Heres a video clip I've done on my battle with PMO. I hope it helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipdzTmfu1o0

Hi guys, I've been on this website for about 5 months now and just finally decided to make an account.

i'm 17 years of age( young i know). But thank god I started searching the internet before I got too deep. I had started watching porn from 14 years of age, about once a day. i've probably watched it 2-3 times a day about 7-8 times. Lost my virginity at 15, no problem getting hard, delayed ejaculation hit me. Didn't care, i was a stud who could last ages in bed. as i started to get older at 16, was starting to annoy me because my girl's just cumming at will and enjoying it and i'm just not feeling shit. decided to search online, came past this website. it all made sense, i tried to quit, lasted 17 days, relapsed. hated myself, went into a binge, i would try to stop, only lasted about 2 days before i fell back into my old habits again. this went on for ages and ages. Luckily i wasn't one of those guys that watched really really weird porn, like midgets and nugget porn etc. I just usually stuck to anal(developed a weird fetish for anal as well). about 2 weeks ago, as i was about to watch porn again my friend called me and said lets start the gym, was pissed off because i had to go out but that was a turning point for me. didn't watch porn that day and i vowed to not watched it again, a week went by, no porn. everytime it would try to creep into my mind, i made sure i did whatever i could to change my thoughts. a week later, i had a girl come round, she gave me head. i felt so much down there it wasn't just boring, i literally felt EVERYTHING, every nerve was working, literally it was some good fucking head because my legs were shaking, felt so good. Didn't cum though, i know i had progessed but maybe not progressed that much. Then i had sex, it felt so good, i've had sex with her before but it never felt THAT good. within 15 minutes i blew my load all over her face (she hated it) lol. it was such an amazing feeling, i never knew sex could feel so good, for a young boy who had never experienced the feelings like that, it was like a new world opening. everything just felt so good, i could feel literally EVERYTHING, the warmth, the walls, EVERYTHING. it was amazing, this was 3 days ago, i'm still in a great mood and still smiling because of it. in that moment i made the decision to never go back to porn. i'm so lucky because i got out of it at such a young age. it was great. never look back brothers.



Best to ask permission before ejaculating on someone. Then abide by their wishes.

Sounds like you have further changes ahead. Read this:

Guys Who Gave Up Porn: On Sex and Romance

Help pls.

Hi guys , I am the Only Child in our family, I Am a 21 year old Virgin(never kissed nor caressed a girls private parts). This is currently my last year in college before I graduate next year. I really want to have a girlfriend that can fulfill my lustful feelings and urge for sex. I am a shy person, low self-esteem and confidence. I work out regularly and a decent looking healthy body. Though I don't think I have an attractive face. I have discovered and started masturbating since i was 13 years old. I have an erectile dysfunction problem. Because of this I decided to visit this website(yourbrainonporn.com) hoping to cure my addiction to pornography and masturbation. I also have urine leak and i want to ask to the people in this website if this is also caused to excessive masturbation. My love life history is so bad got a lot of girls I want but I only decided to court one because i'm afraid of rejection and also most of them showed signs that they don't like me. I courted my highschool girl classmate 2 years ago through facebook private message and i told her my feelings to her then got rejected because she said she is busy with school(which i think is a lie, i think she does don't like me). And now i have problem with our housemaid and masturbation. There are a few girls and guys with bad manners bullies me and makes fun with my face and telling me in the face that I am ugly, and Some of the girls i have crush on tells to me that i am ugly in a direct way and indirect way. Because of this, I really want to commit suicide but I am afraid if it will not be successful and just end up being alive. I just try to forget all of these things through watching porn , masturbation, working out, and playing video games.
Now Here is my other problem,
Since i am 21 years old I am desperate to find a partner for sex or girlfriend. Everyday lustful sexual thoughts automatically gets in my head.
Since last year we my parents found a new house maid. The first time i met and smiled then said Hi to her i found myself attracted to her so much when she smiled back at me. It has been one year and my mind, heart, and dick is overflowing with lustful feelings for her. I also have Romantic feelings for her but I am afraid to engage with relationship with her and to tell that I love her because I am afraid of the consequences that may come if she will be my girlfriend and I am also afraid of rejection. Because she is from a poor family, and her income is only from our family doing household chores, and to be honest speaking our family status is rich and earn more income than most of the people in our country.
I am spending my summer here in our house currently and having rest from college. This is our 2nd month of summer, and by June My last year in College will start and I will graduate. For the past few weeks I have been wanting to have sex with our house maid because of my romantic and lustful feelings for her. I am afraid to touch her when she is doing household chores because she might get mad at me and run away from our house. So I decided I should at least ask a kiss from her or get a blowjob from her. It is also because of this reason that i want to cure my Erectile dysfunction and urine leak. So i visited this website and watch the videos then maintained abstinence from masturbation and porn for 5 days. When the day came she was cleaning near my room i told her if i can kiss her than she immediately rejected me with a disgusted face. The I masturbated 2 times the day after that because of my frustration.
How do I move one from getting rejected without masturbation and Also How Can i stop my Horny thoughts about her?

