ED - Porn ruined my sex life and my marriage: Now able to achieve a full hard erection without porn or fantasy.

Yesterday was a great day for me, I finally felt that I am healed or partially healed and felt sexually normal for the first time in a long long time. I started masturbating when I was 12 to fantasies and a few years started reading sexual stories, looking at magazines and starting watching porn and masturbating in my early twenties. Unlike many people here, I wouldn't go on binge watching or edging and would only watch a couple times a week and not for more than 20 minutes each time.

Age 21 - Courage, focus and motivation up

I still can't believe it. I started fighting this disease in 2015 with no success. But last year I was completely fu..ed up Mad and disappointed. One day I told myself “hey man how long. how long you're going to waste your life trying? Fight once and give all you have to beat it.” It was hard at first but literally it got easier that now pmo is no longer an option for me

Age 26 - No more PIED or delayed ejaculation. Get morning wood every day. My life has changed amazingly.

This is my post after a year of being clean of PMO. Let me tell u again my story. Until 1 year ago I was technically virgin. (Very low past sexual exp). I started PMO tactically from age 18-19 to 25. (First 2-3 years lower frequency). So. 1 year ago I tried to lose my virginity after I met a beautiful girl. So as you can imagine I couldn’t get up due to my PIED. I went to doctor everything was physically fine.

How to educate our youth about pornography addiction and dangers (Irish Examiner)

Men as young as 20 have erectile dysfunction, desensitised by their use of porn, which can easily become an addiction, says Gwen Loughman

THE dark side of the internet is pornography. “Pornography has become very much an epidemic in our society,” says Nuala Deering, relationship and psychosexual therapist with  Relationships Ireland. “We are not addressing it as we should.

Age 25 - Cured my PIED, better orgasms

I've held onto a regret for about 5 years and always wanted to do something about it. When I first started NoFap that little picture of the astronaut to the right had less than 10,000 beside it. It is amazing to see that it has grown 20 times that since then and obviously helped so many people. I've always wanted to tell my story of Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm and the effect that it has had on me and my life.

Age 27 - Stopped procrastinating, Longer attention span, More energy, Strong morning wood

I started nofap in December 2014. I went 6 months without any relapse before I choked my chicken. I immediately went back on nofap wagon only to keep falling from it in every 30-40 days. So, this is the second time I have achieved the streak of 90 days. Since the start, I must have had 12-14 relapses in total.

Gary Wilson: Your Brain on Porn (Podcast)

Sustainable Self-Development Podcast hosted by Abel Csabai

Age 48 - ED gone, virility returned, relationship better

3 Month report from a healthy middle aged (48) twice married guy with erectile dysfunction who remembers cutting out swimsuit ads from the newspaper and taping them up in the shower in 1985 (I know some of you whippersnappers have not had sex or been married or had to resort to using the underware section of the 30 LB Sears catalog for fapping material but maybe this will help you from making some of the same mistakes I did.)

Age 25 – PIED cured after a year, more energy, better workouts

7 years of daily masturbation using porn. I had ED so i was forced into nofap. It went away within a year. I've been trying to do nofap since June 2013, that's 3.5 years now. I'm currently on my longest streak of all time, 185 days.

Age 19 - major improvements in my ED and anxiety

So it's been 42 days since I have been doing hard PMO. So this is my first try and pretty good for 42 days isn't it? Well what drove me to completely stop porn was the following:

  • severe erectile dysfunction
  • severe anxiety/depression

Age 24 - Nofap Victory story: no more suicidal thoughts :)

I've been struggling with MO addiction since childhood and with p since years now. My PMO habits have become increasingly bad for the six or seven previous years. I discovered r/Nofap a little bit more than a year ago, and while I'm definitely not free of it, I have been more and more conscious about myself, and what staying in a secluded room PMO’ing all day and night had done to me. During those past years, I really felt like life was worthless in general, and I thought of just simply ceasing to exist. Not planning a suicide, but entering a black hole of nothing. I was in a state that I understood later to be depression.

Age 31 - I relate with people in a positive way, Better with negative emotions, Feel more grounded, Always hard in sex, Desire real connection with women

I can say that it’s the first time, from when I was 14th to have so long time without porn and masturbation, and I am proud of it! It's a big lifestyle change, and without the discovery of this site I couldn't be able to manage this big step in my life. The process of rebooting, has not finished yet, and will take some more time to clean my brain from the long time use of pornography.

Age 35 - ED: I get random boners again, I can get insta-hard with a partner again like I'm in high-school

I'm sharing my success story, in the hopes I help others. A little about my history: got introduced to porn when I was 8 (how many of you remember the Spice Channel?). Got introduced to hardcore porn when I was 11. I hadn't gone more than 8 days without fapping since I started doing it almost 25 years ago.


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