I first came across this in July, and have tried to reboot but it hasn't really worked. I'll admit I haven't completely given up masturbation in that time. There have been periods of say a week I've gone without it, but I've always caved at some point. I have given into porn a very small amount of times. It took me a while to be able to do it, then eventually I blocked it from my computer and went months without it, but then the weekend before last I got onto my Dad's computer and watched it. But let me stress, I really hadn't watched it for months until then.

I have noticed some improvements such as morning erections for the first time in years, and when I did masturbate I felt like my penis was more sensitive than before (but that could have been wishful thinking), being able to orgasm just using my left hand (I'm right handed) and not needed to apply as much pressure, and I did notice much better erections when masturbating but it still wasn't that reliable.

I was with a girl the other day and she gave me a hand job. My erection was pretty good, better than in the past, but perhaps not still great, and I got no where close to orgasm, and I knew I wouldn't. So there might have been some erectile improvements, but the delayed ejaculation doesn't seem to have improved at all.

Is the fact I have not 100% given up masturbation that bad? Is the fact that in the last 2-3 months I've watched porn a possible reason?

Some guys take 120 days or more without any masturbation or porn. The fact that you have progressed shows that this is the cause. Yes - masturbation, orgasm, and fantasizing, all slow things down. Porn too.

How often have you been masturbating?

It varies massively. I've been trying to give M up since July. Sometimes I've gone a week and caved, sometimes a few days. I haven't masturbated since Friday (today is Thursday) and before that not since Saturday. I think I'm on quite a good run and the poor experience I had with a girl has given me more desire to finally get through with this.

I wasn't sure how much I'd rebooted before. Maybe I hadn't very much, maybe I had completely. After that I realised there were some improvements; I was able to get an erection mainly. But I couldn't ejaculate and in all that fun I could tell you I would have rather been at my desk watching porn. I'm not sure if this means anything, but I spent the night with this girl and when I slept I had a vivid dream about porn, which doesn't usually happen but did when I was with a girl, and I woke up feeling hornier because of it than the girl I was with did.

Anyway, I haven't masturbated since then as I realised I have a long way to go and I believe I can do it this time.

Hello !
I'm 22 years old and i started my reboot 4 days ago. It's only the start but i already had an erection this morning and find girls way more attractive!
I had no ED with my last girlfriends but i needed a lot of effort and concentration to get an orgasm.
I feel motivated but i'm a little bit afraid of the approaching exam period . I used to watch porn at every break when i was in exams. And it was sometimes more than 4 or 5 times a day!
I really have to succeed at those exams, so do you think it a good idea to start my reboot now? Maybe it will have a positive effect on my motivation to study, maybe not. Let's continue the rebooting process !
Thank you for this website, your videos do really make sense for me!
You helped me to realize the problem and gave me the motivation to change my behavior.
I'm sorry for my poor English!

Whenever I watched porn I was always obsessed with breasts, especially large ones. There have been times when I've been with real life girls with very nice, large breasts, and even though I've quite enjoyed the experience it's like I've enjoyed masturbating over ones in porn videos more, that weren't nicer or anything than the ones in real life. Doesn't really make sense to me. Is this normal? If I rebooted properly would I be able to enjoy the female body in real life as much as I had enjoyed watching it on a screen?

the real thing more if your properly reboot and stay away from porn and pictures.

Does porn use stunt growth? I used it a lot between the ages of 15 and 18 and am rebooting now. Thanks!

The question can be thought of as two separate questions:

1) does a serious behavioral addiction affect growth

2) does ejaculation frequency affect growth.

I doubt that either does. It's impossible to study either question.

First of all i just want to say thank you to this informative site. Its shown me that knowledge truely is power. I had no idea of all the changes I was making in my brain and how they effect other areas of my life so durastically until I realized that porn addiction was the cause of my depression. I used to think that my inability to communicate well was the problem but Ive since realized that porn addiction and communication are related. I have desensitized myself and lowered my self esteem which relates to many other aspects of life. Ive also noticed how in school my eyes have become so fixated on girls butts and boobs that whenever i catch myself I realize how important it is for me to stop desensitizing myself. I hope to go 2 weeks without P and M to become a more open person that is no longer ashamed. I dont want to go back to that place. - 16 years old male

interested in boobs and butts...or any age. That doesn't mean cutting out porn won't be beneficial in many ways, such as communication, focus and motivation. Plus, looking at porn has to alter how we perceive females. Great that you are tackling this now.

best of luck

Hi there! At first thank you for this helpfull resources!!

