Age 24 - Harder & longer lasting erections, strong urge for real women, greater confidence

young guy24 years old. Hardmode. At day 21 and day 25 I dry humped a girl and orgasmed. Watched porn maybe 7 to 8 times and edged accordingly, with regret because it does slow down progress. You can feel this afterwards when you walk down the street and look at girls.

Age 27 - ED cured, look at women with respect, I am happy & feel like a real man again.

happy guyFirst, let me tell you all this is my last post ;)  I have no idea on what day I am at. I stopped counting a while ago...I don`t know why. I just didn't`t care anymore about the number :D If I look back, I decided for the no PMO after I fooled around with a beautiful young woman and couldn't`t get an erection. Nothing at all.

Age 40s - Married: Sex with my wife became more intense and special.

guy in his 40sI'm in my forties and have been using porn off-and-on since I was a teenager. I wouldn't call myself an addict but I suppose I have wasted my fair share of time on porn over the years. It so much harder to avoid these days. I really pity young people growing up with high-speed internet.

Now I am back on track, feeling better than ever, healthier than ever and truly happier than ever.

confident guyI am posting this now, because I won't be able to do it when I reach 90 days. And hell yeah, I will! The text is very long but I hope it is entertaining and you can pull something out of it (for yourself of course).

Age 21 - Less self-centered, more confident, no longer nervous while performing

happy guyI am feeling very good after achieving 90 days. I would like to share my routine with you guys may be it will be helpful for you:- My morning routine which I was following from last 30 days (approx)

ED & brain fog cured, Social anxiety almost gone, Increased motivation & energy

cool guySo I finally made it 90 days. I wanted to to weigh in on my experience. This is absolutely worth it and completely changed my life! I've been attempting this for 2.5 years.

ED - 101 days to a cure, while discovering my true libido

happy guyI joined 101 days ago because PIED was threatening my sexual health. I am pretty good about Making Shit Happen when I really want to and I successfully went 67 days on hardmode with a little bit of edging here and there on the horniest days.

Age 25 - new job, new girlfriend, new life, happiest I’ve ever been.

happy guyBackground I have been PMOing since I was 13, and I turned 25 recently, so I’ve wasted almost 12 years of my life almost every single day depriving myself of my energy and motives.

Could You Give Up Porn For 90 Days? (Esquire - UK)

Porn screen"... Increasing numbers of men who have reached their early twenties having grown up on this diet of unlimited porn are reporting some draw backs, including a decreased interest in “real” sex, an inability to ejaculate during it and – worst of all for most – erectile dysfunction. ... None of these fears about pornography are new. The difference is that they’re not being voiced by a Mary Whitehouse figure or the Church. They’re coming from young men themselves. From us."


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