Age 32 - The term “Superpowers” makes me want to punch myself in the face, but I can see what people are talking about

guy with beardI’m not a frequent visitor or reader of NoFap-related stuff anymore, but here because I feel obligated to make a 90-day report to you folks because I learned a lot from this sub in the first week or two.

Age 25 - Not unicorn and rainbows, but the grass is definitely greener

green woods-Everyone starts these things off with their background and I’m no different, yet I feel it’s important to provide you with my life style to hone in on how noFap plays into the quotidian/mundane parts of my life.

Age 18 - Have I felt these super powers? Hell yeah.

Carpe ScrotumThis is my fucking life. Yesterday, I finally hit my longest streak of 50 days [after a year of trying].

Age 18 - I was viewing the occasional nsfw posts, wondering why I wasn't seeing progress with PIED

RethinkDuring these days (and my time on nofap) I have always thought that masturbation was the ultimate problem over everything else, but recently I have realised that it is pornography which was my real enemy.

My memory has sharpened, my concentration is full, the world has become colorful again

FallsI've seen a lot of posts about motivation, where to find it, what can it be. Your motivation should be your own well-being. The changes in my brain are absolutely nuts! My memory has sharpened, my concentration is full, the world has become colorful again.

Alexander Rhodes - Mood has improved very significantly

Mood improvement kitI vividly remember the first time I was inadvertently exposed to the world of Internet pornography. I was a kid innocently searching the Internet when a pop-up advertisement appeared featuring hardcore rape simulation porn.

Why Shouldn’t Johnny Watch Porn If He Likes?

Sexual brain training matters—especially during adolescence

Monkey faceIt's normal for kids to want to learn all about sex, especially during puberty and adolescence when reproduction becomes the brain's top priority. For this we can thank the specifics of teen-brain development.

Think of an adolescent jungle primate watching another band with such fascination that he (or she, in some species) leaves his companions, and endures the slings and arrows of being without allies at the bottom of another troop's pecking order—all for a chance to get it on with exotic hotties in the future. The things our genes do to guarantee genetic diversity!

Now, fast-forward to a young guy discovering the mind-boggling novelty of Internet erotica:

No-Porn & NoFap - 2 Years Later

Age 51 - No ED After 4 Months: I no longer have any problem getting a strong and lasting erection for sex

happy manMy experience with porn started in my early teens. I liked Playboy and Penthouse and enjoyed the thrill of seeing beautiful women nude. It’s called “eye candy” for a good reason.

Age 24 - PIED: I can now get a full erection without even touching. Morning wood is back

bonersA lot of people on this subreddit advocate nofap as a way to fix all their life problems. Good for them, but I just want my boners back.

Age 23 - Used to be a virgin, never had a girlfriend: My how things have changed.

happy guyCall it superpowers, call it biochemistry, call it placebo, call it whatever you want. THIS SHIT WORKS! Hell, it does.

Age 20 - Day 217 Climbing out of hell

happy guyBackground I am 20 years old.  I am male. I discovered masturbating at age 10, watching porn semi-frequently around this age too, and around 12 (when I got my own computer), began to watch heavier porn.

I'm an entirely different person than the unattractive, fat perv who started NoFap over a year ago.

back packingWell, here we are. I never thought I would ever make it this far, but look at me now. I guess I sorta get what people mean when they talk about their superpowers on here.

Age 21 - I'm more in contact with my feelings, my fears, and my dreams, than ever before.

penguinSo far I'm in my 3rd month at NoFap. I've passed from PMO every day, to in the last month, 1 PMO, and 2 MO. On average, 88% less Fapping and 96% less PMO than before NoFap.


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