Age 21 - Energy boost is real, I have my discipline back, relationships much better

I actually started this journey on my own at the beginning of last summer. I discovered this community after two months of struggling on my own. Once I joined I relapsed only 3 times before this current streak. A few thoughts thus far:

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Age 25 - Wrote my first novel

Positive changes are all of the usual stuff; increased confidence and positive attitude. The biggest difference is my ability to stick to things, like a workout plan, book or project. I started attending a salsa class. The other night I was at a nightclub and I plucked about 10 different girls from their respective groups of friends and spun them around and had a dance (3 of them even leaned in to kiss me). I NEVER would have done that before.

Age 27 - PIED cured: awesome sex & good erections. Relapsed and developed ED again

I have been a lurker for a long time and after a roller coaster of last 5 months, thought I should pen down something here. I had a terrible case of PIED before i started the NoFap journey, and even though I knew that porn and masturbation were the root cause of my ED, it took me about 2 years to finally complete the 90 days. And trust me guys when they say that it gets easier with time. It definitely does.

More on Porn: Guard Your Manhood—A Response to Marty Klein, by Philip Zimbardo & Gary Wilson

Marty Klein wrote a reaction to our original post on how porn is shaping young men’s sexual response. Klein suggested that science doesn’t empirically support our assertion of  unprecedented rates of sexual dysfunctions in young men. In fact, all studies assessing young male sexuality since 2010 report historic levels of sexual dysfunctions and startling rates of low libido. Erectile dysfunction (ED) rates range from 27 to 33 percent, while rates for low libido (hypo-sexuality) range from 16 to 37 percent. The lower ranges are taken from  studies involving teens and men 25 years old and under, while the higher ranges are from studies involving men 40 years old and under. Read the entire article

Age 19 - I'm meeting and enjoying people, taking up drumming and guitar

it's been two years for me. I have went nomadic the past few months. I really have stopped keeping track of the days. It just felt like a leader board like I was more interested in how long it had been rather than what I had done in that time.

Had porn-induced ED. Urologist recommended penile implant surgery. Cured PIED with nofap instead.

English is not my first language.  I got a new gf after being single for almost 3 years, during which I PMO'd at least once a day (often more than that). I already struggled with my previous gf (I used to PMO during that time, albeit not as much as I did after we broke up), now with my new gf my PIED got so bad I went to see an urologist - actually, one of the most highly reputed (and costly) in my country.

PIED gone! Rock-hard boners again. Sex and daily life with wife better

The primary change is that I no longer have PIED! That was my main motivation. Also, I feel a whole lot better about myself now that I don't look at the shit and spend hours on the internet watching porn.

Age 16 - Cleared my head big time, Big confidence boost, Able to actually engage in REAL conversations with girls, Relationships have improved

I started this when I was 15, but I turned 16 last month and just reached the big 90! The journey started on April 16, like my username shows, but on May 13th I had too much free time and well, relapsed. But how has the 90 days changed me?

Age 28 - NoFap Has Fucking Changed Everything

To put it quite simply, I have become a person who has the ability to get shit done. It's an amazing feeling when others can rely on your work ethic & ability to deliver results. I can't even explain it, it's better than sex. No seriously. It's better than sex.

Age 19 - I'm more human, confident, attractive to girls, invited to parties

I joined NoFap as a sceptic, I knew PMO was bad for me, but I never believed quitting it would give me any 'superpowers'. I have now become a believer.

Age 17 - I feel like a lion at the dog park, and I understand things at a much deeper level now

I've been struggling with beta issues since I was 9, due to porn. I was also deeply depressed, and started spiraling into an addiction frenzy. Video games, food, weed, porn, music. It took GREAT amounts of effort for me to socialize, and I would always question myself. I would always feel awkward and out of place no matter where I was.

It seemed like everyone around me was enjoying their lives while I was stuck in my own head, lost in my thoughts and addictions, listening to every temptation that comes my way. I was a downright loser. Hardly anything motivated me.

Depression gone, discovered I'm as good as anyone else

I realised a few things, and i wanted to share some of these findings which are less spoken about on this group. Waking up is so much easier. As someone who has long term depression, getting out of bed in the morning to go to work is the hardest part of the day, and getting back into bed at night is usually the best.

"Hooked on porn: Prepare for a tsunami of damaged people" (NZ Herald)

Children as young as 9 are becoming hooked on online pornography leading to ­addiction, unhealthy relationships and rising levels of sexual abuse. It is the stark ­reality of a world with easy access to x-rated material on myriad digital devices and is setting a generation up for serious problems in later life. Experts say New Zealand is ill-prepared for treating the rising numbers of boys and sometimes girls needing help and that we need to prepare for a "tsunami" of damaged young people.

Age 50+ - ED so bad drugs wouldn't work. Recovery was so quick.

I arrive to NoFap because it was not working. At all. Yup, full blown ED which I realized after 18 months of trying everything it was PIED. It was so bad that ED drugs didn't work at all! In March 2015 I found myself naked in bed with a new drop-dead gorgeous and young girlfriend, ED drugs in me and.... NOTHING. FML.


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