Age 25 - 41 Days: I'm slowly starting to get a grip on life and myself

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Before I found out about NoFap I would masturbate at least 2-5 times a day and on occaision get high and masturbate up to 4-5 hours a day. I've never been addicted to porn, I manage very well without, but thought i'd just give it a shot. Now 41 days in its one of the best decisions i've made in my adult life (i'm 25 now).

I feel so much more contempt with life, I am nowhere near depressed and filled with self-pity as I was last month. I am able to talk to girls the same way I talk to other guys and my ability to be social and face my fears has been significantly increased.

Apart from that I am starting to realize how much of a mess I really am and have been trying to improve myself through studying self-help books, improving my body language and a lot of help from r/malefashionadvice, something i'd previously never would have cared about. And the results are simply amazing.

I think that nofap has enabled me to life my life to the fullest again, I believe there is still a long road of nofap ahead of me but I am doing awesome and all these improvements let me wake up in the morning filled with joy and energy to face a new day.

Some of my achievements so far:

  • Build up the courage to ask a girl out and went on a date twice (first date in 5 years).
  • Have had girls greet me on the street because I am able to keep eye contact and smiling without anxiety building up.
  • For some reason I am much more alert in class and can follow all the material
  • I don't feel the need to get high, pop pills or get drunk 24/7 because I am not as depressed anymore
  • I feel the need to do something, go out and do stuff. I have a free train ticket in my country and spend almost all day traveling to places, reading books a long the way and having fun.
  • I am much more comfortable with defeat and failures
  • I have a lot of confidence, just yesterday I was able to sit down next to a girl in the bus I knew from my old school and was able to talk to her for almost 30 mins before I had to get off. My confidence at times really makes me want to say (wow) out loud.

Some books I have been reading since I started NoFap that really helped me with all of this:

  • How to win friends and influence people
  • The alchemist
  • The Book on The Taboo against knowing who you are
  • Siddhartha

Other Subreddits that I have been visiting:

All these books and me frequenting these subreddits has come natural after about 2 weeks of nofap. There's a hunger in me to become the best person I can be, I want to archieve greatness and its only now that I realize that playing videogames and sitting inside for the majority of the day isn't going to get me towards certain goals and dreams I have set for myself.

Why the hell do I need masturbation? I have a feeling that if I keep this up for another 2-3 months I will be able to find a girlfriend or date on a frequent basis, thats more important to me than a small rush a couple times a day.

(ps. sorry for my bad English)

LINK - 41 Days in and i'm slowly starting to get a grip on life and myself. I'm riding the self improvement rollercoaster.

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Hi I am 29 yrs old and yes i am porn addict. For the last few yrs ever since i had my laptop and hispeed internet this has been the case.I have spent simply too much time and money on porn/internet that i am ashamed to tell. I used to Fap regularly for the last 3-4 yrs just to feel good.Till the point that i realised that i am not getting stimulated anymore.I do have a female colleague in my office trying to approach me several times and i have been behaving odly with her.She doesnt understand whats wrong with me and sometimes gives me odd looks staring at me - the truth is i cant even maintain eye contact with her.I am now trying to improve myself after what i have done all these years. I find that porn has changed my life in such a bad way. I am now on 15 days NoFap with ocassional diversions but in control (no way seeing porn). Once i was speaking to my office male and female colleague in my office and i suddenly started to feel so aroused looking at one of the female colleague(not pretty) that i had to cut the conversation and make a move asap.Took me few minutes to recover.I feel ashamed at times.But post that i didnt have anything serious.Also i would like to say that am trying to reduce weight and have started exercising and walking.I would like some advice on how to make some healthy lifestyle changes from all of you so that I can regain my confidence. Moreover would like to know what have you guys been doing to keep yourself busy eg new habbits etc. I want to thank everyone in this community doing such a good job of rescuing.I still have anxiety problems and tend to surround myself with this may be becuase of my age