Age 20 - OCD/Anxiety down 95%, Clear mind, More social. Libido & manhood levels are up 5000%

happy guyOn August 8, I will be 6 months clear of PMO. Here's a couple things I've noticed: 1) I've never had such a clear mind. I can focus like I never have and am doing WAY better in school.

Age 17 - Cured my PIED, but went back to porn and ED returned

cartoon guy at computerI used to have a problem maintaining a 100% erection, the problem was not to get it up, however it was cured in my big streak of 250 days +. When I had sex with several partner during this streak my penis had no problems whatsoever.

Now Almost 60 Days on "Hard Mode" and I've Never Felt Better

dejected guyCAUTION: Sensetive material so please if you're easy to relapse PLEASE skip to the TL;DR. The story starts with a curious 10 year old boy and a computer. You all know how that goes.

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ED & DE just about fully cured: 7 months no porn.

young guyIt's been 7 months since I last watched any porn. Masturbated on average once a week. Any less frequency and my prostatitis symptoms seem to flare up. My history involved not being able to penetrate because I could not get hard enough.

Age 18 - PIED cured, but went back to porn and ED came back

young guyStarted watching porn and masturbating when I was 14. It never stopped. My first chance at sex came at 15. I know it's young, but still. Suffered ED and botched the whole thing. Had a second chance at age 16. Once again, fucked it up.

Age 25 - 515 days: Since I started NoFap, my life turned around and I'm getting better in all aspects

young guy looking in the mirrorBeen watching Porn since I was 15, went from being a very social, happy kid to breaking up School, unable to get into relationships with women & social anxiety. Since I started NoFap, my life turned around and I'm getting better in all aspects I mentioned, finally.

Age 24 - Seven Months In: The bullet-points

happy guy1) Looking at fappage material is much more of a choice than an addiction. Thinking is the new ballgame, and now you're really dealing with it at the most pivotal point.

Age 22 - From College Stoner to Medical School President: My No-Fap Journey

mountain peakHey fellow champions of your urges, I've mostly just floated around this page over the past year and a half, listening to advice and fighting my own battles. I'm nowhere near done with my nofap battle (longest streak ever = 44 days) but sitting back I've been baffled by the way this challenge has changed my life.

ED is cured: Just keep going, you will eventually heal (13 points of advice)

happy guyI've made huge progress, and I'm here to give you guys my tips and point of view. Anyway I wrote this topic ( 2 months ago, and my story is in it which is similar to most stories here.

Age 25 - This is working! ED improvements

happy couple in bed

So about a month ago I was in a hotel room with my girlfriend and had absolutely nothing going on downstairs. Not even a hint of an erection. That was about 8/9 days into nofap.

Age 25 - First date ever, I was calm and in control

couple kissingOver the past year since I first delved into NoFap, it had been and ongoing struggle with PMO-free streaks and relapses. I did notice the super powers and the other benefits everyone talks about, but the addiction was at times too hard to beat.

Age 33 - 20 years of daily jacking, 10 years of PIED and DE: Rebooting works!

victoryJust want to give some encouragement to those of you experiencing erectile dysfunction and/or delayed ejaculation. Quick facts and history, I'm 33, first masturbated when I was around 8, maybe even 7.

No Fap has turned me into an extrovert

socializingBefore no fap I was pretty introverted. I didn't want to go out and talk to people even though a side of me wanted to -- but couldnt. Im now very outgoing once again in my life. I love talking to new people.

Age 18 - I am finally happy with myself. I have my dreams, and I look to keep going forward in life

big waveThank you to all of the fellow fapstronauts who helped when times were tough. Whether you provided posts that gave me motivation to keep going or you replied to mine, thank you. It truly is amazing how this community is so supportive of people who wish to rid themselves of the dark horse of addictions.


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