Porn-induced ED is over thanks to Nofap!

loversSo last night, I went on a date with a lovely girl who I met a few days back. It was the second time we met together and I was pretty sure that she would end up in my house.

9 weeks - Depression is hugely improved, Porn was sapping me of my willpower

claritySo yesterday I broke a nine week no-porn streak. I'm going through a bunch of shit right now, and I reasoned that watching porn would free up some willpower for other challenges.

Age 40s - Two years later.... No ED. Married with little baby

happy couple with babyI had almost forgotten the period of my life where I struggled with masturbation and porn. It was so long ago. But I did have a problem - and I beat it. So, I thought I would share the story and the wonderful things that came from giving up.

Age 17 - Lots of new female friends, more self love

young guy surrounded by girls 90 fucking days... on my first try after founding this site. I'm pretty amazed but anyway.. time to tell ya fellas the story and benefits. I started fapping when i was 12 all the way to age 17.

Age 29 - 90 days: Today I'm supposed to get a referral to see a therapist, but I'm not sure I need one anymore.

light breaking through in nature sceneToday was the first day in a while where I woke up in a good mood...If you read my previous post, I was kind of a mess dealing with physical symptoms of delusion, anxiety, depression, rage, libidolessness and the overall fun of a deep flatline.

Age 35 - My marriage and especially my sex-life has never been better, Clearer mind & more social.

happy coupleThis year has been tough. After trying for years to give up PMO, I would find myself back on the same sites days later. I'd rationalize or make excuses. I had deleted two flash drives worth of photos downloaded over the past year...even destroyed the drives, thinking I was done!!

Age 22 - PIED resolved: Motivation is up, Focus is excellent, Sleep has improved

smiling coupleI remember when I first got internet porn and thinking, "Oh shit, this is awesome!!" I was totally oblivious to the fact that it would have been much healthier to reign in the fapping and go out and try and get a girlfriend, or at least be doing something more productive

Age 22 - I was skeptical, but this shit works...

Tinder screenThis is in no way an outlet to brag, but an affirmation of what is possible with NoFap. I'm a semi-active Tinderer. If you're busy or you're in a new city like me that it can be OK for practicing your game.

Age 18 - Socially unstoppable, More emotional & self-aware, Improvements in school

eye contactI don't think I was addicted to PMO as most people on this subreddit, but with things like this, it's hard to judge yourself. I was PMO'ing a few times a week and I really didn't know that it was causing me any negatives, but I'd definitely stopped enjoying it like I once used to

Age 28 - PIED seems cured: For the first time since I can remember, I actually enjoyed sex.

Sign: When Sex Doesn't Feel that WonderfulI started pornfree because I wanted to have an intimate relationship with a woman. PIED was seriously hurting my life.

Age 19 - No more ED, Far less depression & social anxiety, More energy & motivation, Mind is clearer

rooftop cocktail partyI'll list some benefits here that can serve as motivation for others:

1.Clearer skin, better facial hair growth

I quit porn and my orgasms have gotten really intense

"Haven't watched porn for a whole month"I made a post about two weeks ago saying that I haven't watched porn for two weeks and it was because I saw this TED talk video on how porn fucks up your head. And in that post I said how I had better sex dreams and woke up with harder morning woods after not watching porn for two weeks.

Age 18 - I used to think porn felt good, but it was more a numbness than a pleasure.

Guy on a mountain topAs cliched as it sounds, I never actually imagined reaching 90 days PMO free, it had just become such a regular part of my life. At first, I thought I was unhappy for no reason, and porn was completely normal thing for a 17, now 18 year old guy to watch

Age 17 - I was an extremely awkward, depressed, and borderline-suicidal teenager.

chick magnet (guy with chickens on him)WOW! I can't believe this right now. I'm 17 years old, and pre-noFap I was like most people described themselves on here. I was an extremely awkward, depressed, and borderline-suicidal teenager.

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