The 30-Day PMO-Free Challenge

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A friend of the site has created his own free 30-day program to help newbies through the toughest initial period of rebooting. It includes inspiration, coaching, space to journal and other features that rebooters find useful.

You can download the program on the "Love & Freedom" website's The PMO-Free Challenge page, or receive it via serial emails.

Said its author:

The last 3 years have been a long journey of exploration through relationships, solo practice, Tantra, and a host of other learning experiences. About three months ago, I ran across the Reddit forum /nofap/, which is a group of nearly 40,000 guys who are healing themselves from their porn / masturbation / orgasm addictions (PMO).

These guys are incredibly determined and courageous, many of them engaging in re-wiring their brains in a way just as significant as what someone recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction goes through. But they had very limited resources. I didn't see any sort of "jump-start" or "primer" that would guide them through their first couple weeks.

So, having a background in Coaching and writing, I decided to create one. I released it this week, and it has been downloaded over 800 times in the first 3 days. I'm hopeful that it will continue to help guys more and more as time goes on.



Am down for it as longs as i get back to myself and i have a question guys i have had hocd induced with porn for the last month and am now in a stage that i find everything sexual and i get hard at wierd times can it be that tge porn is affecting me and i watched porn like yesterday

F. M