Gary Wilson Talks About The Harmful Effects of Porn (Slickster)

Gary Wilson raised the question with his book Your Brain on Porn about the harmful effects of porn in the internet age. A former physiology teacher who stumbled upon this research and who donates all the profits of his book YBOP to charity. With Utah legislature attempting to pass legislation that will allow individuals to sue the adult industry for damages similar to the tobacco industry. The evidence is clear that porn can have some very harmful effects.

Age 20 - PIED cured after 6 months, girlfriend, more energy, deep voice

Excuse my english i'm a french man. I'm now in this no pmo shit for one year. I'm 20 and since i was 12 years old i watched porn and fapped to it once a week. I was a low testosterone weak guy with a baby face. i decided that i must do sth and i searched all the things that could rescue me from the situation.

Age 23 - I'm composing pieces every other day

I'm a composer and found myself struggling constantly just to write one track. Now, I'm composing multiple pieces every other day. Currently got multiple tracks running through my head and my multi-tasking has improved tremendously. So glad I discovered this.

Age 22 - PIED was 100% cured, now I have it again

Was 100% cured I think, and I wasn't worrying about it at all anymore for the past few months. But went on like a three-day [porn] binge this weekend and now I have it again just like the (bad) old days. With it, I just want to isolate myself because I don't want to socialize when I don't feel like myself. I realize I'm more than my D but it's impossible to ignore how pathetic and emasculated I feel.

Age 32 - I've been struggling for years. Finally 90 days. Depression gone.

Well, I'm only hours away from getting that first 90 day badge. I'm still amazed how I got this far given how bad this addiction had become. I was stuck for years keeping on relapsing but now things are finally looking up. I feel a lot stronger at dealing with the urges.

Age 43 - ED & Married: Took almost 40 months, but now inches away from recovery

HOLY CHRIST ..........After almost 4 years. Last night I had a drink or 2 (I gave up 3 years ago) and almost forgot about my ED, AND BINGO!!!!!!!!!!! Have not have a boner like that in 40 months.....So signs are good that I am almost healed. My libido is poor (but as soon as my wife kissed me last night.........boom!! )

What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

Excerpt from this rebooting story - 9 for 90 (9 rules that helped me reach 90 days)

There will be moments of absolute beauty, understanding, and peace throughout initial recovery. There will also be moments of intense depression, anxiety, fear, and abandon. The key for making it through these moments is to remind yourself that all things are temporary and these emotions will pass, no matter how intense.

Age 22 - My confidence is stupidly high, interest from females up

Attraction to real females has increased a lot. Attraction to virtual girls has decreased a lot. You just notice that virtual girls are literally pixels on a screen, and you're alone. I don't really chase/lust after females that much anymore, and I require emotional connection. I don't just want to have sex with a female for the sake of it now.

The biggest change I would say my confidence is stupidly high. I smile at strangers in public now. I’m 22.

Age 21 - 1 year: I don't like to overreact but the benefits have made me a completely different person

A little background: I'm 21. The last time I watched P was January 15th, of 2016. WOW. Feels amazing to type that out. Especially because nobody else really knows except for me and the people of nofap. When I discovered this sub I meant to go ahead with it as a new years resolution but didn't get around to starting until the 15th. Thanks to people's posts of encouraging me that it's not too late. So I'm saying to you now, if you haven't started, it's not too late. Start today. Cold turkey is the way to do it.

Age 20 - PIED gone in 4 months

I was watching too much porn and feared having erectile dysfunction, which created a fear for meeting women. The amount of time, frequency and genres of porn got worse as time went on from age 14 to now (20). i had a sexual encounter with a girl my age where i realized i was victim to porn induced erectile dysfunction and some time later discovered nofap and figured the porn had to stop.

Age 49 - Delayed Ejaculation: I've climaxed on two occasions, the first time in a few years

By tapering way down, my DE has gotten a lot better. With one of my girlfriends, I've climaxed on two occasions, the first time in a few years. I'd be doing so more frequently, except this is pretty much a long distance relationship and we only get to see each other every month or two.

Age 18 - Anxiety reduced noticeably, Sleep better, Doing REAL things feel better, Social relations improved, I feel interest from girls

Sorry for my English, i am from Ukraine. 9 weeks report here. I have been masturbating for 6 years (since 12) and 5 years with porn. First of all: NoFap really worth it. Benefits:

  • Anxiety reduced noticeably
  • No more porn fantasies

Age 17 - Quick recovery, skin cleared up, girls go for me

I’m a 17 year old guy who found out about this movement about 40 days ago and thought to give it a try. I was masturbating since third grade ( age 10 ) , and would do it almost every single day ( sometimes multiple times in a day ) and biggest breaks i took were about 5 6 days ( i remember on excursion i didnt fap ) .

Age 23 - ED cured & A life-changing experience. However, I went back to porn and am now addicted

I just wanted to share my experiences about NoFap, as this will be my second serious attempt. Basically I have been watching porn/masturbating daily since my early teenage years, and am now 23. Over time, I started watching the most hardcore of genres, as softcore porn no longer interested me. When I went to have sex, I found it hard to get an erection, as porn had fucked up my idea of romance.

Age 29 - PIED cured after two years

Took me almost 2 years [to heal from PIED]. Every relapse would really set me back a lot. But then again I was a hard case who had trouble getting it up even with porn, I needed compilations and very quick succession of images/shots.


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