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Porn addiction questions Welcome to our FAQ page. If you have a question, ask it below. (After registering, click on "Add new comment.") The answers are based on years of hard-won wisdom shared by recovering users, whose comments are sometimes included along with relevant research. Most questions have multiple links.

If you want to understand the underlying mechanisms and brain changes behind porn addiction and related symptoms watch Your Brain On Porn: How Internet Porn Affects the Brain and Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn. 

For more details on the science, read Start here for an overview of key concepts and follow the links, or visit the Articles section. This 18 minute video addresses common myths and propaganda - PORN MYTHS - The Truth Behind Addiction And Sexual Dysfunctions, by Gabe Deem

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(It's where your comment went.) What if I masturbate (edge) or watch porn without orgasm?

You watched this series, right?

You might be able to put your sexual mastery to work with a gentler form of controlled lovemaking. Exhausting your partner isn't necessarily the ideal. Some women can get very cranky with too many orgasms: Women: Does Orgasm Give You a Hangover?

HA! I wasn't trying to exhaust them, I was just so damn exited to have a being of flesh in blood in front of me that let me touch it.

I wish you much future happiness. It's great that you have the courage to change.

It's BENEFITS like that that keep me on track. I've began to look at porn 3 times since the first & stopped within like 2 minutes. Even stopping a couple days has me thinking about goin to the computer on the way home from work. It's crazy how strong this crap is.
I say all this with a smile on my face. I have spent quite an amount of money on the inner game guru David DeAngelo, it's all great valuable info, but now I wonder if I ever even needed it. I'll be sure to comment on being more drawn to women.

I didn't realize how hard this was or how much of a problem I had since I decided to stop 1/1/13. I assumed I had invincible willpower & this would be easy.

I've deleted all my porn multiple times, but gone back & spent hours downloading things, binging & deleting them again.

I've sadly realized that I've trained myself to like certain fetishes & when trying to stop this, I think about them all the time. The week I was extremely depressed, I think I thought about it the second I woke up like, 5 days in a row.

I have note cards around my computer saying "100% chance of escalation proven again & again, MUST replace reward center resource, The reboot must be completed, 0 Tolerance, If you say I DONT CARE IM DOING IT ANYWAY, STOP" I still managed to PMO, looking at the note card.

I'm starting again as of 1/31 & I do realize it's not a complete starting over. I respect the 'demon' I'm fighting here, I see how it's easier to say no, & I've seen firsthand how productive I can actually be when I'm not thinking about that release for dopamine.

The hardest part to deal with, is that my Xbox, my Cable, & my computer are all hooked up to the same HDTV, & I have a project I need to finish that requires me in this area as well. I literally live in this area when I'm not out.

Be back in a month.

All you can do is to keep on keeping on. The main purpose of dopamine is to seek and search - which is exactly what you found yourself doing. Like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. Same brain system.

good luck

Anyways > I get.boners n fap or gymnasts flexing.their.biceps legs > etc..basically love the muscle.girls...and.they are.95% of > the.time.dressed...CAN I DO THAT > > Or i M thinking about real.women(my teachers...firnds..acquaintance) whom.i > may never meet or.might.see.again.. > > Its very rare that i might.bave watched naked.women frankly dont > even know.exactly how.a.vagina looks..jst have a gross.picture bcs f.those > pop up porn ads that r posted... > > I leave M n wanna do it lst.a.month...altough on modern savage > i rrad aftdr 3 downhill so u shd masturbate at lst once./twice > a.month... > > Its winters.n.i.mostly.fap.when.iam.all.cozy in.the bed n.lazy > n.dont.wanna.get.up > bt.myhand.can.go.down.there... it.happens.when.i.wake.up.or. before.i.sleep.mnwat > do i do.about.that... > Also' fapping a bit say fr 1.min or.stroking.ur.dick.isnt bad > or.dopamine.inducing..its.only the O part. right? ?? > > I have abstained for 15 days the longest bt i was > i.still.felt amazinf.energetic > feel i.really > > crazy.. > > PLEASE HELP AS MUCH AS U.CAN > > What are your tboghts..advice.on all.this

I suggest reading Reboot basics and picking and choosing what works for you.

