Age 23 - ED cured: In all the years I've had sex, nothing has ever felt so authentic.

happy guyI've posted here a few times explaining the troubles with my SO. In short, PIED was causing a lot of turbulence. The sex portion of our relationship didn't exist and it was making both of us very unhappy.

ED & weird fetishes - Nofap really worked for me

bunny sexI haven't posted on here in a long time and i thought I'd give you guys an update on my progress. I actually completed my 90 days hard mode on December 1st 2014 and it felt great (it's January 5, 2015), like i had really accomplished something.

Age 32 - ED: Had sex for first time last night: Stayed hard: miracle. #nofapshitworks

Couple in bedFelt fucking whoa. Stayed hard: miracle. #nofapshitworks stick with it bro. I'm pretty relieved and excited... still need to not forget what got me here and stay off PMO. Speakers Available

guy speaking to crowd

Guys who experienced porn-related sexual dysfunctions have teamed up to offer their services as speakers. They want to help inform other young men about the potential risks in overconsuming today's porn. Check 'em out - and recommend them to others.

Age 19 - Recovered from porn-induced ED; went back; now I have ED again.

right decision, wrong decision signI'm only 19 years old and I've been PMOing since I was around 12, often several times a day. Throughout high school I was never able to get it up but I never realized there was a problem until college.

Age 22 - I came inside of her (with a condom) 5 TIMES!!!

feet in bedI've been participating in NoFap off and on for the last few years. I lost my virginity when I was 17, and it wasn't until now, a 22-year old, that I finally finished during PIV sex.

How I got rid of HOCD

AspenDisclaimer: Sorry for the long post but its well worth it if you truly want to help your HOCD! If you're reading this you are either suffering or know about HOCD or any type of OCD in general.

ED is cured: I hope people start to realise the causal links between porn and sexual problems

happy couple I suffered from ED, which began this year. I didn't realise until finding you all, and getting more information from YBOP, that porn use could be directly linked to ED. I did NoFap. I went for 90 days, plus or minus.

6 months - sensitivity is back, the ED is gone

couple in a blanketI've been trying NoFap (or more specifically 'No Porn') after ED destroyed a great relationship I had back in August.

Age 25 - Diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder: Symptoms dramatically improved

happy guyI fapped from 13 to 25 almost 3-4 times at week, always with pornography, so mine is a long fap career.. I never had a real girlfriend, and yes I'm still virgin. At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. My anxiety was above any imagination, my heart started with palpitations.

More focus, productivity, energy & manliness. No more social anxiety or shaky legs

confident guyBefore I found this sub, I heard about the harms of fapping from a gym coach years ago. I didn't believe him at first because the internet and all these articles about the benefits of fapping convinced me otherwise.

Age 40+ - Married: ED & DE much better, as is our relationship

happy coupleHere are some random ramblings about my first three months of nofap. I've had problems with PMO for a few years now.

Age 30 - Feel more confident and attractive, and much more direct in pursuing relationships

BelizeThis has been a transformative experience. First 30 days were hard-mode. Second 30 days were standard-mode, had sex a few times with a previous partner and a hookup.

Age 19 - View women differently, More confident, expressive, focused, determined, & motivated

oceanThis is my humble 90 day report. Before I delve in, a few of my specs are: 19 year old (as of 9 days), been using porn and masturbating since the age of 13.


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