Guys report a lot of benefits from quitting porn. Some are physical, and you might check these pages to see if urine leakage has been reported:

They also report improvements in erectile function. If you are noticing erectile dysfunction or arousal problems during masturbation to porn, then you would be wise to quit porn to see if your erectile health recovers. (You may also benefit from temporarily quitting masturbation because you may not, at first, be able to masturbate without porn. If you masturbate, learn to masturbate without porn: How do I masturbate without porn?)

It is not normal for young men to have erectile problems, although it is becoming distressingly common today. If you want to understand what has probably caused these problems, watch these videos:

If you would find it easier to read than watch try these:

Your fantasizing about the maid and other women is probably increasing your cravings and  impairing your perception of women - which keeps women from liking you. They can see you think of them as "BJ machines." Read this:

Instead of fantasizing, the things that help you ease your cravings and balance your brain are exercise, meditation, time in nature, socializing and beneficial stressors like cold showers: http://yourbrainonporn.com/cold-showers

I know it seems logical that the only way to ease your "lust" is to use a woman's body (certainly, today's internet porn teaches you that). However, I think that if you take the time to get your brain back in balance, you will see women quite differently, and find it much easier to attract them. "Ugliness" is not an absolute quality. If you get yourself back in balance and learn to look women in the eyes and smile, I think you will find that you will not only feel more attractive, but also be perceived as more attractive.

Certainly, many men report that after they quit porn, their charisma improves and women find them more attractive. You can read some of their stories here: Guys Who Gave Up Porn: On Sex and Romance

Watch this to understand why balance is important: Your Brain on Porn: How Internet porn affects the brain

Urgent: Is there an older man in your country whom you trust, who could guide you in your thinking about courtship, romance and satisfying sex? I think it would be very helpful for you to seek an experienced friend in this area of your life. A mentor. I say this because some of your thinking seems heavily influenced by the porn you are watching. That's not surprising, but it means you would benefit from some wise counsel to fill you in on the bits porn doesn't teach.

Porn is only a sexual arousal aid. It doesn't teach you about real relationships. For example, do you know the behaviors that actually bond romantic partners? The Lazy Way to Stay in Love

Good luck. Turning your symptoms around will likely be the most difficult thing you have ever done. But if you succeed, you will be very glad you have done so and you are likely to have a much happier, more satisfying love life.

Do it sooner rather than later, because as you age, your brain loses some of its flexibility (to make it more efficient for adulthood). So it will be more difficult to change course if you wait.

I will try my best to follow your advice sir.

I got my only male best friend in college,(he is a good and smart person , he still is a virgin and got in a relationship once that didn't work out) He is same age as me 21 years old , he only knows a few of my story though(I told him only about the maid thingy and masturbating everyday thingy excluding the ED part), is it ok for me to tell him my whole experience and my current situation ? I am also a bit embarassed to tell him my story too.. you think it would be ok if i share to him my whole story?

it's been 5 days since i told her that if i could kiss her..... until know she won't talk to me anymore, and everytime i go to our kitchen for snacks she would hide in her room and close her door every afternoon,,, i think she is angry at me.... she won't even talk to me anymore,i feel sad about this.. i think she was angry for telling her if its ok if i would kiss her.... should I approach and apologize to her? so we could be the way we used to be?

Talking things over with a friend would be helpful, but ideally you would find someone from an older generation to advise you as well.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it's good to acknowledge them and move on. I think an apology would be in order, but making it clear that you will respect her boundaries is the most important thing you can do.

She may be more frightened than angry with you.

Good luck!

I agree with you , thanks for the advice sir

For you sir, Do you think having sex is a need or a want?

not a need. Food, water, bonding are needs.

hello, I'm back here in YBOP, I have already moved on from the rejection of our maid, and Realized that I can live a Happy life without The need of Sexual Pleasure.

I made an account on Yourbrainrebalanced.com(I don't know why my account was suddenly suspended, probably i reached the time limit of logging in?)A few days a ago, I made some Decent streaks of No PMO(4 days no fap streak-relapsed, after that, i made 7 days no fap streak-then i relapsed again, Then i made a 2 days no fap streak-then relapsed again). I Masturbated twice just a while ago,Because I shared my experienced with my trustworthy best friend(he is a smart and good person). The reason I couldn't hold myself from masturbating is because, He told me that I have to Always Masturbate whenever horny thoughts towards my maid rush through my mind,But after i masturbated twice when i Got home today, I realized that i have to stop this because masturbation is not good for my health and i have very severe symptoms esp. Urinary Incontinence(I recently shared my whole experience to him a while ago at school).

I realized that I have to Jot Down very specifically My goals And symptoms of Masturbation addiction in my NotePad in my computer(and not only rely on Blog sites like Yourbrainreblanced.com For some reasons accounts will get suspended for reasons I don't know). So i Did it i Jotted it Down, I specifically wrote the date and time of my Day ZerO of no Fap which is Today.

