Age 21 - More friends; Greater energy, motivation, patience & confidence; Better memory, focus & social skills

I have beaten my old record that I had in the last summer. Negative thoughts telling me to relapse are but branches I must move out of the path or just jump over. The number of days without porn has been great, but the main source of happiness is the positive life changes that have happened:

Age 24 - Completed 1 year. Married: I feel so much more confident and masculine now

I am officially announcing that I am 1 year today clean of masturbation and pornography. I've been an addict for over 13 years I'm 24 years of age and I never thought I would ever be able to shake the illness but I have done it. I was also an alcoholic and marijuana smoker, proud to say I have not had a drink or a smoke in almost 3 years.

Age 31 - I can't believe the immense changes that have gone on in my brain, body and life.

I am on Day 31 of my NoFap journey, but I'm actually on Day 415. I have masturbated and binged on during the 415 day journey (not the most recent 31 day streak, which I will be getting to 90 and eventually turning that into 130). I can't believe the immense changes that have gone on in my brain, body and life. I have less brain fog, more confidence, much better body, more determined, less fatigued, more loving, etc, etc, etc. The changes are endless.

Age 27 - No more anxiety! I'm funny/cracking more jokes, Happy & enthusiastic, Enjoy intellectual conversations, Want a long-term relationship

Brief background; discovered NoFap this time last year and I met my ex and I tried to reboot but I just wanted sex so I popped pills and just nailed her and felt no sensation out of it! We ended at the end of May and I tried rebooting from June onwards but failed several times! Since June to today I had 3 proper attempts/streaks;

Age 14 - Day 96: Feeling awesome is now the norm.

It started one day when I heard the word fap in grade 6. I knew what it meant but didn't know really why it was such a big deal. So, out of curiosity I did it and watched porn for the first time as well. This eventually led to the next 2 years being, well quite frankly, not so great. I wasn't doing bad in school but I was lazy, played videogames...A LOT, pmo'd 1-3 times on some days and at a time when puberty starts to hit you, I was kind of a mess. Fast forward 2 years.

Age 37 - PIED cured, less anxiety, comfortable in my own skin, disciplined

This is my longest nofap streak yet. Previously, I had made it a few weeks, but that included edging. This time, I've been very strict. I don't touch myself. I notice when the desire arises and I resist. I don't look at porn. I get annoyed at attempts in the media to gain my attention with sexual content. Prior to this streak, I was concerned about my lack of a sex drive, lack of spontaneous erections, and lack of morning wood.

Terry Crews - Dirty Little Secret Part 1

Short video by Crews

Age 22 - Even small things make me happy and I get motivated easily

I am proud to report that the last time I watched porn was 91 days ago! It seemed to be half of an eternity when I decided to quit porn for good (or at least for 90 days) and here we are! I lost counting the days around day 50. Not wasting my freetime, sleeptime and energy watching porn became the new standard. The last wetdream was two months ago according to my last reddit post. Some stuff I noticed:

Age 27 - Feeling calm, Brain fog disappearing, Less sleep and I jump out of bed in the AM with lots of energy

I am a young guy of 27 years age who started fapping and watching porn at the age of 23 which wasn't long time ago compared to those who started fapping at a very young age like 12. Before I started masturbating and watching porn, I was a very happy, ambitious, smart, healthy, religious, attractive (girls used to fancy me a lot, giving me compliments) Young guy

Age 21 - I've fallen into a good habit of simply excelling

I had been struggling with relapses in the past. I started in the summer of last year after discovering As someone with undergraduate training in the sciences, the information hit me hard and forced me to make changes. I thought it would be easy. It wasn't at all.

Age late 20s - Feeling "fresh," less anxiety, so much more drive and discipline

I'm in my late 20's and was fapping for as long as I can remember. My nofap journey began after I felt PMO is just chasing after something that's not there and becoming dependent on it. It's a no-effort source of pleasure that does so much harm to your physical (PIED!) and emotional well-being ("This is too difficult and boring, I should just masturbate").

'The men who look for help online for erectile dysfunction might surprise you' (DailyDot)

This is another article about a recent analysis of ED posts on MedHelp. Like earlier articles on that analysis, it continues to bury the lead that porn use appears to be causing ED in many young men. It doesn't mention that many men heal their dysfunctions simply by quitting. Instead it implies porn problems are a "mental disorder," which suggests that mentally healthy young men don't get ED from porn. This is silly, as anyone can see by browsing self-reports on this website alone.

Age 18 - Porn-induced ED seems cured.

I wanted to share this story and a few tips for the young fellas suffering from PIED. I'm only 18 and I'm so happy that I had the chance to discover NoFap. Cause to be honest, this changed my life in so many ways.. Not only self-esteem, confidence etc. But let's keep this short and let's get to the background :)


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