After many years of suspecting my husband was using porn and masturbation, after many years of decreasing intimacy and orgasms on his part, after many years of signs of depression (no interest in anything, weight gain, unemployed x5 years, no friends, no hobbies)....his addiction has been exposed in the form of excessive texting to a minor. (Already reported to the police, no charges, thank GOD!!) He is 50 and I am afraid its too late since I am almost certain he's been addicted to both since teenage years. I was able to get him into intense specialized therapy. And I have been encouraged and enlightened by all the stories here. However, many of the men here are much younger and still have such a healthy full sex life ahead of them. PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT TOO LATE!!! I plan to show him this website. Thanks

Saddened wife of addict

I suggest this forum: www.rebootnation.org. And if you want to read success stories for guys his age, go here, scroll down to the bottom (w-a-y down) and you'll see reports by age:

Rebooting Accounts

I wanted to write my first post after getting fully back to normal, but I relapsed for the last few weeks and am going to have to start my count over. I began having serious problems at a little bit before I turned 17 and am now in my early 30s. It has been a continual struggle. Technically I have never fully been with a girl.
I started fapping at about age 12 or 13 and it was daily until 16. Back then there wasn't as much porn on the internet but as a teen I still spent just as much time on it as someone that had more variety. at about age 16 I started to get the symptom discussed of having a hangover the day after masturbating, but due to thinking about girls so much I still continued with the habit even when the libido was not really there due to the hangover. by 17 the pleasure sensation was basically gone as well, I was still functional at that time but the pleasure was gone and the libido was interupted often due to the hangover. Then eventually I started losing the ability to maintain a full erection. At that point I freaked out because I thought that I would not be able to get married and have a normal life. But this was so long ago, in the early days of the internet, I thought I was basically the first guy ever to lose this ability at such a young age. I ended up getting really neurotic and tried to talk myself into reasons why I should get back to normal, and also just became introspective trying to figure out what went wrong in my head to get so messed up. I knew intuitively it wasn't just a physical problem so I didnt think there was any reason to tell a medical doctor. I was suicidal in feeling for much of my late teen and early 20 years because I had no where to turn. I could not talk about this issue with anyone. I did go to psychologist who minimized the issue as a symptom of my anxiety, but in reality my anxiety was caused by my problem. At age 17 I actually briefly had a girlfriend and when kissing one day she reached down my pants and I was almost totally flaccid. She shrieked, and, strangely, I wasn't even that embarassed but just frustrated that after all the energy and time I had been thinking about girls I couldn't even perform on my first time. I had no girlfriend in college. after college I had a girlfriend for a short time but I never went very far because I knew it wouldn't work well enough to go all the way.
Through my 20s the internet got more information and I tried various herbal pills but nothing worked. As I got older I was able to restrain myself better and knew I should break the habit and I would say got slighly better in my late 20;s just from occasionally going a week or a few weeks with nofap, but I still was nowhere near functional enough to be with a girl. At around 30 I had a girlfriend and was functional enough to get handjobs and fool around but I still didnt have normal libido, and would get hangovers from fapping where I had very cloudy thoughts/thinking, bad mood, bad memory. Last fall I decided on my own to stop fapping for as long as I could and a month or two after starting I read this blog and realized that if I went long enough it might work.
I went from last september through march, 7 months with no fap and almost no porn viewing. except for maybe a couple times. I did have nocturnal emissions about weekly, but after a few months I felt alot of progress in mood, memory, self confidence, and erection strength (but not enough to be functional in a relationship) around the 6th month I hit the flatline, which I read about here, I was ok with it for a while, but then it went on so long I felt I wanted to speed up the process. I went to an ayurveda medical person and got 2 herbs. One for the mind and one for mind/libido. I would say the one for the mind helped my mood some, and after week of taking the one for libido helped (it also stopped my nocturnal emissions totally) but the problem is I slowly started fapping again, first just once but after 2months on the herbs I totally broke the plans and jerked off regularly for a few weeks. I am the most functional I have been since age 16 but I can feel that by fapping I am losing the ability to maintain erection again. I tried herbs when younger also, but because I didn't stop the fapping to complement it they didn't work. I just got off the libido herb and am more in control so I am starting over. Hopefully I will stay on noFap and get better and can write a success story at some point.


Have you heard of anyone else taking this long? What do you think of this?

Though not suffering form ED i am impressed be the site and its information. Like most guys i do masturbate on porn and did so a lot , but more in cases. At times more than once a day at times for weeks no interest in porn. Maybe that saved me from ED , Since these recovery periods seem to be essential.
Although the scientific approach is more an opinion than proven in blind randomized trials, its mechanism has been proven in many other additive problems. So , although again not proven, their is a high probability it functions this way.
The big problem here is the taboo round porn and masturbation. Bssicly this is knowledge every parent should have, every school schooled have to provide the kids with this information.
I must admit that i was fairly sure that watching porn, even in large amount was physically harmless. ( Although giving a distorted view on sexuallity with in itself could be harmful)
I thank you for bringing this good information. I will use it in educating my kids and try and spread it among friends.
Is there, facebook, twitter io presence for this website?

is no Facebook or Twitter presence. We figure most people find this site through links on various forums, and through Google when searching for a particular problem.


