Need More Sales Motivation? Cut Out The Porn! (podcast)

Gary Wilson joins Will on this episode of Will Barron's Salesman Podcast to share how you can dramatically improve your levels of sales motivation by dropping the porn (stick with this one as it does makes sense). Click to listen

NETFLIX - Chelsea Handler interviews Noah and Gabe

Noah and I and Utah's Senator Weiler were on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show, but you have to be a Netflix member to watch it. Preview for everyone:

If you are a Netflix member,

Age 21 - Talk without stutter (the words will flow), Reduced anger, Greater appreciation and admiration from other people, I can feel real love

After one month without fapping, my life has radically changed. It's been years that I had social anxiety, depression, low confidence and I didn't know why. Now it's different, it's a new cycle. And there are many benefits you can feel, so there are some: Confidence:

Age 30 - I never thought I could feel this good!

I have never told any of this to anyone before, except my AP [accountability partner], and it feels good. BTW my AP was not my wife due to the embarrassment I felt at first when I was going through this. It was by a stroke of luck that I found this page and the nofap community.

Last night I had the most amazing sex I've ever had. Also increased productivity & energy

Things are continuing to improve. Last night I had the most amazing sex I've ever had. Our sexual energies just molded and I felt very energized afterward. Also, I've been able to get a lot more work done in a shorter amount of time. The key to success is remembering how much better life can get without porn (and M). Not just benefits but real connection with other people.

Before quitting I gotta admit that I was a compulsive liar. I hid my emotions to my friends, family and crushes because I was afraid of being vulnerable.

So these 77 days have been a fucken blast? Why...? Well, because I found out what I am made of. Little background... Ever since I was a young buck, I was extremely attracted to girls. I remember my first crush was one girl named Yazmin back in kindergarten.

Age 29 - Porn almost turned me into a pedophile

I'm 29 and I never thought about young girls in a sexual way, ever in my entire adult life. I've always been attracted to tits, ass and a womanly figure, and I didn't understand how a pedophile could possibly be attracted to children.

The conversation we’re not having about porn (Washington Post)

Alexander Rhodes is the founder of NoFap, a platform dedicated to providing tools and support for people who want to quit porn.

Recently, a nonbinding resolution declaring pornography a “public health crisis” passed by unanimous vote through Utah’s state House and Senate, and was signed by Gov. Gary Herbert. In response, droves of Internet commenters tore into the legislators and the activists who pushed for its passage. Often, they discounted the resolution as theocracy or moral policing masquerading as public health policy, ignoring any evidence-based merit it might have.

Age 24 - 90 days and how I changed

So I've gone 90 days without porn and masturbation. I would've done hardmode, but few weeks earlier I visited my long distance gf so we had sex (which was incomparable to any previous sex that I had).

Age 21 - The best decision I have made in my short life

Today I celebrate my 91st day. It's not been easy at all, this is my third year on Nofap and after about 200 3-day streaks I have finally managed. I don't feel invincible, I haven't been plowing supermodels and I didn't sprout a connor mcgregor beard overnight. I did reclaim my humanity and realize what it means to be on this earth in collaboration with others.

Age 26 - Deeper voice, less anxiety, better sleep, life is more vivid

At first I was very skeptical about NoFap, and did not believe the "superpowers," which I was blaming the Placebo Effect. However, I must admitt, after about a month of Nofap with a only a few relapses (which outlined how disgusting the practice really is) I do notice the following improvements:

Age 30 - "Hell" = the last day of your life & you meet the person who you could have become

I initially started the no fap program because I wanted to pick up women, and I did get laid with handful of them, got lot of attention from opposite sex, but since feb 2016 I have been in a serious relationship with a really hot girl who happens to be a teacher & a boxer who has heart of gold. I have learnt a great deal of things the power of semen retention , sexual transmutation, neuroplasticity, brahmacharya etc. And this has been a great learning experience & I practice karezza with gf.

Feeling my real feelings

Today is my 70th day. I just want to tell you guys that NoFap works. Not the same way for everyone probably. But things you need to know: You will no longer ACCEPT this bullshit and illusion. You can waste a day here and there, or some hours, but deep inside you no longer accept it.

I used to be that weird boy who never spoke; my self confidence has skyrocketed

I found NoFap about 50 days ago as of May 24th 2016, and I was quickly sucked into all the stories and achievements of all its members, so I decided to partake.

  • The first few days were the hardest, I had a very strict fapping schedule that, if broken, would wreak psychological hell on me.
  • After day 5 the effects began to subside, although I will admit that I was horny 24/7 and still looking for any excuse to get off.

Age 28 - Sexual interaction with girlfriend far deeper, and sex drive much stronger

I have finally done it. 90 days. Here are my observations. First of all, the difference between this attempt and all my failed attempts was that I was very clear with myself about this one. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, I kept that paper in my wallet. Thus, whenever I would open my wallet. (At least once a day) I would see my commitment.


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