Age 22 - ED cured: I used to think I was an asexual, dysfunctional, waste of human.

dreamy coupleI want to make this "short" and simple. I just want to give some back story and let you all know what happened. I am currently age 22. I started like most of you, found porn when I was 12 or 13 and have been hooked ever since. I would PMO daily at least once since about age 15. Around the age of 18 I had sex with several girls and that's when I first started noticing ED.

Bulletproof Executive interviews Geoffrey Miller (author of "The Mating Mind")

The interviewer discusses NoFap and the need to research ideal ejaculation frequency with him. (Second half of show)


Age 26 - (ED) Besides the sexual benefit, No Fap has changed my life

Happy  MBA studentAround 3 months back, I made the decision to finally quit porn. It had been an integral part of my life from when I was 13 years old (I am 26 now). I realized that I have a problem when even after having sex with many beautiful women, I would still need to fap to get an orgasm after the act. I also used to be semi-hard with real women and super hard when fapping to porn.

Asexuality Development among Middle Aged and Older Men (2014)

ED rates (Red bar) in new studyCOMMENTS: Another study showing gawd-awful ED rates in men:

The prevalence of ED in men with 40–51 years was 58.6%

Researchers offered no good explanation, other than the observation that ED rates are climbing in young men. As with previous studies, the researchers did not ask about internet porn use.

How to DEAL with sexual URGES

One of my subscribers asked me a very important question that I believe a lot of us are asking deep down inside: "How do I deal with my sexual urges?" I share my perspective in this week's video. Enjoy.

Age 21 - Was skeptical.....Now completely convinced.

happy guyI had started this nofap thing a few months ago, saw minimal results, and relapsed back to the pronz two times. After failing to get it up again and again (and wasting $400 on an escort haha not my best moment that was the most embarrassing event of my life).

250 DAYS - I have now successfully ‘rewired my brain’: totally cured of the impulse to PMO

butterflyThis is my first post and I thought it would be fitting to write something today on day 250. I remember becoming curious as to whether fapping was something that was holding me back in life – it certainly seemed to drain me of my motivation to do things.

Woman - had a PMO Problem, Husband joined me in no PMO, Experience Is Interesting

couple in bedI joined this site a couple of weeks ago because I had gotten to the point where I was staying up all night, every night, looking for porn to find something that would get me off, allowing me to fall asleep. Usually I'd spend 3-4 hours of looking for the "right" porn or erotica, but sometimes that would extend to 5-6 hours sessions if I didn't feel satisfied with the orgasm, and go looking for a second.

Supernormal Stimuli: This Is Your Brain on Porn, Junk Food, and the Internet (Huff)

Barbie and junk food"A wise man rules his passions; a fool obeys them."
--Publius Syrus

Given the rapid pace of technological change, one has to wonder whether or not our brains (and bodies) have been able to keep up with all the new stimulation that is available.


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