Hey guys. I am a long time member of this site and a huge supporter of living without porn. I am also a Master of Psychology student doing a thesis through Massey University of New Zealand. I am doing my research on the effect of porn on erectile functioning. I am in huge need of participants for my electronic survey. It would take you no longer than ten minutes to fill it out but would add so much to the current scientific understanding of porn-induced erectile dysfunction. the survey is completely anonymous and there is no way to know who filled it out, so your privacy is protected. I need as many participants as I can get. Please help a brother out. This is the link to the survey


Thanks so much!

I'm in my 60's and new to this site and info. My question is this: could a loss of pleasurable sensation while masturbating or having sex be related to my age? I recall masturbating at age 20 and it felt great and ejaculation felt great. Now it does not, and has not for a long time. So I've always thought this could be due to my age. But after reading this material I wonder if it's due to my porn watching, which I have used for decades during masturbation.

I've never had many girlfriends, so I would sometimes use massage parlor prostitutes. Decades ago I could sometimes ejaculate in them without a condom on. But seldom with a condom, and lost the ability to ejaculate with a prostitute no matter what they did. Then a few years ago I also developed ED with them, which kind of bothered me. The last time I could get a bit hard when I fantasized about porn while she was teasing me, but when she put her hands on me I went soft.

I've decide to try this, and I think it will be a lot easier for me because my libido has gone way down due to my age. I also quit pot which seemed like an aphrodisiac and led me to a lot of FAPing. It's been a week and I've been able to avoid porn and avoid FAPing. But I suppose the test will come when the sperm builds up which for me takes a much longer time now. But I feel confident I can do this.

What I'd like to hear, if it is true, is that good sensations can come back for an older man like me.

So I recently had the sex for the first time aged 23 (well I had sex aged 19 using viagra but felt no sensation and came no where close to orgasm so I don't know if that counts) and was expecting a lot of relapse feelings due to orgasming and all the dopamine being released, seeing as I always feel shit after masturbating or even if I've received oral sex or something.

But although there were some relapse symptoms I've also felt great since, like my experience of life has been different, like I might feel after a long period of abstinence as I can feel my dopamine levels increasing. I know I've done loads of rewiring just through having sex a couple of times because now sex interests me so much more than it used to, so much more than anything online, and before the idea of an encounter with a girl needed to be some weird taboo thing to turn me on but now just the thought of being intimate with a pretty girl excites me a lot. My whole perception of these things has changed so much, which I imagined it might have.

But then I didn't expect to feel better in social situations, to feel more creative or less obsessive compulsive symptoms. I can't help but feel this experience has somehow increased my dopamine levels in a positive way. I can only postulate that by rewiring my brain in this way I've taken it away from it's addiction state and opened it up to new things, taking me away from the hyperstimulation of porn and to something more natural, and if it's wired differently that means new synapses which might mean the ones where the number of dopamine receptors have been downgraded have been replaced? Obviously not entirely but to a certain extent as I can feel I have more recovery to do.

Is there any truth to this or is there perhaps any explanation? Or maybe it's just a mystery like much of this addiction still is! I'm sure it's not a placebo because I wasn't expecting to feel good ha.

That's really exciting. It does sound like your brain is returning to balance. Many guys have reported that their "hangover" after orgasm declines over time, once they're having sex again.

Dopamine sensitivity is probably part of it, but if you're interested in some of the other changes scientists have noticed that are involved in the orgasm cycle, check out this article: Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause A Hangover?

Keep up the good work, and stay off the porn. Just 'cause you're healed, doesn't mean you aren't still vulnerable: What's it like to use porn after rebooting?


I'm 40+.

After 6 weeks of recovery I've been successful in making love with my girlfriend 3 out of 4 times. I also got a great job opportunity by just walking in like I should own the business. My short term memory and concentration has improved. The depression I felt for years has washed away! My ambition and motivation has greatly gone up!

PMO free for only 6 weeks has changed my life forever!!!

Hi I am a new comer please help me I really want to stop looking porn but I couldn't please help me 408 642 7024

I am a sa member
I am sober for 19 months, yet i have trouble with porn please help me I don't what should I do. And how I have to start to stay sober of porn
i am 35 years old.

