Age 24 - Social anxiety decreased dramatically. More confident. My mood is much better. I have much more empathy now

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Hi everyone! This is my first post on Reddit. I'm a 24yo italian guy and I struggled with P related problems since teenage years. I started watching P at the age of 11, from the first time I had high-speed internet connection.

From 14 to 20 I only suffered of

  • mild social anxiety
  • problems of connection with people I was watching P for about 3 hours a day at that time.

Starting from 21, I started suffering of

  • very heavy social anxiety and panic attacks
  • depression
  • loss of strength and motivation
  • heavy brain fog and lack of concentration and memory
  • derealization
  • 0 connection with people and less than 0 emotions
  • vanilla sexual fantasies changed to extreme fetishes
  • mild PIED
  • loss of ambition and hopes for the future
  • no interest in women I was watching P during all my spare time, even at night sometimes.

Then something changed in my brain. The last day of December, while thinking about the previous year, I realized that I had a problem with P. I started searching on Web and the first result was the famous Gary Wilson's video.

The results:

  • From January to June I didn't watch P of any kind.

I noticed very huge improvements with all the problems listed above. I was MOed 2 times a month during that time.

Then, in a very stressful moment, I relapsed. It was really different this time. I watched less extreme stuff for a short period of time. I PMOed 3 times in July and once in August. I didn't ruin all the improvements I made during past months, but I wasn't satisfied with results.

So, 90 days ago, I started a new streak, and this time I decided to not watch P or MO. I will reintroduce MO when I will feel ready. I don't know if the first streak helped to achieve the benefits I have achieved in the second one, but after these 90 days I feel a completely different person.

I have noticed the following improvements:

  • social anxiety decreased dramatically and is decreasing every day. Now I can talk with strangers without problems
  • I feel more confident and my voice is stronger when speaking.
  • I have much more empathy now: I think more about others and less about myself
  • I feel the need to connect with people and I don't like to be alone anymore
  • My mood is much much better during most of the days. I smile more and love to make people smile, especially girls
  • I am doing really well at work
  • I have the energy to do much more things during the day
  • brain fog decreased and is still decreasing. My memory is improving.
  • I feel a lot more emotions than before. Good and bad emotions.

To reach 90 days, I did the following things:

  • Used OpenDNS on router and K9 Web Filter on computers to block P at home
  • Stopped using computer at home
  • Manually blocked most common P sites on Android phone editing hosts file.
  • Reduced phone use
  • Started accepting all invites by friends and going out from home literally everyday
  • Read this reddit section (Thanks to everyone)

I hope this will help someone. Thank you for reading and sorry for my english.

LINK - 90 Days : What's changed?

by littlemars93


UPDATE - 102 Days : A new update!

Here I am, only 12 days after my post about 90 days. That's a short period of time, but something really incredible has happened to me. When I started this journey:

  • I was really shy and had social anxiety.
  • I didn't really care about other people emotions, and in every social context it was like I was acting.
  • I didn't have any connection with another human being, and I felt better when I was alone in my room.
  • I couldn't go to the supermarket or another public place, because I had panic attacks.
  • My mood was very low and people didn't like to stay near me.
  • I was always the one that doesn't talk during group conversations.

Well, this was my background. Yesterday, I did something that I didn't think it was possible for me.

  • I went to a conference, and talked to a crowd of people without trembling voice or any other problem of social anxiey.
  • I told a nice girl my feelings about her, in front of her, and I have been truthful (she accepted to go out with me).

This is what changed in about 12 days.