Age 17 - I've improved myself so much physically and mentally

I've been trying nofap for about a year now. My longest streak was 81 days and after that I've never made it past 2 months. I was never a person to fap multiple times a day. Even so, one day something just clicked whilst watching porn. I thought to myself, 'why am I doing this? What's the point?'. Eventually I discovered nofap.

Age 26 - The significance of this journey is unfathomable

90 days, after 4 years of trying. Long and well-worth it journey. I know I will never watch porn again, or do anything that goes against my sexual values. Instrumental in my success:

It feels like a curtain lifting before your eyes

My sexuality has gone from "That girl has a nice ass, I'd love to bang her" to being 90% mental; picking up cues, seeking to dominate, give pleasure and fulfill a part of my masculinity through connecting with a feminine woman that I find attractive, on not just the physical - but majorly on the mental level. I don't worry about my dick size and other unimportant things that much anymore.

Age 30 - ED: After 10 months I'm finally healed. I finally function, both mentally and physically, as you would expect a male to

I am sharing this because I wish someone had told me this when I started nofap. I started nofap 10 months ago. Until 6 weeks ago, I was pretty sure my brain/body would never heal. After hitting the 90 day streak, I felt great but I didn't feel 'healed'. I was going to continue nofap regardless because I felt so much better and life was so much better but I didn't think my brain and body would actually heal.

Video - Nofap Hard Mode For 1 Year+ Changed My Life. By Sun Fruit Dan

Nofap Hard Mode For 1 Year+ Changed My Life

By - Sun Fruit Dan

Age 32 - How Nofap made me a space-scientist and healed my health

Let me start to introduce myself by telling you that my PMO-addiction is way superior to your PMO-addiction! I am like the 1%-er in MC-gangs (without the cool bike). Fapping 10 hours straight is nothing to me. The escalation thing went through the roof years ago. Im 32 years old now and boy am I fighting this battle hard!

Age 31 - ED: One month in I was able to have sex with my wife twice this week. It was different than before.

I am now 31 years old. I started PMOing daily when I was about 20 years old. It was about 1-2 (sometimes 3) times a day. At first I was just seeking pleasure and I thought it wouldn't do any harm. And so the years passed until one day I realized that it was already part of my daily routine. It was just like drink water or brush the teeth.

Male masturbation habits and sexual dysfunctions (2016)

COMMENTS: Top European sexologist warns that porn use is associated with ED and inability to ejaculate during sex. The author of this new paper is French psychiatrist Robert Porto MD, the current president of the European Federation of Sexology. The paper revolves around Dr. Porto's clinical experience with 35 men who had developed (otherwise unexplained) erectile dysfunction and/or anorgasmia, and his therapeutic approach to helping them. A quarter of his patients were addicted to porn, and the paper's abstract points to internet porn as a primary cause of the problems. (Keep in mind that masturbation [pornfree] does not cause chronic ED, and experts never cite it as a cause of ED.)

Video - NoFap 6 month update. By Tyler Roff

NoFap 6 month update

By - Tyler Roff

180+ days - Cried while listening to Moon River. I'm not depressed or anything. In fact, I feel great every day!

180+ days in. Cried while listening to the song, Moon River. I'm not depressed or anything. In fact, I feel great everyday! Some benefits:

  1. High energy level
  2. Confidence

Age 18 - Greater confidence, I speak more clearly, Start conversations with girls, I give way less fucks about little things

I'm currently on day 60 and it feels awesome! I just started school again and almost all the things that were troubling me until now are gone. If you want motivation to start or continue a streak, read on! Back story: 18, second year of college in France. Fapped daily from age 10. Was into hardcore porn. Virgin. Fantasized about classmates and friends. Unconfident.

Female - Age 27: No more a drama queen, self-entitled, shallow, low self esteem, look-at-me I am pretty type

I was that bitch. Like the title says. Long time lurker here. I am not that bitch anymore - drama queen, self-entitled, shallow, low self esteem, look-at-me I am pretty type, pleasing men to get attention (ironically posting here) but I just want to share my journey.

Video - No Porn, No Masturbation: Day 103. By strivepotential

90 day Nofap challenge completed VICTORY | No porn, no masturbation (day 103)

By - strivepotential


Age 31 - Improvements I've seen

I've been trying nofap since 2013. I'm 31. To all the guys who are on hard mode/ monk mode here are some benefits you can expect:

Focus on work.

Better short term memory.

Age 37 - I wasn't introduced to high-speed porn until my mid-twenties, but it's taken 6 months to resolve ED

Well I still have a little bit to go. But I finally have my erections back. This was the whole reason I started NoFap it was the first sign I had a problem. I had weak erections at about 70%. I can get them nearly 100% now. The only issue I am still dealing with is I have to use physical touch to get that last 10% of my erections but they seem to stay once I get them up.


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