Video - My First Full Year of No Porn/Nofap. by Brohoshaphat G

My First Full Year of No Porn/Nofap.

By - Brohoshaphat G

His YouTube Channel with many more videos on the subject


Age 38 - I found and faced a lot of my inner fears

365 days of No PMO. It's only been one year, feels like 3 years. I am not a handy person, a fitness guy, social, nor wealthy. The following ventures are over a period of months and months, and not all at once. It all started with energy, the first thing that increased in my life, physically and mentally.

Lost my virginity, got a decent job, a girlfriend and actual friends

It has been almost 5 years (November 2011) since I first decided that it was time to break this habit. With only a few thousand fapstronauts for support (now we're up to almost 200k. Wow!), I embarked on what was probably one of the most difficult journeys in my life thus far.

Age 24 - Deeper, powerful voice, heightened senses, sharper and more complex thought

Background: 2+ years of attempts to quit, slowly reaching higher and higher streaks beginning from initially lasting only few days to now being on 41 days, before that around a little over a month and before that almost two months. I had a problem earlier that, when I relapsed, I would binge on it for several days at least

Age 25 - Been quitting on and off for 4 years. My life has improved immeasurably. Read my story.

According to his 6th grade school report, Rob was a "bright, intelligent guy and very popular among all of his classmates". Rob had an amazing future ahead of him. It looked like he would go on to achieve great things and live a happy, fulfilling life.

Video - 2 years NoFap Experience: NoFap Motivation, Girls Love it

Video - 2 years NoFap Experience: NoFap Motivation, Girls Love it.

By - Vertical Addiction


Age 20s - Now that I know I can control that which I thought I couldn't control, I am in tune with myself

I DID IT!!! I MADE IT A MONTH WITHOUT FAPPING. I CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I'VE EVER DONE THAT. I feel like my confidence has significantly increased from last year. I've never had issues holding a conversation or anything, but I feel like I've gotten better at it. It goes to show that this thing really does work, regardless of who you are or where you started from.

Age 27 - My face looks more appealing to me

"Something's changed about you" An oldish lady I see at the library whilst volunteering had said this to me today. She said that she couldn't put her finger on what it was. Then went on to say I now look like a Viking! Great compliment and made me so happy to hear it.

Video - Age 17: 90 Days of NoFap Completed. My Benefits & Experience

90 Days of NoFap Completed | My Benefits & Experience

By 4S

Age 16 - I'm doing fucking great these days

Parents told me they see something changed. They say I’m becoming my old self again, they’re proud on me. And theyre not easily proud cuz my sister is a A+ student. I’m doing fucking great these days. Got accepted in 2 colleges. Training basketball 2-4 hours a day every day.

Now, I have absolutely no problem expressing my thoughts in front of 200-300 people

Almost 6 months! Not really enthusiastic about it, because I've been in a flatline for almost the whole time. But recently I've felt promising moments that the flatline might be coming to an end. I'm slowly starting to taste the fruits.

Podcast: Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). By world renowned urologist Dudley Danoff & Dr. Diana Wiley (2016)

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Dr. Dudley Danoff, MD, a world renowned urologist, returned to the program for the ninth time. His book is “The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health – How to Stay Vital at Any Age” ( The main focus of this program was porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). A growing number of young men are convinced that their sexual responses have been sabotaged because their (still developing) brains were virtually marinated in porn when they were teens. The result is often less arousal to sex with a real person. Porn is bad for sex.


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