Age 24 - (ED, DE) Sex is better, more social, greater motivation

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4 feet in bedI made it! A huge THANK YOU for all of the advice and motivation.

My experience with nofap

  • day 0: Damn, this is gonna be harder than I thought
  • day 1: This is really, really hard.
  • day 2: I’m pretty sure I haven't masturbated in a week
  • day 3: sniffle
  • day 7: holy shit guys! I have so much free time! Too much free time... I sure wish I could jack off right now. That would be swell.
  • day 12-15ish: I have not had an erection in over 100 hours.. is my penis functioning properly? (answer: yes it is, if you have this problem do not fap to reassure yourself that you can get hard. I promise you that you can)
  • day 30ish: starting to get morning wood again for the first time in years. ED and DE drastically reduced.
  • day 45ish: first wet dream I've had in years.
  • day 70ish: finally found the courage to delete my porn collection.
  • day 85ish: another wet dream. In the dream I was watching porn. Woke up seriously disappointed, then was relieved when I realized that it was just a dream.

Why I started the 90 day challenge:

I started with light porn use in middle school. In high school it started getting a bit more hardcore and frequent. Throughout college my taste in porn slowly but steadily continued to get more hardcore and this last year I started living by myself, which gave me the freedom to binge 3-4 times a day on weekends (awesome, right? ...right?). I realized that this might be getting out of control, so one day after watching Don Jon and reading yourbrainonporn, I told myself that I'd try masturbating without using porn. If I couldn't get off, then I probably needed a reboot. 30 minutes and no orgasm later, I signed up for nofap and got my badge. That day I made a promise: 90 days. no porn. no masturbation. (sex is ok)


fast forward 90 days, and here’s my post! This is not the end of nofap for me. While I think that one day I might go back to more moderate PMO, I'm still experiencing new benefits, so I'm going to continue. I decided to not PMO today and I will commit to 30 more days of nofap, after which I will reevaluate. Maybe it'll only be 120, maybe it'll be a year+ I don't know yet.


While my original reasons for starting nofap were somewhat shallow (I want sex to be better. I want to be able to finish without porn. I want to challenge myself to some arbitrary test of willpower) the benefits I discovered were much more significant. Here they are, in order of importance:

  1. More free time and motivation. Before nofap, I was in a rut. Every night I would come home from work, have a 20-30 minute wank (I'd gotten it down to an art), eat 2 full plates of pasta, and drool myself to sleep in front of my choice of movie, reddit, or tv. I didn't realize that while I was only fapping for 20-30 minutes, I was actually wasting almost 2 hours a day in a post-coital stupor. After starting nofap, not only did I have access to a whole block of time that I previously didn't know existed, I also had the energy to get off my ass and do something.Enter diet and exercise.In the last 90 days, I started a diet and started exercising regularly. I am now in the best shape of my life and feel more balanced mentally and emotionally. For this reason I don't know whether a lot of the nofap benefits I’m feeling are really because of nofap or because of exercise, but either way I feel awesome and plan to continue doing both.
  2. Women are more attractive on a deeper level. Sexualized advertisements, while still arousing, seem more fake and gross than they used to be.
  3. I’m a more social person.
  4. Sex is better. ‘nuff said.

Tips and Tricks:

  • do not make nofap the only thing you are working on. If you say to yourself "I will not think about pink elephants" then at the end of the day all you've been doing is sitting around thinking about pink elephants. The best way to stop thinking about pink elephants is to do pushups. On top of nofap and exercise, I decided to adopt a strict "slow carb" diet. That was a much harder challenge for me and took my mind off of nofap. I'd let myself occasionally slip up with the diet, but I would not let myself relapse on nofap. That was rule number 1
  • go out and do stuff with other people. make friends. spend time with your family.
  • when feeling urges, come read and post on /r/nofap, especially new. Other people’s successes, failures, and struggles reminded me why I started this challenge
  • I do a pansy version of cold showers where I take a normal warm shower and finish it with 10 seconds of ice-cold. It sucks for sure, but I feel like I get 70% of the benefits for only 10% of the succage

I'm curious if you've had similar experiences or have any advice or questions. My next challenge is to do less reddit and watch less TV.

Stay strong, brothers and sisters!

LINK - 90 day report! This is not the end (m24)

by glEnable



210 day report! (m24)

average day before nofap:

  • wake up late
  • hit snooze 3 times
  • take too long of a shower and skip breakfast so that I can get to work ontime
  • get to work 2 minutes late and apologize.
  • after work, see a sexy billboard on my walk home and get excited about fapping
  • after fapping, I'm too spent to do shit, so I make some pasta, and watch TV
  • work out a bit if I feel like it, otherwise fap again, cuz that's kinda like working out, right?

average day after nofap:

  • wake up early
  • ice cold shower applied directly to the testicles
  • healthy breakfast, work out or go for a run.
  • another ice cold shower to get the sweat off my nuts
  • kick ass at work
  • dinner with friends
  • go home and clean, then read or play video games cuz I fuckin earned that shit

Nofap has given me the the energy to improve myself in all areas. In the last 7 months, I've gone from proficient to fluent in a new language and got in the best shape of my life--I ran a fucking half marathon this morning. (7 months ago, I could barely do 5k) My confidence got dialed up several notches and I'm much more comfortable around people and at parties. Girls notice me and several people have asked me if I've gotten taller even though I've been exactly the same height for the last 6 years. Sex is incredible and everyone is beautiful. Nofap has opened up a huge reserve of energy in me. It's been a lot of hard work to harness it, but the payoff is amazing. Thank you guys for helping me stay off the P, and take it from me when I say that it is worth it and just keeps getting better even after 90 days.

I love life. I'm not sure if I could have said that and meant it a year ago.



During these past 90 days has your libido increased. I am currently on day 33 of my reboot and I am pretty sure that I am in a flatline since I don't really have any libido or desire to have sex or watch porn. Any insight you can give me would be great.

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