I feel better than I ever have before. My brain chemicals have pretty much reset

house elfHonestly never thought I'd ever make it this far. I mostly just had this site to make having a day count going on easier... I only did it because my friend intervened in my life and told me I needed to change something.

ED cured; the weird fetishes that came with years of porn use are gone

bonersFor anyone wondering if they will ever recover from the effects of porn addiction and PIED...the answer is yes.

1 Year - no porn/no fap: how did I do it?

Brick House Series logoOn Oct. 15th, 2014, it will be one year of no porn and no masturbation. Here are a few thoughts on how I did it. My intention is to continue not using porn or masturbation.

Age 28 - Married: I had to think of porn in order to orgasm in my wife

happy coupleToday is a milestone day for me. I have reached 150 days since MO, and 90 days since P (after I last PMO i have P'd a couple times W/O MO). This has not been hard mode as I am married and continue sex, but it has been hard none the less.

Age 21 - ED cued, succesful sex. My thoughts & experiences.

happy coupleA few months ago I couldn't get it up, and even if I could, I was losing it. Now I can do whatever I want and for however long I want so maybe some of this stuff might help. First of all I just had a "successful" sex which made me write this post.

10 months - I became more jovial, talkative, attractive, strong. I mean you name it.

happy guyOnce new years hit, i promised myself I would work out, eat good food and try keeping my streak as long as I can. Extreme mode. I stopped watching all kinds of arousing material whether it be gifs, pics, links, clickbait, yahoo frontpage, rap videos.

Age 32 - 12 step approach, new business, new relationship, new life

happy coupleBack in 2012 december I made a decision to stop watching porn for an entire year. within 3-4 months of trying I went to thailand and I was intimate with many girls over board, then i slowly went back to porn. In 2013 I made another strong determination and I had much struggle, but miraculously I was alb ego go about 8 months without any porn or masterbation even.

Humans turn me on, not computer screen images. Social awkwardnes - gone. More energy

poster making fun of fetishesIt really works. You will be a different person. I completed the 90 day challenge over a year ago and have not relapsed or jacked off to porn ever since. Better than that: I'm not even turned on by porn anymore. You could show me the hottest porn ever made and I would just laugh at it. Seriously. Same thing with all my fetishes and weird obsessions.

Age 20 - Feel like a changed man, don't even feel nervous at all talking to girls

happy guyAnyways, I've literally met more girls just this semester than all of my previous semesters combined. My mindset has completely changed. For one, I make eye contact with everyone now while walking around campus, no more staring at the ground or fearing to look at someone's face. Just smile at people every single day, and you will immediately notice how much of a happier and more outgoing person it makes you.

Age 21 - ED gone, calmer, more confident, enhanced mood, feel more attractive, GIRL FRIEND!

90 daysI just reached day 90 on my rebooting process. It wasn't that hard but it isn't my first attempt though to be honest. I don't know why but when i started the reboot my brain switched to it's mode and there weren't any PMO urges at all.

Burnet Institute studies shed light on sexual behaviour of Australian teenagers (2014)

In the first-ever Australian study of its kind, Burnet researchers have surveyed the correlation between adolescents’ pornography viewing habits and sexual behaviour.

Age 16 - I'm stronger. More social, friendly, confident, decisive & focused. Erections are better

young guyOn this day, October 9th, 2014, I have completed 90 days of nofap. I'm going to try to keep this a bit short, so here's how my journey went: Before nofap I was: Socially awkward, Unfocused, Lonely, Nervous around girls,  Weak - both physically and mentally, Unattractive.

Before NoFap I wasn't part of the world. Instead I simply watched others do things.

mountain and lakeI did it. 90 days. Although I have wanted to write this for a while, I felt that I should keep with tradition and give the usual 90-day success story. Well like any other ordinary success story, I'll start off by how I was before NoFap. You've probably already imagined a stereotypical porn user/fapper who was awkward, soft-spoken, and shy.


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