Age 26 - From porn addiction to sex addiction?

26 - Heterosexual Male. Since the age of 13 or 14 I started looking at PMO. I am currently 25 and have not had a libido the majority of my adult life due to PMO rewiring my brain. For the past 2 years I have been on some semblance nofap with periodic relapses but already have transitioned from essentially being effectively asexual/having no libido to someone with a libido.

Age 20 - They will never know why I'm changing so much

I wish I found this sub the first day I started PMO... I am 20 now... I started PMOing very intense at the age of 16. [I don’t discuss NoFap.] I keep it a secret. My reason for keeping it secret, is because I love how shocked people get at how much I am changing. Haha they are all like ''WTF HAPPENED TO YOU!? YOU ARE SO DIFFERENT!''

Age 20 - Delayed Ejaculation cured - I have more motivation, a better memory, increased confidence, and my brain fog is almost completely gone

For those who are struggling or still not sure if they want to go porn free, JUST DO IT. Your future self will thank you for making one of the best fucking decisions of your life. I can honestly say this is the happiest I've been in a long time.

Video - Changes at one month

Day 400 non-hard mode (Married)

Checking in. Day 400 non-hard mode (Married) As to how I got to Day 400, everyone is different and you will needto forge your own path. Best advice I can give you is the following: Have high standards for yourself and raise the bar. Don't cut corners. Don't pass the buck.

Age 35 - I quit to cure my porn-induced ED and got way more than I expected

Today I completed the challenge. I started to cure my PIED and got way more than I expected. In order to do this i had to change step by step. The first weeks I had serious withdrawal. It was an anxiety-loaded, sleepless nightmare. It taught me to take hardships for reaching a long-term-goal.

Age 29 - I’m bonding with men much better; Women want to be around me

I'm bonding with men much better lately and men in my local venues whether walking the dog or playing tennis. They are showing me much more respect and actually seem happy to see me. Women want to be around me and are using whatever physical and social tactic to keep me interested when I converse with them.

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I began to read, go to gym, hang out with girls, not care what others thought

Having stumbled onto this subreddit by accident (something I am highly grateful happened) I immediately felt drawn to the positivity of this community. My backstory is similar to many of my brethren here. Grew up starting to masturbate at age 12 and quickly got into PMO.  Entering the rabbit hole came with darker P and many fetishes were born from this.

A Longitudinal Study of Problems in Sexual Functioning and Related Sexual Distress Among Middle to Late Adolescents (2016)

Comments: Longitudinal study surveying males and females over a 2-year period. Results reveal astronomical rates of sexual problems in males ages 16-21:

  1. low sexual satisfaction (47.9%)
  2. low desire (46.2%)
  3. problems in erectile function (45.3%)

Age 18 - This is changing my life - training to be a para-rescue serviceman

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone on this sub. I've battled my addiction to PMO ever since the young age of 11. I've tried quitting before on my own, never succeding, always failing. Then I found NoFap. To be honest, its changed my life. On to the good stuff now.

Age 23 - Increased confidence, more sociable, less prone to anxiety and depression

I'm 23 years of age, will be 24 next week. I've gained tons of benefits from avoiding porn altogether and lots of confidence, I think my streak days also increased my confidence.


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