Age 24 - 90 days and how I changed

So I've gone 90 days without porn and masturbation. I would've done hardmode, but few weeks earlier I visited my long distance gf so we had sex (which was incomparable to any previous sex that I had).

Age 21 - The best decision I have made in my short life

Today I celebrate my 91st day. It's not been easy at all, this is my third year on Nofap and after about 200 3-day streaks I have finally managed. I don't feel invincible, I haven't been plowing supermodels and I didn't sprout a connor mcgregor beard overnight. I did reclaim my humanity and realize what it means to be on this earth in collaboration with others.

Age 26 - Deeper voice, less anxiety, better sleep, life is more vivid

At first I was very skeptical about NoFap, and did not believe the "superpowers," which I was blaming the Placebo Effect. However, I must admitt, after about a month of Nofap with a only a few relapses (which outlined how disgusting the practice really is) I do notice the following improvements:

Age 30 - "Hell" = the last day of your life & you meet the person who you could have become

I initially started the no fap program because I wanted to pick up women, and I did get laid with handful of them, got lot of attention from opposite sex, but since feb 2016 I have been in a serious relationship with a really hot girl who happens to be a teacher & a boxer who has heart of gold. I have learnt a great deal of things the power of semen retention , sexual transmutation, neuroplasticity, brahmacharya etc. And this has been a great learning experience & I practice karezza with gf.

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Feeling my real feelings

Today is my 70th day. I just want to tell you guys that NoFap works. Not the same way for everyone probably. But things you need to know: You will no longer ACCEPT this bullshit and illusion. You can waste a day here and there, or some hours, but deep inside you no longer accept it.

I used to be that weird boy who never spoke; my self confidence has skyrocketed

I found NoFap about 50 days ago as of May 24th 2016, and I was quickly sucked into all the stories and achievements of all its members, so I decided to partake.

  • The first few days were the hardest, I had a very strict fapping schedule that, if broken, would wreak psychological hell on me.
  • After day 5 the effects began to subside, although I will admit that I was horny 24/7 and still looking for any excuse to get off.

Age 28 - Sexual interaction with girlfriend far deeper, and sex drive much stronger

I have finally done it. 90 days. Here are my observations. First of all, the difference between this attempt and all my failed attempts was that I was very clear with myself about this one. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, I kept that paper in my wallet. Thus, whenever I would open my wallet. (At least once a day) I would see my commitment.

Sixteen months, girlfriend, dying urges for porn, good habits

Dear people of the world - This is the end of the road for me. There is nothing more to see here. Nofap is a great resource: the posts of motivation, the help against and failure, the way to recoup after a relapse. They are what got me through the first sixteen months of this thing.

Age 24 - Erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation and performance anxiety cured in 1 month

I was with a girl for 2 years. I was never able to ejaculate when having sex with her! Not even once. A few times only with my hand (after she finished) and still, this would take a while. We broke up one year ago (not for this reason).

Age 21 - PIED cured: What most people don't tell you in NoFap about PIED but what people need to hear! (my story)

I had a long experience with Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction which dragged me back and really scared me for a while, and I kept going on forums to try and find support and people i could relate to, but I found that people never quite told the story in its complete version, so that's what I'm here to do with mine. It takes a lot of strength to go into the details of the story and I hope that this will give the reader strength too.

1.5 years - Kept using porn, but not orgasming. Cut porn out and finally experiencing several benefits.

Since I have [quit porn] I have started to notice little things, my social awkwardness is starting to leave, I can focus more without having a problem, and you wouldn't believe how sex with the wife has been. I have been super hard and last for a while. I don't orgasm too fast and it hasn't been going down a little ways through. I can switch position and I stays as hard as a flag pole.

Non-prescription Viagra has infiltrated the bedrooms of today’s young black men (2016). Urology professor David B. Samadi & Muhammed Mirza, MD founder of

Comments: Article contains quotes from two well known medical doctors concerning porn-induced sexual problems. Excerpts:

According to, evidence increasingly suggests that erectile dysfunction may be one of the side effects of men’s fascination with porn, and it also may be turning into a more common problem of men’s sexual health.

“Due to the pornography available on the Internet, we are finding out that this type of sex dysfunction is a real entity,” said David B. Samadi, MD, chairman of the urology department and chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “It is a problem in the brain, not the penis.”


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