Age 27 - ED cured: Had sex during reboot. Took me 10 years to realize it was porn.

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Happy coupleRight, I've got a long story, partial life story, but I want to go to bed, so will condense! I should firstly also clarify that I heavily credit, as well as the concept of nofap. Here we go...

  1. Teen years - boob magas, faps, dawn of the internet, dial up porn faps, mpeg fapping - came across girls, no real sexual contact, virgin until 20, first real GF at that age = couldn't get it up.. disaster.. led to break up, serious anguish for years afterward, took it very badly.
  2. Another year and a half, pulled a girl, she was into me, managed to get it up but not v hard, was terrible at sex, didn't last long, fizzled out.
  3. Mid 20s - had rare sex, (3 times?) was pretty weak, could never get full boner, only when drunk to calm nerves, standard tube site porn faps throughout this time several times a week
  4. Began seeing girl at 26 for a brief time, had my own brainwave to fap max once a week to see if that made a difference, it did, when drunk, great sex - then one night, sober sex... ED disaster, both quiet, let it fizzle after neither were hugely into each other but still, pretty sickening, wondering at that point am I doomed forever
  5. Fast forward last November, pull girl, date, really good, she's mad into me, back to my place... ED disaster.. awkward. nothing.. and that was that.
  6. After that.. desperate, hit the net, start searching ED etc. (as I had many times over the years...) stumbled across nofap and even better.. .. devoured everything - they were basically talking about me - rewind to point 1 - brain wired in early teens to quick hits of porn which carried on for + 10 years.. decided to quit porn and fapping - pretty tough at first - plenty of great hardons in the weeks after.. luckily, leads me to point ...
  7. 5 weeks in, pulled a girl I'd known out drinking, back to mine.. boom, then boom again, and again, etc.., and back to mine several times in the interim months.. wow.
  8. Sober boom - dates, back to mine - sober, no problem, no ED, really into her, I'm up for several times in one sittings, now pretty much going out with this girl. fapped once the other week, (first in 5 months, still never look at porn really), but partially afraid to ruin new found sexual multiple in one sitting heroics!

Took me 10 years to realize I'd screwed myself with porn saturation, now pretty much have a GF I'm really into = success story!

LINK - 5 months later.. success story - This works.

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