Individuals are dealing with different conditions, issues, and goals, so I don't make blanket statements - except for the first paragraph under rebooting basics - does not have a "porn recovery program." We simply pass along suggestions by men who have recovered from Internet porn addiction and porn-induced ED. If you are looking for a set of rules you will not find them - other than: "No artificial sexual stimulation." By artificial I mean pixels, audio and literature. If it's not real life, just say 'no.'

I really encourage you to pick and choose what works for you. Please do not get caught up in, "Am I doing this right?" The goal of rebooting is to discover what you are like without porn in your life.

I suggest visiting a forum, such as -

Three months ago I visited my doctor for depression/anxiety related symptoms. Ever since, I've been on this drug called "lexapro", an SSRI (anti-depressant) with an anxiety reducing component. Ever since discovering YBOP, I started thinking my condition could be related to PMO (I'm 24, PMO since 12). Right now is day 6, and I've dismissed over 200 urges to PMO. I've read up on benefits to abstaining and I've failed over 5 times in the last 3 months, but ever since discovering YBOP I've been stronger than ever. I'm currently breaking my longest record and don't plan on going back. My question is, should I ditch the pharmaceuticals and see if my anxiety and depression get better naturally? This issue has been on my mind a lot lately, since the idea of being on medication for the rest of my life isn't very appealing to me. Thanks -Andy

Another thing worth mentioning is I have spoken to my doctor and family about getting off medication and they all advise against it. However, I don't believe they understand my situation like the members of YBOP do. I've seen little discussion about medication mixed with rebooting, thought it might be worth mentioning. Thanks!

I would never suggest that someone stop medication while trying to reboot. Just continue with your reboot and get several months under your belt.

I am interested to hear what you think about attending strip clubs while abstaining from porn and rebooting, as I haven't seen any direct mention of it in any of your articles or the comments. I haven't looked at porn in almost ten months, but I have been to strip clubs three or four times in that period. On the one hand, the stripping and dancing is obviously meant to arouse you, and they are doing things that you most likely wouldn't witness in a normal sexual encounter. You could also say that there's a certain amount of novelty there as you are seeing several different topless/nude women in a single night. On the other hand, these are real people that you can talk to (and often touch to a certain degree as well) that aren't pixels on a screen, which would seem to fit in with your "real over synthetic" paradigm. I can't imagine that these clubs could have a desensitizing effect comparable to hardcore porn use, especially if attendance is rare, but it is something I've thought about. Do you think strip clubs should be avoided, or are they harmless, or even possibly beneficial in helping to rewire arousal to real people?

on strip clubs

After watching your videos, I see my case is exactly the same, i develop ED due to Porn and Prone masturbating. I would like to inform you during my last sexual(2nd time) experience with a prostitute...I was not able to get enough erection for having sex and the erection acquired was for few i end up doing nothing rather than leaving. I would also like to tell you that i was not mentally prepared for sex that time as it was suddenly plan with my friend and i was tensed at that time as if what & how to do things. You know while masturbating in home i get good erection while watching porn but that time a slight erection when she rubbed her hand over it. Another things i would like to share with you is that i am watching porn around 5 years and i am addicted to masturbating for almost 10 years, as there are only a few days of my life that i didn't masturbated. So i am trying to follow your rebooting program but i would like to know...Am I allowed to masturbate without porn(with fantasizing) cause i can't sleep without doing so. Please help Me...I really Need your HELP!!!

Andrew Wolf

Click on rebooting basics above  and read it - as there is no easy answer to your question.

I just wanted to know Can i masturbate while thinking about someone's body whom i know(i deleted my all porn videos and i don't visit any porn sites too), cause when I don't masturbate i can't sleep till 4 or 5o'clock in the morning and i have to miss my college. One thing I would like to know is masturbating also causes ED??

Andrew Wolf

I don't know how else to say it - we don't have a program. Pick what works, and leave the rest. I can't give sex or masturbation advice. I'm not a therapist.

Good luck

do porn addiction and over masturbation cause insomnia?

But a some guys complain of insomnia when they quit using porn.

There is something I don't understand quite well I think.

In several places on this site there is mentioned that when your are fully recovered from porn addiction you should be able to have an erection and orgasm by masturbating with NO fantasy at all.

Now, if this is true, I don't understand why there is such a phenomenon as homosexual people and heterosexual people? If healthy people can have an erection and orgasm with no fantasy why can't some people have sex then with either woman (homosexual men) or men (heterosexual men).
If this is true (that healthy people can have an erection and orgasm with no fantasy at all), shouldn't we be all bisexual then?

