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Porn addiction questions Welcome to our FAQ page. If you have a question, ask it below. (After registering, click on "Add new comment.") The answers are based on years of hard-won wisdom shared by recovering users, whose comments are sometimes included along with relevant research. Most questions have multiple links.

If you want to understand the underlying mechanisms and brain changes behind porn addiction and related symptoms watch Your Brain On Porn: How Internet Porn Affects the Brain and Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn. 

For more details on the science, read Start here for an overview of key concepts and follow the links, or visit the Articles section. This 18 minute video addresses common myths and propaganda - PORN MYTHS - The Truth Behind Addiction And Sexual Dysfunctions, by Gabe Deem

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if it is porn-induced ED. 16 is quite young to develop porn-induced ED, although we have seen it. The question - are you sure it's all from porn? Could part of the problem be anxiety?

How is your erection when attempt to masturbate without porn, and only masturbate to the sensations? Do you easily attain a solid erection? You should at age 16.

YBOP does not give masturbation, sex or drug advice. But I am of the opinion that 16 year olds should not be taking Viagra. One can still have sexual relations without a rock hard erection.

I also suggest you post on this forum in the porn-induced ED section. They will have suggestions ad and thoughts -


Thank you

hiii, my age is 23 and have been addicted to pornographic since last 10 years, at the age of 13 i started and now i experienced no Morning Erections from last 50 days. As i remember i used to masterbate every day even "without" porn, at the age of 14 it was under my control, but internet porngraphy took me much more beyond this from last 3 years. it was like a need to me for masterbating. When i experienced about "No Morning Erection", i started to take 2 days gap for masterbating but was doubtfull about Porn Induced - ED, and i AGAIN got an Morning Erection and that resulted into recurrence. I found this site and I feel this will keep me inspire to "Not To" masterbate and view porn.
I came to know about noFap and i started. Its my 7th day today and I do not feel so to view at porn or get arouse by looking at a women which i think is good but that really confused me because there was an Morning Erection during my 2 days gap and since 7 days have passed i didnt have any morning erection. My penis size look small so is that a flatline or something different means is my recovery will be take long time or will i get recover after following noFap for say 90 days? i am not depressed but worried a little bit. Not getting aroused or not having any urge to watch porn or masterbate is any phase of noFap which normally people go when they start NoFap?

I am on day 12. During this period I have experienced muscle contractions below my belly button and below balls. These contractions were slightly painful. Has anyone faced similar episodes post nofap??

Thank u for making light for youths life, ..iam from india.,porn and masterbate addicted until watched this site, my age 28, during the time of my 6 yeha lostar addiction I lost more ....I lost my TRUE love..she avoided me there is no other bad feel on earth I had.,loss study and everythings..after that I search random and find out the valuable website, tried and failed 5 time iam no masterbation day no 240, iam totally changed the peoples which avoided me looking me amazing, but I never feel iam normal, many peoples comes to asking any carrier bcz I make to do own business, ur my best friend for ever even though I am not see you yet now,only fault I attempt yesterday after 240 days I masterbate, feel no worry but want know is it set me back or case ed again? Or confident loss happen? Or it is ignorant one like wet dreem? Plz answer me.... and sorry for my poor english., thankyou friend


about having masturbated. Keep no porn as your goal. You may eventually have to find a schedule for masturbation that works for you.

As for not feeling right - a reboot is not a cure for all problems. Continue to those things that make you happy, and work towards goals that are important. Read books, exercise, meditate, whatever you feel will improve your life. If you need to see a psychologist, then do that.

The goal is NOT any particular number of days. The goal is to get on with your life, now that you have eliminated porn as a blockage.



Hi Gary,

Where to start? I am a 34 guy and I have used porn since I discovered my elder brother's magazines when I was about 13. Mine is, I'm sure, an extremely common story. It went from softcore mags, to hardcore video tapes and then eventually internet porn. I must say, I am fortunate my interests never developed into extreme areas, and I'd say I have a fairly standard heterosexual interest in young-looking girls, though I have been increasingly concerned about where this might lead.

