There are so many benefits, including - better singing, looks, extra energy, and studying

Young guyIt has been an interesting journey so far in many aspects. I probably had 6 wet dreams along the ride and do believe that they have an impact on focus libido etc, although I'm back on track again after a few days.

Age 20 - I can be with a girl and appreciate all that she is

coupleI stumbled across porn as a young teenager, and quickly became enthralled with it. But I never understood why something that my body seemed to drive me to with every fiber of my being.

Age 25 - "I'm falling in love with you again."

kissing coupleThis is what my girlfriend said to me a week ago. I feel the same way about her. I am building an intimacy between us that we have never experienced.

Age 33 - Balls full of rocket fuel gave me the extra energy to put thought into action

happy guyI finally made it to 90 days with no PMO. It took me over a year to accomplish this. Last year I relapsed on day 88 due to edging. Then several months of smaller streaks of 4-10 days before this one began.

Age 22 - My clarity of thought has improved tenfold, Lots of energy, I have real emotions.

electrical powerCome midnight UK time (about an hour from now) I will be on 100 days of NoFap Hardmode. Hardmode, because in the hours, days and weeks that followed I slowly realised the extent of my porn addiction and the effect that it was having on my life.

Age 17 - This gives more life to life, fantastic girlfriend too

young guyFirst, some backstory. I'm a 17 year old guy, addicted to PMO since 12. I discovered this subreddit last year, and it has changed my life.

Age 20 - I feel fucking great :)

happy guy

I am 20 years old, pretty much known porn and masturbation was a problem ever since I started as a kid. I began trying to quit when I was 15 but couldn’t.

Age 27 - I feel like a man should feel. Social anxiety is gone!

happy guyI feel whole. I feel like a man should feel. I've conquered so much of what I thought was impossible. I have been suffering from undiagnosed social anxiety since about highschool. I felt nervous around people.

Age 23 - 90 days later, feeling like more of a man than I ever have

New Zealand flagI just finished my 90 day hard mode reboot. When I was a bit younger I used to think about this hard working, strong, well respected man that I was going to be when I grew up.

Age 32 - More social, High self-esteem & confidence, Inner calmness, Attitude towards females changed

CoupleI made it to 99 days. I am going to continue and not going to look back. Like most, my P started from the age of 15. I used to PMO for around 17 years, even after I got married. It all started when friends and people around you, say it is normal and one should do it.

ED - I had sex last night with my wife...twice. And then she gave me a high five!

couple doing a high-fiveAbout 3 and a half weeks ago I was suffering from PIED. My wife wanted to have sex, and because I had just gotten off a weekend porn binge, I couldn't get it up.

"Your Brain on Pornography" by Jed Diamond

brain in a viceI’ve been a psychotherapist specializing in male health for more than 40 years and I’ve seen a disturbing trend. I’m seeing more and more young males, between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five years old, who are having similar problems to my older male clients.  ... Now two young film-makers, Susanna Zdrzalek and Fritz Fechner, are creating the first documentary to help everyone understand how pornography affects the brain. The film, REWIRED: How Pornography Affects The Human Brain, features leading scientists and their research, as well as young adults who watched porn for many years of their life and at one point began to suffer from symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm with a real partner, and social anxiety. You can learn about the film and support their IndieGoGo fundraiser. Read more

Age 30s - Authentic and confident communication with women

young guy

I had been struggling with porn addiction for years, but had absolutely no idea how to go about stopping (I didn't know about the behavioural link between P-M-O, I thought I just had to address the P and everything would be fine, except it was impossible).


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