Age 24 - PIED gone, very intense orgasms

I had a great weekend. I visited my family, spent a lot of time with friends and with my girlfriend. The last 3 days have been really enjoyable. I had sex with my gf 3 times with very intense orgasms. PIED is gone. Nofap works, guys!

Age 23 - Better vision, feeling good in general, improved focus at school

I have been doing hardmode because it's the true path of recovery for me towards getting my life back on track. Here are the list of benefits i have accumulated:

-Better long distance vision

-Happily singing in my privacy and feeling good in general

Addicted to porn for 20 years; now I'm happy

After 180 days my reboot got successful. I am happy to say this: Alcohol helped me to get rid of PMO and now I am quitting Alcohol too. You know guys, quitting Alcohol is easier than PMO. PMO is more difficult to quit It needs lot of patience self realization what you actually want in your life real or fake.

Compulsive sexual behavior: Prefrontal and limbic volume and interactions (2016)

COMMENTS: While the study uses the term "Compulsive sexual behavior (CSB)," the subjects were "porn addicts." Compared to healthy controls CSB subjects had increased left amygdala volume and reduced functional connectivity during rest between the left amygdala and bilateral dorsolateral prefrontal cortex DLPFC. The authors conclude:

Our current findings highlight elevated volumes in a region implicated in motivational salience and lower resting state connectivity of prefrontal top-down regulatory control networks. Disruption of such networks may explain the aberrant behavioral patterns toward environmentally salient reward or enhanced reactivity to salient incentive cues. Although our volumetric findings contrast with those in substance use disorders (SUD), these findings may reflect differences as a function of the neurotoxic effects of chronic drug exposure.

Finally climaxed with the girl I love

Finally climaxed with the girl I love today. We've had sex four times now since June, and I was unable to orgasm each time. The third time was last night, and it was great for both of us, but I was still couldn't reach it. Had sex again in the morning and it finally happened, the grin on both our faces said enough.

Female - I Stopped Watching Porn And It Made My Sex Life Way Better

I’ve been fascinated by porn ever since I first found explicit naked magazines underneath my older brother’s bed when I was in the third grade. Maybe being gay is what kicked it all off for me. I knew something was different about me sexually, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

This is my hardest but most rewarding battle

Today is day 90 for me. To be honest with you, I'm not gonna pretend that I'm now superman and I have figured it all out within these 3 months but what I can definately say is, that I have learned a lot. I can also say that, I'm now in posession of tools that I can use to built the version of myself that I want.

Age 28 - Articulate, charismatic, no more stuttering

Yesterday I was at a party and I was the center of attention. It just hit me. I always had things to say. I travel, I work, I have hobbies and interesting experiences. I was just always too scared and too shy to talk. Why the hell would I shut up? Why the hell would I stay silent against a wall throughout the gathering?

Female - Mid 20s - Sex is 1000x better than before

My main reason for NoFap was twofold. First, for challenging some of my confidence and social anxiety issues. Secondly was to increase sensitivity as I have been masturbating since I was 12 and none of my boyfriends have ever been able to make me O...until last night.

Age 18 - Enjoying the extra time and mental capacity

I am 18 years of age and a freshman in college. I used porn since I was 13 and decided to quit to see if it would improve my social skills.  It's been an absolute breeze without any urges past the 30 day mark, and I have done a lot with my life with the extra time and mental capacity. I have been able to focus much more  of my energy on my coursework in college. I have a steady girlfriend.

Age 27 - Best sex of my life, can now confront my anxieties

I'm 27, was watching porn since 11 or 12. I realised porn was messing me up mentally since about November last year and tried giving it up without even knowing about nofap. Went for 2 week stints here and there but lost my way until about a month and a half ago when a friend told me about nofap. Other benefits it's bringing up is its helping me to confront my anxieties and depression instead of going into avoidance by fapping.

How Porn Is Messing with Your Manhood (SKEPTIC Magazine - article by Philip Zimbardo & Gary Wilson)


inding a needle in a haystack would be easier than finding an adolescent male who hasn’t seen online porn. Surveys indicate the average boy watches roughly two hours of porn every week with porn viewing becoming common by age 15.

The most popular porn site—PornHub—reported that the average Millennial porn session lasts 9 minutes, while the average age young people have sex for the first time is 17 years old. This means the average boy has had about 1,400 porn sessions prior to having real life sex. So why aren’t more people asking what kind of effects porn is having on these young viewers? Read the entire article

Age 32 - PIED - Not a virgin anymore!

So, back in December 2015 I was virgin at the age of 32 who decided to stop fapping at it turned my life around :) What happened to me during these days: I stopped watching porn and I don't have any desire to watch it again. I'm not aroused by porn anymore but I get boners when my girlfriend hugs me.

Age 23 - Social anxiety gone, More confident, Feel excited about life, No more insomnia, Family conflicts better

Here is my Day-90 report. English is not my native language.

The Benefits of NOFAP for me within 90days Hardmode

  • I'm more confident to speak with people and open to share my pmo addiction (Before I have severe social anxiety and I am a very awkward person)
  • Feel excited about life - I feel I want to do a lot of things. My dreams are becoming more realistic

Age 39 - I was a delusional asshole. I was selfish, lazy and emotionally disconnected from my wife and kids.

I am a PMO addict. Yesterday, I reached the 180 day milestone of no P, no P-subs, no M and no edging, with a total of only four O together with my wife. Since I already wrote a lot about my background and my ongoing struggles in my journal, there's no point in repeating everything, so I'll just summarize where I came from:


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