Age 29 - I can´t believe how I feel today, compared to one year ago.

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guy working outI can´t believe how I feel today ...I compare my feelings to may 2013 and 2012. I was a fat shy adult who had social anxiety and couldn´t stand eye contact to dogs or children ....a really dark time in my life.

And looking back all the earlier years there was much more pain...

One year before I found nofap through pua-pages which I'm not a part of it anymore ....i made it to 35 days....and I couldn´t have believed it...I felt like I´m 17 again...and I´ll turn 30 in some days....since then I knew that nofap was the pill which I was searching for all the time since the movie No Limits (b.cooper) ...many things changed I finished things that I wanted to finish 10 years before... I broke up with my ex-girlfriend...cause it was a relationship which was based on s` love no feelings...waste of time...only consuming

I´m now on day 24 and want to make it to the end of my life..I´ll never ever do fap ...never ever....or watch those lost and scary souls .....I lost a lot of friends during the nofap journey because my testosterone levels made an animal out of me ...I did many risky things and lost it all...but I was always lonely almost with those people who were so called it´s not that hard without I met a girl from earlier days ...she acted nice to me ..I called her today but she didn´t answered.....and I´m excited how calm I´m...because I´m not addicted to her or any other girl anymore ...I´m more focused on nutrition and sports...and career...repairing the foundation of life..... there is one friend in my life which I knew since childhood and who I found since nofap´s mystic how life separates.....he´s motivating me to do sports every day...thats what nofap brought to me....I lost 18 kg´s man...I can´t believe it....from 100 kg - to 82 that´s just voice was today so deep I never had such deep voice as today...I feel like a smooth lion .I quit eating meat and milk products I´m raw vegan..and I´m shining...I know now if I never did it in my life I would have become the superstar I was chosen from god to be...but I wasted all my talents with fapping around and addiction to something that last some seconds..that´s the answer of all questions I had to god..I wanted always to ask him why he never let me live my great talents..that´s why......if you are young listen to this ...quit it and don´t go never ever me you´ll become great....the greatest version of all times.... ...there is a reason why ali was the g.o.a.t. of the most revolutionary nofapstronauts

thx for motivating me and keep strong!

LINK - nofap is the key for everything