Are You Exiting the Gene Pool Due to Low Sperm Count or ED?

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Today’s ejaculation advice may be wrong for our species

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For the last half-century, Western sexologists have advised men to ejaculate as frequently as the urge arises, on a par with nose-blowing. At the same time, doctors assure guys that there's no risk of excessive ejaculation because they'll stop when they've had enough.

But what if this advice is not supported by the data biologists are turning up? We've been fascinated by a debate going on over on Amazon about the realities of primate sex and mating. This debate and the self-reports from young guys on a variety of forums are making us question the standard ejaculation advice.

Personally, we're not enthused about increasing the world's population, but it's hard not to feel sorry for the men we've heard from who cannot consummate their marriages, let alone impregnate their wives, as a consequence of their heavy porn use. (Come to think of it, that suggests a strategy for population control. Simply give every guy on the planet an iPhone, and every woman a vibrator.)

Where are we now?

The predictable, though not necessarily intended, result of the standard ejaculation advice is that many younger men believe it is unhealthy not to ejaculate very frequently-at least once a day. (Indeed, authorities in England and Spain have actively campaigned to spread this notion in schools.) Many guys believe that if once is healthy, 2, 3 or 4 times must be even healthier.

In the under-thirty crowd, masturbation and Internet porn use are synonymous, so if 4 ejaculations per day are really healthy...well then, that many Internet-porn sessions are too. Indeed, even after their hormonal rush of puberty and sexual peak have passed, guys can use today's superstimulating masturbation aids (Internet porn, cam-2-cam, sex toys) to remain veritable geysers of least until they hit a wall.

Now, many men, as early as age twenty, are complaining of delayed ejaculation, an inability to climax with mates who don't look/act like their favorite fetish porn star, erectile dysfunction and a host of other symptoms. (Astonishingly, when they stop porn/masturbation for a couple of months, they report dramatic improvements  in confidence, mood, concentration, sexual chemistry and sexual performance.)

If you're noticing unwanted symptoms, and you're not sure you want to let your genes down, consider the following biological and anthropological information.

'My sperm production keeps up with my daily ejaculation frequency.'

Even though Western males apparently masturbate to climax more than any other species, humans are not, in fact, built for prolific ejaculation. According to Promiscuity author Tim Birkhead:

The rate of human sperm production is lower than that of any other mammal so far investigated. The numbers of sperm stored in the epididymis are also low. ... Men, in contrast [to chimpanzees] have a more limited capacity and six ejaculations in twenty-four hours is enough to deplete the epididymal sperm stores completely. [pp. 82,84]

Sperm collected via daily masturbation dropped from 150 million on day one, to 80 million on day two, and to 47 million on day three. It takes about 64 days for sperm to mature.

While figures vary across studies, and certainly between men, humans have a low sperm production rate, considering that a sperm count of around 100 million is usually considered necessary for a reasonable chance of fertilization. It is simple to see how habitual frequent ejaculation could lead to chronic depletion and decreased fertility.

Sperm production estimates vary, but it appears that ejaculation every third day would not overtax sperm supplies (assuming they have normalized after very frequent ejaculation). Ejaculation every third day is more than enough action to keep a mate "topped up" with viable sperm, so evolution is likely to have equipped us accordingly. Incidentally, too many sperm can increase miscarriages because fertilization by more than one sperm renders a zygote inviable. "Eject!"

'If I'm horny, it means I need to ejaculate.'

Not necessarily. Even though human sperm production is low relative to other animals, human males still become aroused in response to promising genetic opportunities regardless of semen reserves (the Coolidge Effect). This reality is what makes possible a binge using Internet porn (with its parade of novel "mates").

Male zeal for sex and the willingness to risk lives to access potential mates are common across species. After all, the male gender more often faces the potential of zero offspring because the struggle for fertilizations is normally demanding and failure common.

In short, you don't have to have a mammoth libido, or be a pervert, to have trouble saying "no." Healthy human brains respond to high-value sexual cues or novel mates. If they didn't, you wouldn't be here. In fact, you're the product of those who wanted sex the most.

Yet what happens when limitless simulated and stimulating sex becomes available to these zealous males in the form of virtual sirens begging for semen from cyberspace?

Research shows that animals will prefer a supernormal stimulus to the natural one. Female birds prefer to brood an oversized plaster egg rather than their own real eggs. A male fish prefers to court a wooden oversized female (bigger size = more eggs) than a real female with real eggs. And humans can easily fall for superstimulating online charmers in lieu of real mates with whom they could potentially reproduce. An evolutionary-biologist friend, who specializes in sexual evolution and the sexes, remarked:

Now, we face the prospect that porn sex will make real sex a poor alternative or even impossible. Moreover, women have vibrators that can also make real sex a poor alternative—and even more so if men cannot achieve erections.

