Age 31 - ED may be cured in 32 days

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loving coupleFirst of all, I wanted to thank Gary Wilson (and others like him, including the active members of from the bottom of my heart, for standing up for this issue (PIED) and helping to educate the misguided men of this world. Education WILL cure the demise of man. Aware parents of this generation will teach their sons that porn and masturbation can lead to permanent and serious harm to your life including friendships, relationships, self-image, confidence, and your general outlook on life.

Now let me continue by giving some background and describing how utterly low, my low point was. This should give you guys who have serious fears of permanent damage, some serious hope to trust in what this website and YBOP is trying to teach you.

My background:

I'm 31. I discovered masturbation by accident when I was 5. I later rediscovered it when I was 10. I don't have a serious addictive personality, but I do push the things that I enjoy to extreme ends of that joy.

I have been masturbating regularly for 21 years. I gained access to porn when I was almost 15. I gained access to high-speed porn when I was 16 (earlier than most in my age group). I continued to masturbate to porn until the age of 31. When I quit porn, I had trouble getting an erection even while watching my favorite types of porn. My porn viewing habit started from simple smiling images of naked women (when I was 14-15), to gangbangs, and other extremely disturbing and niche genres that I'm too embarrassed to mention. When I quit, I would masturbate 2-3 times daily. Morning and night. I was so desensitized sexually, that I would zone out in the middle of a PMO. All this time, it _NEVER_ occurred to me that this habit was destroying my life. (Oddly enough, I was lucky and successful in every other aspect of life that was unrelated to women/sex)

I lost my virginity in my mid 20s. Thanks to my masturbation habit, I never had the confidence that I would actually be able to successfully have sex with a real woman, so I remained afraid to actually try. I suspect I lost the ability to have normal erections some time in my early 20s (around 23-24). This was when I noticed that even while viewing porn I had trouble keeping it up for longer than 5 minutes (my porn viewing sessions often took about 1 hour).

Sometime in my mid 20s, I decided that I didn't want to be a 40 year old virgin. I accepted that I was one of the men that was born with a broken penis and decided to use viagra and cialis to finally lose my virginity. I'm a very attractive guy and very athletic, so I managed with all my awkwardness to finally get a girlfriend.

My first time having sex was with viagra. It was terrible. The whole time I was worried about losing erection. Through the sheer excitement of finally having sex, I managed to finish with my fake erection. I had sex many more times after that, always with the help of pills, and often the pills would lose their effect halfway through sex. Then I would have to try to get hard again and explain to my partner using one of my regular excuses why I lost it.

Fast forward to a few years where I got into my first long term relationship. Thanks to viagra, I put up the image of a healthy stud in my relationship. But that lie didn't last long, as the excitement of the newness of the relationship wore off, and my porn addiction took away from my libido that was meant for real sex. Always unsatisfied with my sex-life, always fantasizing about porn scenes while having sex, losing erection (while on viagra) on too many occasions that I could possibly count, my relationship crashed and burned thanks to the mountain of intimacy issues I had created (there were some problems on her end too, but my contribution alone to the problem was devastating).

The break-up destroyed me for weeks. I reached out to internet to understand why I failed, and why was I cursed with this shitty body. Why did biology fail me!??!!? Why was it so FUCKING hard to have an erection!?!??!@

I had to learn the fundamental reason behind it, because I believe you can't solve a problem correctly and effectively until you understand the underlying cause. Thanks to a comment on a forum, I found YBOP and my life changed.

I can still remember watching Gary's videos and at the same time crying and realizing how I had a huge and active part in destroying my relationship with someone I loved so dearly.

I was so disgusted and hurt by what I learned from the videos that I instantly developed a hatred and repulsion towards porn and masturbation.

I stopped PMO on 32 days ago. Cold-turky, hard-mode. That's right. My first attempt. 32 days ago...

During this time I had crashes, I had urges, and I also felt all the benefits and clarity that everyone on here describes. Every woman I met would look more attractive to me by the day. Every sensation felt amplified. For the last couple of weeks, I've been able to get semi-aroused by gently touching myself (without fantasizing). It was my goal as part of the re-wiring to help my penis re-learn how to feel again, by simply being touched, not by thinking about pornography.

A few days ago, I met up with my ex-gf. We both missed each other and she stayed with me for the night. In the morning before she left, we happened to both be naked while getting ready. I noticed that I was getting a semi just from looking at her naked body!!!! No touching!!! This had not happened to me for almost a decade! As soon as my eyes saw that I was getting hard, something in my brain clicked and as I got closer to her, the semi turned to a full-on erection.

I can't describe to you how, incredibly earth-shattering this moment was for me. Imagine a 31 year old man, having a genuine, non-viagra induced erection, while standing up, for the first time in his entire life.

My anxiety melted away and we had sex missionary style (my most difficult position when it came to ED even while I was on pills). As we had sex, my erection only improved. It was probably 110% when I stopped. The sensations where the most amplified and the best they had been in my entire life.

I stopped when I was about to reach O. It was so incredibly difficult to stop, but the joy of success allowed me to.

