Age 30 - ED, delayed ejaculation, 8 weeks

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couple's feet in bedI've been lurking here for awhile now and thought I'd post my success story to encourage others and maybe provide some insight in the process. I'm a 30 year old SWM who is otherwise healthy.  I stay pretty fit and active with no known medical problems.  Never been abused, no trauma, injuries, etc. I started with porn on a regular basis when I was 18 and went away to college.  That was the first time I had access to my own computer as well a high speed Internet connection.  Prior to then, I had seen Playboys and some soft core stuff but never had an issue getting hard even when just making out with a girl.

At first I didn't notice a problem.  But fast forward a few years and I had several encounters in college where I couldn't get hard.  I wrote it off to nerves, not being attracted to my partners, being tired, etc, etc, etc.  I'm sure a lot of you out there can relate.  Well, to be honest with you, the same damn thing kept happening to me.  I'd have an encounter with a woman and was unable to get hard.  All the while I was using porn probably daily and jerking off about the same frequency as well.  I never associated the two and had no idea one porn might cause ED.

Finally, at the age of 28, I went to go see a urologist.  He determined nothing was physically wrong with me (at least below the belt) gave me a script for Cialis and sent me on my way.  Around the same time I discovered YBOP and suddenly everything made sense.  I saw a lot of commonality between my own story and what other guys had shared as well.  It was a HUGE discovery for me.

Now, to give you some perspective, I did manage to have sex in my 20s but it was pretty bad.  As soon as I'd put on a condom I'd go soft.  I did manage to have one decent encounter with a condom but I think that was because I had spent all weekend with this chick and didn't jerk off the week before she came to visit me.  But the bottom line is that I just wasn't functioning as I should.

So, approximately 8 weeks ago I started a reboot.  No porn.  No masturbation.  No orgasm.  I did edge a few times but stopped once i discovered how harmful that could be as well.  I also stayed off OKCupid as that could trigger me to jerk off as well like if I came across some sexy bikini pics or something.  My goal was to have sex with a condom all the way to orgasm.  I focused my energy elsewhere.  I started working out more, started reading again, and tried to stay away from the Internet (unless it was related to work).  Hell even watching TV (not porn) is a better use of time than surfing for porn, bikini pics, or whatever online.

I achieved my goal!  This past Friday I had sex all the way to orgasm.  I used a condom with no issues.  During foreplay I didn't get hard right away but after a little bit it came back!  Such a surreal feeling.  Putting on the condom wasn't an issue.  I just took it slow with no pressure.  And to be honest, getting off after not doing it for 8+ weeks felt awesome.  She enjoyed it as well based on her reactions. ;)

I never had a wet dream and I'm not sure if I ever "flat lined".  My libido did wax and wane but I never noticed a real pattern to it.  The biggest thing I can tell you is to stay away from porn and all Internet images , don't jerk off, and be patient!  I cannot tell you how many bad encounters I've had, how many ruined condoms I've gone through because I couldn't stay hard to put them on.  This is a huge step for me, like climbing Mount Everest or breaking the four minute mile or something.  So hang in there guys.  You can fix this.  Trust me!

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