Age 24 - Nofap Victory story: no more suicidal thoughts :)

I've been struggling with MO addiction since childhood and with p since years now. My PMO habits have become increasingly bad for the six or seven previous years. I discovered r/Nofap a little bit more than a year ago, and while I'm definitely not free of it, I have been more and more conscious about myself, and what staying in a secluded room PMO’ing all day and night had done to me. During those past years, I really felt like life was worthless in general, and I thought of just simply ceasing to exist. Not planning a suicide, but entering a black hole of nothing. I was in a state that I understood later to be depression.

Age 31 - I relate with people in a positive way, Better with negative emotions, Feel more grounded, Always hard in sex, Desire real connection with women

I can say that it’s the first time, from when I was 14th to have so long time without porn and masturbation, and I am proud of it! It's a big lifestyle change, and without the discovery of this site I couldn't be able to manage this big step in my life. The process of rebooting, has not finished yet, and will take some more time to clean my brain from the long time use of pornography.

Age 35 - ED: I get random boners again, I can get insta-hard with a partner again like I'm in high-school

I'm sharing my success story, in the hopes I help others. A little about my history: got introduced to porn when I was 8 (how many of you remember the Spice Channel?). Got introduced to hardcore porn when I was 11. I hadn't gone more than 8 days without fapping since I started doing it almost 25 years ago.

Age 14 - Already seeing benefits

First of all the time that these benefits may appear is different to everybody , so don't panic if they haven't shown up yet.

1«Motivation.You will feel a need of better improving yourself to impact others.You will feel more pumped to do something as boring as studing , just because you know its gonna improve you.

Age 20 - Awkwardness gone, clarity, energy, confidence, time for hobbies

Day 100 mark hit yesterday, on Christmas. I'd almost completely forgotten I was this many days in already. Benefits? Well, to start with the clarity, I no longer feel this weird mental fog I used to feel everywhere I went. During workouts, school, etc. I just felt this weird cluttered feeling in my head. Couldn't focus. Mind was always elsewhere or just not really in the present being sharp. Now, I feel quite alert in everything that I do. The focus is amazing.

Age 25 - PIED gone, Confidence boost that the ladies pick up on

Wow what a journey! Have to say I was very sceptical about #NoFap initially but thought I'd try my hand (urm...) at it and it's been fantastic, I feel so invigorated and full of energy. I feel like I'm 17 again it's mental! The benefits are unreal I have to say, I feel completely rebooted!

Age 29 - Morning wood coming back, I can look people in the eyes

Today I received the best Christmas gift of my life. And I gave it to myself: 120 days without PMO. I had many ups und downs and I will continue to have them. But the good days are more often and I can deal with the bad days better than ever before in my life.

Studies Find Escalation (and Habituation) in Porn Users

Compulsive porn users often describe escalation in their porn use that takes the form of greater time viewing or seeking out new genres of porn. New genres that induce shock, surprise, violation of expectations or even anxiety can function to increase sexual arousal, and in porn users whose response to stimuli is growing blunted due to overuse, this phenomenon is extremely common.

What about Virtual Reality (VR) porn?

Porn industry spokespersons often tout VR porn as therapeutic. See, for example, the claim that VR porn is "80% therapy, 20% entertainment." But is this true? So far, there's no evidence for such a claim, and comments on recovery forums suggest otherwise.

Age 36 - DE, ED, low libido much improved

I am 36 years old and also I started masturbating when I was 12 and using porn when I was 16. I also started watching porn magazines and cable shows until I moved on to internet porn. While I was a teenager I didn't have any visible consequence until I reached my 20's. During my early 20's I didn't suffer of erectil dysfunction, but I was unable to get off while having sex.

Countless new friends, A new job, PUA success

I can finally say I did it. Not here to brag about my accomplishments but I can say it works. There are too many things that have changed ever since I started, both positive and negative, as life tends to throw in a bit of both.


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