Your Brain on Porn

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Age 32 - For me, this is a lifelong addiction it seems

Last week I broke my streak of 917 days, then relapsed again 3 days later. Why? I hadn't seen my girlfriend for 4 weeks and I wasn't keeping my sexual thoughts under control. It's frustrating because being able to maintain control in that respect is what kept me going for so long, I guess I just got complacent.

Age 16 - First girlfriend, brain fog gone, confidence up

I (16M) have never had a girlfriend before. Due to constant fapping and porn binging, I never gave any girl a second thought after meeting or talking to them. Through abstinence is when I realized everything that I was missing in life. Yesterday I asked a girl if she would like to be my girlfriend, and this is the first time any girl has ever said yes to me.

Working on life project, would rather die than go back to my past state

Firstly, although i am not healed completely (30+ years of PMO), i can definitely say i am back to being my best like when i was a child. Now that i know the reason why I was like i was before these 90 days, i would rather die than go back to that life again.

Age 29 - No more porn-induced ED, but post-sex urges to masturbate

I last wrote a text post on Day 16, so I thought I'd follow-up on Day 25. So far, I've gone 25 days without porn or masturbation, truly great feats for someone like myself. My longest streak prior to this was 17 days! On day 4 of my no-PM journey, I had sex for the first time in a long while. I knew I had PIED when it took vigorous stimulation on the woman's part to get me to have an erection.

Age 23 - Starting to Feel Like a Human Again and not a Person with Problems

For me, porn was a way I could escape. Sometimes life was difficult for me, or I didn't feel loved, so I wanted to escape to a place which would comfort me and make me feel loved. As soon as I stopped PMO I had to face my fears more directly. Each time I felt scared, I got such a strong urge to use porn, but using the management strategies (the nofap app, validating myself, comforting myself etc.) I kept it just under control.

Video - 250 Days of "Effortless" NoFap