Age 24 - PMO since 11 years old. Successfully Rebooted (ED) in 4 months, Got Married!

happy coupleI'm a 24-year old male. Been exposed to porn and hentai PMO since 11 years old. Hard to concentrate, brainfog, TOO MUCH porn fantasy running on my brain all the time, prone masturbatio, and also PIED.

Age 18 - ED cured, more energetic & social, can't believe how beautiful women I missed

happy guyIt's been 3 months since I pleasured myself. I feel a lot more energetic. My acne is gone. It's easy to get out of bed now. All girls are a lot more attractive since i stopped watching porn.

Age 28 - PMO addict of 13 years. Nofap all but cured my depression and I'm generally a happy person now.

happy guy I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn't be my style. However I feel like I owe it to this community to at least try.

Age 26 - (Gay) Increased confidence, little to no anxiety anymore, which is something I've had my entire life.

Keep Your Guard Up - Batman26 year-old gay guy here. After a few good streaks, at the end of December, I told myself I would take it day by day and join the 2014 challenge. Well, it was extremely challenging but I made it to 90 days (no PMO - still MO).

In dental school - ADHD medication doesn't even work any more because I don't need it.

dentist with patientI am currently in dental school about to graduate and I discovered nofap in my last quarter. Through college I was relatively clear minded, got good grades and all was well until professional school....

Age 17 - I have become a different person. I feel more like a man

fireworksI first discovered masturbation at a relatively early age, when I was 9 years old (I am now 17).

Age 23 - Cured of Delayed Ejaculation

happy coupleOver the last 115 days, I have been porn free and have fapped to completion three times. I started doing NoFap because of DE. I was with four women before this challenge, the first of which happened when I was 21, almost two years ago to date. I started fapping to porn regularly when I was 16. None of those four women were able to make me orgasm.

4 Years - 100% Porn Free (ED)

happy coupleI am new to this forum and reddit in general but I wanted to share that I just got to 4 years, PMO free in Janaury. I am married so there is still sexual activity in our marriage but for many years in my marriage I could not go more than a week w/o looking at porn and mast. I had symptoms of Porn ED and I lot of shame that stuck to me in my daily life.

One year - Major paradigm shift, improved erections, relationships, energy, & mental stability

Rocky MountainsAside from the ego boost, I wanted to post this to point out that it takes everyone different amounts of time to make it far in this challenge. I just today completed my first 100 days hardmode, no fantasy, no MO streak, along with cold showers for about 4-5 months (which has been going on longer than this streak).

Age 20 - My thoughts are less jumpy, less chaotic and wild

woodland meadowI know a lot of what I'll say has probably already been said. Though the title says that I offer advice, and I do, I'm doing this, selfishly, mostly for myself. Quitting porn has been one of the most eye opening experiences thus far.


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