I'm rebooting now since several months. I completely stopped porn, but I masturbate about once or twice every two weeks (without porn, fantasies or stuff) and no problem getting an erection, my 'taste' is back to my personal 'normal' taste, no chaser effects, no urge to browse porn. I have morning wood regulary, but there are two questions that remain for me:

1) my morning erections aren't that hard, they are hard but yeah not super hard or tight:
so how hard should an morning erection normally be? And are my erections getting harder with more time passes without porn?

and 2) how fast should I get an erection without touching and only by seeing. For example, when I see a girl in real life that looks totally attractive to me: should I get an erection or not? At the moment, when I see an attrictive woman I get some (2 or 3) 'pulses' and the urge to look and talk to her, but no erection. When I touch myself only a little i get an erection and it tooks some time to go away...

So I don't know if I'm back to normal yet, or do I have to wait another couple of weeks?
Hopefully, some one can answer my questions. (I'm 25)

Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

1) Everyone's different, but at 25 your morning wood should be hard. So expect continued improvement.

2) Can't answer that. 25 is not 15.

Here's an FAQ on back to normal - How do I know when I'm back to normal? - expect to see improvements for months.

Hi I am a 32 year old man. I have been masturbating since age 13, more than once in a 2 day period and at peak 6 times a day. I started using porn at age 19 and at age 22 I discovered online porn, although my frequency of masturbation stayed the same. At some stage I went through a very sexually confused stage whereby I figured if I couldn’t get it up for real life women, I should be able to get it up with other guys, but even that didn’t work and although I love sex I couldn’t perform to any situation except to porn. I got married ever since and don’t enjoy sex with my wife since we are married 4 years ago and have to resort to fantasies of porn in my head all the time to get erect and stay that way, and see sex only as a way to keep her happy so I have to do it. I knew there were something seriously wrong with me psychologically or organic, but I never thought it could be from my porn habits although I suspected masturbation, and I am very embarrassed to seek out help for impotence!
At age 26, I was in a situation whereby I didn’t have internet access or to any form of porn, as my job required me to move to a rural place. My libido “crashed” and even night time erections went away. Never did I know it were my brains way of recovering and thought there were something seriously wrong with me, and now I have a bigger problem than just not being able to get an erection when I am with someone else. If only I knew I only flat lined and that things would return to normal without the problem of impotence I experienced.
So this is going to be a journey of self-healing for me starting from today I am rebooting myself cutting out on PFMO. I am going to give this a chance, as I see it I can only gain from rebooting now that I understand the physiology behind my problem.
Thank you so very much for this resource! Keep up the good work!

Masculinity is not simply inborn, it is earned and cultivated. It must be nourished and taken care of.

Sounds like porn-induced sexual dysfunction. It's surprising that so few men make the connection between years of porn use and problems. But the meme put forth by experts states it's impossible for heavy porn use to cause such problems.

good luck

I am a 19 year-old male, started masturbating probably when I was 13, probably started masturbating to porn when I was 14. I masturbated regularly, but not to porn, up until I got my own computer when I was 16. At which point I masturbated to porn pretty regularly just before bed each night.
I entered my first relationship when I was 18. I noticed I was very wary to do anything sexual, and when pants were removed I was very nervous I could hardly get an erection at all. I assumed it was performance anxiety or that I just didn't like the person, and moved on. We broke up, but not for that reason.
In a second relationship, I noticed the same struggle. I could gain an erection during passionate forms of affection, but would go soft after not too long, or would go soft when things were about to get sexual. It was very difficult for me to maintain a solid erection during these times.
By now I was 19, and I also noticed my libido was somewhat low. I was not drawn to people I saw in real life, and if I was, it was more of a "I wish I could watch them have sex" then a "I wish they could have sex with me."
I could gain solid erections to porn, and my ability to gain one to a fantasy was decreasing. I also never had morning wood; I'd figured this was normal until internet research proved me otherwise. I recalled the way I used to be, when I was younger (13 or 14), sexually aroused by the slightest thing, the slightest thought, completely desiring to have sex with actual partners. I wanted that back, but I didn't know how to get it.
I then found this website about 4 weeks ago, and began to reboot.
The first 2 weeks were easy, I wasn't driven mad by any withdrawal symptoms nor was I burdened with intense cravings. After the 3rd week I grew very irritable, but about 3.5 weeks in I experienced my first wet dream. I get morning would on occasion, maybe every other morning, some harder than others.
I experience a time of great stress around this time, and I masturbated to orgasm. However, it was to zero sexual stimuli - even my thoughts were focused on nothing but the feeling I was experiencing. I greatly regretted giving in like this, but I'm still going.
I am now in week 4. I haven't had another wet dream since the last one, but I do catch myself noticing real people with slightly more desire than before. I am occasionally hit with desperate urges to masturbate or look at porn, but I have been able to brush them off. The occasional day will go by where I get spontaneous erections, which are also kind of new, after having spent a year without getting them at all.
My question is, do you think my single masturbation period stalled my progress a bit? If so, do you think it was by much? I'd been hoping to be fully back to normal by the end of week 7 but I'm not 100% sure this will be the case. How far along the timeline of rebooting do I sound like I am?
Thanks for reading,

