Age 21 - Not an addict, still saw HUGE benefits

young guyBefore I started, I noticed a lack of nofap submissions from people who were already at a relatively high point in their life and was curious to see if it would yield similar benefits

Age 22 - Socializing helps, great body, sexual tastes returning to normal

No HentaiAt the age of 17 I discovered Hentai, I was thinking like this : it’s only created person so it is bad for no one and it’s not a sin because I don’t covet anyone…

Age 30s - PIED - I am truly feeling happy for the first time in years

Happy guyI was told about this community over a year ago by a friend; about all the benefits both physically and mentally but although I read a little bit on the subject I didn’t seriously commit to Nofap. Fast forward to 3 months ago

Treatment of Compulsive Pornography Use with Naltrexone: A Case Report (2015)

Naltrexone bottleComments: Here's another case study showing that the drug Naltrexone helps porn addicts control their porn use (as a last resort). For a thorough, and brilliant, discussion of Naltrexone and porn addiction see this earlier case study.

Trading Later Rewards for Current Pleasure: Pornography Consumption and Delay Discounting (2015)

Comments: This paper (abstract below) contains two longitudinal studies examining the effects of Internet porn on "delay discounting." Delay discounting happens when people choose ten dollars right now rather than 20 dollars in a week. It's the inability to delay immediate gratification for a more valuable reward in the future.

Age 29 - Started seeing success through NoFap and developed a sex addiction instead

glowing bulbI entered into a positive set of habits at the beginning of the year, nofap, a religiously attended body building routine, healthy diet 24/7, reduced drinking, the whole lot.

Much greater focus and confidence, Also shocked to have been pursued by several women

happy guyI have done it. I've been trying to kick the habit since 2011 and I've been on NoFap for about a year, and this is my longest streak so far! I've made great progress.

Age 29 - Caught my flatmate jerking off to porn...

sheepish guyI'm in Sydney Australia at the moment, sharing a flat with this 57 year old dude. He's fat, depressed, never goes out, doesn't have any friends, and the only sex he gets is with asian hookers at massage shops.

Age 29 - First time in years, able to have sex without losing my erection or exploding after five seconds

less is more"You're hard already", that's what she said while smiling. And I was really happy to hear that. I'm in my easy mode streak since 42 days, I started NoFap because of my PIED.

Experience your life to the fullest

I was skeptical at first but I decided to just try it out because I had nothing better to do and figured if I took a tolerance break it would be great once I went back. At first I was astonished by how challenging it was

5 "Superpowers" Examined

super powersBefore embarking on my NoFap journey I had been lurking on this sub for some time. Of all the areas that piqued my interest - the alleged SuperPowers stuck out as a point of instant fascination.

Age 17 - Rarely depressed, Feel funnier & more relaxed - especially with girls, Much more energy

young guy75 days without PMO. I'm still going strong, but I found just the right time to express my thoughts and tell you my experiences. English isn't my native tongue, mind that.

Age 19 - Confidence is sky-high, Can talk to anyone, No more brain fog, Better image of girls

young guyI (19 Male) started NoFap because I was sick and tired of not having any social interaction with girls, and I desperately wanted a girl to sleep with. I also had mild PIED. I was jacking off at least 1 times a day, some days 2 (to porn obviously).

What happened when I fell back into porn

Oh wellI want you guys to create a list. Create a list of different negative things porn does to you and your life. I really need this kick in the ass because I fell back into the addiction. This fuckin' addiction, It's really like a drug.

Age 24 - I used to believe that happiness wasn't real

happy guyThe past 3 months have been amazing to say the least. My life has improved exponentially in so many ways. Not only through doing nofap, but I have taken it upon myself to improve in any way possible.


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