Age 29 - Sex with my wife is better than it has ever been. Depression, anxiety, social abstinence, has all reversed

I'm 29, and there have been some amazing changes since my journey of rebooting. Here's a are several good symptoms that have resulted from No porn or masturbation.

1. Sex with my wife is better than it has ever been in 8 years of marriage. To explain; I used to do exactly what turned me on with Viewing porn. Many things I liked to watch my wife would NOT agree to participate in. Such things as, anal sex, facials, aggressive speech, or the misconception that she should do anything I wanted her to as what in portrayed in porn. I now longer have that mentality during sex, nor do I have it when not intimate.

Age 58 - The brain science on YBOP and William's insight into how to bring that knowledge to bear in the day-to-day struggle have really been transformational

Today is day 61 completely PMO free. I don't think I've ever had this long without P or M since I started by porn career at about age 13; I'm now 58. I don't even want to know, if I was able to add up the hours, how many complete days or weeks of my life have been spent indulging this addiction. I've also been trying to stop for almost as long as I've been doing it.

Age 17 - 333 Day Report - I feel absolutely magnificent

8 months ago I posted this, my 75 streak day post about the changes in my life since I started abstaining. A lot has changed since then, and I think it's high time that I make yet another post. Before everything, I want to thank this subreddit with all my heart. I have never seen a place on the internet as kind, supportive, friendly and helpful as /r/NoFap.

Age 71 - Overcame ED, have better sexual performance and have a better relationship with my wife.

Young men think that when they reach a certain age, all sexual desire will suddenly fade and PMO is not be a problem. Not so! Sexual temptation, including the desire to PMO, will last until death in many of us (including me).

Age 19 - Reduced anxiety & depression, Less caring what people think, I now get praised at work (never before)

I really don't need much support at the moment; but I realized there might be people who need the encouragement, and remembered that these posts were the reasons I wanted to get here in the first place. I'll repeat what's been said before - it gets a whole lot easier.

Does internet porn ruin relationships? Or is it another way for couples to try new things in the bedroom? (Daily Mail-UK)

Porn is spiraling in popularity - but do we truly know the consequences it could have on our relationships? Curious husbands looking at sexual fantasy videos online have often been the cause of many painful divorces and break-ups.

Age 24 - 1 year - Biggest benefit is the reduction in anxiety and depression

One year ago today, July 1st 2015, I gave up choking the ol chicken and haven't looked back! I'm a little lost for words at this point as I would have never thought after my 10 or so years of addiction that I could stay clean for a year. HOLY COW IT FEELS AMAZING!!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Age 20 - Girlfriend describes her partner's recovery from PIED

I wanted to share my story as the girlfriend of a man with PIED and to give back after all the information we found on this website was instrumental in helping us understand the neurobiology of porn addiction and also the road out of it.

Age 30 - Passion and intimacy are real now, I can enjoy the moment, not rush towards O. A kiss can set me off

90 days soft mode. 90 days without P. 90 days without fapping. I wasn't going to spend years of my life fixing this. I needed to succeed first time. Life is too short. I made 56 days hard mode. Got back with ex so there was release on day 54, 56 and 57. I'm currently back in hard mode for 33 days.

Age 24 - I quit porn at 17 to cure my PIED & was cured in 2 months. I relapsed at 19 and was a functioning addict until 6 months ago.

I feel like I have succeeded because I feel joy again, something I had forgotten about. My sex drive is though the roof and consistent, I can talk to people, i see women as humans and not sex objects, I am confident and I am able to focus. I just feel amazing.I have been pmo free for 6 months and have cut down to mo about once a month. This was my goal, if you choose to go hard mode I think that's great.

Age 18 - Sharper memory, more sociable, calmer, vivid dreams, morning wood is back

For me, it's almost like Nofap is a way of sharpening your mental sword. In the beginning, it might be a dull blade, but soon it becomes sharp enough to cut the thickest of urges. Also, I find myself constantly "beating" other people to recalling certain details or information that happened a long time ago.

"Guys just a quick question? What are your reasons for quitting porn? Sorry if it sounds naive, i'm new to r/pornfree"

[Responses received]

Why abstaining from PMO is "good" for me:

  • I feel Sharp and Energised, able to do any chore, sport, activity without the feeling of "ugh, this takes so much effort".
  • Joy comes from a broad range of activities now that my brain is regulating dopamine properly.

Age 25 - ED at 20. Boners are back, along with mental clarity and fighting spirit

25 now...started at about 12~13...became an avid user when I was 17... came to know I had ED when i was 20...when that relationship ended my sex life was basically a threesome with my hand and my computer. Then came across TEDx on the effects of porn and PIED, and I was hoping my case was PIED and not incurable ED...


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