Thanks for the response. I already do all those things. It's just all these things seem to have come about at the same time, which was after a few years of intense porn watching. It's not like my life seems hopeless; I can get out of bed in the morning without too much trouble. I've looked up the symptoms for Depressive and Anxiety disorders and it doesn't seem like I have one. I feel like the guy mentioned in the Ted talk who said he had all these issues but couldn't put it down to a single cause until he realised it was porn.

I feel so sure porn is the cause (not just because I liked it to be, it just seems logical), it's just that I thought these symptoms would start to go away eventually. I should mention that I've been free from porn since about February but I have masturbated quite a lot in that time (I've had long streaks including 35 days) and also found myself on questionable web cam sites, so it's possible I still have a while to go.

If you are from nofap/reddit you may have conditioned your thinking to focus on masturbation, rather than the real problem which is porn. I encourage you to apply black & white thinking to porn use, and not to masturbation.

have you seen these threads?



On another note, it is clear that young guys with ED who started early on porn take many months to rewire their sexuality. Let's hope that complete abstinence from PORN does the trick

I have been doing these things. Watching porn is no longer an option in my life and I haven't done for at least 9 months. But I have still been on cam sites a few times (like Omegle) and I think that hasn't helped. Also until recently I think my brain still operated in porn mode, allowing porn like fantasies and thoughts and it's recently I've begun to look at women how I really should. These thoughts (often accompanied by masturbation) certainly didn't help. So perhaps things could get good soon if I don't allow these thoughts, stay away from cam sites and try to masturbate as little possible (while recognizing I certainly can if I have to) things could better very soon? I do think giving into often masturbation would often lead me to these cam sites.

Reading this post on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/14q755/restoring_your_dopamine_re... as well as listening to your radio show and hearing Gabe talking about fasting has made me think a lot about increasing the number of dopamine receptors. Do you think the post on reddit is accurate, and do you think fasting can increase dopamine receptors? If so, why? Any answer you give to me I will share with the nofap community so you wouldn't just be helping me but thousands of people! Thanks a lot.

addiction is so much more than dopamine D2 receptors.

People recover from addictions while still using other drugs, smoking and eating like crap. Not to say you should do any of these.

I wish people would stop trying to figure out ways to increase D2 receptors - its so much more complex than that. Just exercise, eat right, meditate, socialize, and rewire to real females.

there are no magic bullets.

It was 01st of September 2012, when for the first time i realized about my ED, ( Till this point was unaware that the cause for this problem is PMO) to be very frank i had many girlfriends but i never had sex with anyone of them(as sometimes girls were not ready to have sex and sometimes i wasn't), I am 23 and i have been till September 2012, a super-strong porn addict. I remember the first time i masturbated when i was just a 12 year old kid, but without porn. As and as months passed, my masturbation habbit was increasing.
(Its not a very different story than all my brothers who hve posted here on YBOP, its very similar)

Initially i dint have access to internet, that time we managed it with some magazine pics, TV and later CD or DVD's. The habit continued and then eventually the day appeared when with one of my buddy at the age of 14 years i saw a first porn movie in my life, which was like a "smoker introduced to Cocaine", then my addiction was on the way to reach for stars. I constanly thought about it and tried to watch it at any cost, which came with massive fapping.
Then in my life, the Mother of all these evil, stepped in i.e--- Internet Porn, then cyber cafe was the place where we could and it was not so strict that time, so we watched it with mix feeling fear and excitment... and then collection of sites from friends and the crazy search went on and on for years......
(After so many years i could figure it out why i was not able to score good marks in school as i was totally engrossed with this addiction)