My question is, do you think my single masturbation period stalled my progress a bit? If so, do you think it was by much? I'd been hoping to be fully back to normal by the end of week 7 but I'm not 100% sure this will be the case. How far along the timeline of rebooting do I sound like I am?

These questions are common and addresed in the porn FAQ's.  But the simple answer is I don't know the answer to any of your questions. Masturbation or porn use is the norm when rebooting. Maybe it stalled you, maybe not. Masturbation is a choice when rebooting, so you can view it any way you want. 

Continued success 

This site has been an inspiration. I've learnt so much over the past 4 weeks and plan to continue to study and learn. I never realised the addiction I had to porn and really started to worry about what was happening to me (I had originally tributed my issues to a back injury)
I'm a healthy male in my late 20's, but I was having massive problems with not only my self confidence, but with my labido and drive. I never knew why.
A little background info:
I would usually watch about an hour of porn a day, usually before bed. Over the past year I started noticing how much of a chore it was to get an erection. I'd get semi-wood and it would take a lot of porno watching to get it there. Like any guy, my first thoughts were "what the hell?"
After trying, unsuccessfully,to google every possible site relating to penis, problems, and circulation I decided I was messed in the head. I found this site purely by luck and ever since I've tried to reboot my brain.
I've tried for the last month to quit the porn and the fapping. The first 2 weeks were fantastic, i noticed a lot of small changes to me, but also a few mood swings.
On the 14th day I woke up with some solid wood and strangely enough, I didn't want it to end! I was so happy. Unfortunately, I couldn't resist the temptation and jerked the gherkin. It was different though, I found it much more sensitive to touch and quite an amazing experience.
The 3rd week was tough, I felt like I fell off the wagon and was down on myself!!
This is week 4 and I've gotten back on the right track... I've only seen porn once, purely by accident (yes it happens) and I don't miss it.
I notice girls and find I'm getting much more attracted to everything (eyes, hair,smile, walk....)
Thank you again for all this information and I hope to have an update soon!

Hi there,
I've managed 26 days without PMFO and (months without PF before), but yesterday night, I had a very strange experience. I woke up in the middle of the night with an erection and went to urinate. After that I lay back in bed and I felt a strange prickling/pressure (a mixture as if had to pee and were sexually aroused??) in my glans. It didnt went a way as the erection went a way and it felt really uncomfortable, couldnt sleep. After a while I decided to masturbate. I come really quick, had a strong ejaculation, but no feeling of orgasm... then after a while at least this strange feeling went a way... somehow this made me insecure and i have no idea how to interpret it??

Do you think a masturbation schedule would the right thing to do? The whole point of this site is to stop using porn, which is what you have done - for months.


This site is a blessing for me, had it not being for this I wonder what would have happened. At least, I have some direction with the issue I have been facing for sometime now. I don't even know where to begin, but I am certain I have porn induced ED.

So, I am a 25 year old guy, I have been masturbating for ever since I was 13-14 years old. I was quite frequent with it, I started watching some semi porn movies once in a while and reading erotic stuff. This continued for quite a few years, but it was never extreme, at least that is what I remember.
I have a troubled family history with Alcoholism in my family, lost my father early due to it when I was 12. So although, I stayed away from alcohol and smoking and other material addiction, I did not realize that my personality disorder was taking shape in form of porn addiction, because I did not consider it to be one, although I always knew it was unhealthy but the craving was just too much.

