Age 18 - I am clear, energized, enthusiastic about everything. I am confident & know what I want

young guyThis is it. This is what I have been working for. This is what I wanted all along. This is what has made me fall in love with life all over again.

Age 20 - After 135 days of NoFap, PIED is officially conquered!

healthy erectionsI had PIED since I was about 17 until 20, which is how old I am now. For years I didn't even get morning wood. Last night, my body remembered what a real erection felt like.

Age 20 - I'm now confident, charismatic, and enthusiastic about life. No more depression or anxiety

baseballI really cannot believe I went from having to masturbate multiple times a day to going 180 days without masturbating once. Before Nofap I was a college dropout planning on going into the military because I had no other options.

Age 18 - Proud to look at myself in the mirror! Much less Anxiety!

Feel goodIt has been a interesting journey, since I have started nofap I have had a lot of bonuses from it and just feel better all round but I will list some of the things nofap has helped me with at the bottom of this post

Age 18 - Happier, more outgoing & confident, I appreciate my SO's beauty and sex is far more intense

young couple60 days ago I decided that I should take my issues more serious than I have before. Not to simply "brush it off" and let it die on its own.

Age 29 - Changed my life goals, my primary values

happy guyThis is my day 90 and this reports is going to be huge long post with broken English. I warned. I’ve been a long time lurker like 1~2 years in this subreddit. And I feel really great to post this long story.

Age 25 - That feeling that everything could get awful at any time is gone: Priceless

feeling good I'm so thankful I stumbled across this little corner of the internet by accident. TL;DR: Hang in there. It's worth it. You won't be scared of life anymore.

Study: Does Compulsive Sexual Behavior Really Exist? Psychological, Relational, and Biological Correlates of Compulsive Masturbation in a Clinical Setting (2015)

researchersYBOP Comments: In this study, compulsive masturbators were younger than other ED patients and had more severe erectile dysfunction. It goes without saying that compulsive masturbation in today's young men would be associated with internet porn use. Compulsive masturbation was associated with higher anxiety and depression, but with less phobic anxiety and obsessive compulsive symptoms. Study's Conclusion:

"Compulsive masturbation represents a clinically relevant cause of disability, given the high level of psychological distress reported by subjects with this condition, and the severe impact on quality of life in terms of interpersonal relationships."

Age 22 - Less depressed, Feel more intelligent, More focus, Gained confidence, Out of my comfort zone

comfort zoneIt has been 80 days already. My life has changed quite a lot comparing with the old routine of daily fapping.

Age 19 - I just experienced what it feels like to love a girl

young couple kissingThroughout my teenage years, I did nothing but masturbate, internet binge, and play video games. Along with that, I had begun to develop crippling anxiety.

Age 18 - To anyone reading this considering nofap, definitely do it. It will change your life.

New Zealand flagI first heard about NoFap when I was 16-17. I hadn't fapped for a couple of days, purely through chance, and I felt much better and more confident than I had in ages.

Age 18 - 90 days: Self-confidence, motivation, positivity are a few benefits I received.

flirtingNote that this post is only about how i got started into Nofap . I might make a separate post explaining how I NAILED 90 days on my very first try.

Age 31 - ED & fetish porn: I had sex 4 times in 24 hours. I got hard and lasted!

Two smiliesI came to NoFap because of porn-induced erectile dysfunction: I couldn't keep my dick hard while having sex and was convinced that porn played a role in the situation.

Age 23 - ED almost cured: I have grown so much over the past 90 days.

contented couple in bedI don't post here but I do browse occasionally and thought I would give you my story. I am a 23 year old male who has given up porn. I never fell into the niche/weird fetishes of porn, just a daily user since middle school who grew up with porn.


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