Age 24 - ED cured: confidence is higher, sex is much more 'clear', my gf satisfies me

dating a modelSo, I have been able to sleep with my gf WITH a condom two times over the past two weeks having no ED. - I've had really bad ED for years now & of course watched porn for years.

Age 50 - ED cured, the role of non-sexual bonding techniques

playful coupleI just wrote this advice into my own journal , but felt it might be worth sharing as a success story and advice too. This advice is really only suitable for married guys or guys in relationships with a SO.

PIED & DE are gone. No desire for weird fetishes. More energy & confidence, less social anxiety.

Libido ergo sumFor a period of about a couple of years I fapped myself into asexuality - I was only really interested in fapping because I was bored and lonely. I had weird fetishes, a crush on a cam girl (mature foreign lady), PIED, DE and little interest in real human girls.

Age 26 - Although not perfect with PMO - my ED is fixed

'Ephemeral imperfect' signI've always had erectile problems starting out with new girlfriends. A few months ago I achieved my longest NoFap streak of 41 days. Since then it's been bumpy.

Age 32 - 60 days Fapfree and I have never been happier.

young couple2 Months! I never thought I'd be here.. I mean - I never thought in my life, that I would be celebrating a milestone like this. But here I am.. 60 days Fapfree and I have never been happier.

Age 30 - ED cured: feel like a normal person again, capable of having a real relationship.

couple on the grassI'm going to keep this brief, I'm really just writing because the success stories have kept me going during the hard times so it's time I shared mine. I've been a PMO addict for about a decade now (fapping compulsively for even longer but not with porn).

Age 26 - Female: I feel like a changed woman!!! Our sex together has become so much more fruitful and connected.

happy coupleI am a 26 year old female. I was in a pretty fruitless long term relationship where I was able to utilize porn to pick up the slack. After the relationship ended, I definitely increased my porn use to every day. I met my now fiance and we have sex pretty regularly.

Age 16 - I honestly have never felt this happy in my life. I feel like myself again.

happy guyI honestly really don't even know what to say right now. I'm super excited I've made it this far; I remember the days when I literally used to imagine and dream about this. I feel obligated to share my story and motives before getting into how NoFap has affected me.

Age 21 - I wrote a 180,000 words novel in three months!

novelist at workWow. I can't believe I did this. 180k is a lot. That's just a bit less than Harry Potter 4, just to give you an idea. Sure, I got a big correction to do now, but I've created something out of simple words.

More than half of voters under 40 either think porn is ruining their sex lives, or are "unsure"


[] Under-40 Poll: Porn is ruining our sex lives? More young people than not say Internet porn has no effect on their real-life sex lives, according to a new Rare poll. Forty-eight percent said they weren’t bothered by it, while 33 percent of young voters said porn was having a negative effect. Nineteen percent were unsure.

"Another Study Links Compulsive Sexual Behavior to Other Forms of Addiction" by Robert Weiss LCSW

biasStatus Quo (For Now). In mid-July I published a blog discussing a recently released fMRI (brain imaging) study showing that the brain activity of sex addicts, when they are shown pornography, mirrors the brain activity of drug addicts when they are exposed to drug-related imagery.

Age 37 - ED is rarely a problem for me now. Relationship between my wife and I has drastically improved.

happy coupleI want to start by saying that I feel to be somewhat in the minority here, since I am older and married 18 years - that's more years than some of you have been alive. I'm not doing this in hard mode, and I am trying to have sex as often as I feel comfortable doing so.

Age 24 - ED cured: I'm 2 months away from 1 year fap free, its mind blowing to say the least.

mind blownMan has it been a long time since i was here! I can't believe I'm 2 months away from 1 year fap free, its mind blowing to say the least. I have certainly changed over the time I've been doing this, I met a girl about 6 months ago and we started dating not long after.

Age 17 - Clearer head, speak my mind, way more generous & sociable. first ever initmate relationship

young guySo I've just hit the big six-0; here's what I've gained out of the last 1440+ hours porn & fap free.


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