Age 19 - 7 months: ED gone, performance/social anxiety crushed, feeling stronger & more energetic

young guy7 months ago I had hit rock bottom. Loneliness, anxiety and lack of confidence had driven me away from friends, family and my true self. At the time I usually masturbated to porn 3 times a day, a for me all time high consumption that had gradually increased since naive little me discovered the "wonders" of porn around the age of 13-14.

Age 28 - HOCD almost gone, no longer depressed or anxious, in a great relationship

confident guyWho I am: A 28 year old regular guy. Started PMO when I was about 18. Feel free to read my story. I realize that this is a long post and I'm mostly posting this for personal reasons, to finally get it off my chest. Maybe someone out there can relate.

"I can't orgasm during sex, only masturbation"

Guardian - Sex adviceComments: First notice that neither the man asking the question, nor the expert answering it mention Internet porn. Second, notice that several comments (also included below) believe porn use is the cause. One woman's boyfriend had porn-induced ED and still has residual delayed ejaculation.

I can't orgasm during sex, only masturbation

I am a healthy man but I am unable to orgasm after 20 minutes of vaginal sex, so I give up. Am I missing out?

Age 30 - ED You realize the importance of sex, the physical and the emotional intimacy

loving coupleBeen watching porn since around 14. High speed P at least 8-10 years - since college. PIED, The symtoms were on and off making it hard to judge but I'd say about a year or so. What got me really worried about a couple of successive failures and that's when I started doing some research and found out about YBOP and NoFap and put in a hard stop to everything.

Age 20 - grades improving. more social, more energy, not depressed, better concentration & memory

young manToday I will do the 90 day report. First of all I would like to thank this subreddit because without because without your guys support I wouldn’t have ever made it to 90 days.  I will specially like to thanks Victory86 and MarkQueppet; they both helped me a lot in my path to recovery.

Age 20 - I had a non-existent sex life

Quality over quantityI'll make this intro short. I'm 20 years old, and up until a few months ago, had a non-existent sex life. I dove head first into self-improvement after realizing I was addicted to PMO and had been for the last seven years.

Age 26 - less anxiety, better emotional stability, relate to women better

young guyIt's been 90 days since I started nofap on hardmode. Three months that have not been easy. I started nofap a couple of weeks after breaking up. The relationship lasted five years and its end was a massive hit for me.

110 days - the ultimate form of self-mastery/self-actualization

lazy catThe process of NoFap has been a lifechanging experience. Notice I wrote it as a process, continually ongoing, everyday as a different and unique challenge. As a fapstronaut with 13 years under his belt, one day the concept of turning on my computer, opening my stash and f'ing myself, literally and figuratively made me question my whole identity.

Age 29 - So much as changed since I started this challenge

turtleWow. So much as changed since I started this challenge:

Age - 40s, married: I haven’t liked myself for quite some time, and PMO was both a cause and a symptom

Happy guySo grateful to have found this community, and to have found my center again after years of wandering and countless wasted hours. This journey to 90 days has been worth it and I want to see what 120, 180, 360 feel like. I did this for depression and low self-esteem, and it’s working. I feel like I’ve broken out of the dopamine cycle. I’ve got my pride back.


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