I can almost envision a future in which men and women will live separately, masturbating to porn or with sex toys. Reproduction, when desired, will be done with a turkey baster—assuming computer-illiterate donors can be found. We could even be the first species whose sex drive leads it to masturbating itself to extinction. LOL

Laughable, and yet a recent UK survey reported that among men looking at porn for at least 10 hours a week sixty-one per cent agreed it could make you less interested in sex with a partner (compared with 27 per cent of moderate users and 24 per cent of light users). 


 'Even if I overdo it, there are no lingering repercussions.'

Save Our SpermWe were startled to learn that exhausting semen supplies may have surprisingly long lasting repercussions for human-male fertility. In a study where men ejaculated an average of 2.4 times a day over ten days, their sperm output remained below pre-depletion levels for more than five months

There's also the risk of long-lasting plastic brain changes in response to super-enticing stimuli. Brain changes can desensitize the individual's pleasure response and leave him hyper-responsive to sexually explicit material indefinitely...much as an obese person continues to buy chips because his brain's reward circuitry is shouting, "More!" even as his body is screaming, "Enough!"

Lingering brain changes increase the risk that today's frequent ejaculators will not, in fact, "stop when they've had enough" as the medical profession claims. Bingeing on Internet porn in search of satisfaction is not unusual among users. One possible result is chronic sperm depletion.

 'The suggestion that there can be too much ejaculation is religious moralizing.'

Actually, many sex-positive cultures have taught moderation for millennia. As explained, men have not evolved to be able to have limitless sex without suffering physiological repercussions. Historically, male fervor was held in check by the reality of sexual opportunities with novel mates being rare. Later, when population density rose, male potency was protected by traditions that regulated sexual excess.

In fact, the last half-century's decision to dismiss the possibility of biological limits represents a sweeping departure. Across the globe and over thousands of years mankind generated a broad array of traditions and taboos to protect male potency and vitality. For example, the ancient Chinese Daoists made a science of sexual health and relationship harmony, without a hint of moralizing.

They were not alone. Almost a century ago, anthropologist A. Ernest Crawley recorded that tribal cultures all over the world believed that temporary abstinence from sex was appropriate in connection with many activities (depending upon the culture). These included hunting, warfare, planting, fishing, harvesting, wine preparation, shamanic deeds, pilgrimage, the first days of marriage, pregnancy, lactation, menstruation, and so forth. Such advice was so widespread that Crawley characterized temporary chastity as an "infallible nostrum for all important undertakings and critical junctures."

Periodic abstinence was believed to increase male invincibility and vigor. For the same reasons, numerous cultures have also evolved ways of making love that encourage frequent intercourse but infrequent ejaculation (unless conception is desired).

More recently, anthropologists studying cultures in Central Africa reported that the Aka and Ngandu peoples don't masturbate. (They don't even have a word for it.) These cultures also traditionally observe a moratorium on sex from the birth of a child until it is able to walk. Despite the fact that adults of both genders obviously relish sex, men's interludes of frequent ejaculation tend to be limited. (Incidentally, no religious missionary influenced these traditions.)

Is the ejaculation advice of the last half-century suitable for humans?

Perhaps not. In the words of our evolutionary-biologist friend,

Cheering on multiple daily ejaculations as some sort of 'natural'/ancestral behavior is mistaken. All-in-all the evidence suggests that human sperm production has not evolved for more than a moderate rate of ejaculation, and masturbation is possibly not something that is 'normal' on a daily basis, if at all.

It's likely our false belief in 'limitless' human sperm production arose primarily because the brain's evolved reward mechanism for sex is very strong. Especially for males, reproduction is uncertain. It's the intensity of sexual pleasure that makes us assume frequent ejaculation is more beneficial than it is.

How could something that feels so great ever be a problem?

Answer: Our sexual expression is occurring in an environment very different from the one in which it evolved.

Alhthough there is nothing wrong with masturbation, it may not be the health panacea touted by the media. From the Archives of Sexual Behavior -  Masturbation is Related to Psychopathology and Prostate Dysfunction: Comment on Quinsey (2012)

Also see - Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause A Hangover?

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Hi, I have a question. It is said that sometimes it may be acceptable to masturbate without any porn or fantasy for someone who is recovering. And also that it is preferable to looking at porn without masturbating. However, from what I understand, orgasm is a key component in the addictive and desensitizing effect of pornography addiction, because the Coolidge effect and dopamine response is wired to it, and there are other things going on for quite some time in response to orgasm.

