Greater energy, Insomnia seems cured, I can definitely say nofap helped me focus and complete my degree, Better at video games

I recently hit 90 days hardmode on Jan 1 and have been on nofap on and off for about a year and a half. My longest streak before was about 80 days. Some benefits I noticed:

  • Insomnia - I used to have alot of trouble falling asleep and would take doses of melatonin in order to do so. I no longer need any melatonin and sleep much better.

Age 27 - More self-confidence, I feel more urge to be social, I rediscovered my long lost passion in my hobby (guitar), I can concentrate better

I've officially entered my first 3 digits for the first time in 10 years since I got addicted to PMO. How is it so far? One word... awesome! I am 27 years old. I've been addicted to porn since 17. I first started trying NoFap 1 or 2 years ago. I felt that my life was stuck in many dimensions and I was wondering if this PMO addiction is the thing that was holding me back.

Age 27 - Severe PIED and DE: Today marks an official success story of my reboot and rewiring process

Today marks an official success story of my reboot and rewiring process: For the first time in my life, I am able to achieve/ maintain an erection and orgasm to vaginal sex WITH a condom on. This has been one, if not THE ONE, reason why I'm trying to quit pornography. Eight years ago I suffered from what many of us have experienced: severe PIDE and PIED.

Age 43 - 1 year update: A year ago my wife had had enough and threatened to move out and take our children

Today is my one year anniversary of being PMO free. I am 43 years old and have been addicted since I was a teenager. I had tried many times to get better but always found it too difficult to quit. I never understood why I failed despite trying so many different things. My wife knew I was watching porn but didn't know how bad it was because I shut her out. I had been shutting her out our entire 17 year marriage. A year ago my wife had had enough and threatened to move out and take our children and tell others why if I didn't change. That was my rock-bottom moment. That was also the night I quit cold-turkey.

Age 17 - A lot less flashbacks and few urges

It's so worth it! I remember when I could of gotten 90 days by today, but I failed to push myself. However, I stepped up my game and decided that nofap was a worthwhile decision. So here I  am. I feel more confident, have a girlfriend now, and feel like a new person. I have so much more growing to do though. Here's to a new year of no PMO! Let's do this!

Age 20 - Happier than I've been in 6+ years

I am an energy ball and I feel good about myself. And you know what, I can't recall any other day like this when I smiled whole day and actually felt happy in past 6-7 years. I used to be highly spiritual as a kid,from age 5 to 12,b ut then I started PMO. I am 20.

Age 33 - Morning nocturnal erections returned. More time, motivation, energy and less procrastination. Activites more pleasurable. Feel more emotions

I started Nofap in august, did a 45 days streak (on hardmode), binged for a week, then decided to try monkmode, which seems to be working fine. At day 100 I can say I have almost completely forgot about porn. Apparté : all the benefits I experienced came much faster during my first streak than during the second (after the binging). What came in two weeks at first came back in a month or more after binging. So, be careful with binging. If you relapse, don't do it.

Age 20 - From weird fetishes to breathing new, fresh air

I couldn't believe it when i saw it, but i managed to last 5 months so far without faping and i hope i never fap again. I thought id share my experience with not faping which someone might find interesting. So basically, i've started faping at a really young age, and that was the beginning of events that messed me up almost beyond repair.

Age 19 - Playing international sports, learned Spanish, uni of my dreams

During 2016 I got into the University of my dreams, I started playing in national and even some international Badminton tournaments and I met so many amazing people whilst travelling around North and South America. I also learnt to speak Spanish almost fluently.

Age 16 - PIED better after 3 months

I've been addicted for 7 years (I'm 16) but I start to notice some results on the fourth day and from there it's small results that just keep improving. Since I was 9 I fapped everyday and I always had social anxiety and a little depression and I never had any girlfriends or friends to hang out with.

Age 22 - Sexual tastes normalizing, lots of energy

This is crazy as fuck guys. Today I was flipping through a biology reference book at the library because I was bored, and I flipped to the page where it has a picture of a naked woman. And I couldn't believe at first but, my heart started beating really fast and I got a full fucking boner. It's insane, 2 months ago I had to watch like hentai gang-rape and tentacle bullshit just to get some painful, halfway boner.

I wasn't an addict, but still saw changes after quitting porn

Too few "what has changed since I started" threads and a lot of placebo for sure. I was not a porn addict and only masturbated once a day at most, nor did I ever feel guilty or disgusted by masturbation. It is completely in the open and accepted where I live. For this reason I got none of the "I beat an addiction and am finally in control of my body" and "I no longer feel disgusted with myself" positives that others talk about.

Age 20 - Anxiety down, confidence up, faster recovery from workouts

I'm 20 y/o. Apart from the increased resistance against illness and improved self-confidence, I never feel anxious anymore about school or social situations or anything. I also heal quicker after doing a workout and whenever I get some kind of setback in my life, I noticed get over it much faster.

Age 22 - Low libido gone, sex is amazing

I lost some weight, I'm dating the most beautiful girl, I feel confident about my looks, I'm going for regular walks, and I know it's been said on this sub before, but I feel like a little kid again! I'm 22 as of Tuesday and tbh I was experiencing lack of libido with a girl and a growing awkwardness.


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