Age 17 - Best year of my life

young guyI joined nofap last year and it was the best decision I ever took, I used to fap around 2-3 times a week but now over the course of a year, I fapped about 10 times or less

Age 32 - I don't have superpowers, but what I do have is a more normal response to the world

fork in roadWell, I think it's time for me to post a success story, given that today by 22:00 I'll be making one full year without porn and masturbation.

Age 29 - Married: Successfully defeated Porn-induced ED and Delayed Ejaculation

smiling coupleI can confidently say that my ED is toast, and this site, along with a lot of you people, is why. First off, let me tell you that this will not be the worst case you've ever read.

Age 37 - PIED cured: Far more content in my marriage. Sexual desires now "mainstream".

happy coupleI PMO'd for the last time on 12/21/14. It was difficult at first but got easier over time. I did relapse a couple times and watched porn but avoided touching myself. I got on the NoFap bandwagon for several reasons.

On NoFap for a while. Seeing a HUUUUGE difference in life.

young guyAs for the changes in my life, while I was in my 7 year relationship with my ex, she would get extremely jealous if I so much just interacted with a girl. So I almost made no girlfriends at that time.

Age 21 - Improved concentration, higher self-confidence, girls notice me more

The more you knowI realised latly that being in charge of your sexual energy is one of the or even most important thing in life we need learn how to control it.

Age 27 - Sex with wife is 1000% better than while PMOing

happy coupleAbout 5 weeks ago I posted about how my wife is on the verge of leaving because I PMed. Sex was also nonexistent which was causing some grief as well.

500+ days - I have had many life changing events and experiences from my brain not relying on PMO

'life changing event' signI have reached over 500 days but have never documented or shared my experiences with anyone apart from a few close friends. I think now is a good time to put everything into perspective, into words.

Age 21 - PIED cured after 1.5 year journey. Depression is a lot better. Girlfriend too!

couple in bedI started nofap after I lost my ability to achieve an erection at age 19. At my peak I was masturbating up to 5 or 6 times a day and watching porn for multiple hour long stretches. I also was on depression medication

Age 22 - Visibly happier; no more signs of depression; no more doubts about gender or gender desired

medical notesEVALUATION FORM Start date: September 10, 2015; Evaluation date: December 19, 2015; Subject age: 22

Age 31 - PIED cured: Probably have had it for most of the past decade

couple kissingI've struggled with PIED for a long time - I'm 31, and probably have had it for most of the past decade. I could get erect, but found it hard to stay that way long enough for meaningful sex.

Age 19 - Confidence, dating, no longer friendless

young guy From the ages of 13-19 I PMO'd on average once per day. I first saw porn when I was 11, and first started MOing when I was 13. My PMO habits were the worst this past summer, averaging about 3 PMO events per day.

Age 21 - PIED cured. I am a new man, in many ways.

happy guyI was never one of these guys who had social anxiety. I could get any girl I wanted, it was easy and the whole scene bored me very quickly. I didn't give a fuck and girls loved me for it (genuinely).... but there was always something missing.

Age 20s - I look people in the eye. My voice seems deeper. I feel still and calm during silences. I feel respected.

young guyI started Nofap in hopes of improving my social anxiety. It wasn't until a couple weeks down the line that I realized that I didn't just have social anxiety. I had anxiety alone.


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