There is one more comment i like to make.
Watching internet porn and sex addiction are two completely different things, specially in adolescents.
I have fear that this info is being hijacked by anti porn movements. (Although the sites and presentations make very clear not to be anti-porn or judgmental in the least way)
When i was a kid we did not have internet. I did not stop me from masturbating often more than once a day. I know most of my friends did. We were quite open about it, even exchanging tips to improve the experience ( 50 years old) I did this for years well into married live in late twenties. Like again most of my buddy's.
So i think that did not change and it is not an addiction but merely a sex drive found in young males.( proven to enhance the quality of sperm and prevention of prostatitis)
The problem is not that it is an addiction it it self. The problem is that the pathway in the brain is being comprised. In my days i fantasized or had an occasional magazine. But the image in my mind consisted largely of real live women in my circle. ( good forbid they ever find out they where subject of my sordid imagination -:) ) So i formed the correct pathway.
That's where i can can very well understand , internet porn , in its sheer abundance, harms the development of a normal sexual path to get aroused.
So no addiction, more like falls input.

The problem is not that it is an addiction it it self. The problem is that the pathway in the brain is being comprised.

We make many of these points in Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn.

Watching internet porn and sex addiction are two completely different things,  specially in adolescents.

This is the major theme of YBOP. One article directly addressing this - Porn Addiction is Not Sex Addiction--And Why It Matters

I have fear that this info is being hijacked by anti porn movements. (Although the sites and presentations make very clear not to be anti-porn or judgmental in the least way)

Both sides of the debate misuse the information on YBOP.

The guys on r/nofap and other sites point to YBOP as the science behind choosing to participate in no masturbation challenges. I am redoing my main videos. My first slide will say this presentation IS NOT ABOUT MASTURBATION....in caps.

The pro-porn, or more accurately - the group of sexologists who claim that no amount of porn use, at any age can cause problems - say that YBOP is "anti-masturbation", and "sex-negative". Anyone who spends 15 minutes reading the ED recovery stories knows that is nonsense.

I had PIED for years and came across ybop three years ago now. I've had some good streaks, including two years without porn. I watched it again a few times recently and it didn't really excite me, but I'm definitely not cured, my sexual compulsion has just morphed into something else. I now go on the internet and find people to meet for real life encounters and doing weird, taboo breaking stuff. I feel myself becoming more attracted to real girls, especially when I've had good streaks without O (including these encounters), but the idea of having normal sex with a nice girl just doesn't turn me on. If I ever masturbate to imagination I have to think of something at least slightly taboo breaking to get me off.

I'm living a secretive life that I hate, and I feel the same pain of addiction. I know my dopamine levels aren't back to normal, and I want to be able to have sex with normal, real girls I know. When I've tried I can't get hard even with girls I think are really hot, but I can in these weird encounters.

Have you ever come across anything like this? And do you have any different advise, or is the same abstain and don't think about it until your brain rewires sort of thing? Is this arguably weird progress? At least I'm doing things in real life and not looking at a screen... Thanks.

where you stop the process of restoring your brain to sufficient sensitivity for everyday sex.

Unhooking from screens is a good first step. Are you willing to deny your brain its jollies to see if you will find less tabu encounters more arousing? Are you willing to enlist a partner in the healing process? See Boyfriend Quitting Porn? 5 Tips | Your Brain On Porn Some guys just need someone they trust - and no performance pressure - while they take their time returning to normal.

Since you've had such a long struggle, you may want to get some in-person support for the next phase of your journey. You may even need a therapist to help you decide whether childhood issues are driving your behavior.

Hi all
So I started watching when I was 16ish (although the first time I orgasmed was not to porn) and I'm 19 now...earlier this summer I decided to stop completely because I have a girlfriend now and I was worried about not being able to get it up with her. I have a feeling that my problem is equally about porn and about masturbating as I am so used to using my hands to get hard that getting hard without my hands just seems weird. However, I'm hoping the issue isn't too severe because I wouldn't really ever masturbate more than a couple times a week, excluding two times where it happened multiple times a day. Anyway, I've been off of everything for about a week and I haven't experienced any cravings or flatlines yet...I also still have the ability to get random hards on during the day, usually when I'm not even around women, just a random moments. I'm betting this is going to be a long hard road to recovering and having normal dopamine levels (also, question, are supplemental vitamans with DHEA and or exercise and other ways to naturally boost testosterone and dopamine helpful in this process?)
and I've already talked to my girlfriend about taking it slow and possibly not having sex for a month or two when we get back to college in a month...but my question is, how long do I have to hold off? After a month or two will it be okay to orgasm again with my girlfriend, or will I have to tell her that we need to wait even longer (this is mainly what I'm worried about...she's very understanding and I really care about her but I doubt she'll be okay with going without sex for more than two months or so...). Is it necessary to avoid all orgasm during the entire reboot or only MO/PMO? Let me know what you guys think.


- I would suggest looking under the support tab.

If you are having erection difficulties induced by porn use, or through death grip masturbation, supplements will do nothing. Neither masturbation nor orgasm lowers testosterone, and abstinence does not increase testosterone, except for a slight spike on day 7.

From your description it sounds like you will have a short reboot. In your case sex and orgasm may be fine with a girlfriend. Experiment and see.

good luck

I quit viewing internet porn in February of 2006. I had viewed internet porn off and on for nearly a decade. It wasn't until I realized I was spending up to two hours a day surfing porn that I decided to stop!

Mr. Wilson's TEDx video has really helped me help friends stop watching net porn! It's given me confirmation of my own argument that men weren't meant to have millions of images of women at their fingertips. And I've been able to solidify my argument with several friends. One of whom said it appealed to him because it was based in science and not morale arguments.

Thanks to Mr. Wilson!

Ultimately your own experiments are the most important data.