My story is, I think, different to many guys here as I am not, and have never been, confident around women and it sounds to me like many users have had many girlfriends and when they talk of social anxiety it seems to be a general anxiety that clears up after weeks of stopping porn.

But I have suffered from social anxiety for years, so when I read about the connection that has been between porn addiction and social anxiety my heart skipped a beat - could this really be the answer? I have had a lot of therapy for social anxiety (including group CBT which is considered to be the most effective) but it still continues to limit my life and cause me to feel extremely depressed (hopeless, suicidal etc).

So, porn and addiction - it took a long time for an acceptance of this problem to rise in my consciousness. But it has slowly grown into the understanding that I do have an addiction and that it could be doing me a lot of psychological damage. After a lot of reading and research, I decided to try quitting myself. I didn't think I had a major problem. I didn't have all-night-long binges and I could go days without using. I didn't think I was addicted. But then I began thinking more seriously about it and examined what was true for me:

1. I have used porn for 21 years
2. My interest has progressed into stronger material
3. I have tried quitting and failed
4. I get intense craving when I try quitting after about a week
5. I have numerous emotional difficulties in my life

This was 'evidence' for me to finally begin to take a good hard look at myself in the mirror and try to quit porn. I decided to be realistic and tell myself, 'even if it DOESN'T cure your social anxiety and help solve all your problems and lead to increased happiness, I'm going to quit regardless!'

I think the sex I continuously witness in porn has distorted the way I view human beings and sexual relationships. While there obviously ARE plenty of highly adventurous and open-minded people out there doing all this crazy stuff, and not just porn actors, I nevertheless feel my viewing of it has fed into a paranoia that it is normal for everyone, except me who is simply naive, left out and alone. And that is the main feeling under porn use if ever there was one - terrible loneliness. I don't have, I guess, I healthy perception of MY personal sexual interests and needs, because my mind is simply full of porn imagery. This has become a vicious cycle that fuels my sense of inadequacy and depression, and renders me more powerless to control the use. So I use more, and what is really scary is that I WANT to use more. The craving convinces me that I can't live without it and it's the only pleasure I have in life. This sounds like an addiction to me, so I am curious to see if I find any relief of my SA symptoms by quitting, but I am not holding my breathe.

I have only had 2 girlfriends in my life, and they were both girls I wasn't particularly attracted to, but I liked their company and by 26 I was so desperate for a sexual relationship that it kind of just happened. But to this day I have never asked out an attractive girl on a date, and I am very concerned my lack of self-confidence runs a lot deeper than my porn use.

But what have I got to lose?

I really want to appreciate this site and the great post from others guys ,both questions and success stories.has any body got any idea about the effect on eyes(brightness and deepness)after rebooting?you response will be greatly appreciate.

I am 29 years old. I started watching porn once or twice a week from the age of 15. I lost my virginity at the age of 18 and everything was absolutely normal. I enjoyed a great sex life until I was 21 when I faced ED for the first time. It shattered my confidence completely and I had no clue what was going wrong with me. I did not realized that I had started masturbating to porn almost everyday which grew to almost twice a day until very recently. I could perform occasionally till I was about 25. After which I just could not hold my erection. I started using a penile pump and could not share this with anyone. My girlfriend was supportive of this. However we broke up a few months back.
I read about rebooting for the first time on 19th Nov 2013 and started researching like crazy. I could relate to all the symptoms mentioned and promised to myself that I will heal myself.
The very day I realized that my ED was porn related, I stopped masturbating or watching porn. I haven't peeped at any such arousing material since then.
However, I met this girl on 21st December and went out on a date with her a couple of times. I realized that my spontaneous erections were back. It had been around 10 since I had already got my morning wood back. Though I never felt what you guys term as "flatline". On 25th December I got involved with this girl and had oral sex. Magic happened, everything worked fine. On 27th December I had intercourse and again it worked absolutely fine. I was really happy to see. However, there were moments when I felt I was kind of losing the erection, but it was back in a matter of seconds. The girl never realized that I have ED because I checked with her. We are in a relationship and she is very supportive of my rebooting. We had intercourse everyday, twice at least, until 31st December. This is because we live in different cities. Ever since I am back to my original city, my girlfriend and I video chat once in a while. We do indulge in some sort of a virtual self-pleasure act and I have masturbated thrice since 1st January (today is 16th January).
As of now, I feel I have recovered. I wake up with really strong erections in the morning, I get spontaneous erections during the day, at least thrice a day (this hadn't happened to me in the last 5 years). In the last 16 days, I haven't woken up with an erection only once when I drank a lot the previous night. I feel really great sensation on my penis now. I do not watch porn at all. My girlfriend will be visiting me on 30th January.
I would like to know - do you think I have recovered completely? Is it okay to masturbate once in a while, say twice a week? Must I restart my rebooting if you feel I haven't recovered? Is it okay to have intercourse when my girlfriend visits me?


