"Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" (Review)

Cover of WACKNoah Church has done an outstanding job of distilling and expanding the wisdom generated by the grassroots movement of people who have given up internet porn and discovered enormous hidden potential. Wack is engaging yet succinct. It's also deeply satisfying thanks, in part, to the appendix of actual stories of men and women whose lives were deeply affected, and then restored and even enhanced, by their treks through and beyond the Neverland of internet porn.

Age 17 - depression is entirely cured, more confidence, improved memory & energy, greater intimacy

UtahApril 1st, 2013 - day zero of my journey, at the time, I was sitting there casually fapping to porn, as per usual, along with browsing the internet aimlessly. However, the internet held some dissonance that would find me; a certain TED talk by Gary Wilson, The Great Porn Experiment. Being deeply tied to pornography, my interest was naturally piqued by the notion of some grand porn experiment, despite promptly realizing that it was absolutely not what I was expecting I continued watching.

"He Can't Get It Up: Could Porn Be The Problem?" (Girl Boner Radio)

Gabe and GirlBoner logoGabe Deem tells August McLaughlin how his overuse of internet porn got in the way of his relationships and sexual performance--and what he did about it.

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Age 30 - From a gf of an ex-PIED sufferer thanks to NoFap!

happy cave coupleMy 30 year-old boyfriend of 5 years started watching porn in his early teens and has struggled with this addiction ever since. I knew that this was a problem. It was always in the browsing history and carried over to problems in the bedroom.

Age 23 - Less depressed & neurotic, think about girls differently

New ZealandBackground: I have done more than 100 days without relapsing. Started PMOing before I could ejaculate. I'm 23 now. At either junior year or senior year of high school, I was PMOing once a day everyday right before I go to sleep until a little less than a year ago which was a year after I graduated college with a bachelor's degree.

ED cured in 26 days. Success.

Happy coupleHello /r/pornfree. I'll start off by giving you guys a description of my problem. I met this new girl about a month ago, and we decide to go on a date after some time of texting etc. That same evening, she asks me if I want to sleep over, and I say yes.

Age 42 - ED almost cured but marriage in trouble

Aspen42yo, first extended stint of nofap, and made it to 90 days. (I had a 23-day streak last fall, but didn't know what I was doing and relapsed.) I started NF with a few goals: curb my ED, get my sense of control back, and start mending my marriage, knowing that my P distractions weren't helping our relationship.

90 days - started to feel again, gained back my empathy, super hard erections

albino peacockNofap pretty much opened my eyes and showed me that PMO drained my energy. In fact nofap showed me a lot of more problems of my life. At least i see them now so i can work them out. It is still a way to go for me.

Age 18 - far more energy & confidence, and everyday girls are attractive now

SauronHey guys. This was one of the hardest things I've ever attempted. I started in December but kept relapsing week after week. Nevertheless I hit 90 days. I did it totally alone. Told no one. Didn't check nofap. This was my personal war that I had to triumph in alone.

Young Porn Users Need Longer To Recover Their Mojo

What digital sex entails

Update: Porn-Induced ED in the Media: Primarily Experts

Update, 7-12-14: The first peer-reviewed study to ask the question finds porn-induced ED. About 60% of compulsive porn users reported erectile dysfunction in this brain scan study - Neural Correlates of Sexual Cue Reactivity in Individuals with and without Compulsive Sexual Behaviours (2014). From the study (CSB are compulsive porn users):

CSB subjects reported that as a result of excessive use of sexually explicit materials.....experienced diminished libido or erectile function specifically in physical relationships with women (although not in relationship to thesexually explicit material) (N = 11)...

The subjects stated that porn use caused their ED. The average age was 25, yet 11 out of the 19 subjects experienced erectile dysfunction and diminished libido with partners, but not with porn.


Is highspeed porn use rewiring adolescent sexuality?

A few years ago, when guys first showed up at our website with chronic porn-related sexual performance problems, they generally recovered after about two months of no porn, masturbation or porn fantasy, and a minimum of orgasm. Most were computer wizards who had acquired highspeed Internet porn ahead of the herdand then developed uncharacteristic performance problems during real sex. We'll call them "Oldtimers."

Soon we began to notice two unexpected trends:

  1. A flood of younger guys (early twenties and late teens) showed up with the same erectile-dysfunction problems. Rapidly, they comprised the majority of visitors to most threads and sites where men were complaining of porn-related sexual performance problems,  and
  2. These younger guys ("Newcomers") generally required longer (sometimes months longer) to recover from their performance problems. In fact, some needed regular contact with a real partnerwhich presents a challenging "chicken-and-egg" problem in the world of casual hook-ups.


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