How do I share my story on this site?

Only comments under existing articles are allowed on YBOP.

If by story you mean "rebooting" story you can post it here and I can place it on the rebooting page in the list of rebooting accounts.

If it's your story at the beginning or in the middle of a reboot you can also share it here, but you are unlikely to receive an answer. I suggest the support tab for active forums.


I came across this website in my search for anything to help me understand my husband's porn usage. There has been alot of helpful information I haven't been able to find anywhere else. I know he has always looked at porn. It never bothered me until it started affecting our sex life. During a random search through the history on our computer I found where he had visited transvestite sites. When i expressed my concern he lied. He said he had no idea how they got on there. Told me I was paranoid and must be imagining things. That was 8 months ago. I have never noticed sites like this before. History has always been FULL of hetero porn but never anything of this nature. Since then he clears history everyday like that's supposed to make me feel better. As if I won't know what he's hiding. He knows I never minded porn so why clear history if there's something there he feels the need to hide? I have not badgered him for explanations. I keep hoping he has enough respect for me and our marriage to be honest and open and admit to the truth. In the past 8 months our sex life has dwindled to almost nothing. It would be nothing if I didn't initiate it. And when we do have sex I feel like he's having to force it or that he's doing it just bc he feels like he has to. Basically this is about to end our marriage. Not so much the fact that his preferences have escalated to transgender porn and not even the no sex, I could deal with that if I wasn't playing second fiddle to porn, its all the lies that are tearing me apart. He swears he doesn't look but i can tell. I have questioned him being an addict but he is in full denial and he's 100% in defensive mode when the subject does get brought up. I am wondering if anyone has any advice as to how i could approach this as gingerly as possible and hopefully get him to tell me the truth. Until he can be honest with himself and with me, we will never be able to fix this. I want to fix this but the longer it continues the further the distance is between us. I don't know how much longer I can do this and hold on to what little self respect I have left.

Lying goes with addiction. By that I mean that he may not normally be a liar. Addiction will make even a saint lie.

On the other hand, only the addict can choose to end his addiction. So there's very little you can do. Leaving might snap him back to reality...or he may have to spiral down even beyond that. No one can say.

Try not to be judgmental and whatever happens realize that had you been a guy today, you could easily have been caught in the same web. Escalation to bizarre porn is normal with porn addiction, and the content doesn't necessarily say anything about his true tastes. Watch this to understand more (it's not just for adolescents). Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn

Do things to build your self-esteem (time with friends, healthy choices, get massage). Understand that his lack of attraction has nothing to do with your sexiness. Read this short article by an ex porn user: http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/content/internet-porn-addiction-exposing-...

Understand that heavy porn use can really screw up real sex. To demonstrate this in a positive way, you could show him this - if the right moment comes along: Guys Who Gave Up Porn: On Sex and Romance

Meanwhile, if you think there's hope, and you want a starting point, watch this TEDx talk together and then listen to what he has to say about it. Don't "give him a piece of your mind." If he's not talking after it, just let him think about it for a while and talk when he's ready. It's only 16 minutes.

TEDxGlasgow - Gary Wilson - The Great Porn Experiment

Good luck. We see many husbands heal, so it can be done. If he wants to heal, there are several good forums that can help him. This one is a good starting place for someone in his situation: www.rebootnation.org

If he decides he wants to heal, here are some ways you can help him: Boyfriend Quitting Porn? 5 Tips

I have been thinking over this for some time, about the cognitive side of many of my problems. I started masturbating at 22 and I'm 29 now. I didn't really realize the loss of real sexual stimuli until I 'tried' to have sex a month ago. The woman couldn't arouse my sexual feelings and I had an erectile dysfunction. Didn't even feel a thing after a few seconds, I felt alienated. The matter was that I was able to have sexuality only when I watched porn. Two days later, I tried to have sex with another woman and the result was the same. The embarrasment was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I thought this was a problem of low testosterone at first, but I'm an athletic man and I exercise regularly. I am a man with surprisingly no health problems (no alcohol, no smoking). I felt like I lost all my libido and have sexuality only on porno, till I discovered your site. I understand now how bad I've become. Once, even a mere touch could make me fully erect, and now even after a seemingly passionate kiss, I feel like my mouth is just in a warm material, not a sexual desire nexus. I watched porn every 1-2 days in 6 years till today, and now after hours of reading on this subject, I'm quitting. Porn was like a taste of fantasy in my lazy hours, and this is the end of this phantasmagoria. Hope it works, I had become really desperate in the past 2 weeks. I am very anxious on how long it will take though..

I am thankful for this site. It has helped me get back to where i should be in life. Around my early teen years, I was exposed to a porn DVD from an older step brother "In his mid 20s" and I feel like i could never forgive him because he taught me that it was ok. It never really affected me until i was going to College and one day I was with a girl and could not get excited. I was lost as to what exactly was going on until I started to do some research and stumbled on this site. Rebooting does work! I was clean for 5 months and accidentally relapsed for a brief period but now I am back on my feet again and am more motivated than ever to succeed. Sadly, I fear this may be a problem I will have to deal with for some time and it was never my fault to begin with. Some advice I could give is have good parenting skills because you never know how it could effect your kids or even someone else's kids. This site has opened up my mind and educated me on what is right and wrong and hope it will do the same for you too.


