Age 30s - Authentic and confident communication with women

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I had been struggling with porn addiction for years, but had absolutely no idea how to go about stopping (I didn't know about the behavioural link between P-M-O, I thought I just had to address the P and everything would be fine, except it was impossible).

Age 19 - For the first time in years, I feel like me

young guyI honestly thought I was stuck in ways I wasn't proud of and I couldn't do anything about it. Now I have, and I am so bloody proud.

Age 29 - Low libido/ED: I feel stronger and healthier sexually than I can remember

happy guyI'm 29 and have looked at porn since the age of 14, generally fapping most days, fairly frequently multiple times in one day. Although I often MO'ed without porn, I started thinking of myself as a porn addict years ago since I was unable to stop looking at it.

Age 31 - By day 45 I got myself a new girlfriend

cougarI'm 31 and had been addicted to porn and masturrbation for around 16 years. Up until the age of 27 I was a virgin who'd never had a girlfriend. A self confessed nice guy who was socially awkward.

Age 21 - I am 10x the man I was 3 months ago

Philosophy diagramI have made it comrades. A few days ago I was on the verge of relapse, the enemy attacks in waves when we least expect it, but with your encouragement I have held the line.

Age 29 - PIED: The difference between where I was a month ago and today is profound

guy being huggedI've been doing NoFap for around a month and a half now. During that time, I've relapsed twice and learned how to avoid temptation with a far greater resolve than before. I'm 29 and suffered from serious PIED. There were two instances where I was with an incredibly attractive woman, and my body just had zero response

Age 23 - Stronger libido and under my control

happy guyI'll mention another benefit: stronger libido. My sexual energy isn't out of control like it used to be. Now I can control it and when it does come into play, it's typically with a beautiful woman in the vicinity.

Age 19 - If I can quit anyone can (100 days)

young guy with pieced lipSome of the information I'll provide may seem trivial or even irrelevant (please feel free to skim it for what you want), but hopefully in its totality, it will lead to a more personal and detailed representation of who I am, what I stand for, and why I'm doing NoFap.

Age 30 - ED is 100% cured. To say my whole life started over 130 days ago would be an understatement

Holy Shit BatmanWell holy shit fellas. To say my whole life started over 130 days ago would be an understatement. Each stage of this journey brings something new, and I truly think that 90 days is the tip of the iceberg

Age 24 - The most important benefit that I have gained is the blissful state

happy guyI haven't had any wet dream or ejaculate in 3 months and I think this is why I have gotten all these benefits... in the last days I wake up feeling so horny and on the verge of orgasming and during the day I feel there is something moving in my hands and my feet, like an energy moving, the feeling is so energetic and gives me some nice feelings like mini orgasms throughout my body.

Courage to Quit: How I’m Outgrowing Pornography and Waking Up to My True Self (GoodMenProject)

Guy in front of a screenDan Mahle on why he’s closing this chapter in his life

If you are a human being alive in the 21st century, chances are you have an opinion about porn. Maybe you use it; maybe you don’t. Maybe you think it’s good; maybe you think it’s bad; maybe you think it’s none of my business. Fine. The bottom line is this: Read more

It looks like I made it

clouds, light, seaHere I am. 90 days with no fapping at all. It's been a wild ride. Ups and downs. Urges and flatlines combined with periods of extreme productivity.

Age 17 - What started out as a joke turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my life

rainbowI've improved so much in general. I feel like I'm finally doing something worthy with my life. I've gotten really ambitious. My anxiety is non existent.

Education & Porn

Brain educationEducating kids about porn is vital, because streaming porn will be with us as long as the internet is around. However, educators must teach pupils how brain plasticity works.


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