Age 23 - Learning to think for myself

meditationWhen I grew up, I had really overprotective, conservative parents where sex was not an acceptable topic of conversation. In my youth, the youth pastor at our conservative church hammered into us that sex = bad and if you masturbate you cannot help but be addicted.

Been fapping for 25 years. I was sure that my ED was permanent.

viagraBeen fapping for 25 years. I was sure that my ED was permanent. I had to use Viagra to have sex. That's been since Viagra has been available in Canada. Like most, thought masterbation was normal. I am proud to announce that my ED is on the mend.

Age 23 - Was alone, depressed, anxious and never had sex: Now all this is solved

young couple in bedWent to my end - 133 days of no PMO. Even in the toughest moments. Had first real intimate relationship and now in relationship with amazing women. Just do it. I was alone for 4 years, never had sex till 23. Now all this is solved.

Age 19 - Female, French: I'm fully rebooted sexually, no longer chronically depressed

French woman6 months ago, I decided I would try not to look at porn or masturbate (masturbation without porn being impossible to even be thought of) for three days. I did this spontaneously, after looking at this interview of the singer I was in love with at the time.

HuffPost - My Porn Detox: 10 Ways My Life Changed Without Porn (gay man)

Like most guys I know, straight and gay, I've seen my share of porn. So hear me when I say that I have very little opinion against porn, and what little judgment I do have I'm working on releasing (pun totally intended). I'm sure there are studies suggesting that pornography can improve your life, but let's be honest: When someone is looking to make a point, they'll make it.

Age 21 - ED cured: I'm 100x more attracted to girls and am more at peace with myself

Happy guySo today marks my 1 year anniversary since giving up porn. Wow... Looking back on the past year it feels like a century ago...1 year ago today I chose to embark on a journey that would turn my entire life around.

Age 20 - Porn induced ED, but not addicted to porn: 2 months to cure.

erotic mastery I just finished freshman year of college. I came in with a really hot girlfriend.  Sex was terrible and I ended up breaking up with her on her birthday lol because I thought it was her fault. My erections were rare, and 60% at best. I felt terrible about this, but sexual compatibility is very important and it was not right to continue a broken relationship.  I slept with a few other girls and realized that the problem was not external (with girls or their vaginas) but with me.

Perspectives From 18 Months of Freedom

turkey dinnerAccording to my counter I have now passed the 18 month mark since either masturbating or using pornography. As I write my emotions are a mixture of joy and solemnity. I am very happy to be free and don't ever want to go back. The solemn emotions are the result of realizing how much time was wasted on this habit.

Age 24 - Greater energy, focus, confidence, compassion, balls; Less anxiety, depression

happy guyThis is a pretty huge deal for me, possibly my greatest accomplishment. 3 whole months without pmo is an epic achievement considering where I started. It's taken me years of failures, pain, and persistence, but what do you know? It's starting to pay off.

I JUST GOT FIRED...and it hurts

"You're fired" signJuly 3, 2014: I GOT FIRED for the first time ever. For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm a 26 y.o. author and motivational speaker.


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