I am thankful for this site. It has helped me get back to where i should be in life. Around my early teen years, I was exposed to a porn DVD from an older step brother "In his mid 20s" and I feel like i could never forgive him because he taught me that it was ok. It never really affected me until i was going to College and one day I was with a girl and could not get excited. I was lost as to what exactly was going on until I started to do some research and stumbled on this site. Rebooting does work! I have been clean for 5 months and had a couple hiccups but nothing i couldn't recover from. Sadly, I fear this may be a problem I may have to deal with for some time before i fully recover and it was never my intention to start to begin with. Some advice I could give is have good parenting skills because you never know how it could effect your kids or even someone else's kids. This site has opened up my mind and educated me on what is right and wrong and hope it will do the same for you too.


I am 30 year old, very well-educated and professionally successfull person. I was masturbating since the age of 12-13 years.. also, from the past 4-5 years, I was suffering from severe Social Anxiety Disorder and depression as well, I was not able to communicate properly, didn't have the clarity of thoughts, facing even a 15 year old guy was a herculean task for me. even went to a therapist but cud not get lasting results. I kept sulking bcoz of this problem, people around me also noticed this weakness of mine and started picking on me. I used to cry and was thinking that what God has done to me... will I spend the rest of my life like this ??? I always thought that masturbation leads to nothing more than slight drowsiness and laziness... I became lazy, irritating, frustated idiot carrying hell-lot of negative energy with me. I used to keep on searching the net for extreme sexual content... rubbing my dick while seeing a beautiful girl getting fucked on screen became an elixir for me... It was a kind of drug... I never thought that masturbation could lead to so much of harm... This thing ruined my personal and professional relations... Right now I am practicing nofap from just 05 days from today and only 03 days ago I came across this site (Where there is a will, there is a way !!!).... I swear to my God, I cannot tell you, how happy I am now..Nofap has miraculously turned-around my life.. I feel like I have got a new life..Since the last 04 days I have not experienced an iota of anxiety or depression, there is an aura of positive energy around me... It feels like getting rid from a curse.. though as mentioned in other posts, till now I have not experience any withdrawal symptoms... at times I do feel like watching porn and jerking off but such feelings are manageable. Nofap has also alleviated my ED problem. Presently I am feeling so confident, so amazed to see myself, ready to take-on this world... Having crystal clear thoughts without any confusion....I wish I would have come across u few years back. I started weeping after experiencing this change and thought how I lost myself.. This is my actual-self... I do not want to go back to that life filled with feelings of remorse, anxiety, depression, pessimism, fear and helplessness. Never thought that the cure of all of my life problems would be hidden in a simple website.
Luv u guys. God bless u.



it will probably take longer for your brain to fully rebalance. It's quite normal to experience an initial high, followed by ups and downs. It could be a couple of months before your brain truly stabilizes, and you may even experience feelings of withdrawal before that happens. Check the FAQs on this site for more.

Good luck. You're making good progress.

My success is all yours YBOP guys ...

I always wished to write my success story and here you go....

How can i thank you Gary Wilson and his wife and offcourse the team of this angel website........My gratitude towards you wil be for many lives.

Today, I can say proudly >>> I had sex - a powerful sex in my 25 years for the first time, with a powerful boner

Yes, for sure it was not a cake walk , but i did it and i am so delighted that i could achieve what i wanted.

I cannot tell you how happy I am, Back in September 2012 i realised my Porn ED problem, when i failed (as i was addicted to porn form the age of 13 till september 2012..

After i understood the problem, i decided to take control on porn, and then my journey began, It was a blend of all emotions, challenges and endevour
but eventually it all was worth it.

Yes, my success story is combined with relapses, sadness, small victories and achievements at some point of time, but i never gave up to start again to reach my goal and to live upto this day to tell my success story to the world

Today I have no issues with erection and my early ejaculation has also healed.....My Brain rewired and my ED Healed I love you guys for helping humanity and saving the generatons......Three Cheers for YBOP and My Success

May all succeed in their journey, its possible don't give

Its easy to give up, tough to keep going - if you give up you loose everything and if you keep going "You become Everything" Cheers.

If you really wanna give up anything give up porn and see how nature opens the door of unexplored happiness, peace and life full of celebration. I wish you all the very best for your success.


I placed your rebooting story here - http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/age-25-ed-today-i-have-no-issues-erection...

All the best to you

I'm 22 years old I think ive started watching porn between the ages of 8 - 10 cant really remenber it got worser at the age of 15 where porn was everything to me I was masterbating about 5 to 6 times a day then at the age of 17 I had a girlfriend and sex was crazy we would have sex atleast 3 to 5 times a day and I still felt like it wasnt enoguh so id still masturbate so I would climax about 6 times or more but once I hit 18 I fell into a total flatline and ive been flatlined ever since I'm currently 5 months into my reboot gave up PMO I dont find myself wanting that anymore and so far Im still flatlined and im wondering if I'll ever get out of it but im still going ahead this saturday I had sex with this girl ive been talking to for about 2 months now and well my erection wasnt that great but it was strong enough to penetrate but I had taken a pill of ectasy so maybe my erection wasnt great because of that now ive decide to quit taking x recently ive been able to achieve erections just with touch sometimes theyre strong and other not really ive seen improvements! I'm planning to tell this girl whats going on with me I really like this girl and wouldn't want to lose here im hoping she understands my situation next months will be 6 months in my reboot but for now and the rest of my life I have defently quit masturbation and porn ! I'm glad I found this site because I felt like my life was over I would never be able to have a gf or family further in life !

Hello everyone,

would the consumption of weed and alcohol effect my reboot? if so how would it effect it?