I can't answer any of the questions. This is your experiment and you must find waht wroks for you.

I'll juts say that many guys suggest taking it slow at first. That is keep the orgasms to a minimum for a while. Healing will continue long after you are able to have sex.

If want others opinions I suggest posting here -

Dear Gary,
I've known this site now for at least a year I think and I can't thank you enough. Without being aware of it, I see now that before I knew this site I had constant withdrawal symptoms. (social anxiety, tensed muscles, painful joints, tiredness, cold hands and feet, no motivation, bad memory and concentration...)

The sad part is though, that my longest streak of no PMO up to now has been 30 days. I had a few of 20 days and a lot of 10 days.
The problem is that when I go for a streak, after 10 days or so, feelings of anxiety, guilt, wanting to cry but failing, despair,... come up and those (plus also the fact that my surroundings like doctors and family and other sources keep telling me that porn addiction doesn't exist) result then in that I usually have a relapse which numbs the unpleasant feelings that came up.

That way I am in a constant cycle of: PMO-> withdrawal symptoms come up -> withdrawal feelings fade out but other unpleasant feelings come up -> PMO.

I think that in order to go for a longer streak I need to succeed in expressing these emotions that come up after 10 days or so of no PMO. But expressing emotions has never been my strongest point. All my life I haven't really been able to express emotions very well (I think that being constantly numbed because of porn is the cause of that).

Do you think that going to a psychologist might help to investigate what these unpleasant emotions are that come up after 10 days of abstaining from PMO? Or should I just talk to my parents about that? Some way or another I always flee from talking to my parents when the opportunity is there.

I do must say that the withdrawal symptoms, have greatly reduced since I have been PMOing far less the last year. But some of them still arise after I do PMO just very shortly (usually it's just masturbation and fantasy and no porn). Especially the tensed muscles, social anxiety, and cold hands and feet, and bad memory and concentration are still an issue for me (but they are also good reasons to believe that this site is telling the truth, and not other sources who tell porn is ok).

What I didn't find back on this site as a withdrawal symptom is having cold hand and feet (or at least they are cold most of the time), while my back and belly feel very warm. Have you heard of other guys that have this withdrawal symptom?

I also wanted to say that I viewed the movie Shame (a movie from 2011 with Michael Fassbender). I thought it might perhaps be relevant to this site. And I think it pictures the problems of people with porn addiction very well. Afterwards I read the summary on Wikipedia and I found the following sentence really resonating with what had also struck me in the movie:
"Distanced from his dysfunctional family and seemingly without any close friends, his carefully cultivated life lets him indulge a growing sexual addiction, while struggling with his eroding ability to connect emotionally with anyone".
I think that these last words describe very well what happens with porn addiction: your emotions get numbed so that you can't connect emotionally anymore with someone. And when you started PMO to deal unpleasant emotions in the first place, then connecting emotionally with other persons and expressing your emotions is probably just what you need to do. So it's kind of a vicious cycle.