And PMO addiction continued throughout my teenage and continued til September 2012,It was all sort of dirty fetishes- i literally saw all type of porn nothing was left unseen-- when i took internet connection in 2007.After that Tsunami of Porn was the end result;day in day out,hence, rise of a fapstronaut ;).... it was the day after realization i.e on 2nd September 2102, it was so very heartbreaking and distressing that for the first time in my life i thought of getting a real sex experience and instead of experiencing its beauty, it was a shocking moment of realization of ED. It was so burdening me, it was a real taste of failure.....
(After a failed attempt, I somehow managed to convince her by telling a stupid story )
The next day i googled my problem, and i saw this amazing and noteworthy site, which was in coming months was about to change my life totally....I read on article about Porn and ED and it was a moment of Jubiliation, i was extremely happy to see that cause and its 100% curable, was happy and disappointed.......
From that day i decided to take control over my life and was strongly determined to give up the Addiction of PMO.
I'll be very frank with u, despite i gave up porn absolutely no cravings for it, but it was difficult to control Mastbation, which i did it without porn, which i thought was impossible without porn. From September till November I Masturbated only 5 times, which for me is a massive achievement, coz it shockingly 15-20 times in a month.
(Scary Isn't it!Indeed it is.)
Like everyone, i wasn't able to hold on with strong determination and i relapse in November last month followed by chaser effect, i completely forgot about the big picture and was sucked by the moster whirpool of Porn, but i saw it just for 15 mins and fapped.....sad it was!!!
But now i would like to tell u guys with absolute delight, its my 22nd day of 100% of No PMO -- absolutely determined. When i saw my previous performance of abstinence from PMO, I found that my highest control was till 16th Day, this time it was for the first ever time in my entire life rite from the age of 12, i have taken such a big gap, which has always been my dream of being away from PMO.
Its not a forceful act, but a complete willingness to see the day of Success.....I am so very grateful and thankful to Gary Wilson sir and Marnia Robinson mam, who have given us such a precious guidance and helped so many addicts like me to get back to normal life, thank u indeed sir and mam....( though i am in the rebooting phase, i am am extremely certain and immensely faithful about the change that will occur soon in my life)
Its not mere a solution to the problem of ED, it has given me an opportunity to explore the unknown of my self, which was neglected by me for almost a decade, i am more lively ,happy and very optimistic, more focused and love accepting new challenges ( which previously during PMO i use to take it as a stress and burdening act)
I am very sure i will go on progressing and achieve my final goal.
To share my experience which was hidden inside me for a decade, with all my brothers out there is a act of gratification for me, it was good to know that i was not all alone who was facing this difficulty there are many guys like me facing such a problem, i just wanna say we can make it possible, Just be alert and vigilant, do not allow that evil thought to enter in your brain, as its always around us, the moment we are sub-Conscious or inattentive it dominates us, just visualize the big picture, I have involved my Self in :
Meditation, Guitar Coaching, Reading lots of books, Hanging out with friends and lots and lots of positivity that pushes me toward my ultimate goal...

"Avoid every single thing that reminds u of PMO......"

I am sure we all will achieve victory, its only time, so let it pass and let us be very conscious about our acts, as i read on YBOP, our brain is so calculative that its always calculating at the subconscious level and the moment we loose control, it attacks and leave us guilty... Good luck to all and whish me the same.



I am a 49 year old male and I'e been reading the materials on this website very thoroughly and I've watch the excellent videos and listened to the radio shows.

There are a few notes of caution that I would like to suggest. The reason for this is that throughout my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety, mood swings etc. In the past I have thought I have found solutions to the problems I face, only to be let down in the longer term.

I wish to identify two possible types of Internet pornography user for discussion.

1) People for whom Internet pornography is the cause of problems.

2) People for whom pornography is an aggravator of problems rather than the actual cause.

To be specific when I write "problems" I mean emotional ones rather than physical ones.

Those in group 1) will have an experience very like that frequently described by the "no fap" forum participants. They stop using Internet pornography and after a period of time they start to feel better.

My concern is for those in group 2). I am in that group and I know that my tendency towards depression etc. is not caused by Internet pornography because I had it before the Internet arrived. In fact I had the difficult mental states when absolutely no pornography was available to me of any sort.

I do think that pornography is an aggravator of problems which is why I have stopped using it now.

Because I know that emotional problems in myself pre-exist use of Internet pornography I am not anticipating that this abstinence will lead to the end of the problems. Instead it is to be one thing in a number of measures to improve mood etc.

Okay, so I think that in my case I have got expectations well managed. However I am concerned for those that are in group 2) but who are "digital natives" meaning that they are too young to have ever known the world without high speed Internet. Like me these people have a strong tendency towards depression etc. However unlike me they do not know that this is independent of the use of Internet pornography. These people may mistakenly believe that stopping using Internet pornography will solve their problems. However in the longer term they might find that their problems return without any use of Internet pornography. The could then lead to a return to the use of Internet pornography in the belief that abstinence does not bring long term benefits.

It is the highly optimistic reports of group 1), those for whom Internet pornography is the source of their problems that may disadvantage group 2), those for whom pornography is an aggravator, because they build up an expectation that simply abstaining from Internet pornography will lead to a solution to their problems.


The following post is from today

Anyone with depression to comment on this?

If you read the answers, you will see a very balanced view by the digital natives.

YBOP does not mean to give false hope, we only reports what is occurring. You might be surprised to learn that we have articles from 10 years ago, long before porn users found us, that describe excessive orgasms as a contributor to depression for some people. We never suggested orgasm as a major cause.

With the rise of porn, we have seen porn use as a cause or contribuor, but we all know depression, social anxiety, ADHD, and ED predated Internet porn.

However, no one would ever think of Internet porn use as a factor in any of these - but it has been.

We do not suggest that porn is a major cause. We have no idea what percentage of those with depression have internet use as a player.


