Age 25 - One year report: Sex is now 30x better

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Hey guys. Last year I was in the same position as many of you. I was heavily addicted to Porn. I was not getting laid, and even though I was approaching women, I wasn't meeting any.

I have now changed my life. I have not masturbated to porn in exactly ONE year. Today marks my anniversary.

Now, you're probably wondering what I did. To be frank I didn't do much. I just stopped looking at porn. I was convinced that a real woman was much better. I didn't put any blockers or anything.

Quit cold turkey without that stuff. I feel if you quit with blockers, when you take them off...what are you going to do? Right back to porn.

I also am happier. Women arouse me EVERYWHERE. A girl can walk next to me with a scent that is familiar to me and I get excited. I get chubbys from hugging a girl I like. I'm more confident.

I still masturbate...once every 4 weeks...2 weeks at times. Can't give that up. But I didn't start until after 120 days.

Another thing is that sex is 30x better. Girls marvel at how hard my cock gets. I have extremely strong erections and they love it.

At this point in my is of no interest to me. To put it simply: I have no desire to look at the sites I used too. I did get a little caught up in Reddit GW for a bit, but that happens.

Be aware of your triggers and don't be afraid to fail. Ask me any questions you want. Happy no fapping!!

LINK - One year with no PMO. I'm here to tell you it's real and possible.

by typointhematrix


Question from another forum member:

How often were you experiencing flatlines up until the completion of the 120 days? Also, do you experience any symptoms that you had previously on occasion from before you began NoFap?


Sometimes. However they aren't as prevalent. I am much stronger in controlling urges. O! And getting morning woods every day and random erections are always cool.

The one thing you realize is that sex is much more fulfilling than masturbation. You even feel're connected with the other person. It's a little unreal.


I've started the reboot phase 70 days ago. First month I was able to no PMO at all. However, lately, I have to admit that I happened to have relapsed a few times (about 4). Just wondering if this has happened to you, and if so, how long did it take to recover or did you act as if nothing happened? Thanks in advanced, and congrats for your no PMO anniversary!