A lot of people will tell you that porn addiction cannot exist. This is nonsense. Think about it - the DSM accepts gambling addiction as a real addiction, and has created a behavioral addiction category. So what's the difference between spending a few hours gambling on the Internet and a few hours clicking from porn video to video?

The difference is that sexual stimulation, combined with novelty, releases far more dopamine than does gambling. In addition, innate sexual circuits can be altered, and orgasm is the most powerful reinforcer and brain training experience this side of addictive drugs. Furthermore, 60 brain studies (List of Internet Brain Studies) all confirm internet addiction, and the only brain study isolating porn addicts found the same brain changes as occur with drug addiction. Cambridge University: Brain scans find porn addiction

And, of course, In 2011, 3000 doctors of the American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) came out with a public statement clarifying that behavioral addictions (sexual, food, gambling) are fundamentally like substance addictions in terms of brain changes.

That way I am in a constant cycle of: PMO-> withdrawal symptoms come up -> withdrawal feelings fade out but other unpleasant feelings come up -> PMO.

This is the normal cycle of addiction - for all addictions. As we all know, some people join 12-steps, or other organizations, to address the psychological components, and to get support. Others go to psychologists. If you are not getting support from your family - because they don't believe in porn addiction - then a good therapist may be the way to go.

Good luck to you.

Hii... everyone here. My slight background is I'm 32 years old and started watching porn when I was just about 15 years old and had been milking my bull since then. I would fap for may be 4-5 times a day till I realised that I had developed a severe ED and PE. I attempted sex 10's times but failed even to wake up my bull. I went to see a urologist ..he started with Viagra but nothing ever happened. he ordered a bunch of tests like T levels but all were fine. He said every thing is fine and it is all your performance anxiety. I told him that I had been fapping like a monster but he said it has nothing to do with my ED. Few weeks ago while searching on internet I came across this site and immediately started NO PMO. I'm on 46th day of NO PMO. I haven't entered into any flatline kind of thing but have been feeling horny as hell with lots of urge to M but not to P. I can feel erections all the day even while working but they are weak. I can feel semi erected almost any time of the day and huge sexual urge. out of this I tried to have sex using Cialis few days ago . the erections were better than before like 40% bt came to know I have developed severe PE.Please help me out..

I imagine you are anxious and want reassurance that a reboot will cure your ED and PE. This is normal. You may want to post on one of the forums under the support tab - as this site does not have forums.

Good luck to you.

Dear Gary,

I went to a psychologist not long ago, to investigate some of the issues that pull me back to PMO. This guy was clearly into psychoanalysis. I told him about this site and that many of the guys report having ED while still in their twenties. (I couldn't speak in my own name, because I'm still a virgin). And although he recognised that it is possible that porn can numb your emotions he gave me his opinion, using the following argument:

" I think that the fact that all these young guys experience ED can be explained because in today's society we put a great emphasis on prestation and the consequence is that some guys develop fear of failure towards their sexual activity with women."

Then I said: "But how do you explain that hundreds of guys report that abstaining from porn for 90 days results in the ED going away?"

Then he said: "In porn there is shown a sort of 'perfect' image of how a sexual performance ought to be and this can amplify the fear of failure and when these guys stop looking at porn, they 'forget' about this 'perfect' image and this reduces their fear of failure."

This is more or less how I remember it. (sorry if I made English mistakes, my English is not perfect)

What do you think of such an argument?

I also gave him the link to this site, but I doubt if he will search it on the internet. That's what I always find annoying when I talk to someone about this. The point I want to make is always based on 'just an internet site', while the other person is usually a qualified and trained psychologist. And then in my head I say to myself: "should I listen to a qualified psychologist or 'just an internet site' ", which often results in chosing for the qualified psychologist which results in getting the temporary belief that porn is not necessarily bad, which results in PMO.