Im using ADD prescribed pills (amphetamines) would that effect my reboot? and how if so? to the better ?to the worst?


still engaging in other addictions - such as recovering alcoholics that continue to smoke.

Rebooting is all about weakening addiction pathways....porn pathways, ADHD drugs has nothing to do with your porn pathways, just like smoking wouldn't. That said, most guys try to cut down on alcohol and pot during a reboot.


Thank you so much for your help. This site is extremely useful. i started my reboot 2 days ago ony but I know for a fact that It will change my life tremendously.


I can't believe I came upon this site and am so impressed with the information.

I am a 50-year old married man who has a very active sex life with his wife, but have for the first time recently experienced some ED. I always had some suspicion that porn at some level was having a detrimental impact on my sexual function as much as I also often felt that it enhanced it, but now I believe it may finally be the cause of my recent ED. I will be continuing to educate myself through this site and am confident I will succeed in gaining back my vitality.

One question I have is about the chemical effects of alcohol as it relates to PIED. Even with some PIED, I have found that a couple of drinks usually help rather than hinder my sexual function. I'm wondering if there have been any studies or is any physiological explanation for why alcohol may have an apparent positive affect on these dopamine pathways so that PIED is, at least for the moment, reversed. Could the alcohol somehow be affecting the brain in a way that counters the PIED? I am sure that nobody would recommend drinking alcohol to treat PIED, but think that the physiological processes involved in this would be worth understanding.

Anyway, thanks for creating such a valuable and important web page.

on PIED. Soon.

But studies show that a little alcohol and a little heroin enhance sexual desire, whereas more inhibits it. Addictive drugs raise dopamine and cross-sensitize the reward circuit to other dopamine raising activities.


Me, now 31, have to personally thank Gary Wilson for his research in the
field of porn addiction.
I started at an early age to masturbate to porn, since many
years I have been struggling with either to decrease or completely
stop this addiction. Actually I was searching constantly for an
answer to the question why I feel depressed mentally and physically
after masturbating. For me it has always been a constant decrease
of power for each masturbation (when you masturbate several times
in a day). So I asked myself why is that? Most people who asked
similar questions in online forums got answers like: "Yeah continue
masturbating it's not bad for your health." In my case it was.
So my first answer was that it had to do something with my penis or
testicles, because when I did not masturbate over some time to porn
I felt good and I believed it must be because of the concentration
of sperm I had collected. I was really surprised that it was a false
thought when I first watched a yourbrainonporn video on youtube.
It was like huhh, it is the brain that plays the main role, really
a surprise to me. This enlightenment played a big role for me because
I had been on the search for the answer for years.
I was off porn for more than a month and was literally feeling the
dopamin released during the days and really enjoying the feeling.
One thing to add is that I am in a long term relationship. Each time
I started masturbating to porn I could see problems arising
with my girlfriend, because I felt less attracted to her with less libido.
Then when I'm off porn after some days the attraction and libido comes back.
Currently I'm in the situation to completely stop watching porn. I'm armed
now with the knowledge of why porn addiction is bad for health.
Actually I stood off porn for about a month with one sole thought:
"Rewire your brain, stop wanting novel artificial partners, it will damage
your brain". Worked like a charm :)
I'm really thankful for the discovery of yourbrainonporn, bought the book,
reading through it now.

I am 26 and I am addicted to pornography, and found out it was an addiction from this site. I am not American. English is very weak, I hope to be understood. The most we could do without pornography today were 30 days. I stopped. This time I will stop. My dating just because my desire for my girlfriend just because of pornography. I'd love to be normal, so rather die than go back to using pornography. There is also a shame, actually, I just have this forum to vent, and will not extend me, just want to say that I am with you in this fight. God help us.

can withdrawal from porn addiction cause Herpes zoster (Shingles)? I had it not long after nofab. Doctor said stress could cause it. does quitting porn and no fab has anything to do with me having this virus?

Thank a lot for your help


Certainly stress is associated with herpes reactivation. Whether or not quitting porn is perceived as stressful no one can say. I have not heard of this but we have seen a very large variety of withdrawal symptoms.


That make sense. Thanks a lot for your help!


one more question. sorry I'm just trying to understand everything fully. I'm not sure if I have porn induced ED or not. I can get a hard erection for the first time to a real girl but it takes me a while (longer than it uses to years ago) to go for the second or third time. Now i decided to cut porn and orgasm all together. I'm starting to experience flat line. would it be bad idea to cut orgasms all together if i don't have ed? would it just makes me less sexually active for after rebooting? i mean if I don't have ED. I decided to cut orgasms as I felt it will make me recover better from porn addiction ( since I feel tired all day, depressed, can't concentrate, and have weird fetishes).

thanks in advance for your help


I'm not sure if I have porn induced ED or not.

