How I Quit Porn in One Shot

SonnyPorn is a bad habit. Like any habit it can be eliminated. To be fair, I didn’t have an upbringing like most guys in this generation. My household was always lagging from a technology standpoint. I rarely played video games.

Why teenagers’ obsession with porn is creating a generation of 20-year-old virgins (The Telegraph - UK)

depressed young guyAn early fixation with pornography can damage teenagers’ lives for years to come, experts say

Teenagers were ogling breasts long before the internet was created. But there are now so many images to be gawped at – many of them much more accessible than ever before – that graphic pornography is becoming a normal part of life for children as young as 11.

2 years - Married: I am so much happier now than I was two years ago

Happy coupleI created this reddit account two years ago today in order join nofap. Back then we were almost to the 5000 fapstronauts mark. Since then I've watched this sub grow to almost 120,000 people. That is incredible. More incredible, to me, is the growth I've accomplished in these two years.

Exploring The Impact of Internet Pornography on The Brain with Gary Wilson (Shrink Rap Radio)

Shrink Rap Radio logoDavid Van Nuys, Ph.D. interviews Gary about internet porn, its effects on adolescents, neuroplasticity, "Don Jon" and more.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #8: The future of fapping

LINK to Show #8

Virtual reality sex and sex simulators are upcoming technology that may be readily available for consumers in the near future. Pretty crazy. In this episode of the YBR show, the gang talks about these advancements in technology and how things like simulators and virtual reality devices may be even more detrimental and negative for its users.

Age 24 - ED recovery: my boyfriend had total dead dick & cybersex addiction

happy coupleI'm writing this on behalf of my boyfriend because I thought it would be helpful for other people going through the same thing to read about :)

Age 18 - I've had a better time in these last 6 months and made more memories than the first 3 1/2 years of highschool combined

happy guyI started watching porn around the age of 10 and fapping around the age of 14. It got up to 2-3 times a day for the last 4 years until I found this sub and decided to quit. When I first found Nofap in early Feb I thought this could be the cause of all my problems. I failed the first 3-4 times until Feb 20th the last time I fapped or watched porn.

1 year - My wife and I have a much more active and passionate sex life.

happy coupleOK I've managed one year with absolutely no porn or masturbation and I thought it would be polite to post a report of my experiences. Apologies for its length.

Brain Structure and Functional Connectivity Associated With Pornography Consumption: The Brain on Porn (2014)

JAMA Psychiatry logoCOMMENTS: Published in JAMA Psychiatry (May, 2014), this was the first brain-scan study on porn users. Researchers found several brain changes, and those changes were correlated with the amount of porn was consumed. The subjects were moderate porn users, not classified as addicted. In this study, experts at Germany's Max Planck Institute found:

Age 21 - ED: 2.5 years of struggle, but I am finally there

couple's legsWell it's been a long road like 2.5 years. I started young probably around 11 or 12 and used to watch and masturbate to porn at least twice a day for a long time. I didn't experience any ED tho until college.

1 year+ -- a simple tip which will guarantee success

moving energyIt's been a year since I did the dirty. Stopping was fiendish. Six years of daily dipping into the naughtybox, it was like being unplugged from the matrix - everything was shattered and I found myself raw, naked, shocked and covered in white sticky crap. It took months for my brain to recover. I felt like shit.

Age 39 - I hadn't cum with a woman in almost ten years

happy sleeping coupleI'm a 39 year old male, and have been on and off the NoFap train for about a year. Longest streak 55 days. But also had some weeks/months where I'd completely relapsed. Currently at 40 days, though this time (thankfully and unapologetically) it hasn't been on hard mode.

Terry Crews Reveals Porn Addiction

Age 23 - ED: What was worse than the PIED is the desensitization to the world.

kissI spent about two yrs in denial before this streak. I lost my v-card on day 70. Suffered from PIED since I could remember (I'm 23 M). What was worse than the PIED is the desensitization to the world. I found it hard at time to enjoy anything.

Age 24 - Tastes for gay porn gone, feeling stronger

tigerI was facing horrible social anxiety, terrible fear, weak when I was PMO' ing. Plus I was getting addicted to shemale porn. Now after 6months of nopmo with several relapses I thing gay porn is not my taste.. I feel as strong  as sun.. STAY STRONG  bros...


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