When I started college, with more access to internet, porn became a part of life...and quite a bit. My porn/sex/love addiction made me a bit mad, I started having sexual feelings for any and every woman I came across and I mean it....and I used to jack off to strong fantasies. Also, my porn watching was based on availability, if it was I would...otherwise I would always have wild fantasies.
Including my immediate family members. I became sick with it..I knew it..the guilt was there but since the craving was so strong and the in built personality disorder I had..i just did not work towards it.

For the past 5 of years or so, when I was away on my own studying and then working, erotic stories and porn became a huge part of life. But since, I was having a rocking sex life with my first girlfriend it never bothered me and I continued it, assuming it to be my extra strong desire for sex.
Then after a couple of years, when we started out long distance relationship since she moved to a different city, porn became a even bigger part now.
It has been over a year, last Jan, since I had a successful inter course with my girlfriend. Since then, we parted ways, and porn continued to fill my sexual cravings in an even bigger way (3
3-5 times a day). It was almost 5 months back when I met another girl and we were in bed that I realized I did not a strong enough erection to put on a condom and penetrate her.

Since, I was not fully over my ex, my mind was confused that ways too and I wondered may be it was because of that..I continued to PMO, although my erections during PMO had started to become sluggish for sometime but I did not notice and kept on, when the same thing happened with new gf again, I was just too embarrassed. I could not understand what was happening until I read this article a couple of months back.
Since then I have being without porn, have drastically reduced the MO but keep relapsing, right now on 7th day with no PMO. I have what I assume a "flatline" ...and need more direction and support to get over this.

More about my experiences soon. Hope to hear from you soon.

Will write in tomorrow to complete the story.


I encourage you to click on the support tab. There are several forums and websites where you can post, get advice and blog about your recovery. Very few guys post here, or answer. This is an information site.

 Two that are very familiar with YBOP and ED are -

  • Your Brain Rebalanced - A new forum closely tied to yourbrainonporn. Start your own blog, discuss rebooting, post, ask questions, share, and get support.
  • NoFap subreddit - Very active porn recovery forum on reddit. Very familiar with yourbrainonporn materials.

Good luck

I've been rebooting to some extent since summer when I discovered this site. I say to some extent because I kept relapsing and looking at porn. I got K9 so things improved, but I'd still sneak onto other people's laptops and watch it sometimes; but now I haven't watched any in months, and recently the internet on my laptop hasn't been working so I've found myself on my Dad's laptop late at night with no one around yet I haven't caved, which is great, but masturbating has still been not as easy to give up.

My record is 19 days; I've caved a few times in the last few days, and I've noticed the days where I have I've felt incredibly depressed; perhaps some of the lowest moments in my whole life. I've heard about orgasm hangover, do you think that might be what this is?

In the past I've had many orgasms over hardcore porn several times a day and felt fine; is it something to do with the reboot that this happens? I know it's not just me being annoyed at myself for caving, because I was actually pleased with the erections I got and was sort of happy about it in a way. If this is orgasm hangover will it go away when I've fully rebooted? I asked people on Reddit, but thought expert advise might be better, thanks.

Addiction - research shows that stopping an addiction causes a further decrease in dopamine and increase is brain level stress hormones (CRF, norepinephrine). Continued use prevents this neurchemical event. The combo leads to many of the withdrawal symptoms common to most addictions, such as depression and anxiety.

My guess is that you may be experiencing a continual state of withdrawal as you mix in porn binges. In other words you are not all the way through re-balancing your brain.


Thanks for your great site!!! It's great, and you're doing an amazing job. I started my rebooting 2 days ago and I was wondering if I can create a rebooting account? write every couple of days about what I'm going through?
I think that will help me a lot. Thanks

The rebooting accounts on YBOP are taken from our earlier forum and various other websites. If you want to start your own diary of your rebooting process I suggest visiting Your Brain Rebalanced -

They have a whole section for "Journals" and are very familiar with YBOP material.

