It looks like I made it

clouds, light, seaHere I am. 90 days with no fapping at all. It's been a wild ride. Ups and downs. Urges and flatlines combined with periods of extreme productivity.

Age 17 - What started out as a joke turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my life

rainbowI've improved so much in general. I feel like I'm finally doing something worthy with my life. I've gotten really ambitious. My anxiety is non existent.

Education & Porn

Brain educationEducating kids about porn is vital, because streaming porn will be with us as long as the internet is around. However, educators must teach pupils how brain plasticity works.

'Pornography addiction worry' for tenth of 12 to 13-year-olds (BBC)

BBC - Education logoA tenth of 12 to 13-year-olds fear they are "addicted" to pornography, an NSPCC ChildLine survey has concluded.

Age 17 - Improved view of women, Far more more social, Way better interaction with girls

FriendsI can't believe the time has already arrived to write my 90 day report. First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your support and wisdom. I could not have gotten this far without you guys.

I live a happier and easier life now

flirtingWell, I've finally made it, but to be honest, it doesn't feel like it's been all that long. 2015 has been a clean year for me. At the beginning of 2015, I watched a TED talks on how masturbation can cause social anxiety.

Age 21 - Porn-induced ED, HOCD and Vagina Phobia finally cured after years

balanced rocksThis success story is important because I used to come on this website every day and see no improvement. Unfortunately, quitting porn is only half the battle. This story looks into the other equally important problems that I initially overlooked.

I'm a more sensitive person now. My brain is recovering from the desensitization

lakeAround April last year, I decided I wanted to stop, looked at some articles on the benefits of stopping, and started doing it less. May, I got a little more determined, looked at the articles some more, and was at 28 days when I found noFap. From there, I went on to a 93 day streak.

Age 23 - Less anxiety, I actually want to be social, So comfortable being a sexual person

crow in flightWell, for the first time in my life I have made it 90 days. First off I want to say that I don't believe that 90 days holds any significant meaning as far as recovery goes.

108 days - Brahmacharya - Every day is more exciting than the last

BrahmacharyaThis streak has been amazing so far! It's been a roller coaster though for sure!

Age 40s - Brain Fog cured forever? No more Pixel Paradise!

happy guyI'm a 40+ year old single father and I've experienced brain fog for the last year and a half. NoFap helped me get rid of it.

I became all too familiar with how porn had changed my mind and body

FocusLet's get some numbers out of the way. This will be my second time to 90 since around 2003. I started trying to quit about 6 years ago, and joined this group on another account about 2 years ago.

Age 26 - More confidence, more desire for face to face interaction, brain is better

happy guyI felt like doing a hopefully brief insight of my porn-free 70 days and still counting experience, so here goes.

Age 24 - I act like more man

happy guyI was fapping for few times a day since i was 13 years old, some times 6-7 times a day. This is my second trial of no fap, first one was 23 days and followed three months binging and in my second trial here i am at 90 days.


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