University professor - "Professor Perv is dead"


I started NoFap over the summer but was very curious to see how things would go once the academic year started. I'm a professor and my students include very attractive young ladies.

Age 39 - Better relationship with wife, No longer emotionally dead, Much better erections

loving coupleWell here I am about 6+ months into the journey and while there have been peaks and valleys it's been worth the effort. Porn doesn't have much of a hold anymore nore does it have any appeal. The fantasy is gone and I'm glad to be reconnecting with my wife.

Age 34 - Gay: (ED) My brain was cured, I could be aroused by a smile

guy looking at sunsetI did this challenge 2 years ago... because of porn addiction, and ED issues... first time it lasted 2 weeks, and i relapsed because i hit the flatline right after day 6.

1 Year - I feel more energetic, proactive & passionate about things. Girls are way more attractive

guy with raised arms celebratingThis year has been interesting. As with every streak there were difficult times and easier ones, but willpower prevailed!

Age 21 - ED cured after doctors gave up, I get raging erections when intimate

young happy guyI'm 21 years old, 6 foot, athletic build, and women do say i'm handsome. Not bragging, but i'm just giving you the description. I played sports throughout most of my life so i've always been in pretty good shape.

90 days - It Is So Worth It! Go 100% and you will not regret it. I promise.

autumnThe experience itself of not jacking off to a computer every day, avoiding it entirely -- the way you feel...I feel like a child again. I am beginning to experience emotions I have not felt in a long long time.

Case Report: Internet Gaming Disorder Associated With Pornography Use (2015)

guy with laptopComments: In this case study, experts point out that recovery from internet gaming disorder (IGD) still left a patient using internet porn excessively with adverse consequences. They urge experts to address porn use as a "co-occurring morbidity with IGD," lest it become more insidious and difficult to treat.

Age 18 - After great progress, my PIED is back: I started watching porn again - not even masturbating

young guyI managed to stop watching porn for about two months, and made great progress with my PIED, was able to stay hard during sex.

Age 20 - Happier, More energy, Far less anxiety talking to girls, View women differently

young guyHey community, the Asian (Vietnamese, to be exact) is here again :) I want to thank this community (once again) for being so helpful to me,

5 Things To Avoid So You Don't Relapse!

Keep calm and don't relapseA relapse can be more difficult to deal with than quitting PMO in the first place. Generally, if you quit, it’s because you’ve made up your mind, you’ve got inspiration and motivation backing your choice. However, a relapse can sneak up on you and before you know it, you’re right back to the start.

Age 17 - I feel whole and alive (day 200)

man on a mountain topI just finally made a new account on reddit, and it happens that today is number 200. I never thought I'd make it to here but, through hard work I guess I have.

Age 28 - Migraines and stuttering gone, better immunity, stronger, good conversationalist

young guy looking in mirrorI had a 3-4 months of complete abstinence in the beginning. Benefits i experienced :

Research confirms sharp rise in youthful ED

worried guy in bedroom with girl Young men today appear to be experiencing a sharp increase in ED (and other sexual dysfunctions) since the advent of streaming internet. All studies assessing young male sexuality since 2010 report historic levels of erectile dysfunction, and startling rates of a new scourge: low libido.


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