Can it be due to self abuse that I have done to myself for a period of 5 years in terms of PMO. I also have pigmentation on my left cheek. Facing insomnia. On a reboot of day 13 after relapsing on day 65 of previous reboot. I look too old. I'm just 19.5 but look as though I am 29-30 yr old. Will I be able to look of my original age.


Can this cracking be due to the sled abuse that I have done to myself with PMO.


Hi, my name is David. I uh, think I have a problem. I have barely any friends, never had a girlfriend, and feel so damn alone. It may seem subtle on the outside if you all personally met me, but after the encounter my anomaly shines brighter than the whitest light. I know the the problem is ME, but I don't know where to start in order to fix it. Porn is a touchy subject for me, a subject that'd even make Caligula blush.

For over a decade (I'm 25) it's guided me through the M for mature world to the point where porn addiction is a cause but also a symptom. For me, it's done more evil than just addiction. I've lost a part of me that used to jump around when something interesting happened, that took advantage of puzzled looks around me to make everyone genuinely laugh, to be fun, and to still remain a masculine frame at the end of the day. To genuinely be interested in people in the name of LIFE. To be that 11 year old before it happened.

Here I am at this site, thinking it's just another attempt. Giving up is so easy, running back to my bottomless hole is even easier. In the end of the day, I lose more than I gain. I know it's so stupid to even write this, and it feels so corny despite my genuineness. I know some of you guys might laugh at this long statement, I know it's my insecurities.... I don't know, man. It's even hard talking about this on the internet.

My question is... If I start, and I know it's not today. But if I start tomorrow, can you guys help me? I know you all don't know me, and I understand. But as one to another, can you help me?

- David