 Aversion is the technical term for lower dopamine in response to stimulus. Penile measurements find loss of erections and aversion (lower dopamine) when exposed to erotic films that don't match your sexual orientation. This is not cut and dry.

can the 'brain damage' be undone ? is it actually possible to bring your brain back to where it was when i started masturbating (at the age of 13, i am 27 now) .
Will i get the rock like erections just by a mere handshake with a girl as i used to get a few years back. I have gone through this site and threads but still this question does pop up.
Will i ever be back to normal? i started this porn stuff at the age of 17. I hate porn now , i just dont want porn. i never new it could damage me to this extend. but i swear to God - no porn EVER . i had lifeless penis for a week or two, i went to doc and he said there is nothing physiological that he finds odd in me. i thought it was just psychological. but then i figured out that it might be because of porn. but point to be noted , as they coin the term porn enduced ED, it's like i had got so much used to porn that even looking at porn wouldnt get me erect now. it is like my brain saying "so what's the big deal in nude perfectly curved hotties?" <-- is this normal ? if i quit porn for good will i be back to my normal erections. will my brain be chemically balanced again? God help me please.
God bless yourbrainonporn's founder

and you are anxious as every guy is when they learn about porn-induced ED. Check out the porn & ED tab - read anything that applies to you. I strongly suggest joining a forum. This one - -  has lots of guys in the same predicament as you.

Good luck

does real sex help or is better to quit it too? because with real sex you have orgasm too


of course only while you´re rebooting your brain


and in other FAQ's such as porn & ED. We do not give advice on maturbation, sex or orgasm...only on porn use.

You may want to check out the support tab.

Thanks for the great info on the site. Hope you can help me with some funny exceptions.
This isn't a concerned-about-gayness post; I accepted 6-7 years ago that I'm gay, currently dealing with having little to no physical interest in good-to-average-bodied partners, what looks like delayed orgasm, and possibly ED, due to years of muscle-guys on screens, and maybe TMS. I'm a 22 year old slender guy who sleeps with muscular men pretty frequently, generally in their 30s and 40s, but occasionally really ripped guys in their 20s. It's March 23 2013 and I've slept with six guys this year, all ripped (except one slender guy in his 20s) -- four in their 20s, one in his 30s, one in his 40s. I'm so turned on by muscle, thanks to porn I think. I always use condoms when it comes to anal, and was last tested three months ago and came out HIV-negative, so I think I'm doing safely though.

Started masturbating in third grade; I was 8 or 9. I taught myself to masturbate face down, prone, which has lately caused me problems like cut-up dick. I started looking at porn in early high school. My junior year I would browse pictures of muscular men and fap to them on weekends, and by the time I got my own computer at the beginning of my senior year, I was on men-looking-for-men websites, never actually meeting them but talking to really muscular ones and discussing when we'd have sex.

My first semester of college as a freshman I slept with one of the most muscular men I've ever met (late 30s/early 40s), and the pattern went on, usually a man a semester. Through the beginning of my junior year I would still be on these men-seeking-men websites, for at least 2 hours a day, limiting socializing significantly. In October 2011 I finally gave up the sites, my social time widened, but then was more efficiently on men-seeking-men apps on my phone, which didn't seem as time consuming. Still have the apps (not on them as of six days ago), and I find I'm still way more social since leaving the sites in late 2011. Before this website a week ago, I would also use time off to look at porn, maybe once a week, and during breaks when I'd visit my parent's house, I'd 'treat myself' nightly looking at porn and doing face-to-face stuff with far-away guys too.

Not sure if the following is due to prone masturbation or porn, but I have occasional delayed orgasm masturbating with a partner (even if muscular, usually because they're not 'muscular enough' according to my brain?! and with them I need to fantasize/think stuff like "yes I'm giving this receptive boy my seed and he wants it" or "yes I'm receiving this worthy manly man's seed" etc stuff like that), I have no enjoyment receiving oral sex (it recently changed from being painful to not feeling like anything after beginning to masturbate only by hand in January 2013; stopped masturbating at all on 3/17 and hope that'll continue progress). Had a boyfriend for just a little while when I was 15, he was slender and 16, I'd get hard for him no problem, but because we were kids in school with parents, lived twenty minutes away, we never had time to ourselves to really do it. I was masturbating excessively to his bigger-framed ex (only in fantasy), and when my bf was about to blow me again he was concerned with this weird cut-up stuff on my dick that I think was due to how heavily I was masturbating, and especially since I was doing it harmfully (face down).

