Age 25 - ED & delayed ejaculation cured. Porn related fetishes almost gone

couple next to lakeLast June I stopped fapping, for the purpose of restoring the peen to its long-lost glory, and to stop feeling like a total degenerate. This is for all y'all still dealing with the struggle, to learn about the long road to recovery.

Age 25 - ED & DE: 90 Day Report. I used to be a skeptic.

Happy couple Admittedly when I first decided to do the 90 day challenge I was skeptical about what I was reading. I am a male in my mid 20s who has always had an issue with ED and an inability to cum during intercourse. For me I was skeptical as to how such a simple thing as stopping masturbation and porn could provide a miraculous solution to a deeply ingrained psychological issue.

My experiment: Using porn in moderation after recovery

HomerIt's been a while since I've been on here and after this post I won't be on again for a while. I recently started watching porn and masturbating again,  but in moderation.

I started off well. I had one pmo session once a week. At first it was good, the porn was enjoyable and as such the session only lasted 10 minutes. However after just two sessions, I started to notice things...

Age 25 - Sex feels amazing! Morning wood, Stay hard for much longer, Urges for a real connection

happy young guyLike most of you I discovered online Porn in my early teens, I'm now 25 and single with 2 previous relationships. After having a realisation that I was litteraly only interested in sex, I decided it's time to sort it out to get a emotional connection back as well as physical, and during this I discovered nofap.

Age 16 - I can talk to girls 100x easier

teen coupleI made it guys. 100 days! The past 100 days have definitely been life changing. I'm not crediting everything to NoFap, but it was a very useful tool that helped me get to where I am now.

Age 28 - Successful Sex. Finally!

happy coupleI started NoFap because I had really bad PIED. I struggled performing for the past year and it has been terrible for my confidence with women.

Age 38 - ED: The miracle is that for the first time since my teens, I'm getting normal erections again

guy admiring bonerI have great news! Since I was 16, I've suffered from ED and didn't know why until 6 months ago. I started trying noFap and being porn free.

Age 17 - I simply made a decision: I’m not going to watch porn anymore. It’s bad for me

young guyThis isn’t my first streak, but it is my longest. In a couple of months I’ll be 18. I started NoFap a year ago. When I started, I struggled with anxiety. I felt impending doom in regards to the future - being forever alone, getting shit grades etc.

Age 19 - It’s through resetting my brain that I’ve realized what I’ve actually wanted in my life

young guyWow! 90 days. I feel like it’s been a while, but I do feel quite a lot better after doing the challenge. My mind is so much clearer, I have so much fucking energy and anger now, but hey that’s ok! All I have to do is meditate, exercise and put that energy into positive vibes and routines.

Better eye contact, Less intimidated by people, I get more attention and complements from girls

happy guyStarted trying NoFap in October. Failed over and over and over. Finally got my shit together and am now hauling-ass to a better version of myself.  Will NoFap change your life? Yes. Will NoFap revolutionize your life? It might, that’s up to you. Here are my thoughts:

I objectify women far less, My body feels like it did when I was a child, Less shy, Top 1% of my class

dance movesSo I had been trying to quit fapping for years on my own, but I never had much real success until I found this place. At my worst, I would fap roughly three times a day (on occasion as much as five or six).

Age 23 - I didn't know I was a porn addict until I wasn't one anymore.

lakeIt's so bizarre how people get swept up into things and don't realize what's going on until it's over. I didn't know I was a porn addict until I wasn't one anymore. I think that's true for a lot of people like us.

Age 21 - I don't want to escape, now I want to know how it feels to do things I've envied others for doing.

I finished my 90 Nofap challenge and it was easier than I expected luckily. I've read countless 90-day reports to keep me going throughout and so I feel it is my duty to create a reddit account just to post this. Hopefully it helps you guys out and gets you through some tough times like it did me.


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