Age 27 - Medical Doctor with porn-induced ED

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- by med_man  

Hello guys! I'm 27, I'm a doctor and I've been experiencing the same problem as you all. I've been watching porn during my entire sexual life. My first orgasm was when I was 14 and I was watching porn when that happened.

The first girl I kissed was when I was 13 and my first sexual relationship happened when I was 16 with a strange woman and, by then, I didn't get a bonner.In the beginning, when internet wasn't available, I used to buy tapes, latter DVDs but these types of porn usually do not provide you such an intense experience as the internet. For example: if your fetishis cumming on the face of a woman, if you're on the internet, you can go straight to the scene, and therefore you experience a more intense orgasm,

Well, continuing with my story, during my adolescence, every time I kissed a girl I used to get a bonner. After my first traumatic sexual experience (with an unknown girl) in my late 16s, I then got a girlfriend when I was 18. My first sexual experience with her was also a failure, but the next ones (over the whole 7 months we dated) was fine. An important information is that I rarely cummed when penetrating, usually had to stop and finish the job with my hand. After that, I experienced a hard time on med school because I had to study a lot and almost didn't have time with girls. The few experiences I had, I was able to get bonners but rarely got to the climax penetrating (1 or 2 times).

After I was 22, there was a boom of free xvideos in the net and, as I was addicted to porn, I went through this path, with more and more extreme sex situations being watched. As you can imagine, I started experiencing some more traumatic experiences. I started not having bonners even when I was kissing girls. As the things got worst, 100% of my masturbations happened watching porn and I started avoiding situations with women because I had ED. It was until my late 26's that I started suspecting about porn as being the cause of my erectile dysfunction. I suspected because when I masturbated in the bathroom, I couldn't get it hard and when I was able to do it, I had to imagine porn scenes to do so. I even tried to take viagra to have sex with a girl but it didn't work (this is typical of porn related erectile dysfunction (PRED) About 5 months ago I decided to quit watching porn and I'm having several relapses happening frequently. Although confident of my condition, my sexual emotionality is so heavily attached to porn that I'm having a hard time quitting it. But I'm starting to have better situations happening in my life. 2 days ago, I brought a girl to my place, and despite the fact that I didn't had that "really hard" bonner I was able to penetrate the first time. I also needed my hands to finish the job. The girl wanted more, but I wasn't able to get it hard again. What I can tell you about how to get rid of PRED is:

  1. Admit your condition
  2. Get away of PORN. If you can't do it, search for psychological assistance
  3. Try to *** only with a woman with you
  4. If you have a hard time getting with a woman, you should pay for it. Tell her about your condition and ask for help. If she is a professional, she will understand
  5. Make your brain recognize new patterns. For example, if you can't *** penetrating, simply do not ***. With time, your brain will recognize the penetration as the way it has to get pleasure.
  6. If you can't live without masturbating, because of your emotional lability, do it, but DO NOT THINK OF PORN SCENES when masturbating.
  7. Do not masturbate too fast: try to make your brain recognize slower speed (as in penetration) as the pattern of speed that it's supposed to ***. If you can't *** with slow speed, don't ***.

If you can follow these instructions I guarantee that in 3 month at most, you'll get a normal pattern of sexual life. Of course, it's almost impossible to follow these, because you have emotional barriers that eventually will break your rational orders. I'm having a hard time doing that, but as I keep trying, it's doubtless improving my performance. I hope that my experience with that will help some of you. I consider my case one of the most difficult (my first sexual orgasm was watching porn - this is a heavy emotional print) but hopefully I will have some day a normal sexual life. Aware others of the danger of porn.