Age 40 - Married: Been a porn/fantasy and fapping addict for some 26 years. Had PE and ED issues.

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Okay friends, I have completed the 90 days no fap challenge!

When I started I had no idea how I’d keep off of porn, dirty fantasies, and fapping for this long. But it got easier after the first two weeks. Last couple of months I almost stopped thinking about fapping. Last one month I even stopped visiting /r/NoFap regularly.

Changes I have seen in myself: There were no dramatic rediscovery of dormant superpowers. Instead, the change happened very gradually. 90 days down I realise I am a lot more determined, focused, and resilient in my attitude. I feel powerful and I don’t easily get bogged down by setbacks. I am less prone to depressing thoughts and more optimistic about fixing my life. It might not sound like a lot, but I think it’s a huge thing for me. I feel like a man again.

Many thanks to this wonderfully supportive community. Couldn’t have done without you guys.

Next post at 120 days.

TL;DR – Nothing special. Just some guy who last fapped in 2012 :)


LINK -90 Days No Fap Challenge? Been there, done that.

by terimyaki


A Fap-Free Trip Around the Sun!

Hello /r/NoFap,

Today I complete ONE YEAR of NoFap. The last time I fapped was on 20-Nov-2012! This is my first attempt at the NoFap challenge. I wish to thank this wonderful community for the advise, encouragement, and enthusiasm without which I couldn't have come this far.

A bit about me: 40 year old, married. Been a porn/fantasy and fapping addict for some 26 years. Had PE and ED issues.

I started the NoFap challenge on 21-Nov-2012 on a whim. I initially didn't believe I could actually go without fapping for 90 days, but as my badge reached 30 days or so, I got pretty involved in the challenge and didn't want to lose my badge at any cost. I am kind of wired that way. You can read my 30, 60, 90, 200 day posts here.

The strongest challenges I faced were in Mar and Oct this year when my wife was away for a month each. After some struggle I gave up and indulged in a porn and fantasy binge for about a week. I didn't fap and didn't orgasm. I noticed a funny thing during the second binge in Oct. As turned on as I was, I felt no desire to actual fap. In fact the act of fapping felt awkward to me. That's the power of habit - that's what not doing something for 11 months does to you. I am not proud of the binges and don't wish to test myself again. In fact the Oct binge seems to have setback my ED/PE recovery noticeably.

Where I go from here: I am thinking of experimenting with what Robert Glover, the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, calls "healthy masturbation". Healthy masturbation is expected to help guys get in touch with their sexual needs and help them get over issues like PE and ED. I am still not decided on this though. Healthy masturbation prohibits porn or fantasies, which sounds good. But I am not sure if I'll be able to stick to the discipline, considering my two binges in the recent past. Or maybe I'll keep 2013 a completely fap-free year and try this in 2014. I'll update the community if I make any headway.

Good luck to you all!


Amigo Terimyaki

EDIT: Thank you friends for your good wishes! And for your caution on "healthy" masturbation. I know it sounds like an oxymoron (or just plain moron) to anyone who's been a fap addict. I am myself very doubtful about it. Don't wish to replase back to my porn and fap filled shitty day.