Age 30 - Taking on the No/Fap challenge was a life changing decision - Wrote my dissertation about it

Last year I began researching /r/NoFap because I was looking for a balanced opinion about Porn to write my MA dissertation about. What I ended up discovering is that this is a special community. The way we operate here seems very different, in a profound way, than the manner in which most online communities are organised and run (especially on reddit).

My life is finally going somewhere!

Wow, what a difference 100 days makes. Some back story, I started masturbating at 12 and became hardcore addicted to PMO. Like seriously weird stuff went on. I would do hard drugs(cocaine) and do freaky stuff involving dildos and incest every weekend. I was pretty much the biggest deviant on the planet.

Age 22 - PIED success story

It has been quite the journey (not that long) but I can successfully say that I am 90% the guy I was before PIED. I posted this...

Age 25 - I have pussy falling out of my pockets

This work I've been doing with nofap is starting to pay off. I finally get the brain fog thing now. I have moments when I'm literally singing inside. I don't care what people think anymore, i just see haters as jealous and just kinda giggle at their attempts to get to my self esteem lol.

Felt abnormally AMAZING during sex. Pornfree is actually working!

Hi /r/pornfree. I had an eye opening experience last night and I want to share it with you guys. My girlfriend has been out of town for a few days and we both were feeling exceptionally horny when she came back. When we met at our house we made an effort to take it slow and build up the tension, connection and hence lust.

Confidence really is attractive

So for the whole nofap journey not a lot has happened I hadn't had any luck with girls, sad times. When suddenly from day 89 out of nowhere I'm suddenly spoilt for choice. I made out with some girl I met out which rocketed my confidence and she's now constantly messaging me. The same day I matched this girl on tinder who is incredible and we have insane amounts in common.

Age 30 - 2 years porn free: I feel like a completely different person

I'm proud to say that after coming across this sub sometime in Feb 2014, I completed 2 years porn-free, as of April 10, 2016. I had been watching porn of various types since at least 1999, on 33kbps modems. The reason I got serious about stopping was that I realized that access to porn was far too plentiful in the modern Internet age, and of a high enough quality that it was proving to be a dangerous trap for people like me, who have a history of not dealing well with the setbacks that life often puts us through.

The More Porn You Watch

Need to see the humor in your internet porn use?

Here's an earlier version of this graph. Note the current focus on erectile dysfunction:

Age 38 - Insanely more confidence, More energy & focus, More attention from females, Better immune system

All right douche canoes, here we go. I made it to the coveted 90 day mark, Hard Mode. I'll start with the pros.


"Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" Now Available as a Free PDF

Noah Church here. When I wrote "Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" back in 2014, I wrote it because I needed a book like it years ago, but no one had written it yet. I had to learn the information contained in Wack the hard way, but in the process I discovered that many, many more people could benefit from a book specifically about Internet porn addiction and recovery. Since then, the information in "Wack" has helped thousands along their own journeys to recover from porn-induced sexual and social problems.

Benefits 100% legit - social anxiety gone, improved posture , increased confidence

I saw porn for the first time when I was 12 I think, and by the age of 13 I was masturbating. I was a very playful and aspiring kid. And around that time my Dad passed away, he was an alcoholic . I was scared and devastated, I never told anyone how I felt, I was fapping even when was in the icu , I didn't know it but pmo was my escape.

Age 37 - Porn has caused so many problems in my life

37 years old, Been using forever, started with Magazines, VHS and on and on after the internet. I just noticed the longer I stayed away from it, the better, more confident I felt. It hasn't been an easy trip but easier than my last go round. 30 days is my longest streak in a long long time maybe ever. Things I've realized over the last 30 days ....

Sex with my wife has become awesome again!

I quit fapping a couple weeks ago. I was doing it most mornings, waiting for my wife to get up and then jerking off to videos on my phone before getting up. Then I'd sometimes do it again once or twice throughout the day, depending on how much alone time I got or how quiet it was at work. Pretty damn sleazy.


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