Age 22 - "I Just Had Sex!" Still a long way to go though

This link will summarize everything: [“I Just Had Sex!”]. Thank you, NoFap. Thank you so much. I am not letting PMO ruin me anymore. I've been trying for three years now, but never took it seriously.

Age 19 - Increased female attention, men respect me, This shit is real.

Sounds like bullshit I know but hear me out. Due to nofap I get erections nonstop. I literally can feel the blood flowing in my body and what not. When I'm fapping and looking at porn I get less erections obviously.

Age 24 - Med student - Been experimenting with nofap for 4 years and I'm here to stay

Social anxiety and low confidence was my whole life. Got into PMO at age 14.... multiple times everyday up until age 20. At age 20 I stumbled upon this for the first time. Had a streak of 45 days, got terrible anxiety the whole time, but felt more energy. Gave up and never looked back. Life continued to be bland and boring.

90 days - I’m much more attracted to women these days. Also had symptoms of HOCD and these are totally gone.

I was never addicted to porn or fapping, however I think it greatly reduced my motivation to seek out real relationships with actual women. I hit a low spot about 90 days ago and decided to try for 90 days on nofap.

Ex-Cam girl speaks about healing

Hey guys and gals (I know we're out there too). I just want to say how much I love this subreddit. [TRIGGER WARNING] I used to be a webcam model. It was really fun at first, I won't lie. Having people in a trance like that can be very satisfying. Or so I thought anyway.

Age 20 - Zero social anxiety, acne gone, sleep better and need less

I am a 20 yo European dude, 3rd year at university. This is my NoFap story, which started 9 months ago. Story 11 months ago I was lost. I started questioning my life and life in general, went searching for meaning in life and why my life was the way it was. I felt like something was missing in my life but did not really know what.

Age 20 - Much more confident, No more social anxiety, Can talk with girls without being stressed, maintaining eye contact with everybody, and much more

For me NoFap was life changing experience. I was shy and easily embarrassed because I used to sit in my home on computer watching porn and masturbating and NoFap gave my energy and motivation to change my life. I started to going out more, hanging out with friends, started working out, today I'm going on my first MMA workout with my friend and I'm excited about it :D

Video - Can Porn Induce Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence? by Paul Kattupalli MD

Can Porn Induce Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence? by Paul Kattupalli MD

Porn-induced ED cured: I can say it's been tough road, but worth it.

I found out I had porn induced erectile dysfunction - literally last year when I couldn't perform with a beautiful woman. I started my reboot July of 2015 and I can say I have been free from porn for a year now. It was tough but worth it at the end.

Age 24 - NoFap cured my ED. Before I associated sex with fear and anxiety, whilst now I associate it with exitement and pleasure

I started my journey back in late November 2015 and am male 24yrs of age. I started seeing this girl 2 weeks before I left for studies in Australia, not ideal I know, but we felt we had some chemistry so we kept in touch.

Age 22 - Boners are back

When I tried having sex multiple times it took a lot of effort to stay erect. Also, I could never stay erect without constant manual stimulation. Nor could I get erect without touching myself.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to NoFap

LINK - [Draft] A Complete Beginner's Guide to NoFap

As NoFap grows, I see a lot of newcomers posting questions in the new section, many of which go unanswered; and many questions that are answered hundreds of times over. I thought 1) to help members' efforts go where they have maximal impact and 2) to expose everyone to the cumulative knowledge of this sub

Age 23 - My ED is cured. My mood swings are gone and my mind feels healthier on this

Finally after years of trying I have completed 125 days of NoFap hard mode. I am very proud of myself since i haven't even edged once during these 125 days. It has been a tough journey but my erectile dysfunction is gone.

What's it like to use porn after rebooting?

fork in the roadAs the late Douglas Adams wrote:

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.


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