Age 31,100 days - more aware & engaging socially, healthier erections

treesI’ve made it to 100 days, and on my first try. The beginning came after I had just seen the Ted Talk: The Great Porn Experiment on Youtube and was instantly disgusted by what I’d been doing to myself for so long. More importantly though, I was immensely inspired to make a change that would better my life.

One year - tons of energy & confidence, unbelievable mental clarity

gullThe initial impact of this journey was amazing, tons of energy, tons of confidence, great gym sessions, and unbelievable mental clarity.

"I had to learn to find my girlfriend sexy"

Cosmo coverCosmo interviews Gabe Deem about his PIED

Cosmo article

"It's difficult to explain how it feels the moment you realise your penis is broken," says Gabe. "I remember the pain and hurt on her face. She thought there was something wrong with her. ... What the hell was wrong with me?"

Freedom; After Four Decades of Addiction.

LTE logoHello to everyone here at YBOP. I am a porn and masturbation addict that has been in recovery since December of 2012. I am a member of Reboot where I post in the 40+ section under the name LTE. I will be posting to YBOP from time to time, reporting my progress and observations that I've made about my recovery process. 

Age 24 - 90 days: life is much improved

young couple in bed I finally made it 90 days so here's my journey. I've been pmoing for about the last 10 years. I'm currently 24 years old and never thought twice about this daily activity. Since I was younger I always had access to the internet and would pmo almost every day after school.

90 days - far better sex & relationship, more confidence & focus

couple in bed sizing things upI might not have been actively writing in this reddit, but I've been following, and it's gotten me out of some rough stretches during this run, so, well, time to pay it back a little. Short version: No superpowers, some more confidence, far better sex, some more focus. Tell your SO, probably does not harm, could improve your relationship.

Is Your Brain Truly Ready for Junk Food, Porn, or the Internet?

common reward mechanismA wise man rules his passions, a fool obeys them.—Publius Syrus

Given the rapid pace of technology, one has to wonder whether or not our brains (and bodies) have been able to keep up with all the new “stimulation” that is available.

Age 39 - hermit, virgin, no friends. 75 days - I no longer fear rejection. I am coming out of my shell

hermit crabI have been the biggest human hermit in History. 39/M, no PMOing for 25+ years....Now, at 75 days of NoFap..I asked a girl if she had plans last night...

Age 27 - HOCD, severe addiction, life transformed

SupermanI would sincerely like to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart. You have both changed my life in ways that I just cannot describe.  I would probably not be alive right now if I didn't stumble upon both of your writings nearly a year ago.


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