Age 39 - I hadn't cum with a woman in almost ten years

happy sleeping coupleI'm a 39 year old male, and have been on and off the NoFap train for about a year. Longest streak 55 days. But also had some weeks/months where I'd completely relapsed. Currently at 40 days, though this time (thankfully and unapologetically) it hasn't been on hard mode.

Terry Crews Reveals Porn Addiction

Age 23 - ED: What was worse than the PIED is the desensitization to the world.

kissI spent about two yrs in denial before this streak. I lost my v-card on day 70. Suffered from PIED since I could remember (I'm 23 M). What was worse than the PIED is the desensitization to the world. I found it hard at time to enjoy anything.

Age 24 - Tastes for gay porn gone, feeling stronger

tigerI was facing horrible social anxiety, terrible fear, weak when I was PMO' ing. Plus I was getting addicted to shemale porn. Now after 6months of nopmo with several relapses I thing gay porn is not my taste.. I feel as strong  as sun.. STAY STRONG  bros...

I regained my innocence and feel like the kid I was many years ago.

happy guySo it has been 69 days of hard mode for me. My last relapse was the 5th of June after a busted 19 day streak. I have decided to continue NoFap for the rest of my life. Before NoFap I was an entirely different human being inside and out. Weak, reserved, lazy, tired, void of emotions, and a shell of my former self.

Age 19 - I had weird fetishes and could not stay hard during sex

teen couple I had weird fetishes and could not stay hard during sex, 80 odd days in now fap now and I feel like I could screw the world and do a pretty good job at it as well. Sex anxiety has gone away I am now having great sex with my girlfriend.

Age 24 - Life changed more than I can imagine in a year

happy guyI don't even know where to start with this. I am an addict, I didn't even know it. I grew up all my life surrounded by drug addicts whom I loathed. I aspired to be the exact opposite of them. I never expected to be an addict myself. A sex addict, and a porn addict.

(L) Women Can Be Just As Addicted To Online Porn As Guys, Study Says

Woman watching computerGetting hooked on watching sex (like, so much you don't leave the house) isn't just a male problem.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #7: Porn science & chit chat

LINK to Show #7

The boys are back in town...again! After a long hiatus, YBR show returns with a segment about pornography in science and the news...for about half the episode. The rest of the episode is about our pornography history, funny stories, and other off topic stuff. LET'S GET IT.

Age 24 - Because my anxiety is gone, I can live a normal life again

happy guyI'm going to keep this short because many of the 90 day reports repeat themselves for the benefits. Since Nofap, I have started taking cold showers daily and also started a meditation program.


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