Changed me to my very fucking core

Thanks to nofap i became the best student in class (highest marks and honorary shit). After being the worst student in high school, sleeping all the time in the class because i was up all night playing video games and fapping (i'm in college now, Computer science major).

Age 29 - Severe social anxiety: Improving social skills, Feel more comfortable around women, Feel more connected to others, Clearer mind

Let me start by saying that my story is going to be a little different than most. For me it all began with severe shyness and social anxiety growing up. Basically, I became the most isolated person that you can imagine when I lost the few friends that I had when I refused to go out and live life like everyone else my age was doing.

I have never been happier. But it came at a great cost.

I hope this story help you overcome your porn addiction. I shared it with some friends and it had an impact on their own personal struggles and even helped a coworker reach out to his son. I hope it can be of some assistance to you too! Best of luck!

Porn crosses a line for me because it's simply too stimulating

I've been on the nofap grind this since the beginning of may, after a semester of jerking off many consecutive days. I was in a bad place this past winter so I decided to make a big change. I mostly was managing to go about 2 weeks straight with no jerking off.

Age 24 - 2 Years: Libido increased tremendously, I'm a social person now - can talk to anyone now, Relationships have improved, Much healthier

I shall share with you my story, and what has changed in my life. Some things are still deep within in me, but I will try to share everything, so that some of you guys can perhaps learn from it. First things first, I was doing great for almost 1.5 years not watching porn.

2 Years - It's time for observations and advice

I started playing around with NoFap about 2 years ago. At the time, it was more of a personal challenge like "can I do it?" rather than an actual goal. I quickly noticed that there are a lot of things going on, but then later I would go back to the usual fapping.

Age 19 - Reduced anxiety & depression, More confidence, Eliminated brain fog, I can think clearly and articulate myself way better

I actually made it 90 days without PMO. I am very proud of myself because at first I didn't think I could last this long. The urges have been intense at times but so far I have done a good job in avoiding the temptation to fap. Sorry if this is a long post. I just got off of work and I am pretty tired right now. Here are some of the benefits I have experienced so far in my streak.

Age 22 - Nofap really helps you not to give a fuck. lol

Past a 100 days. Seems only like yesterday I started the challenge. But looking back, it's been a long time. I started out as a loser living in my parents’ house, no job, no college, really thin. I look myself in the mirror today and I barely recognize myself. I realized it was high time I shared what helped me to reach my goal with others who might be suffering like me.

Age 22 - ED pretty much cured, Sex is awesome, Social anxiety nearly gone, No longer do I feel uncomfortable around people

Hello NoFap brothers, long time lurker here but I felt that now was a good time to post because yesterday I finally completed 90 days of NoFap. And it is freaking amazing! But first a little background on me: I'm a 22 year old man who has been jerking off and watching porn since I was 12 and that messed me up big time.

Porn warped my perception of women because I expected them to look and perform like porn stars and as you can guess this didn't end too well.

6 Months - I've been a better friend, more social, more active, a better worker.

TLDR: Six months ago was the last time I saw porn or PMO'd; quitting porn for my own sake & working through this with a group of like-minded fellas has been huge and totally worth it, even though sometimes it just seems pointless and hard.

I am more loving and disciplined and have the energy to keep on going

Nofap has literally been changing my life. I've been on this journey for a few months now, and although I've had relapses along the way, the habit has weakened and my success has soared.

Age 54 - PIED cured in relatively short time. Before NoFap even boner pills weren't working.

I am older at 54 years young, so actually my recovery from Porn addiction should be easier (source). This is an honest account of my experience. Quick background:

Age 20 - My anxiety and depression is so much better, Much more confident, I see things much clearer. I've improved ties with a number of people.

When I started this thing 90 days ago, I was going through the most difficult period of my life mentally. I had a panic attack in an exam hall with well over 600 students in attendance. As soon as I got home, I released my stress through porn. That would be the last time I've PMO'd till now.

Age 22 - "I Just Had Sex!" Still a long way to go though

This link will summarize everything: [“I Just Had Sex!”]. Thank you, NoFap. Thank you so much. I am not letting PMO ruin me anymore. I've been trying for three years now, but never took it seriously.

Age 19 - Increased female attention, men respect me, This shit is real.

Sounds like bullshit I know but hear me out. Due to nofap I get erections nonstop. I literally can feel the blood flowing in my body and what not. When I'm fapping and looking at porn I get less erections obviously.


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