I learned online how bad it is for you to masturbate prone in late January 2013, and from that moment never masturbated or orgasmed face down, and exclusively now masturbate and come with my hand. As of seven days ago, I'm also not masturbating at all because of what I've read here. Interestingly on 3/22 (day five) I found myself humping my bed (hadn't done that in a while), fantasizing about real guys I've slept with but mostly with super-great bodies (gotta work harder towards normal guys), and found myself having to stop when I was close (so I wouldn't lose progress) and my penis did an electric spaz-fake-orgasm, dry, not actually orgasming but coming close, I guess pre-come. I know we don't count relapses here but I don't wanna orgasm at all until I'm with a partner again. Still not getting morning wood.

Huge problem is that I really, really like this other 22 year old slender guy who isn't muscular. Great face, not muscular but firm body. One time two years ago I slept with him. That night I lost my erection due to his non-muscularity, but I wasn't devastated, since I didn't like him in that way at the time, so he just jerked off on me and that was it.

Should also mention the way I have sex is often making out, blowjobs both ways (used to resist them giving it to me but now I can handle it for a couple minutes or several seconds), and mutual masturbation -- each jacking our own, since I can't get off by handjobs from others due to the humping I would do. Never enjoyed bottoming but could handle it for a time, and the one time I fucked someone, I lost my erection because the other guy was also slender, so I wasn't horny looking at his chest, and I also didn't feel pressure on my member at all. Him and the other slender guy I like were the only two times I have lost my erection during sex due to lack of horniness/libido?/sensation? so I hope I don't have ED.

Now that I like him and he likes me and will likely get it on again soon, I think I need to widen my sexual palette. Should I stop sleeping with porn-muscular guys? Would that not do anything? I know real life sex is thumbs-upped over fake, but I've only come during sex by my own hand and not by giving or receiving penetration (and before January, only by humping on the other guy's legs, or chest if it's a nice chest). In bed I generally get off by giving oral sex for the sake of pleasing, and masturbating looking at and touching the other man's muscles. Time to only come by being inside someone, or getting blown? (I have never come being blown since I dislike being blown due to the humping and probably porn.) Definitely gonna continue stopping of porn and masturbation which I started 7 days ago.

Day 6 yesterday I deleted pictures of guys I've slept with, was gonna sleep with, and a couple just-from-porn guys -- I guess being feverish this week helped but I'm committed to continuing. I'm wondering that if sleeping with the real thing is ok, then is masturbating with the real thing ok?? Or should I stick to getting blown and trying topping again when I'm with a partner, or even try coming when getting fucked? It would be low pressure with the muscular guys, I have no problem doing Specific/Efficient trial-error stuff with them and won't get embarrassed; I'm worried about performing with this handsome slender guy I like a lot. Thank you!

Ive heard running releases chemicals like dopamine and seritonin like porn does is this helpful during my reboot or what because to me its like porn jus giving me temporary relief. But another part of me says it will help.i dont no if I should run 3 times a week or not to run at all. Please help

exercise is great for the dopamine system

Hi Gary,

First of, many thanks for all the wonderful resources you have made available for the warriors out there battling this much overlooked addiction.

I am one of those warriors myself struggling with this addiction; I know that for a fact. I noticed in myself many similar symptoms of porn addiction mentioned on this site, namely an increased tendency to extreme/violent porn, lack of enjoyment from porn and life's small pleasures, jacking off out of the boredom, and even going as far as being compulsively addicted to hiring hookers. So ya, I definitely am aware that I am dealing with porn addiction.

