Your Brain on Porn

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Age 25 - 90 days ago, I was at one the lowest points in my life. I had unbearable OCD & no desire for living whatsoever

90 days ago, I was at one the lowest points in my life. I had unbearable OCD (disgusting Pure-O thoughts that made me question my entire morality), no desire for living whatsoever and daily verification of what a weak person I was - I gave in to every single temptation - reddit, binge masturbation, food, you name it. Then, I decided I don't want that life anymore.

Age 26 - DE better, I don't oversexualize everything anymore. I'm back, and I'm better than ever.

I started NoFap when I realized something was wrong. Something wasn't quite right with me but I couldn't figure it out. Either that, or I was ignoring the hard facts. I began to list my good traits, and my bad traits (bad traits = things I was ashamed of, things that needed much improvement, things I knew I shouldn't be doing, certain things that I would hide).

Age 19 - I'm enjoying the real world and learning to love myself

What I've truly learnt up until today from this road is, pleasuring yourself with porn is literaly yourself saying to your body "Don't improve, we are living our dream". Now imagine how bad is telling to the body your are living your dream when in reality you are in front of a screen jerking off. How many moments, opportunities, experiences,... you are missing.

What about Virtual Reality (VR) porn?

A 2017 paper by VR porn researchers reports that,

We found that for most people the potential of a VR porn experience opened the doors to an apparently 'perfect' sexual experience - a scenario which in the real world no-one could live up to. For others it meant pushing the boundaries, often with highly explicit and violent imagery, and we know from current research into pornography that exposure to this content has the potential to become  addictive and more extreme over time.

See Scientists have found something extremely worrying about VR porn.

Age 21 - No longer moody, I am confident, More girls talk to me & I talk to them, More focused on work, Can easily get over things

Is it worth trying and focusing on nofap? My answer is " undoubtedly yes yes yes". Go give it a try.  There is nothing to lose except to gain. Do nofap and don’t be slave of your south pole.

Video - Age 19 - Does Nofap Actually Work? By AVI LSD

Does Nofap Actually Work? By AVI LSD


Age 26 - My life long (so I thought) anxiety, depression and mental issues have seemingly dissipated

Without realizing it until just now that today marks 90 days of complete abstinence from PMO and sex. Over this time I landed my highest paying and rewarding job thus far, connected much better with friends and family and have had a surplus of energy and vigor that I never realized was possible.

Age 18 - 85 days in and my life has changed completely!

Since abstaining from masturbation and pornography I have been able to...

  • Ask the girl I love to marry me, she said yes!
  • Workout regularly since starting, body fat reduced to 10%, muscle mass tremendously increased!