Age 28 - One day at a time

happy guyI am a sober alcoholic fapstronaut and I wanted to impart some of my experience, strength and hope about NoFap and most any abstinence program. First off, my experience: I was a fapper and a budding addict/alcoholic from a young age and took many to the extremes.

Age 23 - My OCD is gone, my anxiety is gone, and I am on the verge of having a girlfriend.

happy coupleI am 23 year old male, I have been masturbating to porn since I was 12, 13 years old. Meanwhile, I suffered from social anxiety, obsessional compulsive disorder and used alcohol and pot to feel relaxed and calm my mind.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #6: Author of "Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn"

LINK to Show #6  

Author of "Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" Noah (Spangler) Church joins the crew to talk about his new book and his growing (and most excellent) YouTube channel. Noah gives some great advice and tips and advice on his YouTube channels.

At the end of the episode the crew also reveals our full names! OH ME GOSH.

Age 40s - ED & DE are totally gone. Sex is amazing. Increased confidence at work.

happy guyYep, I am an old-fart. In my 40s. Felt the "superpowers" about 4 days in. Increased confidence. Public speaking got a lot easier. The 'powers' go down after sex, which is good and bad. Good cause the sex is amazing now. My ED and DE (delayed ejaculation) is totally gone now.

Age 17 - social anxiety, depression, lack of direction, and the killer, ED.

happy guyWell I hit 90 days, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. I've been at this NoFap thing since August of last year, and this is definitely my first big victory.

Age 27 - Severe ED, fear of crowds, stuttering with strangers: Everything has changed.

Couple kissingThis is the Baron, checking in at my 130 day marker. So far, I suppose I've seen some changes. When I first stopped PMO it was because I realized that it has been a major influence in my life for a long time, both sexually and non-sexually.

Age 25 - (ED) The change in myself has been jaw-dropping

happy guyBefore this streak of 77 days or whatever I'm on, I had been relapsing pretty badly, I even wrote in my journal about it. I'd completely fallen off the wagon and was in a general spiral of self destruction and malcontent. I know we've all been there so I will spare the details :p. I decided for the 5th time or so this year that enough was enough and this time it stuck :)

Age 25 - Before rebooting I was VERY anxious, panic attacks, hypochondria, depressive and obsessive thoughts.

couple kissingBefore rebooting I was VERY anxious, panic attacks, hypochondria, depressive and obsessive thoughts. I was fapping like 1 times a day or other day just for pleasure and because i was bored. When I didn't had something to do, searching for a perfect video was like heaven.

Age 24 - Harder & longer lasting erections, strong urge for real women, greater confidence

young guy24 years old. Hardmode. At day 21 and day 25 I dry humped a girl and orgasmed. Watched porn maybe 7 to 8 times and edged accordingly, with regret because it does slow down progress. You can feel this afterwards when you walk down the street and look at girls.


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