ED - Thought I was asexual. Eventually thought I was gay (HOCD): 2 years later I'm a normal functioning heterosexual guy

[Responding to another post] Very similar situation happened with me. When I had my first ED experience and broke up with my first girlfriend, I started to think I'm either asexual or homosexual. I remember, I had no idea what is wrong with me, I felt hopeless, I was even crying once because of this. I just felt emptiness, which felt so unnatural.

Age 32 - Confidence returning, I can keep to a routine, hygiene improved

32, quit porn because I was overdoing it. I was more into porn than real girls. Ignoring decent looking women who were hitting on me. I was watching porn for at least 15 years. The last 7 was my worst. My ED was never really bad. I just couldn't 100% erect. It was always at 75%. I could never orgasm with a partner. Always had to be my death grip.

More on Porn: Guard Your Manhood—A Response to Marty Klein, by Philip Zimbardo & Gary Wilson

Marty Klein wrote a reaction to our original post on how porn is shaping young men’s sexual response. Klein suggested that science doesn’t empirically support our assertion of  unprecedented rates of sexual dysfunctions in young men. In fact, all studies assessing young male sexuality since 2010 report historic levels of sexual dysfunctions and startling rates of low libido. Erectile dysfunction (ED) rates range from 27 to 33 percent, while rates for low libido (hypo-sexuality) range from 16 to 37 percent. The lower ranges are taken from  studies involving teens and men 25 years old and under, while the higher ranges are from studies involving men 40 years old and under. Read the entire article

Age 24 - Went from internal sales slave to a sales manager, healthier too

I found nofap in 2012. I was suffering from testicle pain and after doing some research on my condition I was led to believe it could heal itself if I abstained from ejaculation for 3-6 months. As someone who jacked off twice a day sometimes as many as 6 or 8, this opened my eyes to just how habitually PMO had become.

Age 20 - Confidence I never had before, love for life

You ever start a streak with the feeling that this is going to be the one? That's the streak I'm on. Here I am on day 192 a completely new person with confidence in myself that I never had before. Those who are struggling this is a message that it does get better with time and perseverance. If you relapse pick yourself up and continue this streak is a result of many relapses.

Age 25 - Before NoFap I could only get hard from fetish porn: now I am clearly getting hard by her touch, her skin, how she tastes, sweat, everything

Last weekend I was back home at my parents house for father's day. Hung out with a girl who I've never had sex with but we've had an awk friendship. We've tried have sex but my dependency on fetish porn didn't make it happen.

Age 23 - Healthy relationship helped me stop relapsing

I'm 23 and I used porn since I was 12. I quit because of religious reasons, but also because having to watch more and more violent porn to get an erection scared me. Benefits? Wedding in Autumn :D

How Porn Wrecks Relationships, by Pat Barone

Pornography seems to be everywhere today — in advertising, on online sites, on phone apps, on screens ad nauseum. And that easy access is challenging the way many couples interact with each other, often with devastating consequences.

Age 19 - 6 Steps How To Quit Porn: My Story With 1000 Days

Have you ever felt empty or drained of life's energy after watching porn? Or felt like you lost any purpose in life? Do you use porn to help you fall asleep at night? Or use it to calm you down before or after you did/do something that causes you to be anxious? Same here. I was 7 when I first got in contact with porn.

Online sexual activities: An exploratory study of problematic and non-problematic usage patterns in a sample of men (2016)

COMMENTS: A study on French-speaking males (below) found that problematic Internet porn use is associated with reduced erectile function and reduced overall sexual satisfaction. Yet problematic porn users experienced greater cravings. The study appears to report escalation, as 49% of the men viewed porn that "was not previously interesting to them or that they considered disgusting." Interestingly, 20.3% of participants said that one motive for their porn use was "to maintain arousal with my partner."

Age 26 - Doctor heals his "performance anxiety" by quitting porn

I'm a 26 year old guy who has a pretty long (and pretty typical) history of watching pornography. I started looking at pictures online when I was 14 or 15 and progressed to videos by 16 or 17. Started having sex at 18 and have had a couple long term girlfriends since then (have been dating current girlfriend for three + years).

Age 30 - I got "ME" back, sense of humor

I enjoy the thought of being a man who is on the real journey of outplaying one of the most evil beasts of our time – PMO (if you get to the core, that beast is actually an "old me").

Age 28 - Delayed Ejaculation cured. My whole life I have suffered from never being able to cum

Can you believe it? I am 28, I have posted on here before and my whole life I have suffered from never being able to cum from sex or a blowjob or anything.I have been masturbating and watching porn every night for the past 10 years. Realizing that women have been walking away from me because of not being able to cum, I decided to make a change once and for all.


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