I believe you are at least 10 years addicted. I believe that my dating at the time is over for this.
I was living with my parents and I believe it helped even more for me to accommodate me in vice. My pleasure was to stay at home watching porn. T
Once I was having sex with a girl and I could not. I researched and found out that this could be due to the addiction to pornography.
Since then I never managed to get out of the pornography.
So there eight days, a very beautiful blonde practically forced me to have sex with her and I had not even tested an erection.
As a man, heterosexual, healthy, 27, does not feel attracted to a woman like that? It is my dream of consumption, has no basis, old at the time, I began to hate pornography ...
Was the drop of water.
Today is eight days that I do not see any content. Pornography is no longer an option. I'll recover. I bought a viagra. Look at the level of desperation. But I will not use. I'll recover.
However, it is not easy, I have insomnia, I think about sex all day, I'm trying to forget, but turns and moves comes to mind. And all the time I feel different triggers that if I accept, in an instant I see new pornography.
Fall concentration is notorious, I was supposed to be studying now.
I will look for a doctor to see if physically I have no problems. My initial goal is to stay 90 days without any content. Actually I want to stay a lifetime, but in 90 days I hope to have at least able to have sex.
This morning, believe me, I had one of those spontaneous erections, read several articles removed from this site in recent days, even to leave the tricks that my mind will employ for me to return to addiction.
I can not do anything, I'm in a kind of quarantine. I removed the internet or TV I see, I'm trying in every way not to fantasize, it is not easy
I considered telling that to a friend, she would give me affection and try to gradually help me connect with reality .. It is beautiful and like me, I think she can maybe help me, but the story is not an issue that we should share .. So she'll have to help me without knowing ... I'll talk, lie in her arms ... physical contact, if I feel that I was excited, there would already be a good sign right? Anyway, I'll try not connect with reality, walk out, things did not so long ago ...
When this passes, I will devote some time of my life helping people with the same problem as me, come help us. We will win this God in front, we will with all friends.
Sorry for bad english (google translator)

Pornography every day, no desire to make real sex, I could not with a girl, I'm two weeks without watching any pornographic content. I was with a girl and did viagra use, could have erection. Run health risk of trying to get used to using real sex viagra? (I took one pill of 50 mg) that run much risk of getting with erectile dysfunction forever?
Age: 27

In general, it's not wise to force sexual performance before your body responds naturally on its own. However, some people do eventually resort to sexual enhancement drugs (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) to "kick start" their erections during sex. And for some, that works to ease their performance anxiety as they heal. However, if you don't "feel much" during intercourse, don't despair. Sensitivity tends to improve with time.

You can read self-reports about sexual enhancement drug use here: What about ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis) and porn-induced ED?

On the other hand, lots of affectionate contact (with no "goal" of performance) with a partner is very helpful while your brain is returning to normal sensitivity. The Lazy Way to Stay in Love

You may want to give your girlfriend this: Boyfriend Quitting Porn? 5 Tips

Mostly, you need patience. And you need to understand that you may be having withdrawal symptoms for some time, with mood swings, ups and downs in libido and/or erections, increased anxiety, insomnia, etc. All of these are normal, and not cause for alarm. For more: What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

Also, a temporary disappearance of libido is normal as well: Porn Recovery and The Mysterious Flatline

The things that seem to help the most are: exercise, meditation, time in nature, socializing, staying offline, and beneficial stressors like cold showers: http://yourbrainonporn.com/cold-showers For more tips: http://yourbrainonporn.com/uncle-bob-porn-addiction-recovery-tips

The things that slow progress are edging, 'the chaser', being online, finding "porn substitutes," isolation, poor diet, fantasizing about sex or porn, and worrying.

All the best!

But if Viagra works for me, I mean I'm not as addicted as well?
And Viagra can cause some damage to my penis?

necessary for porn-induced ED, and many guys with porn addiction do not have erectile difficulties. Viagra helps some guys with PIED, while not doing much for others with PIED.

Viagra does not damage the penis.

I stayed for 25 days with no pornography and no masturbation. So I had a relapse (07/12/2015). I started from scratch again and today I managed to complete 25 more days without pornography and not feel the slightest desire to see, but still feel some sensation, but thanks to information from the site, I can predict.

During this period, viagra aid, could have sex, was not very good, low sensitivity and an erection that I knew it was artificial. Only had orgasm once.

There was one day that Viagra did not work, so I told the girl (almost girlfriend, but friend for many time) my problem, she is supporting me.

I'm having spontaneous erections morning every morning (makes about 14 days). There are 14 days whenever sleep according to the erect penis. That's news to me.

I have some questions, if you can help me, thank you.

First question: My morning spontaneous erections is a sign that I'm getting better?

Second question: I have erections when I think of sex with the girl. This is related to pornography?

First question: My morning spontaneous erections is a sign that I'm getting better?


Second question: I have erections when I think of sex with the girl.

That's what you want

I heard that prostate cancer is more likely to men who don't masturbate, and I have also heard it shrinks the penis. Is this true? I'd imagine wet dreams would fill in the need for ejaculation. Also, when they mean "shrinks the penis", do they mean a fully erect or just a flaccid one?

I relapsed because of PPMD Kreygasm

Our faqs are under rebooting faqs - http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/ask-us

As for ejaculation, this site is about Internet porn. However we have articles under faqs:

WEIRD Masturbation Habits (II)


I relapsed because of PPMD Kreygasm

Hey all, my name is Seth. I am a porn addict. Long story short, I have been watching porn on and off since 9th grade (age 14) and I am now 23. So 9 years. The first 2 years of my discovery of porn were nuts with me just looking for any opportunity I got to FAP and would watch hours upon hours of porn at any time I could.

