Is Watching Porn At Home Making You Perform Worse At Work? (MTV)

460689429If you can't focus at the office, your browser history may be to blame.

Tonight on the season premiere of “Guy Code,” the cast is talking about porn. If you’re reading this post at work right now, then you obviously have other stuff on your mind besides the, um, job at hand.

Age 26 - ED cured: Life is just amazing now, so many benefits.

lovers' hands in bedI'm roughly about 150 days in and I cannot believe how much my life has changed over the last year. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done, but it has been so worth it. My life has changed for the better in so many ways, that sometimes I can't quite believe I've done it.

Interview with BlackWhiteGuy

Age 23 - 300 days: My tastes now are much more vanilla & straight forward

300 days in to porn free and I'm in a completely different brain state. For a while I have been unsure whether my sexuality influenced the type of porn I looked for, or whether the porn use was influencing my sexual feelings away from porn.

Age 26 - 30 days of NoFap cured my Delayed Ejaculation

I had been fapping regularly for the last 13 or so years (I'm 26 now). When having sex, I would have always have moderate to severe DE -- it would either take way too long to finish, or I wouldn't be able to finish at all.

I think NoFap should make it clear that it's porn addiction that we are fighting, more so than masturbation.

When I first came here a year ago the longest streak I had was 32 days or so. I quit because I just didn't see the point. I had quit masturbation and orgasm but not porn itself. It wasn't until recently when I discovered that I understood the true effects that porn was having on me.

Age 17 - Feel much better, more energy, think clearly, learned to face my problems

young guyWow it's crazy how time flies. When I started this 90 day challenge on hard mode, I never would have thought I would be able to reach 90 days. Its hard to believe I reached 90 days. I am a 17 year old male and started masturbating and watching porn at the age of 13. I have been fighting this addiction ever since.

Age 25 - Atypical porn user fixes PIED with intermittent masturbation

happy guyCOMMENTS: Keep in mind that guys who didn't start early on internet porn typically recover from PIED far more easily, so this man's advice may only work for those in a similar situation. 

I've come here to share my success story in the hopes that it may help other guys out there with this problem.

Age 20 - Recently experienced sex for what felt like the first time. Happier, more social

happy coupleI was dealing with depression and severe anxiety... I'd just moved to a different state and had no friends. I was masturbating an average of three times a day (my porn habit started around age 12-13. I'm 20, almost 21 now). I played runescape twelve hours a day. For the past few years I had thoughts of suicide a few times a week.

I've lost 100 pounds since discovering NoFap and really changed a lot in my life.

feet on scaleCan't believe it's been 90 days, this morning. I'm immensely proud of coming this far, but the beauty of new habits is you don't have to think about it.

Age 30 - Porn-induced ED quickly cured

kissing loversI have been watching porn since i was a teenager, around 14-15 years old but i can't tell for sure. At that time there were magazines and VHS tapes.

The evidence continues to mount (by UK's John Carr)

Developing brainI recently spoke at a symposium with John Carr, the author of this blog post.

A few years ago I met a really smart polymath by the name of Mary Sharpe.  She was the first person to introduce me to the idea of the “plasticity” of the human brain and how that plasticity means, inter alia, our grey matter gets rewired as a result of things we do, which includes what we look at.

Age 25 - Found my normal libido and a use for occasional pornless masturbation

choking the chickenFor the first time ever, I went 100+ days without fapping. The urges were tough, but I got through them. A few days ago, however, I did a reset because I came to a conclusion that some of you other successful nofappers came across, too: it's the porn that is the main problem, and the fapping is the secondary problem. How did I come to this conclusion?

The Rocky History of Sex Addiction in Public Awareness

TIME cover(by Linda Hatch PhD) It is the height of the AIDS epidemic, around 30 years ago. Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founding father of sex addiction theory, is going to speak to the gay community. He has been invited in by a respected African American sexologist who feels that the gay community really needs to hear his message. On this occasion Dr. Carnes is transported in one of three identical limos so that if he was attacked it would be impossible to know which limo he was in.

Age 22 - Depression completely gone, too much ambition to contain, less brain fog

IcelandFinally made it to 30 days hardmode. All I have to say is keep at it. The benefits I noticed:


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