Have you done this test - How do I know if my ED is porn-related? (TEST)

As for orgasms, masturbation, etc. we cannot give personalized sexual advice. Everything we know is in this single article - START HERE: Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

Good luck


I am trying this no porn thing but anytime I log in face book I always see some twerking video on my time line what some one else liked
Also I am having dreams with pornographic themes

I have been a porn addict since i was 10-13 years old and was the biggest horn dog! I would masturbate even 4-5 times a day multiple times in the week at times. I am now 28, however I began having ED about 3 years ago. I was having a lot of stress related issues because of exams i had to study for but was having trouble concentrating and what not and ultimately ended up in depression. I looked for help from a Classical Homeopath who was treating me for a variety of issues like concentration, severe anxiety, not being in the moment, poor memory etc. One thing i had mentioned to him was that I wanted to quit porn and could not. After seeing him about 5 times, not until that 5th time did something happen to my erections. I swear the second he put the remedy in my mouth I felt some type of change in my mind. The very next day i felt very calm, too calm, i had no eagerness to look at women at all, if i did i felt nothing down in the man area. I thought hey something worked! But day by day, as each day passed for the next 2 months i felt calmer and calmer and I knew something was wrong as I even porn would not do anything for me. I realized i had ED! I had told the homeopath within two weeks of receiving that remedy that i've got ED now and that the remedy messed me up! He said it had nothing to do with it! Here I am 3 years later and i am still having ED. I'm not sure if its porn induced ED or not. I still try to test myself very often and see if anything has changing or not. I've seen many doctors, urologists, gotten blood work...you name it I did it within these 3 years, they all say there is nothing wrong with me. My testosterone level has been between 343-404 which i feel is low as the normal range is 200-800, but i was 25 at the time, why so low? Anyways i still have no drive for anything, not sports, women, porn, nothing. My concentration is crap, its hard to think clear. I was depressed for awhile, mainly after i got ED(ED was on my mind every second of the day for about 2 years) but I no longer feel depressed and i'm still having ED..

My question is that most of the posts on here is that men are having trouble getting an erection when it comes to sex with women, but can get erect for porn and they cannot stop the urge to look at porn. My issue is that i cannot even get the urge to look at porn as my libido is non-existent! I don't even check out women or feel anything when i do. Is this porn induced ED or is this something else? I even tried silindafil(generic viagra) and it did nothing! I prematurely ejaculated like usual and my penis was barely even hard. I was told of a condition called HARD FLACCID which has to do with the pelvic floor system muscles being tight as my balls are tingling very often throughout the day. Do you think its porn induced ED? Hard Flaccid? Did the Homeopath mess me up??

Please Help! I just want to be normal again!

Hello everyone. I am an internet porn addict. I came here a couple weeks ago professing my disdain and disgust with how my life has been up until this point. I suspect it has been something to do with my severe internet pornography viewing. I keep feeding the habit. Nothing gives me joy or pleasure anymore. I don't want to move out of my room nowadays. I'd rather just sit in here and browse porn for hours on end on image boards.

I went about two weeks, I'd say fifteen days straight with no porn, and no masturbation. I caved one night, but I didn't use porn. Before I caved, I had been exhausted, just straight exhausted. I tried going to sleep early, and I just remember waking up, and going at it. I have been suffering from serious brain fog non fucking stop the past couple months, and during those two weeks, as soon as I entered week two, my brain just shut down.

I couldn't focus or think straight on anything I thought would interest me. I was severely depressed (and I still am), mostly in part to not being able to stop myself. I want control over my sexual desires and I feel like I have none. It's all on impulse and done out of compulsion. I'm a severely anxious person as it is, and I can only relax after I get that "high" from orgasm.

I want to kill myself honestly. I won't do it but I want suicide sometimes to just escape from the torture. I can't tell if the porn addiction is a side effect of a more underlying issue, or if it IS the issue. I think it is.

So here I am, defeated. I relapsed hard these past couple weeks. I want to masturbate hard; every minute of the day because, Honestly, nothing right now gives me as much pleasure or relaxation as that orgasm does. Yeah, it's really this bad for me.

I am here to try again. I'm considering canceling my internet, ditching my smartphone, and going off the grid for the next couple months until I can handle myself again. I'm not sure what to do, and I'm so paralyzed with fear I am afraid to do anything. Any advice for someone starting on day one again? Please help me. I just want to be free from this pain.


Withdrawal can be hell. You may find a strange kind of comfort in reading other guys' stories about it here: What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

If you're willing to consider joining a support group with actual flesh and blood humans, do it. Check the Support tab - upper right - for some links that can help you find support locally. (And really, any addiction support group can be helpful. It's all one disease.)

The things that help guys the most are exercise, meditation, socializing, time in nature and even daily cold showers: http://yourbrainonporn.com/cold-showers. And you can start those even while you're relapsing. All help with strengthening the frontal cortex (willpower) and quieting those demanding screams coming from your out of balance limbic system.

As far as sleep goes, time is the final cure, but guys have suggested lots of sleep strategies here, and they should get easier to follow as your brain calms down. Sleep suggestions

Most say that you need to do your best to focus on doing other things, rather than simply not doing porn.

Let us know if you need relapse-prevention tips.

Hello Gary (Wilson)

Unfortunately I cannot find your email anywhere on this site. I am doing a masters thesis in psychology and would love to be able to conduct a survey on some of the guys who have quit porn. How could I get in touch with you? I would like to further the cause of this website and work towards spreading the news about PIED.

I sent it to the email associated with your account

Hi all,

First of all I wanted to say how much I've found this site has helped me, I had never realised that this was my problem and finally feel I've taken the first steps to recovery. Thank you!

I wanted to ask if anyone knew how all of this stuff relates to drinking and drug use? I'm a 23 year old guy, and first noticed problems with erections about three or four years ago. Since coming across this site I've been trying to quit PMO, and despite a few relapses am back on track. But over the last four years I've also been smoking weed pretty much every day and I know that I'm also addicted to it. In recent months I've been trying to quit weed too, but I'm just not sure if and how these things overlap?

I'm conscious that over the past few years, when I've started having problems, most of the time I've been watching porn I've also been high. Recently, when I realised how badly porn was affecting me, I've made a conscious effort to only watch it after having smoked weed, figuring that doing this would make some kind of connection in my brain so that when I quit smoking weed, I'd have an easier time quitting porn (I know this sounds strange but for some reason it made sense to me). I have now quit both, though I have smoked once or twice in the last month or so.