Good luck on your journey - and when you feel complet in your rebooting process drop me a note and we will place it under "Rebooting Accounts".

i'm 23 y/o who is really struggling with this addiction. i went 10+ weeks without porn and enjoyed the benefits of a firm erection for the first time in my life (rebooting really does work!). sex was easy and great. after a few months of successful sex, i fell back into my old habits. it started with just "a peak" and now i'm now into my forth month of using porn to masturbate daily, sometimes multiple times a day. although my brain recovered and my penis started working properly again, i was clearly always an addict deep down. i've tried rebooting again several times this last fortnight, and failed miserably each time. i think the reason for this is because, although it's becoming my difficult each time, i am still managing to have sex! i however know that my luck will run out sometime in the near future. i don't know what. i think what i fear most is the actual rebooting process again. i want to continue having sex and i don't think my partner will want to go through another reboot process with me. she was great the first time around, however i don't think she will be very forgiving knowing that i allowed myself to fall into my old habits.

i'm so confused. do i reboot and continue to have sex? do i reboot and stop having sex, risking my relationship (my least favorable option)? or do i continue what i'm doing - that is sex and PMO -, risking my healthy brain/erections (clearly not)? do i even need to reboot, or can i simply stop PMO? i'm so confused. i hate myself for allowing myself to fall back into my old habits. how stupid can one be!

Simply cut out porn and continue top have sex - you know -like everyone did before the Internet. Don't call it a reboot. Don't call it anything. Heck, give yourself permission to masturbate, if you must. Just stop all screen-based artificial stimuli.

As Trinity said to Neo in The Matrix: "you've been down that road before; you know exactly where it ends.

lifted a weight off my shoulders. I represent everything this site is about. Started on porn early, became reliant on it for satisfaction, turned me numb. This "turned me numb" has frustrated me for years. Trying to understand and explain it, I saw many health-care professionals, did my own research, spent a lot of $$$ on lotions, potions, pills, aphrodisiacs etc etc Now I know, after reading through this site, that I was doing myself more harm by trying to force myself better. I had some idea what my issues were, but this site has well and truely filled in the gaps. Now I have a full picture to work with. Now I feel see some light. Now I know what I have to do to recover. The anger, irritability, pressure to perform, depression and the strain of relationships by not fully understanding and coping with my problem I now feel I can move on from. This alone excites me.

All I can say is thank you. I wished I had discovered this site years ago.

You may want to check out www.yourbrainrebalanced.com - as you can post there, start your own journal, and it has a porn-induced ED section.

Good luck

I am a 20-year-old Nigerian college student, resident in Nigeria.

I lack the words to describe the gratitude I feel for the creators of this site. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. This is my story:

I came across an internet picture of a naked woman and sex for the first time when I was about 10 or 11. It shocked me, of course, but I sort of lost interest in that kind of stuff for the next five years or so. I preferred video games and Pokemon, I guess. Well, when I was 16, I stumbled on EVERYWOMAN by Derek Llewelyn Jones at a bookstore. The images in that book made me so violently and passionately aroused, I saved for weeks to buy it. This was, in a way, my reintroduction to porn. I eventually graduated to using pictures from the internet, but without masturbation. Just going to cyber cafes to steal glances at sex acts was more than enough to keep me satiated. The first time I saw a double penetration picture, for example, I was stunned speechless and aroused beyond comprehension (now, I'd yawn.) This, at that time, was the only way I could use porn. In addition, I suffered severe guilt, most especially because of religious reasons.

A year after I started using pornographic pictures, I accidentally discovered masturbation while showering. The feelings I produced in myself as I caressed my penis, without fantasy of any kind, nearly made me collapse...they were marvellous. After that episode, I became addicted to that new hobby. Within a few days, though, I became unable to achieve orgasm with just physical stimulation alone.

The first video of sex that I watched disgusted me. It was an amateur video. It was nasty...the guy was using his saliva as lubricant, etc. It grossed me out. I remember being so utterly amazed that a woman's body had such an aperture in it. The next video I watched was so much better, and made me pretty much addicted. By this time, I was already using porn videos to masturbate, and the sensations where out of this world.

This was circa 2007, and I did not have personal internet access. I had to go to cyber cafes or DVD stores for porn. Going to the stores was particularly embarrassing, but I did do it. As the years passed, I became increasingly dependent on PMO, and also increasingly desperate to have real sex.

