Went from a boy with a PMO/gaming addiction doing nothing with my life to a man with desire, responsibilities, relationships and happiness.

ADHD bannerBefore I start, I wanna say that it would be basically impossible to describe to all of your the tremendous amount of change that has happened in this last year as a result of NoFap.

How Porn May Be Changing Your Brain

TruthDigRecent headlines have (falsely) predicted that porn shoots may be shut down in light of HIV scandals. What’s not being mentioned is the addiction that is becoming more widespread within our society. With easy access to unlimited Internet pornography, watching it can turn into a very destructive addiction, especially for young people.

100 days - Had ADHD and anxiety: Anxiety almost gone, ADHD still there but reduced. Better life

FujiTL;DR: Had ADHD and anxiety, started NoFap, Anxiety almost gone, ADHD still there but reduced. Better life. Feelsgoodman.

90 days - Depression & social anxiety beat, got an awesome job & girlfriend

happy guyTL;DR Nofap helped me dig my way out of depression, get an awesome job, get an awesome gf, and forgive and forget those who fucked me over in the past. Much thanks to all you beautiful bastards.

166 days ago I was a nobody, I had no prospects with relationships, terrible self esteem, PIED and DE

happy coupleWell folks I finally did it. I achieved everything I set out to do when I started Nofap. 166 days ago I was a nobody. I had a shitty body, I had no prospects with relationships, terrible self esteem, PIED and DE and the list goes on and on.

84 days - ED cured. I don't think I have been happier in my life.

fork in roadWell, here I am at 84 days. I have been reading a lot of the posts in since my first posts and constantly reading how everyone is going in here.

The girl on the phone

guys staring at screen[Submitted by a rebooter]

The vulgar girl has left my screen,
the one who with her two boyfriends could be quite obscene.
She used to tease me from within my phone,
now it is empty and I am alone.

For years I've had social anxiety, suffered from depression, no motivation

color paletteWow, it has been this long already? Ninety days ago I started a journey, and at first I didn't even realise it. I usually PMO'd 2-3 times a day. However, then I went away for 2 days, with other people always present. Couldn't do it for 2 days. I managed, because I kept imagining coming back home, and doing my stuff. Instead, due to some random link on reddit, I ended up on this subreddit and recognised myself quickly.

6 months - I am now a normal, sexual human being

young coupleYou know in Anchorman, when Ron shouts "Veronica Corningstone and I had sex and now we are in loooooove"? This is that. I never understood the desire to tell the whole world before.

I don't have strange unwanted fetishes anymore!

waterfallTrigger warning. During my fapping on porn life I developed a lot of fetishes. Some I thought were normal but a couple of them were really disturbing......


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