However, I also have dealing for some time now (2-3 yrs) with various other peripheral issues which I am not certain are MAINLY due to porn addiction and thus will be "cured" or atleast leveraged back to normalcy with the 90 day rebooting process. The issues I am talking about are:

1) Social Anxiety (not just with certain people, but seemingly with anyone, anywhere. Phone, in person, with family members, best friends, store clerks, etc. It manifests itself quite indiscriminately.)
2) ADD (I feel my attention span and focus to be like that of a fish. Every 2-3 seconds, my mind is somewhere else, my focus is somewhere else. Doesn't matter what I am doing; TV, socializing, listening to music, reading, exercising, anything. This I believe is the biggest cause of my social anxiety and the reason why anxiety comes up with family members and friends as well, because there is a sense of an extreme lack of attention where the required amount of attention/focus needed to socialize intelligibly I cannot achieve or I strain to maintain. Makes me feel I have a strong handicap in all social situations, big and small)
3) Eye Contact Issues (this ties back to the ADD symptoms, where I feel I cannot look at a person for longer than 2 seconds without losing focus and my mind and perception perceiving something different (e.g. I look at a person in the eye and then I notice his eye brow and then his mouth then my own thoughts then I blank out then his eye and on and on in a rapid manner, not having absorbed much what the person was saying in the meantime)
4) Lapse in Consciousness (I often feel not present in the moment, sort of like moments skip for me and I cannot hold on to them long enough to participate in them)

Doctors have told me Anxiety is the cause of these symptoms, but I have my doubts as their drug treatments and counseling have not done much for me if anything at all. My question to you Gary is:

Do you feel a 90 day reboot is what is needed for people struggling this way and is likely to clear these peripheral issues? In other words, is porn addiction common to cause all these problems in us?

Thanks a bunch.

- Evariste

P.S. I am currently on Day 21 of the rebooting process. I have seen a few interesting changes, namely on week 2 girls started looking much hotter to me. It went back to normal this week though. In general, there is nothing major as far as improvements that I have observed since Day 0.


Not a very good answer but the only answer I have for anyone. If these conditions did not exist (or were less intrusive) prior to porn use, then porn could be part of the problem.

As for 90 days, I cannot say, as many guys see improvements in many facets months down the road. If you don't enter a deep flatline, I would expect 90 days to produce some results.

If you are a heavy compute user, I would also suggest cutting back on computer time. Pick up reading in books, and of course, start some kind of regular exercise. Some of these same symptoms are see in internet or video game addictions.

In the end porn/Internet may be a little, some, or a lot of the problem. It will take time to find out.

Good luck

Makes sense. I guess I will just have to be patient on the path and hold back the eagerness for results. Oh and the Internet use?? No idea that could be part of the issue. I had suspicions about it, but never fully knowing that it could be a real contributor here. I will look into this more and find out a way to limit my use for sure now. Thanks for the quick response!


a multitude of symptoms. An old article - Ominous News for Porn Users: Internet Addiction Atrophies Brains

Hi, I have a couple questions. I have developed HOCD in the last 5 months and was a heavy porn addict, and I recently stopped. A new symptom arose for my HOCD. Whenever an image of a guys private part with an erection pops into my head, I get an erection now too. It scares me because i've been straight my whole life. I think it has to do with all the porn I've watched over the years and I want to know if this will stop if I stay of the porn. The reason this happens is because I watched a girl on guy videos and constantly saw a mans parts and was never ever aroused by them, only female parts but I have a feeling my porn use along with my HOCD and fear of being gay, that this is only being fueled by fear and porn use. Does this sound normal?

when it comes experiences during withdrawal. Even guys and girls without HOCD experience weird attractions to the opposite sex during withdrawal. The goal with HOCD is to stop analyzing.  You have probably already seen this faq - I'm straight, but attracted to transexual or gay porn. What's up?

It has everything we know. Read some rebooting accounts and you will see that questioning and analyzing is very counterproductive.

good luck

Hi Gary,
i am 27 old male virgin. started masturbation at 13 and porn at 16. it has been around a year and half or so that i am fantasizing to gay stuff... masturbating to gay fantasies which i regret after the fapping is done(Not watching gay or any other form of non-straight porn)...... but i cant get it 'up' to straight porn.. i cant get it up to women fantasy ... i have read the FAQ saying "attracted to gay , transexual" ... but i want it from you Gary. i relapsed on day 18 with MO and not PMO ( i have stopped porn since a month ) and since then i am fantasizing(forcibly and inadvertently) to gay thoughts . With all due respect to LGBTs ; i dont want to be gay Gary. I am dead tired of this shitt in my head .. whenever i sit on my bike or in the computer chair i 'concentrate' on my ass and keep thinking of it :( :( :( :( I have a history of OCD .. severe OCD .. but i am cured from 'that' OCD ... but i think this is new OCD form ..what we call HOCD u think that is the case with me Gary?
How much time according to you will take ME to be normal again. Do you think i have porn induced ED?

because it has everything we know. Asking others for reassurance and analyzing is the core feature of those who have HOCD - and what needs to be tamed. Read the rebooting accounts on that page and you will see that refocusing the mind and ceasing the questions is a key part of the process.

