Age 29 - 6 months: I feel a lot more confident now, more aggressive, flirty and talkative.

I went downtown yesterday to deliver some papers somewhere and I had a pretty good time. I feel a lot more confident now, more aggressive, flirty and talkative. I still have a long way ahead of me, still have to change  lot of things, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Age 22 - My ED was really bad: I've concluded that abstaining from PMO cures PIED

I finally did it! I did 3 months porn free, with a few relapses and hiccups on the way, but nonetheless, the progress exceeded my expectations. I've been PMOing for the past 11 years mostly daily. As a result, I suffered from PIED for the last 5-6 years without really knowing what was going on. I was also a HUGE edger! I had plenty encounters with attractive women where I wouldn't be able to get hard, and this led to sexual anxiety.

Age 29 - New Streak, New Found Perspective On Life

NoFap is SOOOO much more than about cutting out porn and keeping your hands off yourself, it's a tool to get you to get your life in order by forcing you to make changes to your life if you truly want to improve it. One of my biggest faults over the years was being stubborn and afraid of change, getting into a comfort zone and refusing to get out of it. NoFap has taught me that in order to be truly happy I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and accept that I may be approaching things the wrong way, and that it's okay to admit it so that I can grow from my mistakes and become a better person.

7 months - To say that it’s been life-changing would be an understatement

At this point, not masturbating anymore is my lifestyle--as normal for me as masturbation used to be. I'm far from being in flatline. In fact, I never even had one, nor have I had any wet dreams. I awaken with wood, and I still have all of my normal desires and libido. I just don't consider doing anything about them anymore. I loved and enjoyed masturbation for years, but I've learned to love and enjoy life without it.

Why I returned to NoFap

I never really expected super powers because I started NoFap just to test my self-control. But it turned out that I did actually experience many positive effects. Not super powers per se but definitely improvements in overall life quality and health

100 days - Better memory & mental clarity, I enjoy little things a lot more such as music, comedy, food, tea

  • Mental clarity. I think clearly and my memory is very good
  • I enjoy little things a lot more, such as music, comedy, food, tea
  • Have gained experience ignoring urges, now it is easy to keep going

I realized my change when my family started telling me I was happy and smiled more. I became more social & enjoy talking to people

My story Back in January or so I found this subreddit on askreddit where a dude was complaining about his addiction he had. Someone recommended NoFap so me being curious I checked it out and to my surprise there were people like me.

Age 28 - Switching from Nofap to Pornfree made a big difference: Feel that PIED might be gone after 10 years.

I've been doing NoFap for almost 3 years. It has been very beneficial for me many times but from the very beginning I've been caught in a nofap-binge relapse circle. I always ended my streaks between 30th to 50th day followed by similar binge time.

My life has changed and I am happy

Short update: I stopped fapping, started working out again, I almost only Drink water and eat healthy for the most part. I stopped smoking cigs and weed two weeks before nofap and take two cold showers a day. Before I had huge problems to cum during sex, I had gained some weight over a couple of weeks and my hair began to thin, so I couldnt style it upwards anymore...

No longer intimidated by women, Huge decrease in depression, Rising in confidence, Not being a judgmental Dick, Seeing everyone as 3 dimensional people

I'm on day 60 here and I wanted to speak a bit on my experience so far. The first thing I can say is that for any guys out there who this was a real problem for, you are going to have to be patient on this journey because I'm still day 60 and I've seen a dramatic shift in my mindset and a lot of benefits, but I feel like there is still a lot more to come.

Age 27 - From Hardmode to Wild Sex

water fall

I went through a breakup at the end of 2014 and decided to do hardmode in 2015 in order to create a new lifestyle for myself. A couple months into hardmode I began transforming. I started going out more, doing new things and meeting many new people.

Age 27 - Day 50, feeling awesome!!!

I can't believe I made it to day 50. I'm no longer gloomy all the time, I rarely feel depressed, one can say that I'm emotionally stable. 40 days in, I lost my insomnia, and been sleeping like a dog, finally!!! Here's what I've been doing so far:

Age 38 - I thought I was losing my sex drive and had low testosterone. Now I realize how much PMO was causing my problems

38 year old male here. I enjoy reading updates, so I'll try to contribute my own. I've known about Nofap for a while, but didn't get a respectable streak until Jan of this year, where I went about 85 days.


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