Can you get on main stream TV and talk about escalation. It would validate my experience and forewarn parents, clergy and all men about what is happening from chronic novelty searching. I had only seen a few porns in my life before getting the internet. I have suffered extreme humiliation from porn viewing. A warning about the dangers to your self esteem would be much appreciated. Escalation being key.


But we have written a lot of PT posts about this, and my TED talk has one slide about it. Nearly every mainstream sexologist believes (or wants to believe) that escalation or changing sexual tastes is a myth, like unicorns. If only you knew the battles we have had, and the closed- minded arrogance that exist in the academic sexology field. They are a  true embarrassment to real science.

Dear Sirs, recently I stumbled upon a TedX Glasgow movie on the benefits and disadvantages of watching porn. Ill firstly tell something about me and a friend, with whom I started this challenge. We are both quite rational, non-emotional people and have always approached girls in that same fashion. Girls have never been a problem to come by for us though, since we're not too bad looking, nor afraid to make a move. So, even though we don't have any problems with getting getting girls, we do have another problem that we thought might be solved by not fapping to porn: building up emotions for girls, rather than rationally shagging girls and then dumping them. Next to those random girls, fapping is also a big part of our lives, our estimates are 1-5 times a day, almost every day. This have been going on for many years. You could say pornstars are more of our own girlfriends hehe (don't tell my GF of a couple of days this! ;)) The TedX-talk seemed to suggest that the ubiquity of porn for the internetgeneration has led us to devaluate the real life woman.

Therefore we embarked on this journey. Up til now we've held out for three weeks. It hasn't been the most difficult thing ever, but neither has it been easy. However, we genuinely think that has proved that we were not addicts since we didn't relapse.

We were wondering though when and what good changes we can expect, since we've have seen no positive benefits so far? So basically, what's the re-evaluation time? Is there some kind of date we could use? Since obv. fapping feels better than not jerking off, when all the other variables are the same. Especially, since we also have the impression that fapping without porn does not give the enjoyments we have experienced in the past (while watchin porn obviously). So basically, we are wondering whether we, given our situation, would still benifit from this rebooting program.

I hope this question can be answered by anybody or that someone can refer me to a reliable person who is able to answer our questions adequately.

Have a good one!,
Rab y Dab


3 weeks isn't enough. I would say that to anyone, addicted or not. I always say 3 months minimum, and often longer for young guys - 6 months to 9 months of no porn.

As far as addiction, you may not be addicted, but cravings are worse from 3 weeks to 6 weeks due to sensitization.The fact that you feel the need to go back to using porn indicates some kind of "need".

But addiction is only part of the possible problem which you have alluded to - that rewiring your sexuality to need lots of novelty. You are describing the results

If masturbating without porn is boring, then your brain has changed. Take it from a generation that didn't use Internet porn - real girls were always unbelievably exciting, and we only needed (preferred) our imaginations when masturbating.

If you truly want to have greater excitement with reality, stay away from what is artificial - skip the porn for at least 3 months.

Keep in mind that yours is the first generation to grow up using porn every day...3 weeks is nothing.

By the way how old are you?

These articles may be useful -

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. We are 23 and 24 years old and we have both noticed that we haven't fallen in love since we are 16. Basically since we started to watch porn regularly. After having seen and read the material on this and others websites we wondered whether porn may have influenced this lack of feeling towards women. Do you know whether this may be true?

We are quite supportive for the program if it works but we are a bit afraid that it doesn't pay off, which would be deplorable. Anyway, is it realistic if we expect to get all those feelings of excitement about women if we really hold on? We have shaken hands to persevere until the beginning of February but if the prospects are really that beneficial we are eagerly willing to extend this till March or April.



once you are complete. Maybe you just mean that it would be sad if no change occurred. It would be. I have to wonder if this generations sexuality is being rewired so powerfully that it will be tough to undo. But we are optimistic. See this article and the comments below it - Guys Who Gave Up Porn: On Sex and Romance - it may give you motivation.

You are probably asking yourself - Do I just need to eliminate porn & porn fantasy for the reboot period, or also masturbation? Definitely porn and thinking about porn. Masturbation should be eliminated if you are having orgasm through sex. It's a way to discover your true libido.

It's just an experiment. One of many you will conduct in this lifetime.

This site is really a godsend. Thank you for all the great information. I'm 46, nearing the two month mark: no porn, no orgasms. Originally lasted 2 weeks, had a porn relapse, then started all over again, with iron resolve. This second time there was maybe 4 times I kind of edged with an erection for a minute or so with no particular images in my mind, just sensation. Just to help ease some of the tension. I currently have no desire to see porm ever again, but I do want to have sex again badly. My question is, if I go this final month without edging or even touching, will I be "good to go" after the 3 month mark, i.e., to go ahead a try real sex with a real person? Or should I add more time for good measure, because of the edging? How can I know when the time is right? Sorry to ask such an individualized question...Again, thank you for your site!

an individualized question that depends on your goals and whether or not you have ED or DE or loss of libido. Since you said good to go I'll assume a sexual issue. Guys your age recover faster and more solidly, as a rule. But I cannot answer whether anyone will be good to go.

