Age 31 - After 5 months ED is cured

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happy coupleI just wanted to share another success story with everyone and confirm that everything I've read here and on YBOP is right!

In brief, I'm 31 and have battled with ED / PIED for around 10 years now.

After 5 months, and 3 minor relapses (just watching porn after getting drunk), I've broken the back of this ED.

I cut out all porn, and cut back on masturbation to maybe once a week.

The first month or two were definitely the toughest, and there were definitely days where I would convince myself it would be ok to just watch a bit of porn.

But after 2 months it became easier and easier and I found I stopped counting the days.

I don't think I can add anything in terms of tips or advice that hasn't already been said, other than you CAN overcome ED / PIED, and f**k it is worth it!!

LINK - 31, almost beaten ED

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