Articles I Love and Why You Should Start a Journal

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First off, I recently discovered the Art of Manliness website, and they have tons of articles for men trying to improve their lives. I like this website a lot because it's for male readers and also they're very detailed, and some have helped me a lot! I'm using this pornfree experience to not only stop watching porn but to become a better man so I searched for some articles on attention/focus and willpower and discovered the website. One of my main goals is to remove all negative intense stimuli like porn, tv, video games, random web surfing, etc, (which makes everything else in my life seem boring and difficult to focus on) so I can focus my attention on things like school, my hobby which I want to make my career, real women, real life, trying new things, and fitness.

Before I list all my favourite articles, if you don't know what Evernote is, you definitely need to check it out! I would always see it on the appstore and not know how it would benefit me. After reading an article about it, I decided to give it a download and I love it! I have it on my iPhone and Computer and sync'd it between them. It's perfect for 'read later' type things. If you see something on the internet but don't have time to read it, use the Web Clipper and the article will be on your Evernote account for you to look at later. I use this for pretty much all the articles I read, and for the ones I really like I keep them on my Evernote account in my Commonplace Book folder to maybe read again later. I also do my Journal, Fitness Log & Ideas, Goals, Notes, To-Do List, and a folder for my hobby all on Evernote.

I highly recommend you start keeping a Commonplace Book

Why Society is Failing Young Boys

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I highly recommend starting a journal

Why? There's something mysteriously powerful in writing down your thoughts and goals. What do you do when you're about to go to sleep? I usually think about the day and what my goals are for tomorrow. Then tomorrow when I woke up I would forget about my goals and I would just waste the day.... again. So I tried some phone apps that would give me a routine but that didn't work either because if I went off my routine it would ruin the rest of the day. So then I started a journal and I can make a checklist of what I want to accomplish tomorrow and check them off as I go the next day. This is also a great way to keep yourself busy and your mind off porn. This has been great for me so far and I get much more done now! I do my journal entries into Evernote so I can view it on my computer or my phone.

I use a Template:

Today What did I do today?


What lessons did I learn?


Now What am I thankful for right now?

- *I try to pick one thing* 

How am I feeling right now?


Tomorrow What are my plans for tomorrow?


What one thing must I accomplish tomorrow?


Objectives: [ ] I make a list of everything I'm going to do tomorrow


 - *Add anything extra here. Maybe just something that was constantly in my head all day*