Your Brain on Porn

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Age 31 - I love myself when I look into the mirror

I know I have so many short comings in my body, I am short and my teeth are not aligned and due to masturbation my hair became thin and hairline started receding, to compensate all these I was working really hard on gym, fapping never hampered my workouts but my body looked tight and rotten, like a mummy. I always thought I had big ugly eyes which occupies half my upper face.

Mild PIED gone, I'm pornfree

Today is my 80th day on my current streak, and it is by far the longest I've ever gone without porn since I first started watching it. And it has gotten much easier. To be completely honest, I don't typically get huge urges anymore.

Age 22 - From a virgin with porn-induced ED to successful sex, a 4-year journey

I beat SEVERE PIED I beat SEVERE Pornography Addiction. I beat pornography addiction, porn and masturbation PMO addiction. After YEARS of struggle.  After YEARS of pain and suffering I put myself through and what porn did to me.

Age 20 - I was not social, now I'm kind of popular in college. I was not good with girls, now I'm easy-going, relaxed around them. Grades now good.

I'm rarely around here lately but just realized I hit 91 days and would be nice to post something to reattribute all what you guys did for me. So it's basically one of that "look how great my life is now" posts lol. A lot of you guys are hopeless and sad but I guarantee there's light in the end of the tunnel.

The 13 Steps to Porn Addiction Recovery

If you have been looking for a recovery formula, here it is. Of course, I wrote it 3 years ago, so what have I learned since then? Watch it on YouTube.

Age 18 - Best birthday ever: after literally 1 year of NoFap things are starting to truly click

I would usually spend my birthday at home eat cake then binge porn. This is my first birthday where that has changed. I couldn’t give a shit about presents or any of that. My streak is the best gift I could have ever given myself.

Age 29 - Be a man, because women love men

I struggled with pornography for a long time; I can finally say, I've defeated it. This rebooting process has been an enlightening experience for me, so I quickly want to give a word of encouragement for anyone willing to listen.

Age 17 – Sissy porn addiction disappearing at an exponential rate

I'm 17, and I got into nofap, because I got into a pretty devastating sissy porn addiction. This was my first attempt at nofap, and it's been going amazing, total hard mode, and have only had a few wet dreams. I've been feeling great, low stress levels, low anxiety, I'm more optimistic, motivated, I've been meditating and exercising a little for the first time ever too!