I was admitted into university in 2008, and suddenly being surrounded by so many young, hot women nearly drove me off the brink. I compensated for this with more urgent and frequent masturbation to pornography, completely unaware of the havoc I was wreaking on myself. When I finally had access to high-speed internet and a PC, my use of porn exploded, peaking in 2012. At one time, I had about 19 gigabytes of porn on my laptop, and was masturbating 2-3 times per day, everyday, to ever-novel material. I no longer felt religious guilt, for I'd become an agnostic.

Well, to cut a long story short, I had sex for the first time exactly two weeks ago. Or tried to, to be precise. I was stunned beyond belief when, right before an open, inviting vagina, my penis refused to rise to the occasion. What I'd fantasized about doing a billion times, over a period of six long years, was beyond me! Understandably, I panicked. With time, however, little Willy became semi-hard, I got the condom on, and sex happened, after a fashion. The girl had a great time; she even orgasmed, but I had no such luck. I had no libido; I felt NOTHING in my penis. As I thrust in her and as she moaned, all I could think of was how unbelievable it was for me that I was impotent. At 20? IMPOTENT? I could not believe it, let alone understand it. As the girl held on tightly to me after the session, I realized that, for all intents and purposes, that peculiar race called my sex life had ended before it had even begun.
As I had PMO'd aggressively early that morning before sex, I came to believe, after calming down a bit some hours later, that I had exhausted my sexual response and thus had been unable to respond to a real woman. I abstained from porn till she came again the following day, tried sex, and failed yet again. Frustrated, I took off the condom, went in, and still I felt nothing. Compared to the firm death-grip of my hardy fist, a woman's vagina was simply a joke. Also, because of that indiscretion, I caught gonorrhoea. That, unbelievably, was to be my fate forever more: that the day I lost my virginity was also the day I got the Clap. Bummer. As of now, I'm still not fully sure that I have not also contracted HIV, or some other nasty STD, and that I've not impregnated that stupid bitch.

Well, after that incident, I spent hours surfing the web in a blind haze of desolation, despair, and in a pathetic attempt at self-consolation. That was how I stumbled on yourbrainonporn.com. Actually, I found out about porn-induced ED on psychologytoday.com first, and found the link to this site there. As a result of the information I've gleaned from here, I've remained porn and masturbation free for exactly two weeks now. At first, my libido crashed to frighteningly low levels--a complete, utter, terrifying flatline--but gradually returned after a few days. Today, I all but relapsed. The video I nearly sipped up on had started already, the girl to be used was being spoken to by the cameraman, and I was weak with a lust and desire so sickeningly powerful, I could hardly believe it. I don't know where I found the strength to come to my senses. Just two weeks of abstinence, and just the sight of the face of a poor porn girl was enough to nearly make me go wild with horniness. Two weeks and one day ago, not even the hardest of hardest core porn would have gotten half that response from me. The reboot is working. I'm recovering.

As I write this, the tip of penis is burning like a firebrand from hell. I'm on antibiotics, though. I only hope I've not contracted HIV or something else from that bitch, or impregnated her. I'm in a real difficult stage in my life right now, and I've even thought of suicide. Sex is a big deal; not to be taken lightly. I hope I'll overcome these tribulations. Like I've stated earlier, thanks again, YBOP.


This may or may not be a helpful link - Your Honest-to-God Guide to STD’s

Your experience is not unusual as this very recent article describes a rise in porn-induced ED, which is associated with declining condom use- Middleburry College physician sees rise in ED - blames porn

Your urge to test your equipment is normal...and often leads to relapse. The flatline is an indication of addiction.

I suggest visiting http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/ and posting there, as they have a section for porn-induced ED and lots of support.

Hoping for the best

I've been rebooting for over 3 months; I haven't viewed porn since and only MO'd about 5 times - my greatest period of abstinence was 6.5 weeks. In this time, I have seen very little improvement. My libido is still almost completely zero.
Is this normal?

In addition: I am 19 years old, a virgin. Masturbated to porn mostly nightly since I was about 14 or 15.

a good urologist to rule out anything organic. For some guys it can take a long time - 5-6 months or longer. This FAQ may be helpful - Started on Internet porn and my reboot (ED) is taking too long

good luck

i had a question, i am currently rebooting but i have adhd so i am taking adderal xr for it, will this delay my progress in rebooting since, adderals action on the brain is to increase secretion of dopamine from the brain over extended period of time?