Don't get me wrong: I believe you are doing a wonderful job Gary, and you have a great site and I always feel bad after PMO because of the social anxiety and the other hangover symptoms, but it's just very frustrating and confusing that psychologists don't tell the same information as on the internet and you have to be really strong to ignore what they say, because after all, they are professionally trained psychologists! (who also give explanations of the symptoms I experience: fear of failure, that I am ashamed of my porn use,...)

First of all I take no offense.

Here's my argument - Porn-induced ED: Empirical Evidence

I've been in these debates with many a so called expert. Please read, and note where I say that they never address the actual facts. Instead, like your example, they just fabricate facts or ideas that in no way fit the reality of PIED or what men experience.

By the way, it's not 90 days. the 90 day thing is a creation by nofap/reddit, and is simply a challenge and has nothing to do with PIED. Many young guys need 6 months or longer.

PS - a page with many experts that agree with YBOP - Porn-Induced ED in the Media: Primarily Experts



I'm two weeks into my reboot and i feel more alert and my eyes take less time to focus while driving. i have been pmo since i was like 11ish and got pretty bad in my teens with collecting magazines and fapping at least once a day..often more, i would lay out bunch of mags and cycle the images quickly with my eyes (old school high speed lol). Then came high speed internet in my possession around 1999 and from there was a downward spiral. wasting my days off on the porn 8+ hours a day and few hours on weeknights.I even lost a girlfriend back then due to my lack of interest in her and probably the beginning of my ED. Anyways thats the long past and its time to change my life and start a new journey and recover from ED...i will keep posting my progress and advices that work for me. i will go on the record to say that i am in flatline from day one, and think i may have been flatlined for years

Hey guys just l9oking for some support I am on day one I relapsed lastnight and I was 3 weeks before that so I came oon this site for support!!

one will answer you. I suggest looking under the support tab for a forum.

good luck

Hi guys, first of all, sry for my english. I have question - what if someone ends 90 days reboot, and he has all positive symptoms. Then he has orgasm during sex (no masturbation) - does he loose all the "power", like deeper voice, optimism and so on? Cause I looked at this topic at reddit nofapstronauts: . This guy said he lost his superpowers after normal sex after 90 days (!!) of nofap. So we are not allowed to have orgasm/ejaculate even after full reboot, till the end of life, or otherwise we lose all the positive effects?

YBOP is about porn, and rebooting is about eliminating artificial sexual stimulation. Choosing to not masturbate or not orgasm during a reboot is entirely up to the individual.

The goal of the reboot is to eliminate porn from your life, and for some to heal ED, DE or other sexual issues.

YBOP does not endorse abstinence as a lifestyle.

good luck


any negative effects? how about taking a dopamine agonist like wellbutrin?

reboot all the time while taking various medications.

Hello everyone! My question is: is it harmful for us just watching porn without masturbation? I read something abour dopamin levels in the brain..

your brain on porn, not  - your brain on masturbation.  In other words everything on this site is about Internet porn and its effects. YBOP is not about masturbation.


hi guys first of all sorry for my bad english. is it normnal to watch porn when i have sex with my girlfriend? i mean i get excited to porn while having sex with girlfriend.

Hello, Im a 16 year old male and for the past 3-4 months I have been unable to feel my orgasms. I am on no medication and usually masterbate 1-2 times a day. Could I of desensitized the head of my penis from years of dry masterbation and if so how can I resensitized it. I dont think I have aniexty but I have been stressed out about something for the past couple months. I have tried going three days with out masterbating and it didnt seem to do anything. Should I just lay off of masterbation for a couple months. I also wear pants a lot and usually get boners in school. Could that of desensitized my the head of my penis? I have also lossed 20 pounds in the past 2-3 months. But i doubt that has anything to do with it. Anyways please answer back, its really starting to freak me out.