So I guess my question is: would someone still experience the addictive and desensitizing effects if he were to look at porn without any masturbation or orgasm? My understanding is that the same content wold get him aroused many many times because he never has the release that basically puts a check mark behind it in the brain. This was also the impression I got from your sister site. Is this correct? So I think for a good recovery it would be best not to have any orgasms?

Sorry I didn't know where to ask a question so I put it here as a comment. (:

There's no right place for questions, although we set up the FAQ as a place to post questions (but it's really not obvious).

This question is discussed here-

It is also touched upon in several post here-

Coolidge effect is not desensitization, strictly speaking. I'm not sure what you read on reuniting. Was it articles about the post-orgasmic hangover, and such?

To your question: No to masturbation and orgasm causing desensitization. I'm from a generation (age 55) that did not use porn, but still masturbated freely. We did not develop ED from masturbation.

A huge yes to porn. Porn is the addiction. Porn is the the stimulus that changes the brain, and porn is what causes ED. Internet porn is the stimuli that allows users to override their natural sexual satiation mechanisms, leading to the addictive changes in the brain.

We emphasize on this site that porn is the addiction. Any confusion arises from several factors:
1) For young men masturbation and porn are synonymous. When they say "I'm not fapping" they are usually meaning no porn use. This leads to many miscommunications as men describe giving up masturbation to regain sensitivity, when they really mean giving up porn.

We suggest stopping porn and masturbation as one recovers, leading some men to think masturbation is the cause. Most men need to abstain from masturbation to fully recover. Why?
2) We have never seen a man with porn-induced ED regain his erectile health without stopping masturbation for a while.
3) Porn and masturbation are so tightly linked that masturbation can trigger porn use.
4) The dopamine lows after masturbation/orgasm leads to more cravings and a much tougher withdrawal
5) Stopping masturbation completely shortens the reboot process.

In essence, those that refrain from all PMO recover faster and easier. We see very little success from those that continue to masturbate as they reboot.

However, if one needs to masturbate, then we say do it, but do it to sensations, using absolutely no porn or fantasy. That is our advice, but it is rarely followed. When men recovering from porn masturbate, they almost always use porn, because it is their primary addiction. They would rather give up orgasm than porn.

This new FAQ helps with the understanding -

I hope I answered your question

Thanks so much for your answer, it definitely makes sense that orgasm isn't really the culprit in the overall process.

I also read the content/discussion on the Sexademic blog and found her points very unconvincing, even absurd. Apparently anybody who disagrees with her view that porn cannot possibly have negative effects for some people is a Christian fundamentalist (usually a White person, because everybody knows that those are particularly evil and reactionary). Supposedly these evildoers infiltrate all kinds of organizations, scientific bodies, major news agencies, you name it! All in an effort to perpetuate the supposed "status quo" that porn is extremely evil and sinful (even though no one is actually saying that).

This site has a lot of great information but it's a bit hard to find updates and specific articles because the front page only has 2 pages so all the updates from last week are in the categories but hard to find! And a lot of the new articles I see as a member in the updates list never make it to the front page unfortunately.

If you saw her post "Explaining porn watching with science" you may have noticed that I posted nine known facts she omitted or twisted to try to make her argument. She immediately blocked me from posting and wrote under my post "citations needed".

We never knew she existed until she posted on our Good Men Project blog saying that animal studies have no bearing on human behavior. I guess she forgot to inform all the researchers who have unraveled so much about human neurobiology using animal models of her insight. We have only responded to 3 of her blogs, as all three were aimed directly at us. Then she banned us when we pointed out the blatant inaccuracies in the above post.

Her basic premise in the above post appears to be that since dopamine isn't the only neurotransmitter involved in feelings of pleasure, it can't be involved in porn addiction. Complete nonsense. You can watch the head of NIDA and another addiction researcher discuss dopamine on these 3 videos.

She also claimed that this - - was a hoax. Which it wasn’t. She just makes stuff up.

It's so crazy - we suggest that some people have porn addiction, and some develop porn-induced ED, and seemingly rational people just lose it. All logic and honest debate fly out the window.

Anyhow - Can you be more specific on the site? All our articles are under articles, and everything else is under FAQ. Research that no one wants to read is under my page

Just 10 days can make a difference.

I've been on the NoFap challenge for 10 days and had sex with my girlfriend last night. Let me tell you one thing: not fapping makes a huge difference. Everything feels stronger. I had a problem of not being able to have orgasm and after just 10 days everything is feeling like its getting back to normal. My girlfriend was very happy and impressed.

Moral of the story: stick with this. This makes every sexual experience so much more special. Your significant others will notice it too. Stay strong.