Age 29 - Morning wood coming back, I can look people in the eyes

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Today I received the best Christmas gift of my life. And I gave it to myself: 120 days without PMO. I had many ups und downs and I will continue to have them. But the good days are more often and I can deal with the bad days better than ever before in my life.

I am 29 years old (30 next month). Benefits: I don't really feel "superpowers", it's more like being normal again. My improvements are small but steady. I am more positive, I enjoy life more, I have more energy and are more awake. I can look people in the eyes. Women are more beautiful too me now. Morning woods are coming back slowly.

Small things, but it gets better and better.

I was a hopeless case before. I tried to stop for years, had some good streaks now and then but kept relapsing over and over again.

Lifestyle changes:

- Every evening I write down three things I'm grateful for and three good things that happened that day. This helped me being more positive and gain some confidence.
- I wrote down what person I want to be and read that list regularly.
- regular exercise
- I read a lot and listen to podcasts.
- I try to abstain from facebook, twitter etc. and mindless browsing
- Cold Shower every morning (it's just a good feeling to get out of your comfort zone immediately after waking up. I start the day with more energy).

Symptoms before NoFap? PIED, prone to depression, social anxiety (still have that, but i gets better), brain fog, low energy. Sorry for my english. Greetings from Germany.

LINK - Today I received the best christmas gift of my life

By svw_luke