Better eye contact, Less intimidated by people, I get more attention and complements from girls

happy guyStarted trying NoFap in October. Failed over and over and over. Finally got my shit together and am now hauling-ass to a better version of myself.  Will NoFap change your life? Yes. Will NoFap revolutionize your life? It might, that’s up to you. Here are my thoughts:

I objectify women far less, My body feels like it did when I was a child, Less shy, Top 1% of my class

dance movesSo I had been trying to quit fapping for years on my own, but I never had much real success until I found this place. At my worst, I would fap roughly three times a day (on occasion as much as five or six).

Age 23 - I didn't know I was a porn addict until I wasn't one anymore.

lakeIt's so bizarre how people get swept up into things and don't realize what's going on until it's over. I didn't know I was a porn addict until I wasn't one anymore. I think that's true for a lot of people like us.

Age 21 - I don't want to escape, now I want to know how it feels to do things I've envied others for doing.

I finished my 90 Nofap challenge and it was easier than I expected luckily. I've read countless 90-day reports to keep me going throughout and so I feel it is my duty to create a reddit account just to post this. Hopefully it helps you guys out and gets you through some tough times like it did me.

Age 21 - The light that was stolen from me came back with the force of 1000 suns

young couple kissingWhat a ride it has been. If someone told me a year ago that I could become what I am now, I would laugh at them. But now I'm quite speechless.

Age 16 - Virginity lost!

teens holding handsBefore NoFap I was a porn addicted sixteen year old teenager with literally zero chance of getting a girl. I tried NoFap, got a lot more confident in my social life and even met an awesome girl who is really into me.

Age 22 - PIED: My sex drive is back, my sex life is healthy, and I am so happy that I changed my life

young coupleI am 400 days porn free and feel better than I ever have before. I used to have stone-cold PIED, and it is markedly improved. I've ditched so much dead weight by not letting myself watch porn all the time and I can now enjoy the things that I am supposed to be able to.

Age 31 - PIED/asexual: Journey began over 3 years ago. Now happily married

happy couple at weddingI realized this morning that today marks a full year of life without masturbation or pornography, and in way of celebration I've decided to share my story.

Age 37 - There is a very steady energy in me now which is pleasure, contentment, ease and confidence.

happy guyI cannot believe I have done this. I am 37 and I really thought I was never going to be able to stop masturbating and out of the blue I found No Fap.

Age 22 - ED & anorgasmia: There is f**king hope wankers!

disgruntled young coupleI'd never reached orgasm before with a girl which I thought was weird but took me a long long time to be curious and Google it. I would also suffer from not being able to get or sustain an erection about 50% of the time.

Age 23 - My emotions have started to be revived: been the most charismatic in my whole life

roller coasterThis journey has been a roller coaster. There have been ups, and downs. I will start by saying that the first two week of no fap are quite frankly the hardest obstacle to hurdle. I did my first 30 days on hard mode, and met a girl shortly after.

Age 40s - I'm taking risks and solving problems with work in ways I never have before

happy guyI work for myself. I've been doing it a long time. My father worked for himself, too. (He was also a masturbation addict, btw. Don't ask me how I know, and I won't squick you all out.)

Age 24 - Real sex is 10 times more pleasurable once u stop fapping

couple kissingI started working out 2 months ago, gained 9Lbs in pure muscles, went from stick figure to relatively decent thin muscular, and it feels AMAZING.


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