Age 19 - I've always been a shy guy but that is not a problem now

It's been a year since the last day I look Porn and I masturbate even without imagination. I always been a very smart and nice looking guy. Or maybe I'm saying that because ... I remember how girls approached to me in the school but for ''Some'' reason everything changed or almost. I think when that changed was when I discovered Porn and masturbation.

Age 22 - Porn screwed me up and quitting made my life better than ever

I've been lurking nofap for over 2 years now, and I guess, after checking my counter, and thinking about how much nofap has changed my life, I owe it to this community to let you guys know what it's done for me and what it has the potential to do for you.

Pornography caused me to doubt myself, made me feel insecure, created a world of fantasy and avoidance

This last year has been a trial for me. I found myself engaging in a parental role, in a relationship with a long time friend who had a daughter. Before I had become involved in this relationship, I was in a pit of depression for a long time. I relied on porn to kill time and get me through my days. I saw some rather extreme stuff. Tame as well. Overall, a mixed bag of deviance.

Age 19 - My friend's 'god-mode': The change I saw in him is the most radical shift I have ever seen in anyone.

My friend (let's call him Alex) and I discovered NoFap together in early 2015, totally by accident as we simultaneously discovered Game (getting good with women). Both of us were 18 at the time and used porn semi-regularly. I'd like to share a comparison between the two of us, because the fact is that he stuck with NoFap and I didn't. And I have seen him become a god. I hope this will inspire you on your own journey.

I am now much stronger, confident, clean, believe in myself, have a will for life

Today is day 91! Not only has NoFap spirit helped me to not PMO, but has also permeated myself. I am now much stronger, confident, clean, believe in myself, have a will for life and progression to make this place better, and to inspire people around me.

I would like to thank the community here for being here with me along this rocky road =). But alas now the road is no longer as rocky =).

Age 22 - Able to have sex up to three or more times every night

Some of my experiences/thoughts while doing this:

-I have had crazy ups and downs throughout the whole time. It never really got any better until I met someone who I was able to have a healthy sex life with.

Age 22 - PIED gone - this is a big deal!

I'm 25 days into my current streak and have been working hard to destroy the roots of my addiction this time around, and actually focus on real love rather than just seeing sex as a way to have an orgasm. I've suffered for a long time with DE and ED from porn use which can be a horrible combination.

Age 19 - Successful reboot after about 56 days. Had mild PIED.

Before: Mild PIED and couldn't get hard enough to orgasm with gf. Literally couldn't even get the condom on properly. It would always take a hard grip to get there and finishing wasn't satisfying at all. It felt forced and, though I am very attracted to my gf, it felt as if her presence wasn't doing anything.

Researched and found NoFap. I highly doubted this subreddit and the concept of NoFap but I gave it a try.

Is Porn Addictive? - Response to Laci Green

Response video to Laci Green's "Is Porn Addictive?":

Laci's original video:

Full definition of addiction from the American Society of Addiction Medicine:

Age 44 - PIED: Almost every other reason for quitting porn did not work

Some background: 44 years of age, male, long-term porn user (magazines >> VHS tapes >> internet); dozens of efforts to quit (even back at the magazine stage); recent onset of PIED. Longest previous record was 23 days. During the last 90 days: no porn, no masturbation, but sex with real women is allowed. So what did I learn?

Age 33 - My experience as an ex-addict and scientist

Scientific papers, others' experiences and people's opinions might tell you about porn-induced ED and stories of depression caused by excess of porn, but if you are suffering something like that you already know that. Most likely, if it weren't for [this site] I would have continued much longer in watching porn, although I already had the strong intuition that it was ruining my life and emotional balance.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour as a Behavioural Addiction: The Impact of the Internet and Other Issues. Mark Griffiths PhD., (2016)

COMMENTS: This is Mark Griffiths commentary on "Should Compulsive Sexual Behavior be Considered an Addiction? (2016)" by Kraus, Voon & Potenza. Key points by Griffiths include:

  1. More emphasis needs to be placed on the role of the Internet in CSB. (YBOP strongly believes that Internet porn addiction must be separated from "sex addiction.")
  2. The internet facilitates sexual behaviours that an individual would never imagine engaging in offline. (Individuals who develop cybersex addiction today would rarely have become sex addicts prior to highspeed internet.)

Age 25 - Decreased anxiety and depression, Increased social confidence, Able to talk to women, PIED may be better

I hit 90 days hard mode today! Never thought I would make it this far back in December when I started but the 90 day milestone became more clear and attainable each day as my journey progressed. Here's a rough estimate of my personal timeline for those on the same journey.

Age 50 - Many men continue PMO throughout their lives, never questioning why they can get it up with porn but not for real sex

Nofap cured my anxiety, depression and negative thoughts. Living life before was like driving a car with ten screaming arguing children in the back seat. I clearly remember waking one morning and realised my mind was quiet!


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