Age 32 - A decade of addiction and two years of recovery. A happy ending.

At the age of 7, I was playing at my friends house and we decided to go out to his father's truck. In the truck we found a porn magazine. I don't remember thinking that much about it at the time. But at a later opportunity we took the magazine with us and started reading. I did not really understand anything, but there was something that was exciting, but not in a sexual way. It was more like I was getting a high from looking at something shocking and new.

Age 39 - Married: I have developed a sense of self-worth that I don't believe was ever there before

I am very happy I found this subreddit. This is a unique online community in that it is the only online quasi social network on the internet (that I know of) committed to fostering the development of true core values in its members rather than falsely inflating egos through external value systems (up-votes, false praise, pandering, that sort of thing). There is truth here, sometimes hard truth but truth nonetheless and I hope that never changes.

Age 32 - PIED cured, dating a wonderful woman now

I'm at 90 days PMO free. I've mainly done "hard mode" but I started dating a woman about 2.5 months ago and we had sex for the first time last week.

Age 29 - Sexual tastes have normalized (was into shemale), Greater mental clarity, confidence & energy, Much better mood

About me: I'm 29 (male) been PMOing on internet for at least 15 years. I found this 2 months ago and started right away.

Age 25 - I was a sufferer of severe PIED & Premature Ejaculation

This isn't a humble brag, just a confirmation that with patience, persistence, and a lot of resolve - you can begin to undo the damage that porn causes to your brain.

Age 37 - PIED and DE Cured (hopefully) After 5 Months.

I've been a lurker for the past 5 months and thought I would contribute since things seemed to have worked out for me, at least so far, and reading success stories played a huge role in getting me through some pretty tough times.

Age 38 - PIED cured: Started getting erections when dancing with women

I'm 38 year and single. My first experience with ED was back in 2000 when I got soft while having sex. I was vexed as to what happened.

From Full PIED, PE, Social Anxiety and Addicted to Extreme Fetish Porn to CURED!

I grew up in a house where new tech was always around. Including a computer with high-speed internet....I started watching porn at 10 years old, and I got into hardcore videos around 12-13 years old.

The Question Sex Addiction Critics Don’t Want You to Ask, by Stefanie Carnes PhD, LMFT

Original article. In recent months a small cadre of clinicians has leveled an ongoing criticism against the sex addiction treatment field, mostly arguing that all sex addiction treatment specialists are moralistic, ultra-conservative, narrow-minded therapists who unnecessarily pathologize their clients’ behaviors. Why these critics choose to attack sex addiction treatment clinicians in this way is not clear.

Age 20 - For the first time I'm motivated to live life and enjoy it

All right, I've been messing with No Fap for about a year now. Lately, I've been able to pull streaks of 20 days and currently, 6 together. Here's what I've noticed

Age 19 - Nearly 2 years of freedom

Since it is a very good time of the year to start new resolutions, I wanted to share with you how my journey has been:

Age 34 - 1 year: Became a risk-taker, Can talk to anyone, Feel I can do anything

When i first discovered [nofap] online [a year ago]... I could not understand its significance, but eventually, I decided to try it because I saw it as a challenge and something new to try.

Age 42 - 128 days no PMO: My anxiety "disorders" seem to be gone

Started fapping as teenager, then magazines, videos and finally internet. My PMO habit were never that bad, usually one short daily session and no weird stuff until the last couple of years.

Age 25 - Far better erections, Greater motivation, energy &confidence, I can look people in the eyes with ease

smiling coupleFirst off, im really REALLY glad I heard about NoFap. This is truly changing my life for the better so far.


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