Age 26 - Less shy & anxious, More energy & motivation, No more brain fog, ADHD is better

Man Up!I discovered nofap in September and this has been my second streak so far, my first one was 10 days, followed by a bit of binging, followed by my current streak.

Age 29 - PIED cured: My manliness has increased and now me and my dick are ready to attack the world

Donald Duck in bedAnd for the first time I can remember in a long, long time, I'm waking up with strong morning wood (a hard dick, in case you have to ask).

Age 23 - Revenge of a Rebooter

Revenge of a rebooter[Translated from Italian] Friends, the following story was summarized the facts and events in the PMO was present in my life.

Age 18 - 1 year: I have changed a lot over the past year for the better

young guyI made it, 1 year. (I am currently 18, I started masturbating regularly from the age of 11 and started viewing pornographic material from the age of 12. I was basically trying to find porn on reddit and found NoFap.

Age 24 - Increased energy, concentration, memory. I now complete whatever I start. I look peaceful.

I am 24 year old Indian guy who heard about nofap a few months back.  When I first started Nofap, I was in a worrying state of mind, I used to worry about unnecessary things.

Age 25 - Reduced social anxiety, Improved self-esteem, A lot more honest with everyone

DedicationYep, 325. That's exactly how many days I haven't fapped in 2015. One word: Dedication.

Age 21 - I had crippling social anxiety, no friends, and no motivation: Everything has changed.

teens holding handsFirst of all, this works. I had no experience whatsoever with girls (sexual or otherwise), crippling social anxiety, no friends and an underdeveloped upper body disproportionate to my frame.

Young Guys Speak Out About Porn-induced ED

Check out Gabe's YOUTube channel for all his advice and information on rebooting here: Gabe's channel. Also, threads where Gabe answers questions:


Age 21 - I can now achieve my goals

young guyI am a 21 year old man. Was addicted to PMO since I was 16. I would PMO 4-6 times a day to pathetic fetish videos. Had no friends, no happiness, no motivation, no life, felt like a loser.

Age 17 - More social, confident, & active. I'm seeing women's true beauty

young guyI started this when I was 16, in January 2015. I was fairly disturbed up to that point, fapping twice a day, sometimes more. I could only get off with pretty hardcore stuff.

Age 17 - PIED cured: My message to y'all is quit watching porn

I started fapping in around 5th/6th grade & I'm currently 17. I probably started watching porn around the same time, can't really remember.

Age 16 - NoFap makes you a #1

young guyI have been lonely, afraid, and weak for so long. Not anymore. I have been holding the longest streak I've ever had, and suddenly I can flirt with ease, have tons of friends, and I am super happy day by day.

Age 26 - No more uncontrollable urges to watch porn when I come across something sexual

These days I don't feel the uncontrollable desire to watch porn as soon as I come across anything sexual. I brush it off and go about my business.

Girlfriend of an ex-porn user speaks - "Sex is amazing"

First of all, you guys are awesome. No, really. I mean it. Even if you feel insecure, down on yourself, or as if what you’re doing isn’t worth it, I’m here to tell you that you’re awesome.


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