Does anyone know how and whether these things are related? If I was in this cycle of porn use while using marijuana heavily, will it help my rebooting/rewiring process to not smoke in this time? Or are the two things totally unrelated? Any help/stories from other people would be greatly appreciated.

Once again thanks to everyone on this site for the help that it's given me so far, and good luck to all those trying to overcome their addiction!

Greetings to all brothers!
Today is day 80 be clean and straight
I'm 18 and uh Walked With lustful eyes from very small not remember exactly by there from 10 or 12 up, I always felt it was something That made me hurt but still was still as if nothing Happened, of course it was not in addiction That since age but always had me very interested in women most of it all by the conditioning of society, eh Lived many happy and blissful Years with many friends, incredible experiences and what I Noticed That is Precisely in Those Years estava away from PMO, in the years of joy made many friends and he shared a wonderful group of friends who we Were! ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE!The implications of our actions are not only to us but to the rest of the world.
Began to change esta but when i neglect the ego I take to do esta ignoble act PMO, friendships and group of wonderful friends shared who began to wane more and more to the point now That it is as if we never met , now I ' m with few friends and no actual share with friends, the last 3 years to Have Been very dark depression, grief, fear, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, finish school online by psicologicos problem PMO, the lost freshman semester and now I will repeat, that lost everything more achievements to go in PMO,Says Samael Aun Weor in "Sexuality Normal" of his book PERFECT MARRIAGE. "SEXUAL FANTASY (or erotic) produces impotence of psycho-sexual That kind of patients have normal erections, they are apparently normal men, but the moment they will make the connection of the member and the vulva, the erection yields falling phallus, being in the most horrible state of despair. they have lived in sexual fantasy that has nothing to do with reality, then get confused and not are able to respond to the reality as it should ". Not only physically immoral fornication also exists in the mental and astral worlds. Those who engage in lustful conversations type, those who read pornographic magazines, those who attend cinema halls where erotic films exhibit, passionate, spend enormous reserves of sexual energy. Those poor people use the finest materials and delicate sex, wasting it miserably in the satisfaction of their brutal mental passions. "
The outer body temperature is 37 ° C, but the inside is 38 ° C, when masturbating increases.
When the young man finished masturbating a peristaltic movement of absorption takes place and by vacuum, seminal vesicle is filled and could do with testicular sperm, but not so because they have just been expelled; addition, it is easier to suck air and through the penis liquid absorbs moist air passes to the seminal vesicle, the lymphatic system, reaching the brain producing a thermal shock and cold spaces between neurons and brain cells that are affecting normal cerebral, physical and nervous,When masturbating, young extracts these components of the organism which does not allow him normal development, because that same energy that will help develop
When the masturbator depletes calcium cause body pains in bones and leg fatigue. Strong bones indicate virility. We know that in bone marrow red blood cells are formed, platelets, etc. the young masturbator not allow a good formation of the bone marrow and this brings consequences for life. When exhausting the phosphorus by masturbation, nervous problems and tremors are generated. The masturbator significantly depleted lecithin and this causes neurasthenia consisting of a general weakness of the nerves.
The Doctor Spitake, remarkable American anatomical, specializing in psychiatry and who was president of the Neurological Society of New York, in the book Creative Energy, attributed various types of crazy sexual abuse and masturbation, since the brain is composed mostly of Lecithin , to lose it in the seminal discharge, the body has to go to the tissues of the brain and nerves.When the young masturbates not interested in the time and very quickly loses sexual energy. This generates psychologically premature ejaculation. Also masturbation causes dilation of the sphincter further increasedPREMATURE EJACULATION.The prostate is a gland located exactly at the bladder neck, secretes a white, viscous liquid that serves as a vehicle to sperm. This gland normally completes its development at age 21. The young when masturbating before completing his development (21), causing prostate atrophy after 40 years prostatitis, which is enlargement of this gland which prevents you urinate and have to use the probe to do so. Then they have to operate and remove her thyroid. This operation like vasectomy generates SEXUAL IMPOTENCE.The children of a masturbator are not of good quality, have many problems because they are the product of a very worn seed.
Melatonin is the hormone of eternal youth, director and absolute governor of the aging process. It occurs abundantly in youth and decreases after 25 years. The young masturbator exhausted melatonin pineal gland atrophy, decreasing magnetic field and taking a rapidly aging.
Masturbation also occurs in women and this is something painful and cruel. In parallel female, the consequences are similar: affects the developing brain, nerves, sexual coldness, physical exhaustion, memory loss, vitality and magnetism. Suffer the most impact on the sexual part and the psycho-social behavior as sexual possibilities are decreasing progressively leads to a rejection of the male. The girl who does not masturbate, retains its vitality, beauty, sparkle in the eyes, powerful magnetic field, good timbre, etc. Should avoid pornography, vulgar talks and must select healthy friendships.Masturbation generates SEXUAL IMPOTENCE and premature aging. It is known for many impotent men before 40 years.

In his book FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION, in the chapter "Adolescence", Samael Aun Weor says: "There are criminal silences and there are infamous words remain silent about the sexual problem is a crime wrongly Talking about sexual problem also constitutes another crime..".

"The vice of masturbation totally ruins the brain power. You should know that there is an intimate relationship between semen and brain. You need cerebrizar semen. You need seminize the brain. The brain seminized transmuting sexual energy, subliminizándola, making brain power. In this way the cerebrizado semen and seminizado brain is ".

