Age 22 - ED cured, more in tune with emotions & much happier

couple lying on the grassMy 90 day report: Will start off by saying that I am a 22 year old guy, been PMO'ing since probably 13/14. I started nofap back in January around the new year had a couple 1-2 week stints with my most being 15 days until I started this streak. The original reason I started nofap was to cure PIED.

Age 19 - Many benefits, then fell back into porn, now climbing out again

confident young guyLong time lurker of no fap. I'm 19 right now just finishing the last of my freshman exams (U.S.). I think that it is time for me to contribute to the most awesome and caring community on the entire internet. Hopefully some of you will benefit from my story and experience seeing as I had considerable trouble figuring out and "piecing together" what exactly no fap is and how it changes your life.

Age 22 - More ambition & energy, new hobbies, perception of women no longer distorted

young coupleI've been in high anticipation for this day as if it is some kind of birthday. Although I have reached 90 days (for the first time) I would just like to point out that I have been a member of this subreddit for the last 8 months.

Female - He has energy and confidence and is now A MAN

happy young coupleI'm a woman. Honestly, from my perspective I see that no PMO can benefit your overall health, relationship, love, intimacy, everything together. You and everyone you come into contact with :)

Age 24 - 7 Months and I feel I'm finally in control!

mountainsSo I'm not gonna go all into detail right now but I started my reboot in November 2013 and here I am today. I recently went 96 days in a row with no PMO although I had two peeks at porn and I MOed about once every 6-10 days during that time quick in the shower with no fantasy.

Age 19 - 78 days. ED cured, PE cured, DE cured!

young couple I knew that the day would come when I'll be able to write at this section. Am not gonna go in to details. Quick background, reboot process and the end result. I finished my reboot earlier than I thought I would.

Age 33 - Ten years of ED: Just married, ED is completely gone.

japanese womanI have not posted here in a long time and i just wanted to make one more post. I’m writing this because I wanted to share the success of my journey and hopefully inspire more people to stick with giving up Porn.

Age 20 - ED is gone, increased confidence, less social anxiety, sexual tastes reverting.

mountainsSo I've hit the day 40 mark. I'm 5 days from 50% done and I know that no matter what my counter says I'm always one PMO away from day 1.

Men who watch too much porn can't get it up, warns Manchester sex therapist

A Manchester-based psychosexual therapist has warned that pornography addiction causing a rise in the number of healthy, young men seeking medical help for erectile dysfunction.

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) is a relatively new sexual issue affecting a generation of men who have grown up with unlimited access to explicit material.

Porn induced ED - I finally have a great sex-life

happy coupleI started No-Fap due to a terrible case of PIED and I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from it. I had a sneaking suspicion that porn was causing my ED but I just never wanted to admit it. I'd go on a 1-2 week no-fap stretch but it didn't help so I kept thinking it was a physical problem.


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