Age 30ish - Sex after 55 days - Much more present during the deed

Met a girl who was visiting town last week. Really hit it off and spent a couple of days together. Slept together the night before she left. I felt much more present during the deed than in the past. Didn't last too long but didn't explode immediately either as I expected.

Age 30 - From one of the worst cases of ED, and a lifetime of femdom conditioning ---> to enjoying a vanilla sex life

I am finally writing my success story. I'll probably post in a fair bit of detail as I hope my story can potentially help other sufferers and give them hope that they can overcome this situation, especially guys feeling trapped by weird fetishes which have become their only sexual outlet.

Nofap is one of the greatest things to happen to me

On the whole, the nofap journey I have to admit it has been great for me. before nofap I was pretty much numb all the time, I had social anxiety but did not feel even close to as poorly as I have during flatlines.

Age 29 - Porn-induced ED & delayed ejaculation and finally success

I struggled with PIED for several months with my first real girlfriend. We went through a lot of tough times together because of this. With several months of nofap and longer with no porn I actually finally managed to be able to have sex with her, then finally was able to orgasm like a normal person.

Age 37 - Day 30: ED and delayed ejaculation are gone

I started masturbation at a very young age before internet porn. Never had a wet dream. Had a mild(?) case of DE which was ok since I lasted pretty much as long as I wanted during sex and only O in a certain position. Never was able to O from BJs only. I think I was addicted to porn at some point in my life, but I really would say I was rather addicted to fapping.

No more viagra needed, even when I'm tired

I had a bit of a miracle last night. Since being PMO free that last couple of weeks, I have started feeling more attracted to my wife, and she to me, and even though I was exhausted last night, I was able to perform and we had sex. It was the first time in i don't know how many years I was able to maintain an erection without Viagra.

Age 20 - PIED cured, something happens to your mind after the first 2 months

I've been thinking about the day when I finally get to write a post here about my own NoFap journey for a very long time now. It hasn't been easy as you guys know better than anyone, but I've now realised that with the right mindset and motivation, ANYTHING is possible as long as you're honest with yourself.

I am socializing with everyone

I'm at day 113 and I have experienced huge benefits today. Since the start of this streak I have felt sort of depressed and quite antisocial. I didn't feel connected to anyone, and it was a struggle to maintain the most basic conversation.

Age 23 - A better social life, I am more talkative, Greater energy, Clearer vision about my destiny

I waited a bit to write this success report. I feel like something has really changed during past months, and needed time to process and put it into words. Here is my story. I accidentally discovered NoFap almost five months ago. I started a 90-days challenge and managed to endure until 120 days.

Age 21 - Had the best sex ever! First time I came during intercourse, so NoFap really works for that too

Just had the time of my life with a really nice girl! It was awesome and very fun too! First time I came during intercourse, so NoFap really works for that too. It has turned my life for the better in every other area too.

Age 22 - The Appalachian Trail and Thoughts on Porn

In light of the unfathomable progress I have made in regards to PMO addiction this year, and the fact that I did get started on my journey to where I am today because of this sub, I feel obligated to share my story with you all. Just as a warning, I am going to get very detailed and this post will undoubtedly end up being very long.

Age 21 - This Revolutionized my Perception of NoFap

Two years ago I came across Nofap. I was searching for a cure to an unfulfilling emotional life. I craved the short term rush of pornography and one night stands. I was clueless about building real emotional relationships. Drinking and smoking were a tool to masquerade my true self. I had no idea the impact porn had on my life.

Age 25 - Second reboot: Increased energy, Improved mood, Decreased anxiety, Better sex, More confidence, Increased motivation

This was not my first major reboot (it was my second), and not my longest streak (140 days). In 2013 I got really into NoFap, active on the subreddit daily, and it was an integral part of me really getting my act together for the first time in my life. I was going to university, living in student residence, and developed many self discipline habits including working out consistently, meditation, and intense study focus, cold showers, healthy eating to name a few.

Age 30 - I hit 90 days of nofap. Here is how. (Warning text dump).

I found you guys by simply stumbling on a Youtube video about fapping. I had formed the basic ideas about my addiction through personal observation. I had pretty much reached my wits end when I started googling around to break the cycle (if it even was real). It was great seeing that others had come across the same idea and had broken the yoke of fap.


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