Age 28 - 500 days: My benefits still exist but not as profound as they were initially

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I don't frequent this sub anymore, but it has been an absolute amazing life change and I love everything that has happened to me from my journey. As an elder, you forget about fapping and it really isn't an issue for me anymore.

My benefits still exist but not as profound as they were initially (mostly because the benefits are me now). I am looking for something new. I am on a constant pursuit of self improvement and I am hungry for more. This is the best place for self improvement on the reddit, no doubt.

So I turn back to you guys, the people that I have given advice to, for advice; what else is there?

I have been having trouble with finding full-time employment and my anxiety is creeping back into my life (nofap initially reduced it about 70%). But I'm here, trying to find something new. Have any of you found any life changing journeys or events like NoFap?

I have recently followed /r/stopdrinking and look forward to that maybe as my next journey, but I look at that as more difficult because it is defines my social life. What else do you guys have for self improvement?

Also, I don't post very often and I am willing to answer any questions to help you guys out for your NoFap advice.

THREAD - wow, just reached 500 days, but looking for others' advice...