10 tips that help me

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10 tips that help me with NoFap 

by throughmyiphone9 days

*1) Clean Clean Clean!! Keeping my room/car/whatever work environment I am in clean helps me think clearer. Having a bunch of stuff thrown around everywhere kind of makes my mind go from one thing to another, and before you know it my mind thinks about Fapping.. Keep your stuff clean, and if its not clean, then clean it! :)

*2)List out what you need to do for the day. You are more likely to complete something if you write it down. Creating a list keeps you focused on what you need to do throughout the day, and keeps your mind off of Fapping..

*3) Get a porn blocker. K9 works great with me, plus it makes you really have to TRY to relapse..Most of my relapses are due to a sudden urge, not because I thought about doing it.. Also make the password something like "IwanttoruinallthatIworkedfor"

*4) Stay away from the computer while alone It really helps to stay away from the computer when you are alone. If you have to be on the computer, try to get on it in a public place.

*5) Replace your urges with something positive. Every time you feel like fapping, run a mile, or hit the gym, or practice piano. It turns your negative urge into something positive.

*6) Get social Go out, meet new people, sign up for a sport, or sign up for lessons to learn something you always wanted to know how to do. (dancing, drumming, ect.)

*7) Make your NoFap goal small, then repeat. It is a tough goal to go 90 Days with noFap. What I do is I start small and keep repeating. Ill tell myself "Ok, noFap for 2 days is my goal" and once I hit that I will tell myself "Alright, lets see if I can go for 4 days" If I ever feel the need to relapse I will just tell myself "Ok, my goal is to last 4 more hours... Im going to the gym, if I still feel the need after my workout I will try to last only 1 more hour"

*8) There is no such thing as "just 1 time" You cannot half ass NoFap.. (or at least I can't) If you let your self fap thinking "Ok, Ill just do this ONE time, then I will stop" it sets you up for thinking "Well... I did it once today, maybe one more time won't hurt" or "Well, Ill start up again tomorrow" Just don't do it.

*9) Read success stories Seeing how much NoFap benefits people gives me motivation to keep going.

*10) Stay Busy Bordem is a big cause for relapse (with me) Stay busy. Dont procrastinate. Do homework, study, play x box, exercise. (You get the picture)