It wasn't until 11th grade (age 16) that I started to see some seriously negative effects in my life... social isolation, dissipation of my friend group, brain fog & decrease of performance in school, etc. Everyone knew something was wrong with me, including me, but I didn't know what it was. Until one day it hit me, and I figured out that my excessive PMO was likely the culprit.

I then decided that was it. I was going to turn my life around. Towards the end of my age 16 year, I stopped FAPPING and could feel the impact almost instantly. I realized I had been almost zombie like with my emotions and I made a concerted effort to express my emotions and connect with others. I went out and made new friends, and just tried to replace all the time I spent on PMO being connected to others.

My senior year, age 17, I had the best year I've had since probably middle school or elementary school... I was applying to colleges, took the SATs, multiple AP classes, and yet I still managed to have the strongest group of friends, social circle, and high performance in school that I'd had in a long time. That summer followed suit, with me feeling really connected to a strong group of friends, and my family, for the first time in a while. No FAP.

Then I went off to college, and was really nervous based on my history with friends in my middle years of high school, but post FAP I killed it. I felt sharp and social and enthusiastic about meeting all new kinds of people. I even attracted MANY girls... I went through most of this year FAP free then I started fondling myself casually with no intent and one thing led to another, and I ended up FAPping. I was not happy about it because of all the progress I made (basically 2 years I think it was) but I was determined not to let that ruin my progress, I still aced my finals.

My sophomore year, age 19, was when I started PMO again for the first time in over 2 years. I'd wait until my roommates were out of the room, or go to my public hallway bathroom and PMO. Covering up my tracks and making it not seem suspicious became a bigger deal now that I had a strong social circle to answer to if I randomly spent an hour in the bathroom...

I told myself I'd stop many times, but It went for a lot of the year, until I decided enough was enough. I stopped again from this point, and was FAP free for the rest of my junior year, senior year, and first year out of college, again over 2 years.

In this time, I really excelled. I got my first steady girl I was hooking up with for several months, I graduated college, I started my own business, and maintained my strong social circle from college, which led me to my first real serious girlfriend. We dated for 8 months, and when we broke up, age 22, it hurt bad. Just 3 months later, I PMO for the first time in over 2 years.

At first I felt bad about it because it had been so long, yet I continued to PMO and FAP for a series of days, binge style. I then begun to FAP and PMO at my private office at work, during the work day. Then I said enough is enough, and stopped.

A month later, I had a mental breakdown after basically being paralyzed at work, feeling lost and lonely without my ex, and this culminated at my cousin's wedding in which I would've likely drank myself to the emergency room had it not been for my parents noticing how much I was drinking and tried to stop me.

I was then alcohol free for 60 days, as a personal challenge to myself, and I started meditating and doing yoga. This was amazing for me. I felt I was in a really good place by November, age 23, having been alcohol and PMO free for 60+ days.

Then just a few weeks ago, my drinking had picked up again, and I had one of the worst experiences of my life, vomiting on public transportation, trying to drunkenly get home late at night, alone. It was eye opening. Then last week, I felt a bit sad because I realized it had basically been a year since my ex told me she loved me, and a year since we just started going out, and it would've been around our 1 yr anniversary, a bit longer. That led to my last weekend PMO'ing, again, binge style.

This left me feeling so drained, sick, and horrible this week, unlike any other time. I was unable to go to work, for several days, and am currently still trying to get through a full day of work at full mental strength as I write this from my office. This week was a big wake up call for me, as it led me to come on this site, and take what I read very seriously. Before 2-10-16, I never thought I was addicted to porn, but I realized that I was, and am, currently still dealing with that. I believe admitting that initially and getting the cat out of the bag to stop running from it will be the key difference I have yet to explore in my past attempts to stop PMO.

I've spent significant time reading and watching the resources on here, as well as accounts of other peoples' histories with PMO and it's been super eye opening, and helpful in seeing others go through the same thing, and that I can so closely relate to what many peoples' experiences, without actually knowing them, which means I'm in the right place.

My name is Seth and I am a porn addict.

My name is Seth. and I made the decision to finally admit I have a porn addiction on 2-10-16. This is the first day of the rest of my life, as I'm forever done with porn. #NOFAP

My wife has noticed a change in me. I haven't told her about my experiment with nonPMO, but on day 7 she attacked me and well..... everything went GREAT! I'm feeling strong and bold. Looking forward to being with her, rather than rubbing one out to porn. This is liberating!

