Age 29 - Finally orgasmed from sex after 7 years. This is how I fixed my PIED.

I've had EXTREME PIED (total limp-dick except when I masturbate myself). I haven't been able to have sex without sildenafil for years, which gives me erections but I still can't orgasm from sex. I always finish using my own hand.

Age 19 - PMO made me lazy, more anxious than I should be, and incredibly shy around women

I can't believe I am here, but today is my 90th day PMO free. 4 months ago, I thought something like this happening to me was impossible. January 2016 is when I really dedicated myself to it because it was taking a heavier toll on my life than I initially thought. I wanted to live life PMO free then where I wouldn't be lazy or socially awkward.

Age 22 - Porn-induced ED cured: Do not overthink that your dick is broken.

Heyo!! Exciting news yo, I finally think I've cured myself. It's been about two- two and a half months now since I stopped watching porn. I used to have a counter on my whiteboard in my room, and if I messed up and PMO'd I'd restart that counter.

How Porn Is Messing with Your Manhood (SKEPTIC Magazine - article by Philip Zimbardo & Gary Wilson)


inding a needle in a haystack would be easier than finding an adolescent male who hasn’t seen online porn. Surveys indicate the average boy watches roughly two hours of porn every week with porn viewing becoming common by age 15.

The most popular porn site—PornHub—reported that the average Millennial porn session lasts 9 minutes, while the average age young people have sex for the first time is 17 years old. This means the average boy has had about 1,400 porn sessions prior to having real life sex. So why aren’t more people asking what kind of effects porn is having on these young viewers? Read the entire article

Age 23 - I don't need to care about what others think, gains at the gym

Five months of NoFap. Urges come and go. FlatLine now and then. Learned a lot, gained a lot. I've been trying this 2 months shy of a year. Had some major relapse time in the first half a
year. Benefits?

Age 28 - No longer are pixels & fake women interesting to me, I get so much more enjoyment out of real people

So today. I have reached 90 days. What a feeling of achievement. It truly is a wonderful feeling when not to be drawn into the false world of pornography. No longer are pixels and fake women interesting to me,

Age 18 - Asked a girl to the prom

I asked a girl out to prom :) She hugged me so hard it gave me fucking whiplash. Stay strong guys. fuck porn. I don't get nervous as much as I used to! She said I have a deep voice so that was pretty cool.

Age 20 - From virgin porn wanker with PIED, to 6 girls in 3 months

For ten years until the age of twenty I was a hardcore porn wanker. I've jacked off thousands and thousands and thousands of times. When I started as a boy of around ten I couldn't even cum, I would orgasm but nothing would come out the end. That's how young I was.

Age 19 - Trying for 3 years, finally free

It kind of spooks me a bit to look at that number [302 days]. I've been trying for so long, trying to get free of this addiction. I feel like I've made it, but I've only won the battle. A war still has to be won. The last six months have been pretty interesting,

Age 30 - Taking on the No/Fap challenge was a life changing decision - Wrote my dissertation about it

Last year I began researching /r/NoFap because I was looking for a balanced opinion about Porn to write my MA dissertation about. What I ended up discovering is that this is a special community. The way we operate here seems very different, in a profound way, than the manner in which most online communities are organised and run (especially on reddit).

My life is finally going somewhere!

Wow, what a difference 100 days makes. Some back story, I started masturbating at 12 and became hardcore addicted to PMO. Like seriously weird stuff went on. I would do hard drugs(cocaine) and do freaky stuff involving dildos and incest every weekend. I was pretty much the biggest deviant on the planet.

Age 22 - PIED success story

It has been quite the journey (not that long) but I can successfully say that I am 90% the guy I was before PIED. I posted this...

Age 25 - I have pussy falling out of my pockets

This work I've been doing with nofap is starting to pay off. I finally get the brain fog thing now. I have moments when I'm literally singing inside. I don't care what people think anymore, i just see haters as jealous and just kinda giggle at their attempts to get to my self esteem lol.

Felt abnormally AMAZING during sex. Pornfree is actually working!

Hi /r/pornfree. I had an eye opening experience last night and I want to share it with you guys. My girlfriend has been out of town for a few days and we both were feeling exceptionally horny when she came back. When we met at our house we made an effort to take it slow and build up the tension, connection and hence lust.


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