Age 25 - (ED) The change in myself has been jaw-dropping

happy guyBefore this streak of 77 days or whatever I'm on, I had been relapsing pretty badly, I even wrote in my journal about it. I'd completely fallen off the wagon and was in a general spiral of self destruction and malcontent. I know we've all been there so I will spare the details :p. I decided for the 5th time or so this year that enough was enough and this time it stuck :)

Age 25 - Before rebooting I was VERY anxious, panic attacks, hypochondria, depressive and obsessive thoughts.

couple kissingBefore rebooting I was VERY anxious, panic attacks, hypochondria, depressive and obsessive thoughts. I was fapping like 1 times a day or other day just for pleasure and because i was bored. When I didn't had something to do, searching for a perfect video was like heaven.

Age 24 - Harder & longer lasting erections, strong urge for real women, greater confidence

young guy24 years old. Hardmode. At day 21 and day 25 I dry humped a girl and orgasmed. Watched porn maybe 7 to 8 times and edged accordingly, with regret because it does slow down progress. You can feel this afterwards when you walk down the street and look at girls.

Age 27 - ED cured, look at women with respect, I am happy & feel like a real man again.

happy guyFirst, let me tell you all this is my last post ;)  I have no idea on what day I am at. I stopped counting a while ago...I don`t know why. I just didn't`t care anymore about the number :D If I look back, I decided for the no PMO after I fooled around with a beautiful young woman and couldn't`t get an erection. Nothing at all.

Age 40s - Married: Sex with my wife became more intense and special.

guy in his 40sI'm in my forties and have been using porn off-and-on since I was a teenager. I wouldn't call myself an addict but I suppose I have wasted my fair share of time on porn over the years. It so much harder to avoid these days. I really pity young people growing up with high-speed internet.

Now I am back on track, feeling better than ever, healthier than ever and truly happier than ever.

confident guyI am posting this now, because I won't be able to do it when I reach 90 days. And hell yeah, I will! The text is very long but I hope it is entertaining and you can pull something out of it (for yourself of course).

Age 21 - Less self-centered, more confident, no longer nervous while performing

happy guyI am feeling very good after achieving 90 days. I would like to share my routine with you guys may be it will be helpful for you:- My morning routine which I was following from last 30 days (approx)

ED & brain fog cured, Social anxiety almost gone, Increased motivation & energy

cool guySo I finally made it 90 days. I wanted to to weigh in on my experience. This is absolutely worth it and completely changed my life! I've been attempting this for 2.5 years.

ED - 101 days to a cure, while discovering my true libido

happy guyI joined 101 days ago because PIED was threatening my sexual health. I am pretty good about Making Shit Happen when I really want to and I successfully went 67 days on hardmode with a little bit of edging here and there on the horniest days.


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