I suggest visiting - - maybe start a journal, or ask a few questions, as lot of the guys there have escalated to gay or transexual porn...or other stuff that doesn't match their true natures.

As far as your questions I can't diagnose, and I can't say how long it will take before you know the answers to your questions. We have only one solution for all - try a long reboot and see what happens.



Dear Gary,

I was wondering what is actually the role of healthy food in a porn reboot? I read somewhere on the site briefly that it is important to eat healthy foods for a faster reboot.
From personal experience I noticed that if I eat to much junk food (high sugar, high fat) I relapse easier and have also more wet dreams. Could you explain why this is?

And what foods should I avoid in order to reboot as fast as possible and to avoid wet dreams?(personally I really think that eating/drinking lots of sugar causes leads to more porn relapse and wet dreams)

an important part. Especially with prevention of relapses. They suggest high sugar foods and junky snacks increase cravings. Does any particular diet speed a reboot for porn-induced ED or porn addiction? I have no idea. It would be hard to even design an experiments to test any diet.

It makes sense to use all the tools available to assist in a reboot.

good luck

I completely agree with the thesis that high sugar foods and junky snacks increase cravings.
Do you have any idea why this is?

In animal experiments consumption of sex increases consumption of sugar and drug. This is caused by the accumulation of deltafosb in the reward center. Since high sugar or high fat diets also increase deltafosb, it is assumed that junk foods can create cravings (cross-sensitization) drugs and sex.

One of several complex studies -

The Influence of ΔFosB in the Nucleus Accumbens on Natural Reward Related Behavior (2008)

Lastly, we investigated how prior exposure to one natural reward affects behavioral responses to another. Specifically, we determined the effect of prior sexual experience on sucrose intake. Although both control and sexually experienced animals showed a strong preference for sucrose, the sexually experienced animals drank much more sucrose, with no change in water consumption.

This is an interesting finding, in that it suggests that prior exposure to one reward may heighten the rewarding value of another rewarding stimulus, as would be expected if there was a partly shared molecular basis (e.g., ΔFosB) of reward sensitivity. Similar to this study, female hamsters previously exposed to sexual behavior exhibited enhanced sensitivity to the behavioral effects of cocaine (Bradley and Meisel, 2001). These findings support the notion of plasticity within the brain’s reward circuitry, in that the perceived value of present rewards is built upon past reward exposures.

Thank you very much!

hey guys need some it been not so good day as i was angry about a guy who taunt me,back pain, joint pain, short breathe, frequent urination these were the symptoms that i felt today.i last watch porn on 5 august( may be) that was the day when i watch porn.i have stopped counting day as it doesn't matter to me because i know that i want get rid of this shit but the thing is that different and weird kind of withdrawal symptoms.i don't like watching porn and don't want to masturbate( as may be i has not fap since 3 weeks actually i don't remember the day on which i am). The withdrawal symptoms i am getting in my rebooting period: not able to concentrate,
muscle aches,
feeling sleepy,
hands shivering and trembling,
little noise is annoying me
frequent urination,
feeling like vomiting,
joint pain,
excess sweating,
sometimes too many thoughts in head,
bad breath,
mood swing,
teeth trembling,
hungry a lot,
thirsty a lot.
i want to know does this ceased with time and what i am supposed to do reduce these symptoms. actually i am meditating two times a day and sometime i go for walk and after how many days does these withdrawal symptoms won't be there or after complete reboot only i won't be getting any withdrawal symptoms

What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

I would expect that withdrawals would subside pretty soon. It's unlikely anyone will answer, so I suggest posting on -

You can get some feedback there.

good luck

First a little bit about my journey. I came across this site about two months ago (stopped counting days) and immediately started my reboot. The first time around I only lasted 9 days without MO without P. After that I just couldn't stop MO and eventually PMO after a few days. My first question is that it seemed that I missed MO a lot more than P. It was much harder to quit MO than it was to quit P. Does this mean that I might be addicted more to MO than to P or does it simply mean that my brain associate MO to P. BTW I have only PMO'ed a few times maybe like 4 within these 2 months.