A depressed unbelievable psychologist reports!
I am a 35-years old man, a Phd holder in psychology and a university professor.
could you believe that I am on day 90 of my rebooting, while I am an expert myself and in fact a sex therapist in my field! Really I can not believe myself, I do not know about you!
I can't believe that I have lost all of my last 15 years of my life Looking for peace and satisfaction including sexual satisfaction while the thing (porn) that I thought was the solution was in fact the problem itself.
I can't believe that I have lost my all past girlfriends, partners and my beautiful and kind wife, all because I thought that if I can not arouse by them it is because they are not that attractive that should be and that I should go for the princess that my porn-based mind was looking for.
I can not believe that the majority of the psychopathalogy like depression, anxiety, OCD, sleep disorders , irritability, relationship problems and ... has been all directly or indirectly related to the porn.
Maybe, in contrast to the majority of men who visiting hard core sites has produced their problems, according to my analyses and experiments, the kind of porn that has caused my dysfunction has been my own porn fantasy. Of course with this acknowledgement and insist that my fantasies had been resulted to some extent from seeing porn videos originally. In my countray all porn sites are filtered and there has not been high-speed internet until recently (quietly fortunately for me!) so I have not seen many porn videos (I can say 50-1oo at most) but in all these years (for at leaset recent 17 years) I was fantasizing (some times to 3-5 times a day) to arouse myself to climax by masturbation. My imagination is very very strong and I am able to excite myself by it very easily. I thought that it is a good capability all times and I was pride of it while I did not know it can be a killer of my mental health and sexuality if it was not guided by some principles itself, as too many researches have done researches on these links.
The power of porn fantasy is one of the things that I think is paid attention much lower than should be in the porn- induced discussions. Given that fantasy is a private and hidden activity, it can be much harder to be investigated in terms of its consequences on the sexual mind of person.
Now, I am passing my long mourning period of my life for all things that I have lost in these years. I know that it is not going to be easy to accept all these pains and losses while you think that sometimes how meaningless can be losing in this world.
Till now, I have read the book (brain on porn) and some other books including the brain that changes itself and some works about influence of sexual fantasy and in general fantasy on our mental processes.

My current situation: Now I am not in a steady relationship with any girl unfortunately and I have to masturbate sometimes (usually once a week) to release my unresistable sex drive but till now that I have had some sexual relationships with some partners I have found out that my current and main problem is ejaculation without orgasm during copulation. The thing that makes it really hard for me to resist masturbation or porn fantasy and really has been the cause of some relapses for me and a real worry for me. Is this a part or phase of rebooting? Any way to speed up its wiping out? Any advice please?

Thanks god that we are not limited to just the knowledge that comes from scientific centers like universities and thank you very much YBOP and all you guys that don't wait until the time that unknowledgeable Doctors with upward noses starting to confirm the disastrous consequences of porn addiction.

Best Wishes

I found out about it. Unfortunately I have another problem too: idiosyncratic masturbatory style again resulted from porn using

I'm a 26 year old male and I have erectile problems when it comes to real intercourse, but not when i masturbate even without porn or pictures.I don't have a problem with not watching porn or porn substitutes.When i'm inside a woman, I don't feel anything at all and it goes soft.But my penis is very sensitive to my hand,especially when i abstain for more than a day.It only responds to my hand.I really don't think it's porn induced because i don't have any symptoms from not watching it.It's easy for me to stop that.I can't figure out whether it's a physical problem,or i just can't do condoms(i used to be able to have sex with condoms), or if my brain is just too used to my hand.I'm in desperate need of help.Will abstaining from masturbating for 90 days solve my problem? someone please help!

responsiveness to your hand, but all unwanted conditioning has the same "cure": retrain your brain. Avoid the stimulus you've been using. And spend time with real partners - but NOT forcing your sexual performance, until your brain gets "hungry enough to respond to real partners."

It's not unusual to "feel nothing inside a partner" until your brain returns to normal sensitivity. That can take months.

Give her this: Boyfriend Quitting Porn? 5 Tips

You spend time here: RebootTaking TOO.LONG

A time-out from all sexual stimulation is usually very helpful. Eventually sensual massage can help too (see previous link). But chances are that mostly you need time.

I am experiencing DErealization and DEpersonalization disorders recently i.e this month may be from 1st mostly due to stress n other things long story short I realized that the withdrawal symptoms of no pmo (SINCE 18TH MAY DID FLAP TWICE WITH OUT PORN ON 6TH JUNE) has added to it making it worst... I have stayed with out pmo since... now its been 13 days without pmo I feel frustrated, I get irritated n stupid -ve thoughts in my head is killing me ,anxiety and panic attacks have reduced now but I have weird dreams of porn N other things which won't affect me ,I have the will power to not pom and I laugh thinking how crazy my brain is lol but I haven't PMOed yet .. I have googled extensively trying to understand whats happening in my brain it all makes sense I have low dopamine as I have stopped PMO I know my D2 receptors density is low cause of excessive PMO n now I am trying to keep up with my sufferings hoping that a low dopamine will trigger my brain to increase my D2 receptor density I am eating once or twice a day n I understand that caffeine should block A2A receptors and allow dopamine to hit D2 receptors EASILY which explains why i feel +ve when on caffeine other research show that caffeine increases D2 receptors density .. well I have been trying to go for a long walk everyday hoping my d2 receptor density will increase I listen to music cause I feel soo much better after and I meditate less cause I wanna increase my D2 receptors density not dopamine that way I can have amazing sensitivity to dopamine later ...btw is this true "polyphenol in green tea helps increase dopamine levels, which ultimately could up regulate (increase) the level of dopamine receptors" I used to drink green tea n also caffeinated drinks which I have stopped it all together.. I don't mind this sufferings I mean I have done this to myself so i'm healing now but what really bothers me is that I love a girl and I have such a brain fog that i can't feel the insane love i have for her , its like I have lost all emotions ... I look at her photos trying to feel the love for her but i can't feel shit...I can push my brains to remember or feel that love by listening to a few songs which will force all feelings to come back but it causes a lot of stress which is not wise and I know that its all cause of low dopamine and stress will reduce dopamine even further n I have a lot of -ve thoughts feelings worthlessness.. all ways think -ve about myself its cause of low dopamine so I understand n try not to go crazy.. I remember everything but with no emotions for example say u went for a movie with your friend yesterday and u really enjoyed n next day u remember going to movie and everything but the feelings are missing u feel like it happened years ago or something like that ... I know I am very bad at explaining things but I hope u ppl are able to understand what i'm trying to say.. These are the same things witten under DR ( derealization ) and DP (depersonalization)symptom but clearly this withdrawal of PMO has added to it big time

