's immune function.

Age 31 - ED "I quit fapping, things got back to normal"

feet in bedI turned 31 recently and was addicted to fapping since I discovered it, which was around 10 I think. I had plenty of GF's that I had regular sex with, but the sex never last too long (5-20minutes max? no fast action). It wasn't a tragedy, but looking at what guys can do at porn, I could easily get myself in the "embarassed" state of mind.

Men Ejaculate Larger Volumes of Semen, More Motile Sperm, and More Quickly when Exposed to Images of Novel Women (2015)

spermCOMMENTS: Masturbating to a novel pornstar increased ejaculate volume and motile sperm. Also, the time it took to ejaculate decreased significantly. The Coolidge effect is characterized as greater reward circuit activity when exposed to a novel sexual partner. Here, sexual novelty also translates into better sperm and faster ejaculation, making any "extra-pair couplings" more efficient, and more costly.

Age 41 - Making love again, 10 years of depression gone, better memory

happy coupleWhile I have slipped up a few times during this 8-weeks, I am 100 per cent confident I will never watch porn again, because the last time was so very boring.

"What Happens When Children Watch Porn", by

What Happens When Children Watch PornToday’s high-intensity, no-holds-barred Internet porn has sex addiction therapists scrambling to stay current, and some are noting a curious trend. In the past, individuals suffering from porn addiction nearly always reported a history of trauma. That is, the porn-addicted client stumbled onto porn at some point and found that it soothed anxiety and other emotional problems caused by early physical or emotional abuse. But some therapists working with today’s compulsive porn users believe they are seeing a new type of porn abuser:

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Age 24 - DE - it's a slow, steady process, better skin, great relationship!

progressThis is my first run and I have made it past 90 days without porn or fapping. I'm on a roll and I ain't stopping! I am pleasantly surprised it has been this easy so far. It has made a very heavy positive impact on my life.

Age 30 - Married, more energetic and confident

smiling coupleI first found NoFap about three years ago (I'm 30 now). As many can attest to, reading YBOP and this sub was really an 'a-ha!' moment for me.

More energy, more time, etc - and I got the girl

handsA lot has changed in my life during this challenge, whether it be directly correlated to noFap or not, I am glad that i'm in a better state now. Besides the general noFap benefits such as energy, more time, etc- I was finally able to get the girl that I have crushed on for over a year now!

Age 40 - Gay man: PIED progress. Keep at it folks - this really works!!

holding handsAnother satisfied NoFap customer :) I have to say this has been much easier than I expected so far. I've been fapping to porn since college, and I've had problems with ED and DE since my mid 20s which I attributed more to mild use of SSRIs than anything else.


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