If its ED you could check, whne you arre ready, by masturbating to sensation only.

good luck.

Hello everyone...new member here... been looking the site over and have been reading many of your posts. I feel compelled to be honest and to share my story...in hopes that it may help others. Here goes....Porn has almost ruined me!!!! By the grace of God I came across this site last night. I have had much success staying away from porn....in some instances for many months....sometimes over 6 months at a time!!! my usage started in 1998 when we first started getting internet usage.It has been a battle since!!!! I have all the symptoms.....simply can't get it up at all anymore....and if I do it is soft.....half of what it should be. I now have answers for all that i have been experiencing. I WILL WIN!!!! I will reverse the damage I have caused with my porn addiction. I will pray for everyone of you as I read these posts daily.Please pray for me to.God be with you. oh.....one more thing.....I have lost my 21 year marriage which is ending in divorce next month....and now I can see my addictions involvement in the demise of my marriage. If you are reading this and you are not sure of how dangerous porn addiction is you need go no further. IT IS DEADLY!!!!! IT WILL TAKE EVERYTHING DEAR TO YOU!!!!

Virgin until 22 yrs. old; watched internet porn regularly since high school to satisfy my cravings; realized I had porn-induced ED when I couldn't get "hard" during my first sexual experienced; so far, have abstained from any internet porn for 40 days; on day 38, I realized my porn-induced had almost gone during a sexual encounter i had:

When my partner went down on me, i experienced a sensation on the head of my penis that had not been there before to the point that oral sex had been more pleasurable for me than it had been before. my penis also stayed hard during the encounter and my partner was surprised of my size ;) (I was too :P) During abstinence from internet porn, i didn't masturbate at all during my first two weeks, and then began to masturbate about twice a week during the next two weeks -- to the feelings of sensation and some imagination. At first I was skeptical of porn-induced ED. Now I can say porn-induced is very real but can be dealt with by following the advice given on this site. One thing I want to mention: I didn't completely abstain from masturbation during my abstinence from porn. I realized that any masturbating during that time might delay healing, but I was fine with that since i thought some ejaculation was needed to maintain prostate health. Masturbation for me was fairly quick though -- I would orgasm quickly (as animals would -- lol!)

just add, i'm currently 23 and i've had unusual urges to meet ppl. i've never felt this way before!

It is interesting that you need only 40 days of no porn and masturbated a few times. Some guys aren't so far along down the road of ED, and some brains bounce back more quickly.


  1. What exact age did you start using Internet porn?
  2. Was porn used for every masturbation session?
  3. You were a virgin, but what age did you start fooling around with girls?

I think you will continue to see improvements.

PS - In reality the research on prostate health an frequency is quite conflicted, and some studies find no relationships and other find that more ejaculation increases the frequency of problems.

None of this really matters as the reboot is only temporary. 90 days or so without masturbation would not be a risk factor for prostate cancer.

also see -

Saw this post on nofap and was wondering what you'd say?


Here is my comment to the poster 'I'm used to the fact I can't have sex (although I'm getting closer to recovery) and I am moderately happy to just wait this out, but I (and haven't been able to for months) can't bare some of the other symptoms of this addiction. The not being able to to enjoy the sound of music, not being able to concentrate on anything or enjoy anything including the company of the people I love. Would taking this help with those things? Even as a temporary solution to something I know will go away eventually?'

I've known about citicoline for years. Several guys have tried it - some say it doesn't help, a few say it does. Hard to believe it could cure DE in a few days. It's pretty safe. I think its an ingredient in 5-hour energy drinks.

In other words I see no harm in trying it.

Hi I am 27 years old boy & I started mastubation age 17 and started daily PMO from 1 1/2 years. very recently for the first time i went to a massage center. after the massage was done the messure gave me a shake.I got my full eretion and it took bit of time me to cum.apart from that i don't have any sexual experience with a girl.after that i did PMO that night but i felt my all sensatinons & feelings had faded away. few days later i again did PMO but i could'nt get full erection n orgasm was not a pleasureble one...i confused with my situation and i couldnt understand my erection problem. So i immediatley seach in the internet and luckily i came here and realized that there is a conncetion between PMO and ED.As i realized i quited PMO that very day and this is my day 14 without PMO.actually i feel great and gradually becoming an accepting person (earlier i used to a anti social life also). I have few things to clarify
1. is it good to masturabate witout porn ( i heard that masturbating is good for health)
2. is it ok to have sex with a real partner during my rebooting period ?

thank u very much

Guys with porn-induced ED usually do not masturbate while rebooting. As far as orgasm sex that too is a personal choice. Some guys find that orgasm by any means slows down the process. Have you read these 2 faqs

Do you think it's possible to wire your brain to have feelings for girls on the internet rather than in real life? I'm 21 and started watching internet porn at least 3 times a day since I was 14. I have had ED, DE, depression, anxiety and all the worst of the usual symptoms you could imagine over the last few years.

