Age 17 - I am a more confident and happier person

islandI haven't been very active on here as of late but I decided to log back on just to make my 90 day report. The benefits of nofap have extended well past what I thought they would for me personally.

How Online Sexual Stimulation Can Lead to In Real Life Sexual Dysfunction

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I was scared almost to death the day I electrocuted my penis. I had discovered my mother’s electric vibrator and found that playing with it around my genitals gave both an interesting humming sound and an increasingly heightened feeling of pleasure. When that continued through an explosive orgasm—my first one ever, at age 11—I went from being erect and excited to becoming limp and drained.

ED & delayed ejaculation healed - many insights during my 2 years

happy guyWow what a ride, an immensely beneficial self development ride. I am really glad I found this community when I did. I was in a dark place, masturbating multiple times a day to porn of all kinds. I had social anxiety issues and girls considered me creepy and getting friendzoned was commonplace.

Age 21 - ED for 6 years: I feel like I'm cured..I get great erections

couple in bedI feel like I'm cured.. I get great erections, I am able to maintain erect even without continuous stimulation and yes...I am able to blow my load. <3

ED - From suicidal to the top of the world

Indian couple in bedStarted June, 2014 and promised to write only when I confirmrf the cure. My first true sexual experience was on my wedding night for both myself and my partner. Before that i was only making out. Needless to say complete failure first 5 attempts (2 weeks!!).

Age 25 - After 1 year of nofap I am 100% cured of anxiety, HOCD and ED

young guyGuys, thanks for your great support. Now I don't even want try gay sex. I had some strange fantasies. It started with shemale attraction turned into gay attraction.

Age 17 - My confidence was really low: Now I can talk to anybody, any time

young guyIt's been 89 days! Back in September things were okay. My grades were good and everything was going fine, but I had a serious problem. My confidence was really low and this affected me really badly.

Age 18 - ED & delayed ejaculation healed: It all seemed so hopeless at the beginning

giggling coupleThe reason I started NoFap was to get over my PIED/DE. I'm 18 and had been doing PMO since age 14 about 5-7 times a week. This is my first streak.

Age 22 - (ED) Much more libido, Morning wood is back, I'm more confident/happy

flirting coupleI started PMO at age 12 or 13. I decided to stop fap and porn when i started to look hardcore porn and also because i "failed" sex twice with 2 different woman...(One of this was my first time and i thought that fail was causing by stress).

More mental clarity, less depression, rock-solid erections once again.

happy guySo I made it to 90 days in hardmode after many failed attempts. The first 45 days were like hell, then it became much easier. You need like 3 months of time to learn yourself a new behavior. The difficulty was not in abstaining from watching porn, the difficulty was in abstaining from masturbating.

ED cured - If I did I'm sure you guys can too.

young guyI have been pretty much been jacking it since 13, had my first orgasms ever jerking to porn. As years went on my jerking habits got progressively worse i eventually could not keep an erection unless i was looking at the computer screen. I thought nothing of it and kept at it.

Age 38 - ED cured: increased confidence, making eye contact, feeling awesome, more sociable

happy guyI just reached a new record, 107 days on hard mode. I'm 38yo and have been jerking to porn since age 10 or so and struggling to quit for a while. This was made even more challenging by the fact that I work from home and live alone so I am home alone all the time with the perfect porn delivery device literally at my finger tips.

Age 49 - ED cured, Girlfriend is happy, and my life has improved

happy guyI feel like one of the lucky ones, after all the posts I've read on here. Maybe I never was addicted, or maybe the shock was so great seeing the Ted Talk on and matching all the symptoms that my resolve to fix myself immediately was greater than most.

Delayed ejaculation, poor sensitivty - seems cured after 65 days

happy guyStarted heavy PMO when I went living on my own for my study in 2002. When I had my first sexual encounter a couple years later, I could easily get an erection. But very difficult getting an orgasm. And the sex wasn't satisfying, even when I came. A PM-orgasm was much, much better.


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