Age 25 - I grew a pair of balls

'grow a pear' signI changed on so many levels during this NoFap journey! Changes were physical and emotional. To put it simply: I grew a pair of balls. I express my ideas at work, with friends and family.

Age 17 - Way more social and extroverted

guy with tattooThese 90 days were one hell of a wild ride. This isn't my first try but hopefully my last try, I started PMO'ing 4-6 times a day since I was in my late 10s. By 13 I was thinking that I probably should lay off it since it was causing me a lot of testicle pain.

Age 18 - Lost my virginity!

couple in bedA little backstory: I'm an 18yr senior in high school and I don't really have a huge problem with porn but I did start early like others. Exposed to it around 5th or 6th grade and it was bad but never terrible throughout middle school and high school.

Want a hard copy of YBOP (the book)?

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Age 33 - Delayed ejaculation cured, sex is better, confidence higher

happy guyI am a 33 year old male and started my nofap mission over 12 months ago, with less than 10 relapses in that time.

Age 29 - 6 months (web cam, exhibitionism)

happy guyWhat started as another incoming failure (tried a LOT of things before finding nofap here) has finally helped me in a way couldn't imagine. I still have issues but I know I can manage them with time. Sorry for my English (French / Tunisian guy here).

Age 20 - Hardmode to satisfying, ground-shaking sex

feet in bedLet me give you a general idea of the man i was before discovering nofap.

Age 22 - My skin and eyes look alive for the first time in years

happy coupleHey guys. I'm 22 years old, I'm addicted to PMO and this is my story. I started fapping at the age of 10 and combining that with porn since the age of 12. I cannot express how good this feels.

Age 19 - ED cured. I am now engaged to an awesome girl

coule kissingI haven't been on this forum in over a year. I was healed of porn induced ED about 6 months ago. I am not going to be super elaborate about my story, but basically I was in the same boat as you. I was 18 and couldn't even get remotely hard while making out with a smoking hot chick.

Is Porn Addiction the “New Normal?”

woman watching laptopJudging by the statistics, internet pornography addiction is at least becoming the norm if not the normal.  One question that arises is how we as a society should respond to this phenomenon and why.

Ugraded Ape Podcast: Gary Wilson discusses addiction

Gary comes back onto the Upgraded Ape Show today to give us a deeper insight into the neurochemsitry behind addiction, including a overview of dopamine and the reward circuit. LINK TO THE SHOW

I just really like my new life. I'm a better version of myself. A better husband, a better father, a better friend

smiling coupleNo "superpowers" here. I just really like my life without porn and masturbation. Everything is the same but better. The key for me has been not trying to avoid PMO. It is just not part of my life at the moment.

Age 30 - I was oblivious to how PMO affected me until I accidentaly stopped.

FarmingMy story of nofap starts 5 months ago. I was a 30 year old male with low confidence, who stayed inside escaping life via a computer screen 24/7. I was forced to be fap-less due to my 1 month long living arrangements (I was staying on a farm via WWOOF).

Age 21 - ED cured. Rebooting for over 2 years

mountains in winterI discovered Nofap on my own, but got more serious with it after got PIED (yes, developed PIED during knowledge of nofap benefits!). But after series of failures reached 90 days now for the first time ever.

What's it like to use porn after rebooting?

fork in the roadAs the late Douglas Adams wrote:

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.


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