Age 26 - ED & escalation to really nasty stuff: It no longer turns me on.

water fallI'm no longer fixated on anal sex, and the thoughts of having sex with transvestites, young teen girls (13/14), corpses, and other really nasty stuff no longer turns me on. This is probably the biggest thing to change.

Do religious people consume more porn?

XXXSince 2009, popular culture has bought the idea that religious people consume more porn (not by much). However, recent data from Porn Hub suggests the very opposite according to Tom Stringham in his article "Rethinking Mormons and Porn: Utah 40th in US in New Porn Data," reproduced here.

Age 22 - The biggest benefit is that I feel emotions more vibrantly now

young guyI did very well in all other aspects of life (financial, health, family, school) but I was turning 22 and I was still a virgin, in addition to that I was the laughing stock of my friend group too.

Age 14 - 58 days: I cannot believe how much better I feel

Young guyFirst of all, I have been 58 days without porn and 30 days without masturbation at the present moment, and I cannot believe how much better I feel. What I love most is the confidence NoFap has given me.

Age 40 - the greatest benefit is deeper self-love because my relationship with myself has improved a lot

couplePMO is not even a desire anymore. When I get turned on - its easy to accept it and get on with life (rather than feel the need to do something about it). This freedom is liberating when you think about it but its part of my life. It is the new normal.

Triggers (compiled by rebooters)

Yes - No fulcrumOver the past days, several fapstronauts compiled the list of triggers/behaviors of risk - with the hopes that it may help others identify some of their own as-yet-undetected triggers.

Age 25 - It's scary, it's awesome, and it's real

view from on top of a mountainI'm not sure what is happening exactly, but it's scary, it's awesome, and it's real. Something has changed. My mind and body are awakening from a slumber that I fell into at a mere 8 years old, when I discovered that rubbing my cock repeatedly gave me "the shivers".

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Age 32 - Now, women make moves on me all the time

happy guyI'm 32 right now. I've been single for about 2.5 years. Before that, I had 2 girlfriends (with almost no break in between them) from 22 to 30 years old. But yeah, I've been PMOing for almost 20 years, (although porn was harder to get by when I was 12-17yo).

Age 22 - Amazing sex! (Also, good summary of concepts on YBOP)

happy young guyNofap has been the most crucial tool to enhance my life. I have stopped my addictions. The thrill and rush I get from a cute girl’s smile after just simply complimenting her on her cute dress is almost unbearable.

"Little Atoms" Podcast with Gary Wilson

Little Atoms logoThis is two separate podcasts in one show. The second part is an interview with Gary (47:57). The first is about the importance of personal connection for longevity, with Susan Pinker.
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Age 31 - PIED cured and able to have sex for the first time in my life, but...

guyI have a really hard time now to motivate myself to continue this and stop with PMO for good. I really want to quit but it's just like ... ya who cares I know that it works (down there)

PIED cured in 50 days. Then I used porn.

young guyI was a little skeptical when I first started Nofap, I didnt think that wanking myself off once or twice a day to tiny pixels could mess with my groove. I thought I was a masturbating boss man.......lonely, but still a boss man.

"How my porn addiction ruined my sex life" (Cosmo UK)

Daniel SimmonsDaniel Simmons, 23, tells Cosmo his story… I was 15 when I first masturbated to online porn. The high I got was immense, and it lasted about 30 minutes.


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