So after my first relapse which lasted about a couple weeks I started a new reboot. This time it was going much better although I lasted about 10 days before I relapsed again. The relapse did not include porn just MO although I did look at pictures but it was mostly imagining myself with these real girls. It was just normal pictures not even semi naked. My second question is that I noticed much more solid erections and when I would orgasm to masturbation it felt 100x better than before. Even better than my first relapse. Does this mean that I am getting sensitivity back? Just curious? Before that the orgasms to port wouldn't be as good. And I didn't even get full erections most of the time. But this time I didn't need anything to get an erection and it felt much better. Just curious as in what's happening in my brain.

So to recap my questions (trying to make it clearer)

1) If I miss masturbating much more than porn, does this mean I might be addicted to MO or does my brain simply associate MO to Porn?

2) What does it mean that orgasms feel so much better than two months ago, even better than last time I relapsed which was about 3 weeks. Just curious on what's going on in my brain.

Thanks for this site by the way.

I don't like the use of the term relapse. I especially don't like it used for masturbation.

Does this mean that I am getting sensitivity back?

Seems like it.

If I miss masturbating much more than porn, does this mean I might be addicted to MO or does my brain simply associate MO to Porn?

Maybe you are not addicted to either. Even though masturbation addiction exists, I stay away from assessing it. 

What does it mean that orgasms feel so much better than two months ago, even better than last time I relapsed which was about 3 weeks. Just curious on what's going on in my brain.

As described in the YBOP addiction series, you brain changes are reversing themselves, I would guess.

Good luck


I agree, I don't consider it a relapse either, however simply used it because of what I hear that it can slow you down.

I really do think I was addicted to porn, but I left a bunch of details out that I thought were not related to my questions. I used to masturbate to porn a few times daily for years til the point where I wouldn't get an erection sometimes and I would have trouble having sex. I actually still don't get morning wood besides a couple of times since my 2 month reboot. I just seem to be more addicted to the novelty that porn gave me because some of the times that I have given in to masturbation is usually to various pictures of different girls. I usually use FB or okcupid. I catch myself switching from picture to picture while MO. Could it mean that my brain is simply trying to find the dopamine in other way since I refuse to watch porn? This last time withought PMO I was doing the best since I started because I did not test myself. I got the urge to start looking for dates so I decided reactivate my okcupid account, not to MO but to start talking to girls. It was not a good idea because that is what initiated the urge to MO. I would start by looking at pictures then finish with my imagination. So I guess in that sense that means I'm not just addicted to MO right?

 I just seem to be more addicted to the novelty that porn gave me because some of the times that I have given in to masturbation is usually to various pictures of different girls. I usually use FB or okcupid. I catch myself switching from picture to picture while MO. Could it mean that my brain is simply trying to find the dopamine in other way since I refuse to watch porn?

There is no such thing as porn. Only real vs artificial. Guys have developed ED from only viewing swim suit models, simply because they switched from pic to pic.

Have you read this - What stimuli must I avoid during my reboot (did I relapse)?

Thanks for your response and for this site.

I have had ED for some time now and have a girlfriend. I have stopped masturbating my self but is it alright if my girlfriend dose it? Will it help me or set me back? Is it alright if I use for example viagra once when trying to have sex. The thing is I am 16 and my girlfriend and I discovered this when we were both 15. We have tried many times but it has never worked. She is a virgin, and this is there for very strange for her I believe. I found out I had ED this summer and started working on rebooting since then. What is more I have had dreams about watching porn and felt guilty about it in the dream. I think I am taking all the right actions towards getting my sex going, but i can not deny that I have vary little hope for ever getting a normal sex life. Me having little or no hope for this is not too much to worry about for me though(I mean that it is something that I can accept or deal with later), it is more over my girlfriend's sex life that I hate my self for ruining. We are very good friends and have been together a long time. I apologize for the way I wrote this comment, its not very well obstructed and I have much left to learn about using this lovely language. If you think you can point out, help me or question me about any of this feel free, I welcome anyone who is gracious enough to help me.