I'm 17 and have been masturbating to porn once a day since i was 13, when i was 16 i found this site and was able to stop masturbating to porn 63 days, this worked great and in that time i formed a new relationship with my now 1 year girlfriend and she does not know about my porn addiction and ED. but lately in the past 3 months i have relapsed and every time i vow i will not again, but sadly i do, my girlfriend and i have decided it's time to have se but as i have relapsed and turned back to porn I'm quite scared of it. I feel if i can leave a comment hear once or twice a month i will be able to stop for good and help myself, i figure it will work like a diary.

You can post here or vists yourbrainrebalanced - http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/  - its a great website for support

This is my first post. I am 23, watching porn since 15. For the last 2 years i am hooked to it. started reading this site and decided to stop watching internet porn, its been 2 days but last night i had a wet dream, got up and i had an orgasm. Please tell me its good or bad.

pedro diego

here's an faq on wet dreams -


I suggest clicking on the support tab to find a forum

good luck

I'm 25 and I have always been a very sexual person. I started masturbating as a teenager and found porn shortly after. Even after I lost my virginity at 16 I used to watch porn kind of frequently during high school but only at night (I didn't want to get caught at home). When I first got to college, I started to have a good amount of sex with the girls I'd meet downtown and never had a single problem getting an erection no matter how drunk I was. If we started kissing or even touching I would get rock hard. However, as time went on and I moved out of the dorms and got my own computer, I started to watch porn again. Just like everyone else, I even developed wierd fetishes that I could not rationally explain. Soon enough, I wasn't even interested in looking at beautiful women having sex but, rather, became enfatuated with older, plain (and often just completely unattractive) looking women. The girls I would be seeing would be good looking girls with nice bodies and all I could fantasize about would be these women that anyone with their right minds would laugh at me for masturbating to.
I'd say probably a couple of years ago I would start to notice that I don't get as hard anymore and sometimes have ED alltogether during sex. I no longer masturbated with a fully erect penis anymore either. All in all, I wouldn't say that I was completely addicted to porn (I would only look at it maybe few nights a weeks, but sometimes would binge) but whenever I would, I would always look for my mature fetish. Its to the point now where I fantasize about someone who most people would find disgusting, than a beautiful young woman.
I actually figured that porn and masturbation had a lot to do with it but no idea just how much so I quit porn probably about a month (maybe less don't really remember) before grad school. I quit masturbating too at the same time but I had sex probably a couple weeks before school started ( not good, but decent erections) but became very horny the first week and masturbated a couple times (with fantasy, no porn).
I've recently met a gorgeous, funny, intellegent, amazing girl in my class and we hit off. This girl is incredibly hot and sexy and in my mind I know that I should be struggling to contain my penis in my pants whenever I'm with her but its just the opposite! She recently gave me oral and manual stimulation and I knew I shouldn't have (how was I going to tell her no) but I came twice with very minimal erections. I litereally had to sit there and fantasize (about other fat, unattractive older women) while she was pleasuring me so I could maintain some sort of an erection.
This is just absurdly embarrasing. There is nothing wrong with me physically: I'm young, very fit, and very social but apparently I also have this diseases mind that I can't seem to control. I've been all over your site (and I am ETERNALLY grateful for people like you who help people like me) and I know I must be going through a withdrawl, especially with my libido. It just sucks becausd I just met her and now have to tell her that I really can't have her pleasuring me and making me come.
I was especially curious if you could offer some insight into my particualr situation. I mean, I have been off porn for probably going on 2 months now and I hardly ever masturbate ( except for a couple times about a month ago and once a couple weeks ago) and I came twice just recently. No offense to my brothers on this site, but I dont really consider myself as addicted as a lot of them were ( not several hours a day/ 5 days a week) and I was just wondering how much longer do you suspect I need to put off sex ( because I sure as hell have no desire to return to porn or masturbation)? And also, do you think I lost most of my progress when I came those two times (and was fantasizing during them)? Thank you for all your time and knowledge.

Do somebody know a way that could accelerate the rebooting process? Since I'm currently on vacation and have a lot of free time, I thought if i give my brain so much different input to process (like traveling a lot to different city, meet a ton of new persons and doing a lot of different things), this could make me forget faster? Or do you think that this doesn't really matter and i've just to wait the 90somewhat days?

