Age 25 - I never loved life as much as I do now. This is fantastic and it is the feeling of being a real man

I hope what I am about to say here will strengthen you and inspire you. My streak is not amazing like many of you here, (now at 4 months (120) and 7days) although I had once been in a 400 days+ streak and had fallen from it, yet I have learned some amazing things during these 4 months that Id like to share with all of you. Let me ask all of you a question:

Age 17 - Insane confidence, gaining muscle is easy, lower voice

Hell yeah, the benefits are real. My favorite benefits are:

  1. Gaining muscle is extremely easy; every workout I'm increasing reps and/or weight.

  2. Lower voice (may be placebo)

  3. Insane confidence. If I've gotten a good night's sleep and nutrition, I'm on fire.

Age 20 - Way more focused, energized & socially active. Best thing NoFap gave me: Calm & Peace

I tried to end PMO for 1.5 years now and today I hit 6.5 months without masturbating. Yes! Let me share you some of my experiences and thoughts. I am way more focused, energized and social active when I'm controlling my sexual energies and as I truly understood this, NoFap became really easy for me.

Depression and social anxiety gone; girls are smiling at me

So here I am again with new streak but this time is real completely PMO free. (My other streaks all contain were only MO free.) So what I can say?

Age 24 - ED & DE: For the first time in my life I am not scared to enter sexual situations or use condoms

 Anyway I hooked up with a girl last night and was curious to see how I would perform. I am pleased to report that I had no ED or DE at all which was pleasantly surprised.

Age 32 - PIED: What I've learned after 1,000 days.

It was December, 2013. I was frustrated. I was finding it hard to concentrate and focus. I knew there was a New Year coming and I wanted to nip this problem in the bud once and for all. I Googled something like: “how to get an erection back”

Age 27 - Anxiety way down, more magnetic, effortless conversation

I'm 27 years old, started masturbating when I was 12. I have all the superpower's people claim and I expect to have them with the hard work I've put in:

-More energy, magnetic attraction, effortless conversation, confidence

-avoid conflict but still remain alpha

Age 22 - Concentration and studying are much easier

I just wanted to say, after going no PMO, I can put so much more concentration on my uni work and absorb information much more easily it's unreal. My head is much clearer and most things i learn stay in my head.

Why Men Should Give Up Porn: Advice from 10 Red Pill Bloggers

[From]  I am delighted to introduce this collaborative post from some of my favorite red pill bloggers. LINK TO ARTICLE

Both trying NoFap, but my friend is way more social (he was way less social than me, way less confident, etc), dates, good grades

I would just like to share my story. It all started during August 2015 I found out about Nofap, and starting dedicating myself to it. But still, I would relapse after short streaks. November 2015: I told my friend about Nofap he believed me right away. He only did 2 hours of research that night (he told me) about porn use and its cons. For the next 2 weeks he would tell me about how hard it is.

PIED - I feel, that by now I've disassociated the strong link between P and MO

I started with NoFap back in 2012 after I experienced my first signs of PIED. I had heard of NoFap in social anxiety related circles so I thought, alright. First months were 1-2 weeks streaks. Around 2014 I moved over to pornfree but continued to try fight in both fronts.

Age 22 - I feel more like myself than I have in years

I've been a lurker for around a year and my longest streak before this was two weeks. Apart from that one off the most i could manage was about 3/4 days tops before relapsing. However, just over a month ago i met a girl and we really hit it off. The day before i went to meet her for the first time i decided it would be worth another shot at doing this properly.

Age 24 - Visual snow, brain fog, motivation for improvement - all better

24m here, fapping for about ~ the last 10 years. I've tried and failed this challenge multiple times over the past two years, but today I am happy to say I am achieving real progress!


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