Your Brain on Porn

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Age early 30s - Decreased social anxiety, enjoying the little things

I'm one of the veterans of this subreddit as I discovered it almost 4 years ago. My longest streak was 11 months and a lot of 3-4 months in between relapses. This is a huge progress for someone who was addicted to masturbation since the age of 14 (I'm in my early 30s).

German Heterosexual Women’s Pornography Consumption and Sexual Behavior (2017)

Public Health Significance Statement:

This study suggests that greater exposure to pornography among heterosexual German women is associated with their desire to engage in or having previously engaged in submissive sexual behaviors but not dominant behaviors. This pattern of correlations aligns with sexual script theory and content analyses of dominance and submission and gender in pornography. It does not align with the perspective that measures of pornography consumption are simply proxies for factors such as a high sex drive or an adventurous approach to sex.

Age 31 - PIED cured, but I went back to masturbation too soon.

A 120 day reboot story with lessons learned. I'm not usually one for sharing on the internet but seeing as it was stories of success that gave me the confidence to start I'd like to return to favour. Especially for those reading who see some of their own story in mine.

Age 20 - Less depression and procrastination, way less anxious

I am 20. Benefits? Apart from the energy, I have less depressive states (on average), I can endure more problems, be more active without procrastinating. Also, I am way less anxious and I almost never shout or speak too fast. This also helped me in public or with friends.

Age 23 - Discipline, girlfriend, 50 pounds lighter

I stumbled upon the nofap sub a few days into a streak, as I'd been trying to quit on my own. The online community here led to accountability partners through the last infamous nofap war, and I've kept up with several accountability partners daily since then. As for improvements, I don't really know where to begin.

Age 29 - I'm living again, for the first time in a long time

I feel so at peace for the first time in years. I just have no stress at all right now, and I've been riddled with anxiety for years. I know there will be ups and downs, but man this is awesome. Even more surprising to me personally because work is absolutely crazy right now, but it doesn't faze me.

Just Can't Get It Up:

A short & funny video about porn-induced erectile dysfunction by two medical doctors.