Age 30 - Porn-induced ED quickly cured

kissing loversI have been watching porn since i was a teenager, around 14-15 years old but i can't tell for sure. At that time there were magazines and VHS tapes.

The evidence continues to mount (by UK's John Carr)

Developing brainI recently spoke at a symposium with John Carr, the author of this blog post.

A few years ago I met a really smart polymath by the name of Mary Sharpe.  She was the first person to introduce me to the idea of the “plasticity” of the human brain and how that plasticity means, inter alia, our grey matter gets rewired as a result of things we do, which includes what we look at.

Age 25 - Found my normal libido and a use for occasional pornless masturbation

choking the chickenFor the first time ever, I went 100+ days without fapping. The urges were tough, but I got through them. A few days ago, however, I did a reset because I came to a conclusion that some of you other successful nofappers came across, too: it's the porn that is the main problem, and the fapping is the secondary problem. How did I come to this conclusion?

The Rocky History of Sex Addiction in Public Awareness

TIME cover(by Linda Hatch PhD) It is the height of the AIDS epidemic, around 30 years ago. Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founding father of sex addiction theory, is going to speak to the gay community. He has been invited in by a respected African American sexologist who feels that the gay community really needs to hear his message. On this occasion Dr. Carnes is transported in one of three identical limos so that if he was attacked it would be impossible to know which limo he was in.

Age 22 - Depression completely gone, too much ambition to contain, less brain fog

IcelandFinally made it to 30 days hardmode. All I have to say is keep at it. The benefits I noticed:

Age 27 - No more porn-induced ED. Morning wood is in full effect

horsesWhen I used to PMO all I could think about was having sex with women. Now, I still think about sex, but not as much. I'd rather have a committed relationship & intimacy. Definitely more confidence in myself.

Age 60s - ED & delayed ejaculation cured. Wife's happy.

older coupleI started this NoFap journey 100 days ago but fell hard on Day 40 and reset. I am a long time married man with 4 adult children and a wonderful, supportive wife. By some standards, I am successful in my family, church, social, financial and professional life.

Age 19 - I've suffered ED for as long as I've been sexually active: first orgasm with a partner

young couple kissingI've suffered ED for as long as I've been getting sexually involved with women. Yesterday I was in bed with a girl I've been seeing (she knows about my problem and about NoFap) and everything worked exactly how it was meant to.

7 Months - ED & Delayed Ejaculation appear to be defeated

coupleTomorrow I hit 214 days. Looking back there have been some tough times revolving around sexual experiences with my SO (unaware of my PIED/NoFap) who I see every two weeks.

Age 32 - Overcame some serious PIED. have a healthy relationship with an amazing woman

coupleI have seen numerous benefits from NoFap, and the community. I gained discipline, self-respect, overcame some serious PIED, and have a healthy relationship with an amazing woman.

ED seems cured - and it only took 25 days.

couple huggingNo porn or masturbation [and] I have noticed some changes. Originally when trying to have sex most of the time I couldn't because I just couldn't get it up with a girl or when I did it would last like a minute or just would be really soft.

Age 20 - PIED & delayed ejaculation cured. No more brain fog.

feet in bedStarted out with PIED and DE. Couldn't finish during sex at all, with or with out a condom on. I even tried finishing my self off after I attempted to have sex.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #10: Season 2 begins


Season 2 is back of the YourBrainRebalanced Show! At least, that's what we will call our hiatus. ;) Only Daniel and Charlie were available for this short introductory episode.

ED & delayed ejaculation cured: 7 weeks with no PMO

Happy coupleI've been having 3 of the most awful sexual issues a guy can have: porn induced ED, delayed ejaculation and death grip. The first time I had sex 2 years ago I could barely get it up.

Age 23 - ED cured: In all the years I've had sex, nothing has ever felt so authentic.

happy guyI've posted here a few times explaining the troubles with my SO. In short, PIED was causing a lot of turbulence. The sex portion of our relationship didn't exist and it was making both of us very unhappy.


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