I went to a boys school, was very deprived of female contact for many years. I watched porn through the years because I couldn't have normal experiences with girls, and I found I talked to girls via MSN messenger, Mysapce and Facebook a lot over these years, far more so than in real life. I've had 3 girlfriends, and I got to know them all online first (although did meet in real life after a while). For the first meeting her in person was amazing but we broke up very quickly (I was clingy), even though we'd always been fine talking online for months before. The next girlfriend I had I had very strong feelings for her when we were online, and at first meeting her in person was amazing, but after a while I felt something was missing compared to knowing her online. The same happened with the next girl.

I have often looked at all these girls pictures a lot on facebook. Not really in a sexual way though (I think my sexual desire had been wired to porn already) but in an emotional way, just admiring their face like you do when you have strong feelings for someone. I feel in a very similar way than when looking at porn I want to skip quickly through this archive of photos, admiring each for a second then moving on, wanting more novelty, but in an emotional rather than sexual way.

Perhaps when I met them in person this was part of the novelty, but this novelty wore off and I couldn't skip her to suddenly having her hair or clothes different.

I haven't properly thought this but I was doing it just now, even though I haven't watched porn in over a year and have tried to not lust over girls on facebook in a sexual way, when I've had crushes on girls I've carried on doing this.

I've only had sex twice with viagra and have never enjoyed a sexual experience ever, I think part of my missing feelings was without a doubt a lack of dopamine, but I very much feel like it's also due to wiring my brain this way.

I have never had strong feelings or a strong attachment to a girl I've only known in person. I can think of a girl recently I met in real life and kissed, and I liked her a bit in this experience. I then never talked to her except saw her on facebook and it was then my feelings got stronger.

Do you think this could be a (perhaps rarer) phenomena similar to wiring your brain to only be sexually aroused to internet images?

You have quite a description here. It's definitely possible that you have wired your sexual and emotional response to the internet. But there is no way to know as you don't have a twin who lived his life not using the Internet. In other words we are only guessing.


I'm 22, started seeing porn when I was in 5th grade. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I've been obsessed with naked women ever since I can remember. The reason for that is that when I was in kindergarten the director, a female, used to come, give me a pat in the head, bend and therefore showed me her boobs. I've always been really strongly obsessed with naked women. I remember this time I went to a strip club I got stupid for hours, the feeling was so intense that I couldn't put myself together, couldn't reason or process. Anyway I've been trying to leave it for years now. This is the first time I regard it as a true addiction. Please help me I'm really motivated to come back to life. I hardly remember how not doing porn feels like.

I have read and understood this article: http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/why-am-i-addicted-while-my-friends-are-not

However it still keeps bugging me that all the guys I know watch porn and I think even if only a small minority have ED, a lot of them might still experience adverse affects. So right now I'm starting to enjoy life more and more and become more and more confident, surely many of them are doing the reverse?

Obviously you probably don't have the resources to know how many people are being affected, but given what you do know about neuroscience, would you believe it is only a minority of porn users who suffer as a result (not even necessarily ED, but depression etc), perhaps in the same sense that the majority of people drink, but it's only severe alcoholics whose brain scans show changes to the brain (specifically levels of dopamine).

Is it perhaps the case that people are only negatively affected by porn addiction when the problem is serious to cause these large brain changes and then once this process has begun it will always become something extreme (unless serious action is taken to change), as in there isn't that much middle ground between porn addiction and using it entirely safely?

I obviously don't expect a precise answer here, but I would like to have a slightly clearer picture than I do, which I'm sure is one you already have. Thanks.

Obviously you probably don't have the resources to know how many people are being affected, but given what you do know about neuroscience, would you believe it is only a minority of porn users who suffer as a result (not even necessarily ED, but depression etc), perhaps in the same sense that the majority of people drink, but it's only severe alcoholics whose brain scans show changes to the brain (specifically levels of dopamine).

Here's an answer I wrote yesterday on YBR

Not picking on you, just want to make a few points, as my next presentation will be about internet porn and the adolescent brain.

The adolescent brain's main job to rewire to everything sexual so it can reproduce. It prunes 50 billion nerve connections between 11 and 17, to become more efficient. However, this creates habit and preferences that may stick for a lifetime. The last 10 years is the first time in history that an adolescent can access unlimited streaming videos of every sex act known to man. Not pictures, but videos.

In essence, if you start as an adolescent, porn videos will be your sexuality - not your imagination. What can a 14 year old who has never been exposed to porn imagine? Touching, feeling, maybe kissing - that's about it. Fantasizing about Jennifer in math class, is not same as gang bangs, and multiple penetrations, and God knows what else.

