Change Your Brain: How Your Habits Cause Anxiety (short ebook)

Change Your BrainAnxiety and the use of anti-anxiety medications are rapidly increasing for adolescents--and medication often does not help. What has changed? (Read it - and write a review!)

Age 24 - It seriously is like night and day! I was stuck in the dark cave

couple in bedToday is the day that I have finally made it past 30 days. I started attempting to change my PMO habit in high school (I am 24 now) and never could get past one month for the first a few years of trying to quit.

Age 22 - So much changed this year that I'd have to write a 400-page novel to fit everything in

young guyI have not fapped, edged or looked at porn for a whole year. I will answer your questions if you have any. So much changed and happened this year that I'd have to write a 400-page novel to fit everything in.

Age 22 - (ED) Sex without Viagra or Cialis

Rock Hard logoWords can't express how I feel. I've been having ED issues since I was 18. I started using Viagra to help me with my ED issues all these years. I'm 22 btw. But tonight I was able to have sex without the help of Viagra or Calis. I was rock hard.

ED & Fetishes: Crazy Journey but Success is Pure Serenity!

young coupleI realized I needed a reboot when I got with my new girlfriend after a looong time without sexual contact with someone and escalating porn use/tastes. After many embarrassing encounters of ED I decided to hit google and figure out why I was having this problem.

I am capable of doing whatever I want with my life

couple kissingNoFap/PornFree has literally changed my life. I lost so many years on that poison it's a shame, but it feels great to know that I am capable of doing whatever I want with my life.

Age 20s - I realize so many opportunities I now have the courage to capitalize on

holding handsI was studying yesterday when I noticed this girl staring at me from over her computer screen several times as I was walking around the library. Over the course of several hours and a couple trips to the water fountain to stretch my legs I realized that this girl was definitely into me.

Age 19 - For the first time in my life I feel like I'm truly conscious

young guyIt took me around 3 months of various 7-15 day streaks, but as of today ladies and gentlemen, it has been 30 days that I've been on the nofap. And boy has it ever been ridiculously overwhelming.

Age 21 - The dark cloud of PIED has cleared away

dark cloud with lightAfter struggling with PEID for 3 years (17-20) I finally had enough. I broke down and confessed to my father that I could not get an erection with a girl. (I had never really talked to my dad about my sexual relationships with any of my girlfriends before so this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do).

Age 22 - My 2.5-year journey from zero to hero

young man in bedI first joined this community around 2 and a half years ago, I found it whilst googling effects of masturbation on sports as I started to realise when I abstained I was able to lift more at the gym.

"The ultimate guide to quitting porn. 25 powerful steps to block porn websites and beat porn for good"

collage of porn wordsPeople addicted to porn succeed in overcoming their porn addiction in two ways: First, they need an effective plan with actionable ideas to give them the tools and confidence that their recovery from porn will last. And second, they need to believe it will work.... Read this guide by Tim Simon of Stop Procrastinating.

Age 25 - From NEET to alpha to relapsing to refocusing

happy guyRoughly two years ago, I discovered NoFap for the first time. I was extremely depressed and desperate for a way out. I was slightly chubby, eating tons of junk food, binging on porn, playing video games. That was it. I'd stay up super late and always sleep in. I was 23-years-old, jobless, without a car, living at home.

Age 30 - I'm a f*king superhero

SpidermanI don't just have superpowers, I'm a f*king superhero. Not in the sense of burning shit with laser eyes or flying through the air, but I am definitely not on the same playing field as almost anyone I know.

I find sex so much more natural, more enjoyable. I feel more sexually sensitive, resensitised.

NZ mountainsAn ongoing, genuinely transformational experience. I've never felt emotional hurt this sharply. I've never felt so willing to do what I want. I've never felt this alive.


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