I've been rebooting for about 6 weeks now and havent really had a problem with porn relapse. I just recently got past the flatline stage and am gradually having a return of libido. 2 days ago I hung out with a girl and decided to take one of those sex pills you find at a liquor store just in case I ended of having sex. Long story short I took the pill and it ended up not working so I couldn't do it. I woke up the next morning with a rager and decided to masturbate to get rid of it, but since then my urges to have sex are through the roof and really have no problem achieving an erection. My concern tho is with all that this will make me regress and I'll fall back into a flatline after a week again. Does anyone have any insight on this?

See this article

What's fascinating is that some guys restart their libido with an orgasm or masturbation after a long abstinence. You will have to see if it kicks in porn cravings, and what effect it has on your erections.


Hey guys. I've been p.m.o free for three weeks. Before i couldn't get a hard on just by looking at porn i would actually have to jack it. i recently decided to look at porn to see if i could get a hard on without jacking it. And i did. i find that to be a good thing. i was only watching for like 2 minutes. however i feel like i kinda relapsed a little bit. just want to know if what i did is a bad thing to do while rebooting.

but I would not test with porn as it often leads to a porn binge. Plus it doesn't matter how your erections are with porn...its how they are without porn.

Firstly i'm 17 year old gay male. Never had a sexual experience in the flesh but has fapped to porn since i was 8. I cannot remember when i started using the internet for porn but it's been years
Me and my partner were fapping over webcam for the first time (He lives a while away) and for the first time in my life i couldn't get it up. It was strange and i felt very embarrassed, i didn't want him to think it was his fault because it wasn't. It's exactly what i'm normally attracted to and have been for many years, my sexuality hasn't been changed it's always been like this. He was okay with it, but i was honestly terrified.
I have depression and quite sever health anxiety so i was freaking out when this happened. I haven't had any libido for a month or so, i can tell a guy is attractive but my tool is just dead. I usually masturbate once a day but since then i haven't had any desire to at all for the last couple of weeks. I found this website and it kind of made sense, the ‘science’ behind it was logical and i thought i would give it a go. By day 7 i just thought
“i want to O, it feels good and i’m pretty bored anyway”
So even though i was doing this no PMO i kind of just thought screw it.
Thing is i did it without porn or fantasy. I just stroked a little and that’s it, something i would never usually do but apparently can do. I O’d and it felt good.
Now the thing is i’m wondering if porn addiction is the same for gay males, or if i am actually not addicted and it’s just depression & anxiety causing my lack of libido and... random ED
I wonder if it’s different because i’m not interested in anal sex or anything like that so the very most it would be is oral or just the hands if it came to a sexual encounter, so would it be any different? There is no vagina for me, nothing similar, so the idea of not being accustomed to what real sex is... well masturbation is kind of what my sexual encounters will be, just a different hand...
I wonder if i’m not actually addicted because i was able to O without fantasy or porn in 7 days... and if other symptoms could just be from depression/anxiety.
It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve watched porn and i don’t really care to watch it, but i still want to MO.

Also, would it be bad to attempt to webcam fap with my partner again? Would this be just a variation of porn as it isn't in the flesh?

ok when you just masturbated -

Thing is i did it without porn or fantasy. I just stroked a little and that’s it, something i would never usually do but apparently can do. I

O’d and it felt good. Now the thing is i’m wondering if porn addiction is the same for gay males, or if i am actually not addicted and it’s just depression & anxiety causing my lack of libido and... random ED

If you were able to easily achieve a good erection without porn, then it may have been a bit of anxiety.

Yes, porn addiction is the same for Gay males. While depression can contribute to ED, it's a rare event for a healthy 17 year-old male to have ED while masturbating.

Also, would it be bad to attempt to webcam fap with my partner again? Would this be just a variation of porn as it isn't in the flesh?

I think it would be ok - especially if you had anxiety, and want to get over the anxiety. But be aware, that this could eventually train your brain to need a voyeuristic view (needing to watch) in order to be aroused. This doesn't match real sex. So If you masturbate on your own, don't use porn, and fantasize about sexual scenarios where you are active, not passive. Pretend you can't see much. Or masturbate to only sensation, so that you don't need any particular scenario.

