Age 14 - I'm slowly becoming my true self. I'm more confident, I talk more, even to the pretty girls

happy guyI'm slowly moving away from this subreddit and technology in general and focusing more on real life. Heh I just finished playing board games with my parents for a few hours, and that never happens because most teens cant get their heads out of their darn phones, and I used to be one of them.

Age 28 - The devastating depression & social anxiety are gone. Way more energy, clarity, & confidence.

happy guyI've done several streaks before, lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to about a month. This streak has been incredible though!! I almost forgot to even write this post because I’ve been so occupied with life!!

Age 21 - ED cured: My 18 month journey

young guyI first started looking at softcore photos aged 12-13 but by 15/16 is when I started watching porn. I never strayed away from straight/lesbian or solo and watched it 3-7 times a week religiously over that period. Looking back my taste didn't change but the 'quality' of the material got better i.e I started downloading films rather than using pornhub.

Age 29 - Thesis submitted, more energy, better sleep, faster, better thoughts

PhD survivor buttonCan't believe how quickly the days have gone. The first week was awesome, weeks 2 and 3 were full-blown withdrawal symptoms. Now, I think I'm on the other side of the flatline.

Age 25 - Virginity conquered, and complete transformation

happy guyI started off like many of you (presumably), seen as introverted, lack of style, or overall poor aesthetics. A kissless virgin, and a bitter depressed cynical narcissist. Oh.. And of course a ragging fapping addict since I was 14. I knew something had to change or I was doomed to suffer a sad and lonely life.

Age 30 - I got new attitudes

father with 3 kidsI'm 30 yo, married and a father of few kids. Was struggling with masturbation for 20 years and with porn for 9 years on and off. As any slavery you never feel that something is wrong until you hit the rock bottom.

Age 20 - 377 days: Did Nofap, got superpowers, lost virginity

Get shit doneI had a lot of bad habits like playing video games, not exercising, not getting shit done, being a lazy fuck, flunking school, etc... When I started Nofap, I was 19. It was a decision i took because I was going on my 20th birthday and I was still a virgin.

Age 27 - ED & delayed ejaculation: Success after 4 weeks. Continue to improve

young guyI've recently determined I have PIED. As part of this, I've never been able to cum with a partner without basically masturbating during intimacy to get me close to orgasm. I would also have to concentrate on porn/porn-style scenarios to stay erect.

Age 23 - ED: I had sex with a condom and finished. 6 years waiting for this moment

condom on bananaI had PIED since I was 17. I'm 23 now. I didn't think I would be able to post this unless I reached 3 months full hard mode, but it's not the case... Today I had a sex with a condom and finished all the way... 6 years waiting for this moment and it finally happened.

I believe I've just removed the factors that have kept me from realizing what I could be

rocket shipI've jotted down some of my thoughts and experiences on this journey. I've made it this far and I will make that number continue to go up- sky's the limit! (That rocket ship is my goal.)

Age 36 - Use 45 minutes a day to READ A BOOK, in a month you’ll FEEL the rewire

Go read a bookI’m 36 years old with around 20 years of use, so sure, I had some improvements but I’d probably need a couple of years to clean most of the past bad habits.

Age 17 - It is so so worth it!

young guyI went from doing absolutely nothing with my life to actually being motivated and making changes in my life. I have started working out. I got myself a girl who I am taking to prom. I am doing better in my classes. I began to read. I set to play my first ever DJ gig in a club. I received internship offers from a couple large  companies. I started playing soccer again. I went on a life-changing hike on the Kalalau Trail.

Change Your Brain: How Your Habits Cause Anxiety (short ebook)

Change Your BrainAnxiety and the use of anti-anxiety medications are rapidly increasing for adolescents--and medication often does not help. What has changed? (Read it - and write a review!)


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