'Your Brain on Porn' - Father's Network Scotland (book review)

FNS logoNICK THORPE examines emerging evidence of the havoc internet pornography can wreak in our brains, our relationships – and our children.

Age 18 - More focused, clearer thinking, much more emotional, appreciate women for who they are

happy coupleGuys, I can't believe I finally got here! I started my NoFap journey about 2 years ago as a Senior in Highschool. Before this streak 36 days was my longest, I'm pretty proud of myself!

Documentary on Porn's Effects - Preview clips

Meet Fritz (camera operator and editor) and Susanna (journalist), who are creating an independent, trigger-free, documentary called "REWIRED."  Check out their short trailers of a recovered user and the German scientist who did the first brain study on porn users. Stay informed by subscribing to their FaceBook page. FUND IT HERE!


No more drugs needed for my anxiety and depression - and no ED

'Every day you wait, your brain heals a little bit more"The nofap journey was one of the hardest one in my life next to my opiate/GHB addiction. When I quit opiates and GHB I still always had social anxiety, depression, insomnia and erectile dysfunction. Then one day I found this website about porn and the brain and everything made sense....

Age 20s - I now feel like a great man

happy coupleThis (almost) nofap year for me has been a year full of happenings. I graduated from my master programme. I got a job for which I've been striving, to have/start my career with, the last five years.

Age 28 - ED: I am healed after 13 months. Viagra was useful.

'Don't Give Up'I am healed after 13 months.  About me and my story you can learn from my blog :http://www.rebootnation.org/forum/index.php?topic=188.0

Age 40 - Married: 60 day report - hard mode, and I'm evolving at a fast rate

lionI'm 40, married to a smoking hot woman, we have two kids. For the last year my wife and I have been having serious marital issues. Sex was infrequent and fairly passionless. Two months ago I discovered she was having an online emotional/sexual affair with a facebook friend, and it sent my universe into a tail spin.

Top 4 Arguments for Porn Use: Are They Valid? (L. Hatch PhD)

guy with angel and devil wispering to himShould sex addicts ever use pornography? Sex addicts who have a variety of other sexually addictive behaviors,  often find excuses for thinking that their internet porn use is not really a problem and may even be a good thing.  Are they wrong?  Let’s look at some common lines of reasoning that addicts present and my validity score for each one. Read more

Age 20 - It has truly changed me for the better

young guy3 months ago i decided to do nofap & it truly has changed me for the better. Better clarity, thinking... social anxiety & anxiety in general has gone down tremendously.

Age 17 - Confidence up anxiety down

horizonFor the 5 months before starting NoFap, life was  a struggle.  I was fat, not really looking good, depressed, anxiety at its finest and confidence at its lowest.

Age 17 - Mood swings, depression and anxiety gone - worth it!

Guy with 'Yes!' T-shirtToday is my 90th day of no fap and I couldn't feel better! Before no fap I would go through constant mood swings and bouts of depression/anxiety. After about the half way mark began noticing that my life was becoming so much better and that I had little fear when talking to people!

Age 20 - I can honestly say that I was a COMPLETELY different person a year ago

young guyIt was a year ago that I first joined this site. Little did I know how much my life would change in one year.

Age 33 - ED: Sex improved tremendously. From being a maybe one time guy, to a 4 time guy.

couple in bedI'm in my early 30's and without bragging i had my fair share of women in my life. I feel like i needed to post this too since it might make this post more relevant to some of you.

It's lovemaking now - an awesome psychological experience

guy getting a hug in bedI've always been a very outgoing and social person, so when I was alone at home, i often got so bored that I masturbated to harcore porn just because I had nothing better to do.


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