Age 29 – I am more in control of myself, no longer a victim, quit smoking

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I'm on my longest streak ever and I only have 9 more days until my 3 month reboot and I want to share some stuff with you guys (and girls). I joined nofap 5 years ago, and have been trying this ever since. It is an extremely hard addiction to overcome. Trust me, I know, I am a former heroin addict with 1 year 3 months sober.

Heroin fucked me up immeasurably, but I went to a rehabilitation center and they helped immensely. Without my stint in rehab, I would never have quit. I could not do it on my own. I tried so many times, but kept failing.

But in nofap, there isn't a 'porn addiction center'. There's no 'fapaholics anonymous'. In PMO addiction, your drug of choice is always within your reach, society promotes it, and there are endless amounts of artificial stimulation found online. I would honestly say that stopping fapping was as hard as quitting heroin... maybe even more so. I want you guys to know how strong you really are to even attempt to take this journey to stop PMO.

We are a breed of men and women who recognize that we are better than this. That we deserve more in life. That we are good people who just got stuck in a detrimental habit. To everyone who is on this journey, i wish you all the luck and hope you all reach your goals.

I just want to share some positives I've experienced ever since i've started:

  • -Smoking cessation (both tobacco and cannabis)
  • -Energy (I'm not tired constantly)
  • -Focus
  • -Acceptance of myself
  • -Recognition and acceptance of my personal issues
  • -More female attention
  • -Personal power (I am more in control of myself, no longer a victim)
  • -Confidence
  • -Loss of attachment to outcomes
  • -More self-compassion
  • -Overall emotional maturity

That last one is something that I've never worked on. I started abusing drugs at around 14, and in a lot of ways I have not matured emotionally from that age (I'm now 29). However, in the last month especially, I've had more "breakthroughs" than I've ever had. I understand so much more about myself and my though patterns and actions, and I've been able to accept things about myself that I shoved deep down prior to nofap. Thank you nofap, thank all of you on here, and thank God for all my success. Do this one day at a time and I promise you you will do it. I truly have no desire to look at porn anymore, I do still want to fap from time to time, but it is pretty easy to squash that urge. My 90 day goal is in sight...but I really think I may push myself to see how far I can go, and how much better I can be. Stay strong.

Love and Peace,

LINK – Wow. 9 more days!

By Notfappening