Sorry this turned out to a long read, but to make it short, I am now able to get semi-hard from just getting naked around women. I am able to get fully erect from proximity and kissing. A simple touch makes me hard pretty quickly. The erections are so different and more pleasurable than the fake stuff with Viagra. There is no aching from the ridiculous fake flow of blood.

I don't know if I'm cured, but I know I'm feeling something that I've never felt before in my life.

For the first time, I had real, genuine, normal sex with a real person just a couple of days ago. No pills.

I'm going to add a part 2 with tips on how I did it, why I think I got to this stage so quickly. I won't leave you guys hanging just because I'm getting cured.

But I just wanted to share a success story from the perspective of someone who had it hopelessly bad. I hope this gives YOU hope to keep working on yourself.

The next step for me is to figure out when and how to re-introduce sex and O back into my life. I feel like I'm ready, but I want to be sure, so I'm taking it as slow as possible. I try to hit at least 40 days of NO PMO before I make an attempt at sex + O.

Stay tuned for my next post on tips

LINK - I MIGHT BE CURED! Read this if you want some hope.

by NewHope



A few months back I was at a point of needing to find a solution for ED. Several urologists had said my problem was psychological, but didn't suggest how to resolve it through means other that meds. I always hated Viagra due to the flushed face feeling. Cialis was great when it worked, but over time it failed and was not reliable. Since 16, I have slept with around 100 women, so I never had an issue getting laid, until now because I am finding myself sabotaging potential interactions to avoid a potential misfire. It is becoming a big drag not being able to stay hard very long, a condom makes it almost impossible. I had to always finish myself off for the last 10 years. After much reading I finally stumbled across some info that said that over masturbation could cause ED, so I have tried a couple of times a short trial, even recently did a 21 day test of no pmo. At 21 days, I made a rational decision that I did not see any improvement and that I was depriving myself of something I really enjoy for no reason, so I canceled the trial process. This was not a relapse where I couldn't go longer, I just didn't see a benefit as I had not heard that it may take longer to get back to full erection potential. So, again, now I am at day 21, no big deal at all to keep going. Flat lining in terms of life in the penis, but my thoughts are always towards wanting to get laud. Maybe a slight morning wood here and there. After the previous 21 day trial, I did have pretty decent erections for the first few days after I canceled it, but then it was back to the porn twice daily.

I have typically masturbated at least once a day, more like twice. Morning and night, for a long long time. The ED did not kick in to be a problem until maybe 10 years ago. I can remember having sex with no regard for erection. Then it crept in. I can't point to an specific evolution of porn variety as the cause, but I am sure the evolution was trending towards varieties of kink, alternative stuff versus your basis porn. At some point, my pursuits online towards meeting and dating turned towards the bdsm type sites, and I was less and less interested in normal dating.

The point I wanted to make to you guys was that it was not hard to stop cold turkey. I had recently dropped some weight and kept it off using a method I came up with that involved daily tracking. Weigh myself first thing, write the weight, attempt to write my calories. The progress was great and I am in good shape now for a long time after being 30lbs overweight. I still track weight daily. So, I applied the similar tracking method to masturbation. I broke the day up into two parts, first half, second half. In my iphone I created a note that looks like this:

Days since
Mon x x 15
Tues x x 16
Wed x x 17
Thurs x x 18
Fri x x 19
Sat x x 20
Sun x x 21

This way, I can keep a score of not masturbating (x = not). It provides a reward mechanism in that daily you can see the score. I find that the daily tracking sort of establishes that for that chunk of the day, you are in control, since you are looking at controlling only a chunk of a day, versus controlling a month or two or more. After reading this site, I see that there may well indeed be a benefit for waiting indefinitely for a physiological change.

Porn is great and is a real enjoyment in and of itself, but it is a robber of real life connections. No doubt, I have had a compulsive behavior that has cost me over and over again in terms of real women, no that I am trying to get married, but even it I just viewed it as more lays, it has cost me a lot. Now, I cannot say that without the porn if I may or may not have had an interest in a real long term girlfriend or wife, but I do not have those urges. One thing for sure, is that you can become creepy when your sex life is all alternative porn. Not good!

More later after some time to see if I can get my erection back to normal versus a 50% version.

Good luck. It can take a few months to get regulated again, but it sounds like you should bounce back fairly quickly given that you had a lot of real sex early on.

Pornography & Erectile Dysfunction, by Lawrence A. Smiley M.D.

This doctor has been specializing in male dysfunction for almost 20 years and he says porn use is causing ED in some of his patients.

I had spent a lot of time some years ago looking into EMDR as a method to modify memories and associations, and found a that a lot of people swear by this stuff. I has understood that basically the process overwrites the emotional connections in the brain with new connections with the desired associates. I just did a search on EMDR and porn addiction therapy and see other forums making success claims. I had thought that any process that can affect memories and associations may be a shortcut to rebooting. Has anyone else hear of using such methods? It sure seems like someone with experience in these processes could come up with a video for simple home use that may provide some expedited benefit for ED. Just thinking out loud.