Age 26 - My erections are harder of a magnitude of 1million. Simply the thought of kissing my girlfriend is enough to stimulate a full-chub - is this real?

I relapsed a few times so far but I can happily say that I've watched porn 5 times in 2 months which is incredible considering that it would normally be 60+ times in 2 months. Despite those setbacks, and badge resets!!! :'( - I am proud of myself for continuing the struggle. I'm still masturbating when I feel too crazy but I still feel magnificent.

Age 36 - I don't believe in super powers, but I definitely have changed for the better.

I sometimes get exposed to [porn] with popups but I just close them and they don't do anything for me. Not even curious. Really not interested anymore. I've noticed a huge difference in my social anxiety & shyness. I look people in their eyes and people want to be around me because I’m in such a happier more positive mood. I really feel happy, clear minded and I feel like i smile more and laugh. I definitely talk to people more and I don't worry about what they think.

NoFap cured my delayed ejaculation

Results of NoFap: It has been 3 months without any P or M, only sex with my wife. About 80% of the time now I can finish inside of her in about 10-15 minutes. This is real success in my book, (and my wife's).

100 Days - More confidence & energy, Greater inner peace, More respect from family & friends, Clearer perception, Sleep better

100 Days! Short Term Goal Completed! First I want to say thank you all members of the NoFap community for helping me stay motivated throughout my journey ... it's a blessing to even have a platform so we can share our thoughts and perceptions with each other, to ultimately help one another and help ourselves.

Age 16 - Over 2 years on Tips and observations

I'm ______, born in 2000, and I've been here since September 9, 2014. I discovered masturbation at a young age, but when I got introduced to pornography in 2013, it started to cause problems. I won't say too much, I've already written down some very important things for myself which I will put below.

Age 22 - The real advantages set in when you realise how it's actually affecting your perception of the world

I’ve been a fapper for as long as I can remember... I was first introduced to porn around the age of 12-13. I still remember the first time I jizzed. Since then I was hooked. For the last 8-9 yrs I would fap daily... Sometimes even 4-5 times a day. I basically went thru puberty with a lot of social consciousness, awkwardness and anxiety thanks to my porn watching and fapping habits.

Age 23 - My life has substantially changed, Now have a girlfriend.

So, you know, I am one of you. I used pmo to suppress my emotions, desires and sexuality since I was a teenager and only in summer of this year I got to know about nofap. Been on various streaks with really bad relapses since what feels like a long time however it's only been around 4 months since I seriously have been doing nofap.

Age 17 - Never felt better and my outlook has changed so much. I am a completely different person now.

Today is day 90 hardcore no PMO for me. Never felt better and my outlook has changed so much. I am a completely different person now and I have made so much development and gained so much maturity mentally. I initially thought of this journey as a challenge and was always looking forward to the relapse I would have on day 90 and how great it would be. However I know now that there is so much more satisfaction from no PMO.

Age 16 - More confidence, Greater wit & ease with conversation, Increased focus, Became the captain of the basketball team

Believe me when I say this is a very small price to pay. Keep your urges at bay remember edging is betray and enjoy the superpower buffet. A little bit of background: I am 16 year old and have been MO and sometimes PMOing since the Christmas of 2014. I started NoFap six or so months after starting but my streaks would not be any longer than two days or so. It took me almost two years to control the inner animal inside.

An Interesting Conversation With My Sister's Boyfriend: He's been doing NoFap for 5 years.

My sister's boyfriend is a great guy. As a twenty-something, he's working a well-paying job in the STEM field, lives independent of his parents, has a whole list of interesting hobbies, is very physically fit, and exudes confidence. However, despite not even having my Bachelor's degree, I am none of those things. Some of that is to be expected, such as having a well-paying job or living independent from my parents as an undergraduate student, but I'm not confident.

Less anxiety, more focus, more energy. Social interactions are much more fluid. Less reactive in general to people/events

Here are some of the things I have noticed undergoing throughout this streak. No porn, no orgasm, no sex. And you will notice they are strangely similar to what you already might have read online, HOWEVER, they are LARGELY exaggerated on forums and will feel different IRL as when you read about them.

I was overweight, masturbated all day that I got ED, leeched off my parents, hated women, suicidal: 3 year of NoFap changed everything.

I've lurked this subreddit for a while. Reading all your inspirational stories helped change my life. I used to be extremely overweight, ate nonstop junk food, masturbated all day that I got ED, leeched off my parents, hated women, was super MGTOW and suicidal. Now I've bought an apartment, am fit, got a girlfriend, got a job, and I actually enjoy life.

Severe porn addiction cured after 5+ years of misery. How I did it and how you can too.

I suppose I'll preface with a little background. Skip ahead if you'd like. I've masturbated since I can remember. I found softcore porn in my dad's room when I was very young and found very hardcore stuff on the computer shortly thereafter. My impressionable young brain was hooked. I started developing fetishes before even hitting puberty.

I had pretty bad PIED and was in a flatline the whole entire time, but I'm cured

I started this on August 16th and it's been 105 days total. I did reset twice in the beginning but I don't really count that because I think I still made progress. I had pretty bad PIED and was in a flatline the whole entire time. I was mostly worried that I could be that person who wouldn't get cured for half a year or longer.


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