There's no evidence that masturbation cause's ED in men (unless its traumatic masturbation). For advice see the basics PIED article - Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction

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The advice for porn-induced ED is to eliminate all porn and porn substitutes (like YouTube videos). You are not really horny if you nee visual stimulation to masturbate.


If I even do normal exercise like walk for a km my neck and back aches. I have been masturbating since age 14. And started to view porn since age 16. I m 19.5 yrs now. But I look too old. People often mistake my age to be 28-30 yrs. Now when I masturbate the quality of sperms is not that great. I have been on a reboot till day 65 before I attempted to check the sensitivity of pennis and lost. Again now I m on my day 13. I don't get turned on by seeing anything sexual now. I am facing terrible social anxiety. I have lost significant amount of my hair. I am going bald. I was a confident person until 17. I used to be very active in group discussions and debates in my college. But I simply have become the opposite me now. There is pigmentation on my left cheek. I have got a lot of face marks. I don't have the same amount of motivation and energy as others do of my age. I have not had a good sleep for almost 3-4 months now. I am taking sleeping pills now along side Ashwagandha. Psychiatriat even prescribed m Anto depressants. But I feel very low after having those Anto depressants. Yesterday I did some 25 sit ups and my thighs are terribly paining today. I m in my prefinal year of graduation I need to start preparing for competitive exams but I simply don't have energy. Will I be able to look back the same of my age viz. A 20 year old as against a 30 year old that I look now. Will my hair come back again. If no kindly emphasise on a no so that I shall be realistic and start working on things that I can really change. How long shall it take for me to feel normal and energetic leave aside erections. I just want myself to have energy to concentrate on my studies. Thankyou yourbrainonporn for this forum.


Edit: I also have cracking of joints for even the smallest jobs. Like bending and lifting some thing causes cracking. Also my back hurts when I bend and lick something.


Can it be due to self abuse that I have done to myself for a period of 5 years in terms of PMO. I also have pigmentation on my left cheek. Facing insomnia. On a reboot of day 13 after relapsing on day 65 of previous reboot. I look too old. I'm just 19.5 but look as though I am 29-30 yr old. Will I be able to look of my original age.


Can this cracking be due to the sled abuse that I have done to myself with PMO.