Beyond conditioning ones sexuality to crazy content, porn trains the brain to be a voyeur, and to need a high level of stimulation & novelty - way beyond anything real life can offer.

So - when you start viewing internet porn makes all the difference in the world. This is why some of you are needing over a year to regain erectile health, and are still not quite right, and why someone my age, with lower testosterone, lower dopamine, and an old dick, can have rock hard erections with a 6-8 weeks reboot.

The take away: there are no analogies for internet porn. No drug can be compared to it because we do not have large parts of our brain devoted to alcohol or cocaine, like we do reproduction. There are no "alcohol centers", yet there are "erections centers" in the brain, there are no cocaine centers, but there are "male sexual behavior centers".

Like I said in my TED talk - if all you ever known is Internet porn use - you have know idea how it has affected you. Even if you spent your adolescence watching porn, and quit in your twenties, you still have no idea how it has molded you.

Yes, I mean to be an alarmist, because we are seeing things we never would have imagined - young guys with ED that are taking a year or more to recover. This has only occurred in the last 2 years. Some young guys with ED seem NOT to be addicted. The cause is NOT low dopamine or dopamine receptors - it is rewiring the brain. It is adolescent sexual conditioning.

Why Shouldn’t Johnny Watch Porn If He Likes? http://yourbrainonporn.com/why-shouldnt-johnny-watch-porn-if-he-likes

Young Porn Users Need Longer To Recover Their Mojo http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/young-porn-users-need-longer-recover-their-mojo

In other words I am interested in those young men who grew up using high speed porn. Besides the many symptoms outlined on YBOP, I have see some unpleasant changes in attitudes toward sex...by both sexes. Our society is becoming pornified.

Is it perhaps the case that people are only negatively affected by porn addiction when the problem is serious to cause these large brain changes and then once this process has begun it will always become something extreme (unless serious action is taken to change), as in there isn't that much middle ground between porn addiction and using it entirely safely?

It is impossible to separate the so-called psychological aspects of porn use from the rewiring aspects.

Thanks for this answer. Perhaps all young people will have been affected in terms of neural wiring and their sexual tastes, but I was getting at the reduced number of dopamine receptors. For instance due to my reduced number of dopamine receptors not only have I had ED, but music has been far less enjoyable as well as many other awful things, is it possible that a high proportion of young people have this same problem and don't know?

I can be in a club and unlike when I was younger have no desire to dance even if it's music I like with people I like, yet most of the guys around me seem really into it, so maybe I'm an extreme case?

So guys might have brains wired to watch porn, but unlike mine would, their brains if scanned wouldn't show a reduced amount of dopamine activity, maybe?

but I was getting at the reduced number of dopamine receptors. For instance due to my reduced number of dopamine receptors not only have I had ED, but music has been far less enjoyable as well as many other awful things, is it possible that a high proportion of young people have this same problem and don't know?

We don't know if your ED or your decline in enjoyment is related to low dopamine or dopamine receptors. ED in young guys that lasts for several months must be caused by something other than desensitization - rewiring most likely.

you have a lot of articles listed under your page. I was wondering if you could post the article,
Obscuring Desire: A Special Pattern of Male Adolescent Masturbation, Internet Pornography, and the Flight From Meaning. I am curious to read that one. Thanks.

No response. It sounds interesting.

I have been dealing with every issue you have brought up since the early 1990s. I am 37 and married now. I came across your videos on YouTube last week, did research, and am going through rebooting. I was shocked how you described exactly what happened to me.

Not only have I experienced ED from fapping while watching internet porn/cable TV porn in my 20s, but I also experienced the dopamine issues with needing more and taking it to the next level. I have never ejaculated with my wife due to internet porn. I hope that this will change one day.

Here's a list of physical issues I have had over the years based on my extreme fap position that I take when watching internet porn (it's a weird straining squat-like position): ED without porn, burning urination pain, double stream urination, back pain, thumb pain, bleeding hemorrhoids, unbalanced muscle tone, bad posture, raw penis/chaffing/dried skin, and insomnia from not watching.

Mental issues: HOCD (started with shemales), addiction, depression, frustration, guilt, not socializing, double-life, falling in love with images, acting out fantasizes in real life (worst thing I ever did).

Legal issues: Can't get into it here, but it was danger when acting out.

Keep in mind, I'm a "pillar of the community", successful businessman, and take care of my family and friends. I'm a so-called moral backbone in my community even though I have a secret addiction that has been trying to hijack my life (but thanks to your site and external links, I won't let it).

Not one doctor, therapist, psychology, or psychiatrist I have seen had ever related any of my issues to over-masturbating/being addicted to porn. In fact, they never even asked about it. I brought it up, and they said it was "normal".

