Age 17 - Now, I am now extremely open, I can approach anyone, handle any situation

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thank youI started my journey on October 9th, 2013. It took me 5 months to reach the 90 day milestone. My life has improved in so many ways and I would like to give a big thank you to the whole community.

I wouldn't have made it without you guys.

Personal Benefits: #1: Extreme confidence, before NoFap i used to be so nervous and anxious of what people thought about me at my school, especially hot chicks. Now, I am extremely open, I can approach anyone, handle any situation no matter how awkward it may be. Not give a shit about what people think about me, you only have one shot at life. Don't waist it on worrying about other peoples thoughts. I also stand up and Walk extremely straight so my posture has improved too, I look more confident and calm when I walk tall compared to slouch during my pre NoFap journey.

2 Gains and Energy: I have hit the weights and other exercises for a while. Starting in October, I have been challenging my body and lift 5 times a week. I used to be 6 foot tall and weigh 155 pounds before NoFap, now I weigh 177 and my body fat is still at the same level so the 22 pounds were mostly healthy muscle. I look and feel better than ever. I know have the energy to wake up, function and live happy. No more slouching due to exhaustion.

3: Socialization: I've been giving off vibes to the point where i have been approached by many different people, Girls, Males whoever. Many people look at me and will smile. It's like they know i have improved due to NoFap.

4: Females: Before my journey, i had about one or two friends that where girls. Since October i have gotten around 10 different girls numbers. I feel like my game has improved a lot thanks to NoFap. Many girls will even approach me know to start conversation instead of me approaching them. I went from 2 friends that where girls to talking, flirting and dating multiple numbers of girls.

Advice Cold Showers: I thank half of my success to cold showers. It brings out a whole different side of pain and uncomforting sensation. If you can handle cold showers, you can handle that speech or that girl you wanted to ask out.

Don't: Whatever you do, don't watch porn, fantasize, read erotic literature or any form of self harm. It hurts you and everyone else around you.

Do this for yourself: NoFap is about self improvement. You do this to improve yourself not someone else. You have one shot at life so don't mess it up.

LINK - 90 day hard mode report, 17 year old male. I made it

by Gallienus


Greetings to all brothers!
Today is day 80 be clean and straight
I'm 18 and uh Walked With lustful eyes from very small not remember exactly by there from 10 or 12 up, I always felt it was something That made me hurt but still was still as if nothing Happened, of course it was not in addiction That since age but always had me very interested in women most of it all by the conditioning of society, eh Lived many happy and blissful Years with many friends, incredible experiences and what I Noticed That is Precisely in Those Years estava away from PMO, in the years of joy made many friends and he shared a wonderful group of friends who we Were! ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE!The implications of our actions are not only to us but to the rest of the world.
Began to change esta but when i neglect the ego I take to do esta ignoble act PMO, friendships and group of wonderful friends shared who began to wane more and more to the point now That it is as if we never met , now I ' m with few friends and no actual share with friends, the last 3 years to Have Been very dark depression, grief, fear, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, finish school online by psicologicos problem PMO, the lost freshman semester and now I will repeat, that lost everything more achievements to go in PMO,Says Samael Aun Weor in "Sexuality Normal" of his book PERFECT MARRIAGE. "SEXUAL FANTASY (or erotic) produces impotence of psycho-sexual That kind of patients have normal erections, they are apparently normal men, but the moment they will make the connection of the member and the vulva, the erection yields falling phallus, being in the most horrible state of despair. they have lived in sexual fantasy that has nothing to do with reality, then get confused and not are able to respond to the reality as it should ". Not only physically immoral fornication also exists in the mental and astral worlds. Those who engage in lustful conversations type, those who read pornographic magazines, those who attend cinema halls where erotic films exhibit, passionate, spend enormous reserves of sexual energy. Those poor people use the finest materials and delicate sex, wasting it miserably in the satisfaction of their brutal mental passions. "
The outer body temperature is 37 ° C, but the inside is 38 ° C, when masturbating increases.
When the young man finished masturbating a peristaltic movement of absorption takes place and by vacuum, seminal vesicle is filled and could do with testicular sperm, but not so because they have just been expelled; addition, it is easier to suck air and through the penis liquid absorbs moist air passes to the seminal vesicle, the lymphatic system, reaching the brain producing a thermal shock and cold spaces between neurons and brain cells that are affecting normal cerebral, physical and nervous,When masturbating, young extracts these components of the organism which does not allow him normal development, because that same energy that will help develop
When the masturbator depletes calcium cause body pains in bones and leg fatigue. Strong bones indicate virility. We know that in bone marrow red blood cells are formed, platelets, etc. the young masturbator not allow a good formation of the bone marrow and this brings consequences for life. When exhausting the phosphorus by masturbation, nervous problems and tremors are generated. The masturbator significantly depleted lecithin and this causes neurasthenia consisting of a general weakness of the nerves.
The Doctor Spitake, remarkable American anatomical, specializing in psychiatry and who was president of the Neurological Society of New York, in the book Creative Energy, attributed various types of crazy sexual abuse and masturbation, since the brain is composed mostly of Lecithin , to lose it in the seminal discharge, the body has to go to the tissues of the brain and nerves.When the young masturbates not interested in the time and very quickly loses sexual energy. This generates psychologically premature ejaculation. Also masturbation causes dilation of the sphincter further increasedPREMATURE EJACULATION.The prostate is a gland located exactly at the bladder neck, secretes a white, viscous liquid that serves as a vehicle to sperm. This gland normally completes its development at age 21. The young when masturbating before completing his development (21), causing prostate atrophy after 40 years prostatitis, which is enlargement of this gland which prevents you urinate and have to use the probe to do so. Then they have to operate and remove her thyroid. This operation like vasectomy generates SEXUAL IMPOTENCE.The children of a masturbator are not of good quality, have many problems because they are the product of a very worn seed.
Melatonin is the hormone of eternal youth, director and absolute governor of the aging process. It occurs abundantly in youth and decreases after 25 years. The young masturbator exhausted melatonin pineal gland atrophy, decreasing magnetic field and taking a rapidly aging.
Masturbation also occurs in women and this is something painful and cruel. In parallel female, the consequences are similar: affects the developing brain, nerves, sexual coldness, physical exhaustion, memory loss, vitality and magnetism. Suffer the most impact on the sexual part and the psycho-social behavior as sexual possibilities are decreasing progressively leads to a rejection of the male. The girl who does not masturbate, retains its vitality, beauty, sparkle in the eyes, powerful magnetic field, good timbre, etc. Should avoid pornography, vulgar talks and must select healthy friendships.Masturbation generates SEXUAL IMPOTENCE and premature aging. It is known for many impotent men before 40 years.