The usual suggestions are aerobic execise, meditation, and a good diet. There are several suggestions under tools for change (links at bottom of that page). It seems that time and keeping your mind off porn is it.

Thank you for this website, I finally understand what has been happening to me all these years... this is the best site... others came off as too religious... for me.


That timeframe is shocking. I've heard a few people say an 18 year old guy can be looking at 5+ months for a reboot? I don't know how I'll manage.

If that is true, in those times would it be counterproductive to have regular sex, or just PMO?

Please click on the Ponr & ED tab, as it discusses young guys in severral articles - and covers sex. Also read rebooting as it covers sex and masturbation.

Keep in mind that how long it takes for another says nothing about you. The key is to eliminate porn. You may be bale to have sex , and occasional orgasm during sex and fully reccover in 2-4 months.

I'll repeat - the 4-5 months is for erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction.

I'm 16 days into my reboot although I should mention this is my third crack at this. I did 87 days last year but once I started masterbating again I fell back into old habits. This past summer I did 15 days before I cracked. This time is going to be different because of what I've learned from the previous attempts so I do not think those attempts were wasted. They gave me what I need to succeed this time around. I've learned that I can't handle masterbation. Many guys will cure themselves, start a healthy sex life and masterbate a little from time to time. Given that I've been ejaculating to internet porn from the age of 16 its just not in the cards for me as its too closely wrapped up with the internet. I just have to stay away and get so desperate to ejaculate that I finally hook up with a girl again. Also, I've learned that part of the problem is that the internet itself is addictive. Therefore I'm restricting my online time to work, one other harmless site, and this site from now on.

Finally, I've learned that I need a weight loss plan while I'm into my reboot so that when I'm finished rebooting and am ready to date I will be in shape. With all these things in place I'm sure this third attempt will work.

I also want to tell Gary that I'm very anxiously awaiting his next radio show when he talks to a recovered addict. Although I've seen so many anonymous posts, I've never actually heard anyone come out and talk about this very common problem that I have suffered with for years. I think it might be therepeutic for all of us.


i am 14 now, i am a bad addict to porn and masturbating.does masturbating cause ill-effects on my health, if yes how can i stop masturbating and recover damage of my body caused due to years daily masturbation??please please help.


We have about 5 articles on masturbation. None of them say masturbation is harmful. They say that sexual intercourse may provide the benefits often described in popular articles. This doesn't make masturbation damaging. The problem today is that porn and masturbation are synonymous, yet masturbation to porn or memories of porn, every time one masturbates is a completely new phenomenon.

Our purpose for writing these articles is

1) To have guys be OK with drastically reducing masturbation during a reboot period

2) To let guys know the frequency of masturbation found in western cultures may be quite high compared to our hunter-gatherer past. see

WEIRD Masturbation Habits

My suggestion is to eliminate porn and all other visual stimuli. You may find that your masturbation frequency declines. Porn is the problem - focus on that...and see what happens

Over the last few years I have not been myself. I'm often anxious, I over think everything, often feel down and don't really enjoy things as much as I used to. I don't enjoy the sound of music as much, or reading books, dancing, watching sport; I find when I have feelings for girls (which is rare) I might know deep down I want them but I don't have the same feeling I had when I was younger. I was addicted to porn and had (still probably somewhat have) ED and DE. I started watching at about age 11, watching on average 2-3 times a day between the ages of 14 until 19 where I came across this site and realised porn had caused my sexual dysfunction.

I've been porn free since February and have noticed erectile improvements; Morning wood has come back for the first time in years, although I'm sure I still need to recover more. However, some of my issues are still very much present. I've asked about this on reddit but I really think I need to speak to an expert. I'm sure you'll tell me you can't know for certain, but how likely does it seem these things are caused by porn addiction and will eventually go away the more I abstain, or is it likely I have an actual mental illness?

I'm not a therapist. I would encourage you to speak to one...a good one.

If you are prone to depression, talk therapy may be quite helpful. As you know the things that we can all do involve:

  1. no porn
  2. exercise
  3. meditation
  4. good diet
  5. avoid drugs, alcohol, weed
  6. get off the computer
  7. have a purpose
  8. most important - social contact, of all types.      

Yes, see someone. It couldn't hurt