Age 18 - Life just way better on every front

Here's a little background info. I was addicted to PMO for a couple years when I joined September 28. I did not have PIED. Somewhere in October I began a 45-day streak. This first streak was filled with edging, however. January 7 or so I began my 89-day streak.

Age 19 - From shy to rocking sex life!

Since starting this thing I've completely changed. Previously I was a shy unmotivated anxious socially awkward teen virgin. Now I can say that I actually enjoy life and socialising with other hoomans. I never thought that this would work as well as it did.

Age 19 - I've become a sensitive, joyful and and aware man, amazing relationship too

From the terrible young age of seven I had my first encounter with pornography. I remember sneaking down early in the morning when everyone was still sleeping, to type in exciting things in google and got to click all these different sites which excited me greatly. I discovered masturbation months after I started watching porn.

Age 21 - Finally dreaming about sex instead of fkn porn

I'm on my 112th day of hard mode, and this night I finally had a dream, not a wet dream, where I was having joyful sex.

Age 15 - This was a period of absolute fucking enlightenment for me

About relapsing, you may ask, "How the hell could you not be mad?"  The 105 days I had were a period of absolute fucking enlightenment for me. AND I've developed my first crush / attraction on anyone since 2011.

"Real Simple" - Porn has serious effects on the men who grew up with unlimited access to it (podcast - 34 min)

A lot of people enlist porn when they masturbate, but what effect does porn consumption have on a person when he or she is with someone else in the bedroom? Turns out, porn can put a real damper on things. Host Lori Leibovich talks with two people who know, one from experience. LISTEN

Been struggling with depression and mental health issues for 3-4 years: I feel more and more that my pornography addiction was the reason

I've been struggling with depression and mental health issues for the past 3-4 years.. With this eye opening experience of giving up my horrible masturbation habits.. I feel more and more that my pornography addiction was the reason I was struggling with these issues. They all have seemingly vanished and I'm feeling so much better about life..

Age 16 - Woke up with the first proper morning wood since age 11.

Woke up with the first proper morning wood since age 11. The past few weeks I don't have any issue with eye contact, I feel charged up, confident. My memory has also improved I can think more coherently. Best thing of all I don't get pimples any more.

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Age 23 - French with PIED: My advice is to be patient. It will probably take you more time than you think. I needed hard-mode.

I'm here to share my experience with you because I'm nearly totally cured and i think my experienced can help you too. Today I'm 23, I'm French, I started masturbation to high speed internet porn at 12. My first experience with a girl was at 19. Conclusion = no erection at all. It was like the thing I've always dreamt of was finally not really good as porn.

Age 26 - ED, PE, shrinkage: I have a girlfriend now and I've been having lots of sex with her with no issues

Just wanted to come back here and write something someone might find encouraging since I was in this same boat. To start off I wanna make it clear that I was suffering from heavy ED last year, I experienced everything from anxiety attacks, shrinkage, semen leakage.

Age 21 - PIED - Long flatline, but I made it - most amazing sex ever

Last September I broke up with the girl I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with after finding out she was cheating on me. I was with her for just over four years, she was my first love. Can't say I PMO'd loads during the relationship, maybe 2/3 times a week or so, but was used to regular sex with her, maybe 3/4 times a week.

Age 25 - More socially active, less anxiety

First time seeing that awesome blue star "90days" and gues what? it feels awesome! It's a must-do for every respected man :D. Benefits? Being more active socially, able to maintain eye contact, more overall speaking, less anxiety, more active at work and at the gym :) and I've started reading.

Age 20 - Brain fog gone, conversation is smooth, eye contact solid

I'm a 20 year old male and this is my first time beeing at 45 days without PMO. My previous streak was at 33 I have been feeling a slight tingle and urge combined with my brain trying to trick me into PMO'ing the last couple of days.

Age 15 - Feeling more natural and less awkward around people

I have been struggling with PMO for a few years now, and today, I hit my three-month mark. There have been many bumps along the way. Towards the end of February, I felt great and hardly got any urges.


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