Symptoms of depersonalization include:
•Feelings that you're an outside observer of your thoughts, feelings, your body or parts of your body, perhaps as if you were floating in air above yourself
•Feeling like a robot or that you're not in control of your speech or movements
•The sense that your body, legs or arms appear distorted, enlarged or shrunken, or that your head is wrapped in cotton
•Emotional or physical numbness of your senses or responses to the world around you
•A sense that your memories lack emotion, and that they may or may not be your own memories

Symptoms of derealization include:
•Feelings of being alienated from or unfamiliar with your surroundings, perhaps like you're living in a movie
•Feeling emotionally disconnected from people you care about, as if you were separated by a glass wall
•Surroundings that appear distorted, blurry, colorless, two-dimensional or artificial, or a heightened awareness and clarity of your surroundings
•Distortions in perception of time, such as recent events feeling like distant past
•Distortions of distance and the size and shape of objects

SEE ??
The exact cause of depersonalization-derealization disorder isn't well-understood. However, it appears to be linked to an imbalance of certain brain chemicals called

neurotransmitters, which can make a brain vulnerable so that heightened states of stress and fear may lead to the disorder.( LOW DOPAMINE, LOW GABA ,RAISE IN CRF WHICH HAPPENS AFTER WITHDRAWAL ) EXPLAINS EVERYTHING IT ALL MAKES SENSE

Depersonalization: Dopamine promotes emotional expression and helps us process how we feel. With low levels of dopamine, it may feel as if all of the color and zest gets sucked out of life. A person with dopaminergic-based depersonalization may feel as if no activity brings them pleasure. They feel as if their “core” personality has changed and as if they are observing themselves from a third-person perspective. It is common for addicts with low dopamine to become depersonalized.



It's not unusual to have extreme mood swings during withdrawal. If you have OCD tendencies, you may need to cut out porn and not worry about quitting masturbation for now. OCD makes withdrawal much worse in some people. Also, you may need to see an addiction doctor. There are some drugs that ease withdrawal symptoms in some people.

Meanwhile, look for a good forum, such as www.rebootnation.org or www.nofap.com.

I think it will give you peace of mind to read about others' withdrawal symptoms: What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

The things that help the most are exercise, meditation, time in nature, socializing, staying offline, and beneficial stressors like cold showers.

For what it's worth, some guys report a decrease in depersonalization as they return to balance and heal from overuse of porn. Check out this page: Is porn making my social anxiety/confidence/depression worse?

Let us know how you get on. Please do not post duplicate posts.


I'll let u know how it goes... and sry about repost I saw your reply after I reposted again :(

I mastrubated on 20th and it think its the dopamine rush .. My Derealization and depersonalization was gone I felt soo alive but that feeling reduced with time !! and the next day I was sneezing and suffering from cold and DR and DP is back but I have noticed one thing and its scaring me .. Its my memory n brain fog !! Its gotten worst I don't seem to remember anything much is it because of cold or was mastrubating was a Big mistake? plz help tell me whats happening I feel like I screwed up big time !!

