Age 26 - 90 days: ED not healed, but many other benefits

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guy and girl talkingFirst of all I salute this forum, it has been a life changer so far and I commend all my brothers and sisters on this path of self improvement. - It's been 90 days today and I first started June 2012. So after 90 days.. have I met the girl of my life? NO do I have soaring libido? NO do I wake up every morning with wood? NO. I was using wood as a general measure to see when my libido would return and it hasn't... :(

Am I upset? yesterday I was when I was thinking about the last 3 months and to think I'm not fully recovered. I think I am still in a flatline. I've had wet dreams every 2 weeks or so. and I feel tired as fuck.

But do you know what I realised today? That 90 days is just the fucking start to being where I want to be. This path is a daily battle. Honestly, the last 2 1/2 months were easy because I've been in a pretty much flatline. And this is scary as at one point I was led to believe there is a problem internally and there might still be.

But let me tell you where I was when I started this

  1. Depressed- I would go to sleep crying sometimes because of the way I felt about my self. Last time I felt this? before NOFAP
  2. My penis became numb at one point for at least 2 months and I felt like dying. Seriously, I felt this was the start of my suicide. (i'm 26 btw). 1 month into NOFAP this disappeared.
  3. I think I had kidney stones or something because I was pissing every 15 minutes and had a weird sensation (which probably caused the numbing). This scared me to death. 2 months into NOFAP this disappeared.
  4. I used to be jealous of my buddies as they have gfs and generaly positive. To the extent I started loathing them. Since i started NOFAP, this has disappeared. (fingers crossed doesn't come back as this is the worst feeling)
  5. I used to sit and sleep in my office getting depressed about my work life and why it's so shit, at LEAST once a week. Guess what, I've opened up a new business, I've got someone working with me!. I still have off days, because I want to be someone so great and I am so far away.
  6. I could never just talk to women. It was shaking, my voice became crooky, I would shake, judge myself and pretty much fuck up my life. now? I just talk to fucking women! Just like human beings, nothing else. (I hope my libido returns quick so I can escalate this
  7. Relationships have improved with all members of my family. Damn, I used to get nervous meeting them at one point (cringe) because I would never be able to socialise and again I always judged what im doing, where i am, what im eating, who im talking to.
  8. Food- before nofap I used to eat pizza 3 times a week without fail. Eat 3-10 chocolates after and drink fizzy drinks. Since NOFAP? I can't remember the last time I've had pizza! I still eat cheeseless pizza).
  9. I would never exercise before nofap. I would sit in my bed after work and just browse the new. guess what? since nofap I've started 15mins exercise a day (which is nothing, it should be 1.5 hours minimum!), I've started walking to work and I've taken up a couple of hobbies.

In that sense NOFAP has changed me. But my fellow brothers and sisters. This is a long battle. Today im throwing this "90 day challenge in the bin" and making this a lifetime cause. I felt sad yesterday because my libido is still dead flat. But I realised for 12 years i've been jacking off my essential nutrients. I need to put that back with yoga, exercise, good food, meditation, water, kegels to stop wet dreams, and friendship with everyone we meet. (All with almightys grace)

I want to say to all of you out there LETS BECOME THE BEST!


90 days over and this is the start my friends...

LINK - 90days over but haven't had the results!

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Yeah, I stopped PMO since July 2012, also. I am still struggling with talking to girls, and i still feel tired a lot. But i was (or am) severely addicted to PMO, and i think its taking a long while for my brain to "reboot." I'm just scared that my brain has been permanently changed from PMO

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