Age 18 - Great year on NoFap, improved confidence-->attractive girlfriend

It was a year ago around this time when I had ceased watching porn and masturbating. It wasn't my initial intention, but after watching very informative videos and doing research I decided to commit! I knew about NoFap but didn't really pay attention to it until after I had stopped.

Greater confidence, Keeping eye contact is way easier, Brain fog gone, I've never been more determined, I'm so ready to live life every day

Just decided my life needed some serious change and thought this would be a great way to start. Today marks day 63! One quick story about how far I've come. I'm very aware of the people around me, and I used to care a lot about what people were potentially thinking about me.

Age 36 - PIED: My success story - this is scary but it WILL get better

I'm happy to say that I'm really feeling now that I'm getting back to normal from a battle with PIED which has lasted for about two years. This has been an incredibly tough road. If you stick with it you will get better, I'm writing this to help anyone else out there who may be in the middle of what I was going through.

I am completely sure that NoFap helps in many aspects of your life, but the increase of confidence is just crazy.

So I have been lurking on NoFap for about a year and after 80 days of not masturbating I have decided to make a post about the positive things that happened to me while on NoFap. The increase of confidence is just crazy. It's the only thing I can be 100% sure has been made possible by NoFap.

Age 16 - I make friends easier, many other benefits

These are all things I've experienced for the better while abstaining from masturbation and porn. After experiencing these results with more to come I honestly think nofap could cure cancer, or prevent it. Nofap definitely appears to be the 'normal' state a human should be in.


-Increased energy.

-Increased courage

Age 18 - Not a virgin anymore!

Had my 18th birthday two weeks ago. 4 days after my birthday I changed from a kissless virgin to a non-kissless non-virgin man. Lol you know what I mean. I don't have any urges to PM at all, except occasional urges to real sex.

Age 27 - PIED healed in 102 days

My inability to get and maintain an erection while trying to have sex with my live-in, long-term SO, was putting an incredible amount of mental and emotional strain on my body. When I'd realized how fucking stupid it was that every time I was alone, I would flip open my computer and start looking at whatever raunchy shit I'd want to see.

Age 21 - Lost a 150K scholarship to fapping and gaming, doing better now

I'm 21/M whose been through a lot like many of you brothers and sisters. When I was 18 I had a full ride to a univeristy of my choice, but I fucked it up (or did I?). I was academically expelled from the univeristy in 8 months for having all F's. Why 1) porn 2) gaming, you can imagine losing a 150k ride because of porn.

Age 20 - More social & confident, Better posture, More attention from women, I love myself and feel better about life, Starting to not sexualize women

20 years old, virgin, somewhat social anxiety, started P and M when I was 13 and since then I watched porn and masturbated every day and felt like I couldn't go to sleep unless I had a release. Porn topics got weirder and weirder as time went by and I started watching some really freaky stuff.

Feeling better already, wife has been really helpful

So today I'm 90 days PMO free. Prior to this venture one of the hardest things I ever had to do was pass pole climbing school. One week of leaving the safety and security of the ground to climb poles. I hated every second of that class and I was afraid to fall and hurt myself.

Age 22 - Real experiences are worth the wait, the fear and the effort (new girlfriend)

My original goal was to be less preoccupied with sex. Seeing beautiful women shouldn't feel depressing just because you might never be with them. After just a week or two I noticed I was having higher energy throughout the day.

Age 18 - For the first time in a long time, I'm getting my shit done

I want to share my experience here, because I believe I can share some insight that may help others. If at any time I come across as boasting or arrogant, please forgive me; that's not my intention. A few months ago, I was an undisciplined wreck.

Age 19 - PIED - Hard way worked for me, girlfriend now, got into medical school

I was probably one of the worst cases I've heard when it comes to porn I would pmo and mo at least 6 times a day. I remember doing until my penis was lifeless and as small as can be. I started from the age of 11. I thought this was completely Normal and acceptable behaviour.

Age 19 - My experiments with NoFap. It works and it's not placebo!

I was masturbating and "addicted" to porn, I started in middle school probably around age 12 or 13. My guess as to why I started and why porn gripped me so hard was the fact that I was scrawny and weak, or as some call it "beta". Due to that, many boys disrespected me and picked on me, and girls always ignored me or rejected me. I never realized it as a problem because I was young and thought everyone did it every day like me.


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