Age 21 - 40 Days: Never in a million years would I have related the problem to porn.

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Excessive porn can trigger more frequent urinationI had my first wet dream the other day (day 37) of no PMO. It's insane the amount you cum, but it makes sense if it's all building up in there. I took it as a sign that I'm rebooting. I won't count it as an orgasm though as I had no control over it. I'm not even sure what effects it had on me if any; I was pretty awesome that day although I did get irritated that night. After the wet dream(although I don't know if I had a dream to go with it),my boner was one of the fullest I've ever experienced; I could have hung weights on it.

One thing I noticed about abstaining is that you're going to the loo less and less. Orgasm triggers urination. After the wet dream, I was going for a piss all throughout the day which just confirms what I already believed and although going to the toilet less often in itself is not a big improvement of any kind, I'm not needing to go during the night which means I can get to sleep better. On another note, I had a full on erection for the best part of half an hour the other day. I didn't even know that was possible!

It's amazing what you learn doing this. I think I now fully understand the saying that 'knowledge is power.' Once you know how something works and how it affects you, it's much easier to muster the will power to make a change if you so wish. But we all knew that, didn't we?

Something that had annoyed me for the past few years was how irritable I had become. The only advice I could find was along the lines of "just don't let it bother you", but that's a lot easier said than done. Now I'm finding I can just shake most things off that would have bothered me before, like I used to be able to do.

Never in a million years would I have related the problem to porn. Not saying I never get irritated anymore, but now I don't hold a grudge on that person. I can stand up for myself more, which I could always do in my younger days, although I'm still young. I also feel more empowered in arguments and stuff, like I'm the one in control. This is an improvement I really value in myself. Also, feeling more confident and projecting that to others means that people are less likely to try to annoy you and rather just be more friendly.

I also like having all this sexual energy flowing in my body rather than constantly having to be released. My mind is learning that a having a boner doesn't equal having a wank and it's learning to enjoy it. It's like I'm a completely different sexual being. This has been very important to abstaining from masturbation I feel. Porn hasn't really had a pull since the first few days either.

I read an analogy somewhere on here that said about how abstaining from PMO was like pulling a hair out of a plug and once you pull it out, you start to unplug all the others. This is exactly how I feel. I feel like this is just the start to a better more balanced life. There's plenty more I'd like to say but I think I'll save them for another blog.

-Now that I've reached the 40 day mark, my next goal shall be two months of no PMO.