I am looking for some advice and encouragement. I'm a 34 year old male. About 8 years ago, I began noticing that my erections were weakening during sex. I was watching a lot of porn at the time, but never thought to make the connection between the two. I couldn't even stay hard while I watched porn, and I'd spend hours just trying to find anything to make me hard. This condition made me very self-conscious, to the point that I would avoid real sex and opt for all things cyber, since I didn't have to feel the pain of humiliation when I couldn't rise for the occasion. I figured that my "dead dick" had something to do with all the Adderall I was taking, which I couldn't come off of because I was a graduate student. I eventually found a doctor to prescribe me Viagra, and this seemed to solve me problem. I never had to worry about whether or not I'd be able to get or stay hard. Best of all, it seemed that I could watch porn endlessly (without Viagra), and then pop a little blue pill and still show up for sex when I wanted it. Of course, I wanted it far less frequently when I was strung out on porn. My point is that Viagra worked for me. I hated being on it, though, because I felt like a fraud, and I didn't want to be on it for the rest of my life. Eventually, I got new insurance, which wouldn't cover Viagra, so I finally had the incentive to try to get off porn (I had found this website by that point, and was convinced that porn was my problem). I abstained from everything for 90 days. Then I had sex, and everything seemed to work fine. I did seem to struggle with PE a little, but that eventually went away once I started having sex more regularly. I was doing the whole "cold showers" routine and everything, and I was restricting my sex life to reality. If it wasn't real, I wouldn't engage. This included no fantasy sharing, sexting, or the like. I wanted to maintain my new-found sensitivity in the bedroom. Plus, I liked the confidence I'd found in myself by being able to stop that behavior. Of course, my boners were nothing like what I'd experienced while on Viagra, but they were sufficient. I got into a relationship with an awesome girl, who wants sex constantly. Then, it happened. I couldn't get hard one night. I chalked it up to being tired and tried to forget about it. Then it started happening more regularly. It was just like what I'd experienced 8 years ago, except I hadn't been watching any porn, and I was taking much better care of myself. I also started losing interest in having sex. I couldn't tell if this was because I didn't want to feel embarrassed or self-conscious, and I was just being avoidant, or if I was experiencing a true loss of libido. That was about a month and a half ago. Now, I can't even keep it up during one session of sex. At most I get about 80% hard, but then I lose my erection. I started to lose my motivation to not watch porn. I've looked at it a couple of times (3x to be exact) and fapped twice. I was just testing the PIED theory by trying to see if I'd even get hard to porn (dumb reasoning, I know), but I didn't even really get hard to porn. In fact, I had to really "work" at it to get anything accomplished. I'm just curious to know if this has happened to anyone else, or if it's all just success for everyone but me on this site. Also, I thought maybe someone would have some possible advice.

I think you would be wise to see a knowledgeable urologist just to rule out any organic possibilities.

You may also want to tell your sweetie that you don't want to put any sexual performance pressure on yourself for a month or so. Just stick to lots of skin-to-skin and "her" time. Sometimes a time-out without performance demands (by either of you) is enough to reset. Good luck.

Thank you for your response. I got similar advice from my therapist, so I will definitely give it a shot and keep you posted. Thanks again!

As i wrote in topic, i need to get in toutch with an admin for the website as fast as possible

the link - contact YBOP admins

After numerous attempts to solve my ED failed. I came decided to stop masturbating before I came upon this website when I decided to Google effects of masturbating and ED.
U have since stopped masturbating (over 30 days) but I occasionally (perhaps once a week) find myself watching erotica especially on YouTube.
I get erections while watching (even though I didn't feel it's stuff enough) and I never masturbate while watching it.
I'm I getting it wrong?
The reason I saw no harm in watching erotica was because I felt the sole reason for my ED was masturbation and that if I could stop it for a long period of time my ED would be cured ( I wasn't so such that's why I googled it and arrived here over a fortnight ago)
I will like clear advice from firmer masturbation addicts who were able to stop if just stopping masturbation alone cured their ED


There's no evidence that masturbation cause's ED in men (unless its traumatic masturbation). For advice see the basics PIED article - Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction

see these videos

The advice for porn-induced ED is to eliminate all porn and porn substitutes (like YouTube videos). You are not really horny if you nee visual stimulation to masturbate.


If I even do normal exercise like walk for a km my neck and back aches. I have been masturbating since age 14. And started to view porn since age 16. I m 19.5 yrs now. But I look too old. People often mistake my age to be 28-30 yrs. Now when I masturbate the quality of sperms is not that great. I have been on a reboot till day 65 before I attempted to check the sensitivity of pennis and lost. Again now I m on my day 13. I don't get turned on by seeing anything sexual now. I am facing terrible social anxiety. I have lost significant amount of my hair. I am going bald. I was a confident person until 17. I used to be very active in group discussions and debates in my college. But I simply have become the opposite me now. There is pigmentation on my left cheek. I have got a lot of face marks. I don't have the same amount of motivation and energy as others do of my age. I have not had a good sleep for almost 3-4 months now. I am taking sleeping pills now along side Ashwagandha. Psychiatriat even prescribed m Anto depressants. But I feel very low after having those Anto depressants. Yesterday I did some 25 sit ups and my thighs are terribly paining today. I m in my prefinal year of graduation I need to start preparing for competitive exams but I simply don't have energy. Will I be able to look back the same of my age viz. A 20 year old as against a 30 year old that I look now. Will my hair come back again. If no kindly emphasise on a no so that I shall be realistic and start working on things that I can really change. How long shall it take for me to feel normal and energetic leave aside erections. I just want myself to have energy to concentrate on my studies. Thankyou yourbrainonporn for this forum.


Edit: I also have cracking of joints for even the smallest jobs. Like bending and lifting some thing causes cracking. Also my back hurts when I bend and lick something.