Age 30 - REAL life and REAL sex and REAL intimacy is a million times better

I can't believe I've gone almost a year without fapping. I'll be honest. I had a few peaks at porn and was close to relapsing but I just stopped myself and said "NO DO NOT DO IT!" and I turned it off and walked away from my computer.

Holy shit guys....I actually love myself!

I'm at 160+ days right now, and I'm starting to actually love myself. Not the "I love myself if I do this". This love is "I love myself regardless of who I am or who am I becoming". During the years of masturbating and watching porn, I hated myself and I wanted to kill myself, but now there's hope for me and a better future of myself.

Age 27 - Slow progress with a porn-hooked boyfriend

I have been with my boyfriend for 14 months and I love him deeply. However we have always had issues in the bedroom. It is rare that he can maintain a full erection for the duration of our sessions. Often he will stop, re-arouse himself and then carry on to climax.

Age 21 - YOU are the cure for your life

After 4 years of trying to beat this addiction I am proud to say that I finally made it to 90 days [hardmode]. I have been trying and trying for 4 years (since the 12th grade) and nothing has worked!

Age 30 - Extreme porn addict. Now, no more urges

I'm a 30 year old guy and I'd consider myself an extreme PMO addict. As soon as the alarm went off, I couldn't get out of my bed without watching a bit of porn or GIFs on my mobile and I jerked-off at least twice a day.

Easy access to online porn is 'damaging' men's health, says NHS therapist (BBC)

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A top psychosexual therapist is warning about a surge in the number of young men suffering sexual health problems because of online pornography.

Angela Gregory says more and more men in their late teens and early 20s are suffering from erectile dysfunction. She puts the blame on people becoming addicted to watching online porn. There are no official figures but she says a lot of the time it is via smartphones and laptops.

"What I've seen over the last 16 years, particularly the last five years, is an increase in the amount of younger men being referred," she said. "Our experience is that historically men that were referred to our clinic with problems with erectile dysfunction were older men whose issues were related to diabetes, MS, cardio vascular disease. These younger men do not have organic disease, they've already been tested by their GP and everything is fine.

"So one of the first assessment questions I'd always ask now is about pornography and masturbatory habit because that can be the cause of their issues about maintaining an erection with a partner."

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Age 25 - No way on earth I'd ever wanna go back to that shit hole again

There are countless benefits I've experienced over the last 70 days. Here are some of the most important ones :

  • - Confidence is skyrocketing
  • - More mental clarity, no more brain fog.
  • - Mind is much much more calm
  • - Feel extremely good about myself.

My social anxiety is completely gone - Thank fuck I found NoFap

I'm not counting the days anymore because this is something I've decided I'm doing for the rest of my life. Anyways, my social anxiety is completely gone. I used to be that guy who was quiet as fuck all the time, never smiled, was boring as hell and always always always worried about my looks and what people thought of me.

Age 19 - I don't have that 'must not fap' mentality anymore and it feels great

I am finally free from porn, masturbation, and NOFAP and this may be my last post. I've been on nofap since early 17, and I am now 19, and I think you know when you are done relapsing when you forget about doing it and not doing it.

Age 25 - Was a social recluse and now I navigate interactions effortlessly

I'm 25. I was more or less a social recluse and now I navigate interactions effortlessly. I think the added time and energy is the biggest benefit, personally. That contributes to everything. Social skills, fitness, and really anything else is that much easier to learn when you have that extra time and energy.

Age 17 - Going to the gym, running, partying (things I couldn't do before because of my social anxiety)

About me: 17 years old, 175cm , in shape. I've been told a lot that I look like a model. (Thing I doubt but ok..) Also had big problems with Social Anxiety (Caused by Acne) I almost cured thanks to Nofap.

The more I abstain I see a new reality. I started going to parties and clubs with friends a few months ago ( I know I don't have the age to enter).

Age 23 - 1 year: I generally have more energy, think more clearly, and have a more stable mood

It's been over a year - I embarked on my NoFap commitment on July 27th, 2015. Still on my first streak, going strong! So much has changed since last year.

Age 21 - Energy boost is real, I have my discipline back, relationships much better

I actually started this journey on my own at the beginning of last summer. I discovered this community after two months of struggling on my own. Once I joined I relapsed only 3 times before this current streak. A few thoughts thus far:

Age 25 - Wrote my first novel

Positive changes are all of the usual stuff; increased confidence and positive attitude. The biggest difference is my ability to stick to things, like a workout plan, book or project. I started attending a salsa class. The other night I was at a nightclub and I plucked about 10 different girls from their respective groups of friends and spun them around and had a dance (3 of them even leaned in to kiss me). I NEVER would have done that before.


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