Age 31 - My mojo came back. Social, personal and professional life back to normal.

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happy guyAfter 18 years, I spent last 90 days without fap, porn and sex in my life. I couldn't have done it without all your help. Thank you!

Stats: Age: 31 years, MO: 14 years PMO: 4 years, frequency: every day 1 time

Interesting Point & History:

When I was doing just MO, I had no problem with my social, personal and professional life. I even won international award. Along the way in 2011, I slipped into online porn world then started PMO. Since 2011, I lost hair, I lost muscle, I rapidly become old (at least looks wise), I changed jobs, and my job performance went down due to brain fog, become social shy, and lost friends.

Everyone who knows me wondered what happened to this guy? I never understood what changed in my life that made this much drastic change.

I tried everything to get my mojo back, from changing diets to even going to psychics, but even for a second I never [considered] that it was PMO because I felt it was normal.

Exactly couple of months back, one of my managers gave a book to me (Not sure why he gave it to me). It was about porn addiction and internet porn effects on brain. I am not sure what he saw in me, but he just gave that book and told me to keep it.

Thank you God! I found the problem, and now it is my responsibility to follow the solution. I tried, I failed, and I prayed. I did it again and again. Finally I came to 90 days milestone. I will follow it for the rest of my life.

The Super Powers:

Yes, they are real. To believe, you have to try it. My mojo came back. My eyes and skin shine. Social, personal and professional life back to normal. In last 90 days, read 5 self-help books, listened 7 audio books, wrote 1 professional certification and started writing a memoir on my PMO life.

Books and links that motivated me:

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) And of course

Book my manager gave to me:

Thank you, and All the best! You can do it!!

LINK - After 18 years, I spent last 90 days without fap, porn and sex in my life.

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how man...i cant go past a month