Science studies endocrinology in depth and teaches methods and systems to transmute the sexual energies many faces could have been beautiful fade! How many brains are degenerated! All for lack of a warning shout at the right time."

"The vice of masturbation in both young and young ladies has become more common than washing hands. The asylums are filled with men and women who ruined their brain in the disgusting habit of masturbation. The destiny of masturbators is Bedlam "
In each ejaculation the man loses 300 to 400 million sperm with large power capacity. What man would not achieve if he knew the mystery of the Philosophical Stone and learn to release the energy of sperm inside his own body? The result is none other than the SUPER-MAN.
Under this cold air absorbs masturbator, Samael Aun Weor, philosopher, anthropologist, occultist, sexologist and contemporary psychologist, in "sexology" from his book TEACHING OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE, says: "As for masturbators, either you know what the vice of masturbation. When somebody masturbates, is committing a crime against nature. After he has ejaculated the Bank of Semen, is a peristaltic movement in the phallus, this is known by any man. During the masturbation, all that collects the phallus with the peristaltic movement is cold air to the brain, so many cerebral faculties are exhausted. Countless individuals have gone insane asylum by the abominable vice of masturbation. A full air brain is a stupid brain one hundred percent. So we condemn this vice in a one hundred percent. "
what affects me most is that I share a wonderful and hardworking family who does everything for me to be happy and know nothing, nobody knows only you brothers and Consciousness, another negative factor is that PMO caused me physical pain in the knee, heel, hip , coccyx to the point that the doctor told me that I could not return to sports fuuerte as sakte, futbool, basketball etc, and walk a little lame
So brothers LET THIS ONCE look at the damage done ami me ah so you do not have to go through the same
Now estoe is my day 80 CLEAN AND STRAIGHT and benficios as good eh noticed MORE ENERGY; CONCENTRATION, MORE HEALTH
AH PAIN DOWN AND FEEL STRONGER LEGS, STYLING FOCUSED ON FUTURE GOOD; RETAIL SOCIAL ANXIETY AND STRESS but I will say is that still in this day experiment much depression and social anxiety, I realize that is a LONG process and you have to be VERY STRONG
Now I will give some herramientasque have helped me along the way to go STRAIGHT pair; FIRM AND CLEAN

Remember what I taught Greek wisdom: "HEALTHY MIND IN HEALTHY BODY". Avoid porn, dirty jokes, choose your friends. Avoid lewd fondling.
Do not wear tight underwear.
Do not eat too much red meat. Avoid spicy, "junk food" GM foods, etc.



This is a technique against masturbation




Hey Everyone

My story started when i was roughly 13 years old. I began masterbating often which I thought was normal because of the newness of it. Over time it became a habit for, becoming the normal thing to do after school. I worked it into my daily life, not thinking of how it was affecting my time. I kind of just figured everyone else was experiencing this or a decent amount of people. Fast forward to high school, this problem persisted and it escalated to atleast once a day if not more. I was never very successful with girls in high school, mainly because I was extremely shy when it came to meeting new people. To be honest I would consider myself to be a fairly good looking guy (not to be cocky). Roughly 6 foot 4, broad shoulders, tanned skinned and consistently workout, and I've had many girls tell me that I'm hot or heard that girls think I'm cute. Honestly until I found this website I couldn't really make the link to why I was so shy and socially anxious in high school and was unable to act upon any opportunities or even go and make something happen. I met my girlfriend in grade 12 and we fell deeply in love within 3 months. Never thought my habit affected our relationship until recently when I've been experiencing more soft erections, but never total dysfunction. As well, I've noticed that I haven't been able to be the best I can due to my anxiety, lack of productive behaviour, motivation to live life to the fullest(why she loves me so much), and my sense of humor. We almost broke up over the different feeling the relationship has taken, but decided to stay together, and that is when I discovered this website.

I just wanted to say that this website has finally given me the motivation I need to seriously quit this shitty habit. Just putting some things out there because i've been struggling the last couple of days. Im exactly 17 days into the process and honestly I had extreme amounts of motivation at the beginning of the process, but I've found my drive and motivation has become non existent. My anxiety is through the roof and I'm worried it will begin to affect my relationship with my girlfriend even more so than it has previously.

I'm honestly not sure if I have flatlined because I am still able to become hard with my girlfriend and my sensitivity has increased an insane amount, but mentally I think I have hit a low. Just wanted to ask if anyone may have been in a similar situation and has any tips to keep myself from constant anxiety, or maybe this is just the process??? Just having a rough time right how and any advice would help greatly.

in unpredictable ways. Mood swings are perfectly normal, as you'll see if you read this: What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

There are no shortcuts. You pretty much just have to power through without despairing.

It usually helps to learn what's going on in your brain:                  

http://yourbrainonporn.com/adolescent-brain-meets-highspeed-internet-porn (It's useful for all ages.)

If you need a plan: http://yourbrainonporn.com/reboot_your_brain        

The other things that help the most are exercise, meditation, time in nature, socializing and beneficial stressors like cold showers: http://yourbrainonporn.com/cold-showers

Give her this: Boyfriend Quitting Porn? 5 Tips

And you read this: Is porn making my social anxiety/confidence/depression worse?\

Just keep going. You're retraining your brain, so what counts is persistence. Good luck.

It's also good to find a forum you resonate with. Check out www.rebootnation.org If you don't like it, we can recommend others.