In his book FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION, in the chapter "Adolescence", Samael Aun Weor says: "There are criminal silences and there are infamous words remain silent about the sexual problem is a crime wrongly Talking about sexual problem also constitutes another crime..".

"The vice of masturbation totally ruins the brain power. You should know that there is an intimate relationship between semen and brain. You need cerebrizar semen. You need seminize the brain. The brain seminized transmuting sexual energy, subliminizándola, making brain power. In this way the cerebrizado semen and seminizado brain is ".

Science studies endocrinology in depth and teaches methods and systems to transmute the sexual energies many faces could have been beautiful fade! How many brains are degenerated! All for lack of a warning shout at the right time."

"The vice of masturbation in both young and young ladies has become more common than washing hands. The asylums are filled with men and women who ruined their brain in the disgusting habit of masturbation. The destiny of masturbators is Bedlam "
In each ejaculation the man loses 300 to 400 million sperm with large power capacity. What man would not achieve if he knew the mystery of the Philosophical Stone and learn to release the energy of sperm inside his own body? The result is none other than the SUPER-MAN.
Under this cold air absorbs masturbator, Samael Aun Weor, philosopher, anthropologist, occultist, sexologist and contemporary psychologist, in "sexology" from his book TEACHING OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE, says: "As for masturbators, either you know what the vice of masturbation. When somebody masturbates, is committing a crime against nature. After he has ejaculated the Bank of Semen, is a peristaltic movement in the phallus, this is known by any man. During the masturbation, all that collects the phallus with the peristaltic movement is cold air to the brain, so many cerebral faculties are exhausted. Countless individuals have gone insane asylum by the abominable vice of masturbation. A full air brain is a stupid brain one hundred percent. So we condemn this vice in a one hundred percent. "
what affects me most is that I share a wonderful and hardworking family who does everything for me to be happy and know nothing, nobody knows only you brothers and Consciousness, another negative factor is that PMO caused me physical pain in the knee, heel, hip , coccyx to the point that the doctor told me that I could not return to sports fuuerte as sakte, futbool, basketball etc, and walk a little lame
So brothers LET THIS ONCE look at the damage done ami me ah so you do not have to go through the same
Now estoe is my day 80 CLEAN AND STRAIGHT and benficios as good eh noticed MORE ENERGY; CONCENTRATION, MORE HEALTH
AH PAIN DOWN AND FEEL STRONGER LEGS, STYLING FOCUSED ON FUTURE GOOD; RETAIL SOCIAL ANXIETY AND STRESS but I will say is that still in this day experiment much depression and social anxiety, I realize that is a LONG process and you have to be VERY STRONG
Now I will give some herramientasque have helped me along the way to go STRAIGHT pair; FIRM AND CLEAN

Remember what I taught Greek wisdom: "HEALTHY MIND IN HEALTHY BODY". Avoid porn, dirty jokes, choose your friends. Avoid lewd fondling.
Do not wear tight underwear.
Do not eat too much red meat. Avoid spicy, "junk food" GM foods, etc.

This is a technique against masturbation