The scientific community may look down upon our growing community, but the countless personal experiences and the science you lay out shows that internet porn is a real and neglected issue.

The scientific community can only study retrospectively, and only when they know the right questions to ask.

I suggest joining a forum such as - http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/ - as not much goes on here.

Good luck on your journey. Never give up.

help i keep relapsing , i have been tryin for a couple of months now ,but after two weeks or so i'll relapse mostly M alone,but sometimes to soft porn ,,when i do its so frustrating ,like i'm startin from square 1,its hard to shake the feelin of guilt ,relapsing is the worse part of this experience if you do,its not the flatlining and the mood swings or whatever its the feeling that with all your efforts u just fucked up again...need some encouragement this shit is tough....

But every time you chgoose not to use porn, it strengthens the willpower parts of your brain. I suggest posting on this forum -http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/

usually no one will answer you on YBOP

Hey Gary, I'm struggling with porn induced ed for a while now. I've tried many reboots and always come back to bad old habits. Now I established a porn free environment for myself (no access to unfiltered computers or internet), I'm on day 12 of no PMO and now I have the will power to take it to the end and hopefully never relapse on porn again. Currently I have no libido at all, my mood is neutral, dead dick syndrom. I feel emotionally dull, very weak and tired all the time, could sleep all day, no energy to work out. I would say these are all withdrawal /flatline symtomps, I hope this will change in the next days and weeks.

Since here are all the information you need regarding a reboot I have another question:

I'm dealing with depression for quiet a while now and my doctor gave me Zoloft (Sertralin).

Do you think it's a good idea to start taking an antidepressant while rebooting.

You can read a lot of negative side effect on the libido and erection quality. So I'm totally unsure if I just should try nofap, or do both. Can a SSRI have a negative effect on the reboot. I dont want to kill my brain, its already totally screwed up. And in the end, I fear I dont know what would be the effect of the SSRI and what would be the effect of the absence of porn stimulation. I dont want to end up as a "happy" person with ed again!

I would be very glad if you (or somebody else) could give me an advice or share their experience? I personally, havent found a rebooting account from someone who took anti drepression medication throughout the reboot?

But I guess we don't have a rebooting account of someone taking antidepressants. However, I know that guys on SSRI's do attempt reboots.

The thing you want to keep in mind is that guys reboot while taking all sorts of legal and illegal drugs.

Well have you any advice what I could tell my doctor about this addiciton? Does it have the same treats like 'known' addictions like alcohol or drug addictions, the doctor should be educated about that and its interaction with antidepressants (I'm pretty sure he doesnt know anything about internet porn addiction)

one doesn't have to worry about interactions of drugs. The key for you, as you know, is that SSRI's decreases libido and may interfere with erections, so it may be difficult to assess progress related to porn-induced sexual issues.

Good luck,

I was just wondering, if a teenager has more dopamine than an adult, does that mean he is happier and enjoys things more? I'm 21 and have been addicted to porn since I was about 15 and I'm worried that I've lost the most fun and exciting part of my life.

potential rewards. But happiness is very complex, so I can't really answer this. It's impossible to separate the psychological from biology.

I think I know what you're going to say to this but I think it should be said anyway. I'm 21 and been watching porn since I was 14 and I've had ED and every other symptom of porn addiction. I came across the YBOP presentations almost a year ago now and have not watched porn in about a year and a half. I have seen some very significant progress in this time but I know after all this I'm still not fully recovered.

I haven't watched actual porn in that time but I have still masturbated. I've had streaks of over month, but a lot of the time I make it a week and then cave convincing myself it's fine. I also sometimes go on cam sites like Omegle. I might see a few girls here and there but the main things I do is show other people myself masturbating. I have also spent a lot of fruitless time on Craigslist trying to find potential partners and being aroused reading about them. I convince myself these sites are not as bad as porn and it's OK to go on them sometimes. It's like methadone to me. I can go months without them sometimes but I find I often find myself back there when I'm desperate for something to get me off.

Do you think this might be why I haven't rebooted after two years? Do you think this has had a detrimental affect on my recovery and what should I do in future with regards to these activities? Thanks.

I meant to say I came across the YBOP presentations almost two years ago.

Do you think this might be why I haven't rebooted after two years?

I don't know, but as you know there are young guys who needed to really cut back on masturbation and be very strict.

Do you think this has had a detrimental affect on my recovery and what should I do in future with regards to these activities?

Yes most definitely. You are still conditioning your sexuality to need artificial-based novelty, and in that seeking and searching for novelty. The reward circuit is really the seeking circuit, and nothing gets it going like searching for sexual novelty and anticipation.

