Age 24 - My Recovery from Delayed Ejaculation: Greatest sex I ever had

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young guyHi everyone, I am 24 and finally figured out what my problem is: Delayed Orgasm caused by unusual porn and death grip.

June 04, 2013,

The thing  is: I just got a new girlfriend. She is superhot, knows about it and wants the d every day. I totally fell for her and stopped porn and masturbation two weeks ago. I 'had to's sleep with her six times already, it felt great but I never had the impression it would lead to an orgasm. after 10min I fake it. Yesterday she said she wants to blow me, I rejected it because she has had a lot of boyfriends already, faking it would have been impossible. At that point I believe she figured out that there is something wrong with me. :'( What can I do now? I really don't want to lose her. When I look back, girls I already had sex and a relationship with me broke up because I needed 45min of hard sex to cum. Sucks a lot.

When I watched porn it involved lesbians and oral sex, in reality it is rather disgusting than stimulating to me.

INITIAL POST - New Girlfriend, realized there is something very wrong.

by River_of_Deceit


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July 29, 2013


I already wrote some posts here about my recovery. A response to my posts was to write a report about someone who is "cured", so it might help some of you who suffer from the same issues I had.

So let's give it a try..

Like many others here, porn became a part of my life since I discovered my own sexuality. Strangely enough, I came across lesbian porn before discovering how "real" sex between a man and woman worked when I was 13 years old. I don't know if it should be called some kind of fetish, but since then I always prefered lesbians over "normal" sex.

A shy guy as I was, my first real long-term relationship came into being when I was 19 years old, but she was a virgin and every time I tried to have
sex she said it would hurt her too much, after one year I broke up which was devastating to me because I really loved her and blamed her for it. A year after I had my first real sexual relationship. She was quite experienced and on the second date she started to have sex with me like it was nothing.

To me it was the most exciting thing I ever felt, but I did not manage to cum. Blamed it on my nerves, but the month after that revealed I had a very hard time to reach climax during sex. Every time we tried it I needed at least half an hour and most often I did not manage to cum at all. It always felt like something was wrong, although she was really hot..

Nevertheless, she dumped me because this feeling overshadowed our entire relationship. Another devastating experience which was followed by another relationship with a virgin. Two month of a very romantic relationship followed, when we finally had sex I still didnt come and blamed her again, a breakup followed soon after.

In may, I discovered this forum and it really opened my eyes. All this performance anxiety and all this many failed sex attempts were caused by all this years of yerking off to lesbian porn, some kind of habit which became more and more intense, followed by death grip and strange fetishes involving girls only.

I quit it right when I got to know a new girl who is know my girlfriend.

When she tried to have sex with me I was totally afraid because of all this knew knowledge I gained while reading the articles and topics in this forum.
After 10 minutes I stopped and pretended to have an orgasmn (if you are interested read my topics)


After three weeks away from masturbation and porn it finally payed off - I managed to ejaculate in a decent amount of time and I was able to ENJOY having sex for the first time.

Since then, nothing much has changed. The only problem that sustained is sex and alcohol. When I am drunk, I still suffer from delayed ejaculation. It is the same with a hangover..

But I guess that is quite normal, well at least it is not much of a problem.

My girlfriend is very pleased with my sexual performance and it is the first time I have the feeling of a fulfilling relationship.. I am 24 now and it really took some time.. thanks to high-speed pornography.


  • Deep, fulfilling relationship
  • Greatest sex I ever had
  • No performance anxiety at all
  • Real sex became the focus of my sexuality (lesbian porn has nothing to do with "real sex" a guy like me should be influenced by)
  • Happiness!!

If you have any questions, just let me know.

I know I am not the typicial user of this forum, I never had struggles with getting an erection, but maybe there are some guys with the same problem.

Stay away from porn and masturbation, get a REAL girlfriend, BE PATIENT with yourself. Try to relax during sex.. Dont worry if you still fail at having sex!! Better to tell your girlfriend what is going on than to say nothing, she will blame herself which is always bad for your relationship.

Keep your head up, there is always the time and place for the girl that fits you!!

Best wishes!