Age 18 - 300 days of nofap report.

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I have done 300 days of nofap- Straight up no Masturbation for 300 days. The last time i posted here i had done 166 days, and my conclusion then was that nofap is extremely worthwhile.

So, what are my thoughts after 300 days?

Well, I wanna start with a little bit of background, but condensed into bullet points in Chronological order-

Sept 2011- Met girl, decided i like her and want her as a Girlfriend.

Sept 2011- We got together the same month- She was very instrumental in this happening. I feel cool.

Oct 2011- We hit some trouble- Family issues on her side of things

Oct 2011- We split up on good terms....ish

Oct 2011- Had last fap and Began Nofap!

Dec 2011- Get back together- Not necessarily aided by nofap.

Dec 2011- Split up again on bad terms

Jan 2012- Start noticing i feel more confident and alive- End up going out the house more and having a good time

Feb 2012- Get a new Girlfriend, things seem good and i feel King

Feb 2012- Posted on nofap proclaiming its brilliance

Apr/May 2012- Get attacked by some misinformed guy, Confidence dented but nofap effects stay strong.

Apr/May 2012- Girlfriend wants to take a break from the relationship- so we do that

May 2012- Buy her a Teddy and we get back together (Not just because of the teddy)

June 2012- Things go well with her, Had forgotten about nofap and had just got into the habit of not fapping- But still feeling the effects.

July 2012- Birthday, got pretty drunk with girlfriend and her friend- Girlfriend is sick everywhere and cries about personal problems- I feel like a dick for instigating her getting drunk

Sunday 22nd July- We split up, she had lost feelings for me and is, of course, having family trouble again along with personal problems

Tuesday 24th July- Sit at my PC and think about nofap...and write this post.

The effects of nofap seemed to flatline after they peaked in Feb 2012, but they did flatline at a peak point and these effects seem to continue to this day. The issue is that i have gotten so used to them, that they don't even feel like they exist anymore.

It's like most things that you may take for granted - a home, warmth, family, food on demand, entertainment on demand....etc You don't notice these things, until they are no longer there- At which point it may be too late to get them back.

I didn't want to use this post to vent my feelings after what has happened, but if it seems that way- I apologise.

In conclusion then, After 300 days of abstaining from any sort of fapping activity or orgasm (Apart from the night time penis splosion on day 166)-

It is most definitely a worthwhile thing to do, but remember that nothing is perfect and nofap is no exception.

The effects build upon who you already are - If you are a nasty person by nature, you will be a Nasty Person + Confidenceconfidence.

On the flip side, if you are a Kind person by nature, then you will be a Kind person + Confidenceconfidence.

But, perhaps the benefits are only cause by a placebo effect - Even so, they still have an impact. I have no intention to fap anytime soon.

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by kuoguy