Age 16 - Nofap changed my life... Priceless benefits

young guyI am 16 years old and have been PMOing for about 3 years-- roughly 1-2 times a day. I used to be very social in middle school until eighth grade when I began PMOing, I turned very depressed, anxious, lonely and sad.

"Take Back Your Power from Porn" with Gary Wilson

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Age 37 - I wake up smiling for no fucking reason

happy guyI feel inclined to post this wall of text even though a part of me wants me to stay quiet about it, but am doing so on the off-chance of it just may help someone else, as all your posts have helped me.

Age 23 - PIED: I now have an active and fulfilling sex life with my girlfriend.

young coupleI'm 23. I was a porn user for nearly 6 years. Sometimes I would watch porn for 3+ hours a day for several days. Sometimes when I tried to sleep and closed my eyes, I would see porn images for hours causing me heavy insomnia.

Age 14 - My life was a constant struggle and I barely had any friends

young guy"Nothing is impossible'" I told myself throughout this journey. I was caught in a hole since I was 12 and I became addicted to PMO. When I tried to stop, I got to small streaks around 3 or 4 days, but I got caught back in the trap.

Age 24 - PIED: Stronger erections & libido, Greater confidence with women, Speak my mind more

young guyI started because I suffer from delayed ejaculation and can't maintain an erection inside the V. I was prone masturbating from the age of 6-18 then I started to fap the normal way.

Short radio interview of Gabe Deem - CJAD (Canada)

Host of CJAD ViewpointsListen to CJAD Viewpoints. Segment starts at exactly 1:00, an hour into the show.

Age 19 - 1 year PMO free: Porn-induced ED cured

young guyI was introduced to porn relatively late by that I mean say around when I was 15 years old, now am 19 turning 20 soon. I wasn't addicted to porn if I may say but the excitement that watching porn brought was amazing, because that's when every guy wants to explore: stuff specifically Sex related.

Age 21 - I used to be an introvert, being afraid of talking to people

young guyI was (and still am) 21-years-old nerd. I had never been in a relationship before. I was telling myself that I had to focus on my studies (and I was), that I didn't need anyone in my life.

Been rebooting for 3 years - Insights on rewiring

young guyThis is aimed at readers who suffer from PIED and are a significant way through their reboot and are rewiring, but I hope it might also be useful to others.

Age 19 - Porn induced erectile dysfunction cured. More socially confident

YOUNG GUYI decided to start NoFap the first time I slept with a girl. Reason was: I couldn't get it hard in bed. There I was with my boner, before we went to bed, when we started to take our clothes, I didn't have it, I completly lost the boner I had before.

Much better confidence, patience, memory. Less fear & anxiety. All apsects of health improved.

young guyToday is day 217. It has been so fast. It seems I just started this journey yesterday. I started practicing premature sex at around 8 years old. At around 11 years, I started heavy M&O.

Age 23 - Feel better about myself, women find me more interesting

happy guyCan't believe I made it. This is maybe my 10th attempt over the past year and I actually don't even think about it anymore.


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