3 Steps to Success (For all of you who are struggling)

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3 Steps to Success (For all of you who are struggling)

1: Avoid being tired, alone, angry or bored. Especially TIRED AND ALONE. It's the worst combination. Being tired, you don't even think about what your doing and why your trying not to do it in the first place, until after the deed is done.

2: Occupy yourself with something. Keep busy. I took this advice and went on the streak I went the longest, which was 12 days (which ended two weeks ago), I came home and taught myself piano almost every day for an hour or so until someone came home and I wasn't alone. This helped a lot, seriously.

3: Excersise. If you excersise everyday or almost everyday, you will see immediate results. Not only will it get you healthy and in shape, which will come in handy in the long run, but it will help burn off that really intense desire! Of all the ways, this has probably the most effective, but also one of the hardest. It takes commitment and will to get through a tough workout, and than do it the next day, which is why its great. It's like your porn addiction: it's hard to beat, but you can do it. You can give up, quitters don't get better.

I know what day have on my counter, and I own up to that. I know why i relapsed, and it was a stupid mistake. But as anyone will tell you (and as I am doing), pick yourself up, dust it off, and get back at it. Don't be ashamed or depressed, that's the porn winning you over. Porn likes you depressed and ashamed, that's when your most vulnerable! It's hard, believe me, anyone on here will tell you that and anyone who says different is lying.

This is what athletes call The Grind. You wake up, and even though every part of your body is telling you to quit and give up, that your to tired, to exhausted, that it's to hard, you get out there and you work. You teach your body that it's not the one who gives you orders, you are in control of yourself.

This is what we do. We are on the grind. A dopamine addiction is not going to tell you to watch porn, your body is not going to tell you that the desire is to strong, because you are in control of what you do, not the porn!

Keep going all of you who are succeeding, and those of you who are not, keep going. Your not alone.


16 days and ended up fapping. I was feeling really good then got really horny and depressed on day 14, it was down hill from there, ended up looking at porn and couldn't hold it. I will keep trying , this sight and all of you are amazing....