Age 19 - ED cured (110+ days of no PMO)

Greek flagMy name is Nicolas and This is my story: I would like to start the story with a comparison of my performance before the no PMO and after. First of all I had 2 attempts at sex when I couldn't achieve an erection and go on penetrating.

Age 50's - ED cured: it's like the old days with my wife

Before nofap I had PIED -- that was a big reason I started nofap on December 15 and I have mainly been on hard mode since then. Around 60 days my wife and I had sex a few times (Valentine's Day and all that)...

Age 26 - 90 days hardmode: spectacular results

WOW - I actually did it. I legit have not PMO'd in the last 3 MONTHS.

This may be a long post - I'm writing this to serve as a guiding light for others and a therapeutic look back for myself. I actually have some work to get done tonight but this is important for me to share. You can skip to the end for benefits I've experienced, but I'm going to write out my whole story for those interested.

My erection is back. My head is love for my wife is stronger and I'm looking to the future with a smile

healthy erectionOk so I've been clean since November 2013. I quit all porn,fantasy,constsantly thinking about sex  & daily M but decided to take the long route and continue trying to have sex with my wife.

Age 50 - Marriage, sex and perceptions greatly improved.

kissing fingersThere probably aren't many guys here on nofap over 50, the recent poll showed almost none, but here I am and I am glad to be here. If you don't want to read this whole long post, I'll just say that avoiding PMO for 90 days has been great for our marriage.

Age 17 - more social, deeper voice, brain fog gone, becoming fearless

becoming fearlessHelpful sites/special thanks

  • Special thanks to all the Fapstronauts, even the ones with only 1 day so far. You guys are all really cool. Thanks to everybody for sharing their feelings on this subreddit, and being able to build up the strength to embark on this journey. Thanks to all the guys who shared their 90+ day reports. If it wasn't for you guys, I would not know that 90 days of nofap was possible.

Age 27 - ED cured, back in school, have a girlfriend

loversI started Nofap around 2 years ago. I'm a 27 year old male, and I had been experiencing ED issues with women for around 5 years. At my worst I was waking up, taking a bong hit, popping an adderall, and edging/masturbating/searching for and downloading porn for sometimes literally the whole day.

The Bogus Sex Addiction “Controversy” and the Purveyors of Ignorance - Linda Hatch, PhD

Link to article - The Bogus Sex Addiction “Controversy” and the Purveyors of Ignorance by Linda Hatch, PhD

The earmarks of bogus science in all other fields seem to me to be much the same as those in the recent attempts to prove that sex addiction doesn’t “exist”.

Age 27 - Delayed ejaculation healed, confidence increased tremendously

water fallsI will be courageous tonight and I will be sharing with you my story with all my heart. I will tell you how I found nofap, what I did that helped me complete the challenge and the effects that I noticed.

90 days - confidence has skyrocketed, the world has become much more vivid. eye contact is easy

vivid flowerNinety days ago I started this journey out of an impulse. It was after watching the Great Porn Experiment on Youtube. My masturbation habits were, at least I think, average. Once per day, and on rare occasions zero or twice per day.


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