For years I had been very socially inept, never knowing what to say in whatever circumstances I was in and often getting it wrong. I was convinced I was autistic. Recently as I've been rebooting I've had hundreds of epiphanies about why certain things I've done, bad jokes and inappropriate comments I've made were wrong and it's made me realise that my lack of dopamine has made it impossible for me to learn behavior. This seems hugely significant to me and finding out that I don't always need to be socially inept has been a huge relief, yet no one ever mentions this. They might talk about increased confidence, but they never talk about how you gain knowledge of how to act. What do you make of this hypothesis?

I've seen many guys make similar comments. Of course it is impossible to say if this is due to socializing more; or brain chemistry; or reversing hypofrontality. One aspect of addiction is reduced frontal cortex volume and functioning, called hypofrontality. Inappropriate comments and not understanding social cues is very strongly correlated with abnormalities of the frontal cortex. The frontal cortex is heavily dependant on dopamine sent from the reward circuit.


For a while I attempted to stop masturbation but always went back to it because sites online said there was nothing wrong with it. That was until I discovered this site a few days ago. Since then I have deleted my porn collection and bookmarks to porn dedicated stories. So far so good but I realized that some fanfiction I read has "lemon" "lime" portions. I have in the past masturbated some of these stories but I am capable of skipping or reading the gen portions where those parts are cut out. Is it a good idea to keep reading even though I do not get an erection or masturbate to them during a reboot? or would a safe bet be to give up on them entirely and stop reading period. My fascination started with the whole what if stories and peoples different interpretations. Some of them are quite good I don't know what to do in that regards.

A little back story about my life: I started when I was younger masturbating to my imagination and remembering some scenes I saw on TV. Fast forward a few years I got into chat rooms and reading sex stories because I had dial up. So I was restricted to the stories, chat, and still pictures. Continuing forward now freshmen year of college I was introduced to high speed internet for the first time. I downloaded my first porn video and started liking it. I kept up the porn stories and downloads with hentai (animed and graphic novel porn). I am 30 years old now and I noticed the problem when I was making out with a girl and found I couldn't get hard with that kind of interactions. I remember in High school my girlfriend at the time and I made out and I was always hard and could stay hard without fail. We didn't have sex at the time and simply masturbated each other. At the time I still masturbated to porn since sex was not an option when we were dating. We broke up when I graduated from high school after a year of trying to stay in touch from college. Afterwords I got another girlfriend who was on medication that prevented her from being "ready" despite her wanting to do so. The times she was ready it was not that great so I continued to masturbate to internet porn.

After I broke up with her for other reasons I eventually a couple years down the line reconnected with my ex from high school. We started dating again and had amazing sex but I noticed I had some issues keeping and forming an erection but it didn't happen often. We eventually broke up again after realizing we weren't right for each other. At the time I did masturbate with her on the phone and to internet porn we both watched.

A few years later I find another girl I was interested in and thats when I realized there was a problem after making out with her and unable to get an erection. Still haven't discovered this site yet at the time so I was confused as hell. I continued to masturbate to porn and found a connection that I was unable to form another erection after doing it to porn. I finally discovered this site and it literally shocked me to the core. I am 30 years old and it's been 4 days and I have been porn free but had a close call with Fanfiction where they posted an undocumented lemon/lime scene where I skipped over it. It made mention of what they did but nothing descriptive. I felt no overwhelming desire to go back and read it and I did not get an erection or feel the need to masturbate to it. Is it safe to read stories that don't post anything in detail but mention it as long as I don't masturbate and get an erection to it? Also is relapse the act of watching/reading a trigger and masturbating to it? Or is it the act of getting an erection and stopping when you realize it?

Also I have read on this site that you can form relationships with partners during the reboot and the path of a porn free existence. I am on a dating site looking for someone to share my life with. I have never used sites like this to masturbate to or get fantasies. The extent of my porn use was limited to guy on girl or guy on girl and girl. Nothing outrageous fetishes maybe a little curious on costumes and hand cuffs. I used to masturbate every day and if I was really bored twice but that was not often.

So far after 4 days I have not felt the need to masturbate or look at porn but it is still early and I have gone close to a week in the past when I wanted to stop. But in the past I did not know of this documented problem so I am trying to rework my routine. When I go to bed I listen to some meditation videos and focus on relaxing and sleeping. I plan on exercising more in the afternoons after work. Reading real books during the day on vacations. Also when I wake up and look in the mirror I have started telling myself I can do this. I will do this.

I am also thankful that my name is not required to register for this site or on your brain rebalanced site as well. Although others are reporting this problem it still feels embarrassing that I did this to myself without realizing it.

I am 30 years old and I'm on my 4th day of a porn free life and no masturbation. I sometimes wake with erections but I do nothing with them and if it's still early I go back to bed if not then I get ready for work.

YBOP has only rule for a reboot - cut out everything that is not real. So this includes reading, because your goal is to be turned on fully by the real deal. In other words train for the sport you are competing in.

As far as fantasy - most guys say no, because it will not match reality...when reality arrives. See -