The role of leader now comes naturally for me; I want to lead

young guyI began my NoFap journey in mid December of last year. At that time I had decided that I was unsatisfied with my life. For context, I want to stress that, at least on the surface, my life appeared to be going great, and it is important to note that this really wasn't an inaccurate assessment.

Age 22 - I like the person I am now

couple in treeI stumbled upon this subreddit by chance one day. I think it was referenced in a joke, but I got curious and read more and more and before I knew it I was ready to participate.

Age 34 - ED: I feel I am healing physical and my brain is repairing itself

happy guyI've made it to 90 days hard mode and I'm really proud of my achievement, and wanted to share my experience. Without discovering this movement I'm not sure I would have made this change in my life.

Age 29 - Sex is drastically different

coupleOK, OK.... It hasn't been an absolutely perfect 60 days. But I'm not about 100% perfection. I'm about 100% improvement.

Married - Lower anxiety, clearer head, more energy, depression lifted, better relationship with wife

two starfishI'm just an average guy, like all of you. If I can do this and can, too. I know it. Just wanted to share what I posted in my journal in celebration of 90 days:

Age 14 - I'm slowly becoming my true self. I'm more confident, I talk more, even to the pretty girls

happy guyI'm slowly moving away from this subreddit and technology in general and focusing more on real life. Heh I just finished playing board games with my parents for a few hours, and that never happens because most teens cant get their heads out of their darn phones, and I used to be one of them.

Age 28 - The devastating depression & social anxiety are gone. Way more energy, clarity, & confidence.

happy guyI've done several streaks before, lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to about a month. This streak has been incredible though!! I almost forgot to even write this post because I’ve been so occupied with life!!

Age 21 - ED cured: My 18 month journey

young guyI first started looking at softcore photos aged 12-13 but by 15/16 is when I started watching porn. I never strayed away from straight/lesbian or solo and watched it 3-7 times a week religiously over that period. Looking back my taste didn't change but the 'quality' of the material got better i.e I started downloading films rather than using pornhub.

Age 29 - Thesis submitted, more energy, better sleep, faster, better thoughts

PhD survivor buttonCan't believe how quickly the days have gone. The first week was awesome, weeks 2 and 3 were full-blown withdrawal symptoms. Now, I think I'm on the other side of the flatline.

Age 25 - Virginity conquered, and complete transformation

happy guyI started off like many of you (presumably), seen as introverted, lack of style, or overall poor aesthetics. A kissless virgin, and a bitter depressed cynical narcissist. Oh.. And of course a ragging fapping addict since I was 14. I knew something had to change or I was doomed to suffer a sad and lonely life.

Age 30 - I got new attitudes

father with 3 kidsI'm 30 yo, married and a father of few kids. Was struggling with masturbation for 20 years and with porn for 9 years on and off. As any slavery you never feel that something is wrong until you hit the rock bottom.

Age 20 - 377 days: Did Nofap, got superpowers, lost virginity

Get shit doneI had a lot of bad habits like playing video games, not exercising, not getting shit done, being a lazy fuck, flunking school, etc... When I started Nofap, I was 19. It was a decision i took because I was going on my 20th birthday and I was still a virgin.

ED & delayed ejaculation - Success after 4 weeks

young guyI've recently determined I have PIED. As part of this, I've never been able to cum with a partner without basically masturbating during intimacy to get me close to orgasm. I would also have to concentrate on porn/porn-style scenarios to stay erect.


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