Age 50 - Not only am I waking up with hardons in the morning, when I do the nasty with the wife IT STAYS HARD

This is THE LONGEST I've ever gone in my life. Not only am I waking up with hardons in the morning, when I do the nasty with the wife IT STAYS HARD! Since she just got off birth control (she is weaning herself off - she's 52) -- we bang for a bit and then she finishes me off. AND IT STAYS HARD!!!!

70 Years Old, Finally Free of a 50+ Year Addiction to Porn!

I talk with Ross Smith, recovered porn addict who is now living the happiest time of his life and hopes to help others recover by sharing his experiences.

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Video - Is Porn Bad for YOU? (KreativeVein)

Brilliant animation by a young man who recovered from problematic porn use. Takes on the pros and cons of internet porn use.

Age 15 - Increased confidence & assertive ness (able to talk to girls more easier), No more brain fog, Less depression, Better grades

So, I finally did 70 days of NoFap. I am surprised i even made it this far, but I will still continue this journey. The benefits that i received from NoFap are:

  • increased confidence (able to talk to girls more easier)
  • weight loss (more willpower in diet)
  • assertiveness

How to Recognize Biased Articles: They Cite Prause et al. 2015 (falsely claiming it debunks porn addiction), While Omitting Over 20 Neurological Studies Supporting Porn Addiction

Several recent articles and interviews have attempted to pushback at the TIME article ("Porn and the Threat to Virility") and the Utah resolution declaring internet porn a public health problem. One example

What might be a few "dead giveaways" that such an article is nothing more than a propaganda piece?

  1. Psychologists David Ley and/or Nicole Prause are cited as "the experts," while actual top addiction neuroscientists, who have published recent studies on porn users (Voon, Kraus, Potenza, Brand, Laier, Hajela, Kuhn, Gallinat, Klucken, Banca, etc.), are omitted. Neither Ley nor Prause are affiliated with any university, yet "journalists" prefer both over the top neuroscientists at Yale University, Cambridge University, University of Duisburg-Essen, and the Max Planck Institute. Go figure.
  2. The article cites Prause's lone, anomalous 2015 brainwave (EEG) study as proof porn addiction doesn't exist, while simultaneously omitting 28 neurological studies and 10 recent reviews of the literature: Current list of brain studies on porn users. (a few articles cite Prause's 2013 EEG study, which actually lends support to the porn addiction model and porn-induced sexual conditioning)
  3. The article omits the many studies linking porn use/porn addiction to sexual dysfunctions, low libido, less arousal to vanilla porn, less sexual satisfaction and poorer intimate relationships. See this page: Studies linking porn use or porn/sex addiction to sexual dysfunctions, lower brain activation to sexual stimuli, and lower sexual satisfaction

Age 29 - Reached 90 days after 9 months of trying but turns out it's just the start.

Back when I started this journey in December I had 90 days pinned as a magical golden trophy that would solve all my dreams. I'm pleased I've finally got there, and believe me, it's worth fighting for, but along my way here I've realised this journey is so SO much bigger!!!

Porn Gave Me Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome

I know very well how destructive porn can be, I know that due to the current state of our culture, there will be always a nagging voice that will tell you 'oh porn is not so bad', 'porn is cool', 'there's nothing wrong with porn'. For most of my life, I used to think this way.

The new digital addiction (Dr. Nick Baylis)

"I’d wager that 90 per cent of teenage boys in the UK and USA will be addicted at some seriously life-inhibiting level to on-line pornography, as will 30 per cent of teenage girls. Ditto for adult men and women."

Age 21 - Porn-induced ED cured. Rewiring is important

About three months ago I had little to no sexual experience, and while fooling around with a beautiful girl discovered my PIED. I was dumbfounded by the fact that I wasn’t becoming erect with her (we were just kissing and grinding at that point but it still worried me). I found these forums and they terrified me, however I’m here to say the reboot works. Although mine may have been a little unorthodox.

Confidence is through the roof, much happier, made out with a girl at a party

After on and off doing this nofap thing, I have finally hit 60 days. It has also been relatively easy, maybe because I wasn't really addicted in the first place. Some of the benefits that I have personally experienced.

  • signed up to a gym, am eating way more, trying to pack on muscle.
  • appreciating life, everyday is a blessing

Age 17 - You will feel great in your own skin

I have known about nofap for about a year and a half know and I was excited about the idea that you can gain so much by NOT doing something. So I began and I failed and I tried again and I failed and that over and over again. My streaks were usually 1-2 weeks, one time 30 days but I wasn't able to abstain longer than that. My mind would always come up with some reason why I should do it one more time.

Age 23 - Clear mindset, more confident and professional, motivated to talk to girls, spontaneous erections are back

I had never heard of nofap until I talk to this guy. I had just decided to quit masturbating on my own ten days prior. I just told him about feeling exhausted these days, and he told me about nofap randomly. He thought that I would think he was crazy, but honestly I felt like it was a blessing.

Age 19 - More energy, confidence and female attention

Learning how to walk, kissing my first girl, going off to college. All of these are milestones in my life, but for none of them will I look back and appreciate them as much as my NoFap milestone. 90 days ago I was a porn addicted loser who was so scared to do anything and fapping was how I coped with the emotional pain I faced in my life. I was seeing signs of PIED so I knew I had to make a change in my life.

Age 21 - I am developing self discipline, voice is deeper, I stand up for myself

I am growing more chest hair.
My voice seems fuller/deeper.
I enjoy approaching women and starting a conversation.

Making mistakes and learning from my mistakes is the only way to improve.

Age 32 - Severe PIED cured, rewired with my girlfriend

Background: I'm a 32 yr old male. Hadn't had sex since my last ex which was 6 years ago. I've been single for the past 6 years. I've been viewing porn since the age of about 18. It gradually increased as the years went along. 18-25: I viewed and jerked casually, (anywhere from 1-2 times/week). It would've been a lot more, had it not been for slow-speed interned at the time and lack of sites like today.


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