Age 30 - Delayed Ejaculation. Success: for the first time ever, I ejaculated through normal sex.

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I have been dealing with Delayed Ejaculation my entire life, I am 30 years now, and I can tell you living with this is extremely embarrassing, humiliating, and most of all frustrating. But let me give everybody here some encouragement, it CAN be fixed, 100%, no questions asked.

I am like many of you here, worried if I would ever be able to do it, second guessing yourself, bringing yourself down.

Then I met this amazing woman, very supportive, kind, sweet, pretty. She told me that I just needed to believe that it will get better, and keep trying to have oral + intercourse, while not masturbating, and together we will fix the problem.

Well about 3 Months ago, I ejaculated through oral sex, and it was stunning, it worked, I was shocked, we were both happy.

But the biggest problem was intercourse, I had very little feeling having sex, The pleasure was simply not there at the beginning, I became really upset, disappointed, just overall down.

Until the other day when for the first time ever, I ejaculated through normal sex.

It was surreal, and everything is fantastic now, sex life is good, real life is good.

This post is too let people know that it DOES get better, you CAN fix this, don't get as down as I did, just fight through it.

Summary: Amount of Months it took me to fix my Delayed Ejaculation. 4-6 Months.

Amount of years with the problem = Whole Life

Hardest part about doing no Fap = Fighting Temptations (Focus on other things, like your work, school, games).

How many times I failed No Fap = Once (after two weeks)

Biggest reason It was fixed = Commitment, and support from now my fiancé (got Engaged on feb 10th!)

LINK - My Delayed Ejaculation is fixed. Encouragement thread for all No Fap Members.

by WaterDrop24