Age 23 - Social anxiety gone, More confident, Feel excited about life, No more insomnia, Family conflicts better

Here is my Day-90 report. English is not my native language.

The Benefits of NOFAP for me within 90days Hardmode

  • I'm more confident to speak with people and open to share my pmo addiction (Before I have severe social anxiety and I am a very awkward person)
  • Feel excited about life - I feel I want to do a lot of things. My dreams are becoming more realistic

Age 39 - I was a delusional asshole. I was selfish, lazy and emotionally disconnected from my wife and kids.

I am a PMO addict. Yesterday, I reached the 180 day milestone of no P, no P-subs, no M and no edging, with a total of only four O together with my wife. Since I already wrote a lot about my background and my ongoing struggles in my journal, there's no point in repeating everything, so I'll just summarize where I came from:

Porn Causing Rise in Sexual Dysfunction (Urology professor David Samadi MD)

Sexual dysfunction among men under 40 is increasing, and the U.S. Navy thinks porn is to blame. In a new review published in Behavioral Sciences, Navy urologists, neuroscientists and psychiatrists report that 15 years ago erectile dysfunction rates were negligible (2 to 5 percent) in sexually active men under 40. Now, the research indicates that rates are as high as 30 percent in this same age group.

Age 19 - I actually have female friends. I can talk to strangers easily. Stood up to my parents for the first time in years. I discover new things about myself every day.

Today I finally reached 90 days. I'm going to tell my story! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments :) Last time I masturbated to porn was July 15th. 12 Weeks - Now. I actually have female friends. I can talk to strangers easily. I don't crave other people, or feel like I'm inherently better than other people. I have more free time. I discover new things about myself every day.

Age 19 - I feel like I could do anything in this world

I could write a huge list about my experiences, but i came here to tell you this that i've found an apartment, and i'm getting to 5+ different job interviews ! I currently live in Finland, so no worries with the money. But yeah my life is really getting better day by day ! I never imagined myself moving out until i got an education, a job, a wife and i'm at least 21-22.. But i guess NoFap is really magical, i feel like i could do anything in this world, i feel so independent.

Age 20 - Quitting PMO definitely helped lower my anxiety & depression, I feel more confident, My mind is a lot clearer

I can't remember when I was on here probably 3 or 4 months ago, that was a real gross time in my life but I just wanted to post on here because I've been getting urges lately and that kind of reminded me of this site. Somewhere along my streak (which I'm still on, didn't relapse) I forgot all about this site, which is actually a good thing. Being on [nofap] all day probably isn't a good thing for you if you're trying to live a better life.

Age 21 – PIED gone, higher self-image, confidence boost

I realized that i could always get it up during sexy time with my so, but always has a hard time cumming unless i grasped it with my hand, which indeed is very detrimental to our sexual relationship. Ever since i stopped it’s been a gradual process, but now i can confidently say that my ED's definitely gone :)

Age 42 - One year, PIED healed, knowing the science really helped

I want to say how important all this teaching and science has helped me. Prior to July 8th of 2015, I thought I was taking porn to me with the grave. I had all kinds of problems sexually. I love my fiancé, but I couldn't sustain an erection during sex. I also felt my life was out of control. I couldn't move forward. Every month or so, I'd do a flurry of work for a few days and then crash and burn. It was like that for a year. I wanted to commit suicide. But I'm not that victim anymore.

Age 23 - PIED cured: During the last 3 months, I've been having constant great sex like any normal 23 should.

Six months ago I had sex for the first time in my life and it was one of the worst things the ever happened. I'm 23 years old, been constantly (like really constantly) fapping for 10 years. Probably this was the main reason why I never really felt like I’m missing something. I never knew that porn and sex is different.

Steve Harvey Show (PIED)

GO TO 28:03 FOR PIED SEGMENT. Never mind the shaky advice from the counselor that there is always a deeper issue causing porn use, it's good to see the issue of PIED going mainstream.

Stay strong everyone, this shit really works: I Find Porn Disgusting Now

Just tried watching porn to see if I could get turned on because I am in a flatline... found the video disturbing. Saw through the fakeness of it all... nothing is real about what the actors/actresses are doing. Stay strong everyone, this shit really works!!

NoFap has changed my life. I have the power to go through life and fix problems

I finally reached the 90 day mark. I will describe my journey. I have failed so many times on NoFap. Just because I didn't had the right method. I always relapsed and then I said I'm not going to do it [use porn] anymore.. And bam! I relapsed. This led to not feeling myself in my own body. Not in control.

Age 17 - I have experienced massive changes in myself as compared to what I was 138 days ago

I hope you all are doing great. My last post here was when I was on day 20 or something. But here I am today on day 138 of no PMO. I am 17 and I have been living usually alone for 2 years and you all know these crazy teen years makes you want to do crazy stuff. But I still somehow managed to quit PMO. Let me go back a little bit and tell you how I was like when I was addicted to pornography and masturbation.

Age 38 - PIED healed, good memory, better mood

Today 100 days passed....No more urge to see porn or fap .Mind is completely towards real women ! Lots of Mental Benefits: No fogy brain, good memory , mood changed , less depression , no feeling of emptiness ! [I am a] Male | 38 | 10 years PMO cycle trap | PIED made me to quit. I am single ....i faced ED i was searching for that why i got ED but found that it is PIED instead of ED. So i decided to quit .Totally rebooted now!


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