Age 22 - Visual snow and brain fog 99% gone, energy & confidence way up

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deer in the snowI have been browsing this forum for 3 years ever since my visual snow started. This is my first post where I wanted to share my story and road to recovery. My visual snow started when I was in 2nd year University.

At this time, I launched two internet companies in the past and was very very passionate about entrepreneurship. I worked crazy hours for years prior, pretty much all day everyday on the computer writing code and thinking of the next big idea. I was absolutely obsessed with it. Now on my 19th birthday, I went out to a bar and got super drunk (legal drinking age where I am is 19). That morning, I woke up with extreme brain fog that I never experienced before in my life. At the time I thought it was a bad hangover but this turned into a hangover that never went away and became permanent. After that night, I started experiencing extreme nausea and fatigue after eating as well as permanent brain fog and anxiety. After 3 months, my visual snow started to come into play and I literally started to think I was going crazy. I started to see doctors, been through all of the tests and everything came back as normal. They kept telling me everything was in my head. I lived like this for 3 years, became very antisocial and went from an A student to a C student. Still persuade entrepreneurship but had a huge burden from the brain fog and visual snow.

It has been 3 years and my visual snow and brain fog are pretty much gone. I hit extreme burnout which took me 3 years to recover from. So originally, I cut back on all of the crazy hours I used to work, started excersizing, started eating healthy, surrounded myself with positive people, did as many things that I was drawn to but this improved my condition by 50%. My brain fog would occur 3 days a week but I still had visual snow 24/7. I also suffered from ED(erectile disfunction) and came across a concept called porn induced ED. I followed a reboot plan, sustained from porn and masturbation for 3 months, and boom my brain fog and visual snow were completely gone. I started to become extremely addicted to porn in University since I had my own private room where as before I could only do it one or twice a week.

I am not trying to claim that this will help everyone but this is my story and how I have recovered from it. Thanks to everyone in this community, I just want to say that for me, it was a chemical burnout in the brain that resulted from over working and porn/masturbation addiction.

LINK - I had VS for 3 years, here is my story and road to recovery




Just wanted to update that I pretty much have my life back together. Here were the changes have noticed:

  • Visual Snow is 99% gone. I see light flashes occasionally but not nearly as bad as it used to be
  • Anxiety is completely gone. I flew to a new city to attend a bunch of interviews last week and during the interviews, zero anxiety and my speak was so coherent. No umm's, etc. Ended up landing a dream job I never would have been able to get when I was sick.
  • General everyday happiness and energy. I can't explain it in words but it was like I was reborn and given a second change on life.
  • Girls notice me more plus lots of sexual energy.

Overall, I would highly recommend everyone to try this. It has completely changed my life. This is where I was inspired.

Take care everyone


Is it possible for me to talk to the person who posted this? Reading this has been like looking into a mirror for me. I woke up one day about a year and a half ago with unbelievable eye pressure, blurriness, Fatigue, inability to concentrate, malaise, and blood shot red eyes. Prior to this i have been masturbating once a day for almost 5 years and would really like to talk to the person who posted this. You wouldn't believe how much this funk that i am in has effected me over this last year and a half and i feel like the only person in the world who is dealing with something like this. PLEASE reply to this as i would love to speak to someone who seems to have gone through the same thing as me. Thank you.

The link to the original post is right there. When you click on it you will see that he has only 3 posts in that forum.