Should I attempt the no PMO or just stop the porn?

that visits YBOP. The goal is to eliminate porn, so keep that in the forefront. Some guys do say that eliminating masturbation for a period of time helped reset their brains. Only you can decide.


Hello. First, let me thank you for all that you're doing.

Secondly, I have a question regarding rebooting.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, read on) I never really got into hard porn. The recommended way to reboot is simply not watching the porn you watched (ever again), and not masturbating at all or cutting down on it for a period. For most, this is clear: if they watched mostly, i.e., bdsm porn, or something with feet fetishes, just don't watch it and that's that. It's hard, but clear: clear genres, you merely don't search it and watch it, it'll be hard, but you'll get over it.

But for some reason, I never got into hard porn, despite using it a longggg time. I always looked at pics of random girls, mostly on facebook, or on dating sites, etc, dozens of sites, mostly random.. Rarely even in sexual poses, often typical pictures, dressed in typical ways. I "used" it a lot, I'm definitely addicted fapping to it, even have my favourite "girls". It's not hard, but it's still porn. Remember, as if I'm not mistaken, "porn" is anything that turns you on and you fap to. The purpose is not to "get off of hard porn" but to "get off of addiction", i.e. any "porn".

But in this case, what should I do during reboot? Block every image of any girl everywhere? That can't be right... But it's basically what I am hooked on 0_o...

1) Am I "lucky", because I watched "natural" stuff (i.e. things you'll see everyday when you go out), and to reboot, I merely need to stop associating such images with fapping on a computer screen? I.e., I can look at them, merely stop fapping to the pixels (i.e. say a girl I know in real life uploads a new album of typical pics with her friends to facebook)? And unlike some others, I don't need to rewire sexual tastes back to normal, just meet real girls rather then fap to pics of the same girls?

2) Or am I "unlucky", since those images are everywhere, and to reboot well, I really do need to block off all images of all girls? (i.e. like in a classical reboot, you block off what you fapped to)... 0_o

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for writing so much...

But in this case, what should I do during reboot? Block every image of any girl everywhere? That can't be right... But it's basically what I am hooked on 0_o...

First paragraph of rebooting basics

If you are looking for a set of rules you will not find them - other than: "No artificial sexual stimulation during your reboot." By artificial I mean pixels, audio and literature. No porn substitutes allowed, such as: surfing pictures on Facebook or dating sites, cruising Craigslist, underwear ads, YouTube videos, "erotic literature", etc. If it's not real life, just say 'no.'

So yes, it is really that simple. Read this faq - What stimuli must I avoid during my reboot (did I relapse)?

Guys have developed ED when using only swimsuit models. It's wiring your arousal clicking, novelty, and being a voyeur that causes problems. But yes, you were better off by not watching porn videos.


Hey guys,
I am on a rebooting process its my 10th day of no PMO,feeling good and confident but i have a doubt during rebooting is it ok to get my penis erected just by touching with out any porn fantasies.because yesterday i tried to get my penis erected(as it looks dead for 9 days) just by using hands with out any porn fantasies.while doing this although i didn't think about porn and girls, but to get arousal i have applied same pressure(by rubbing)by penis which i usually do during my masturbation.please clarify my doubt, should i stop touching my penis while rebooting??

Is it common for this addiction to escalate into online affairs? I read about the escalation of pornography types with addicts. From "normal" porn to fetishes and such. Is it common for the next level of escalation to be chatting with people online to get off?

but I would say that the majority of men do not escalate to acting out. Yet it's clear that many do. Not a very precise answer, but there's not much to go on.

My success is all yours YBOP guys ...
I always wished to write my success story and here you go....
How can i thank you Gary Wilson and his wife and offcourse the team of this angel website........My gratitude towards you wil be for many lives.
Today, I can say proudly >>> I had sex - a powerful sex in my 25 years for the first time, with a powerful boner
Yes, for sure it was not a cake walk , but i did it and i am so delighted that i could achieve what i wanted.
I cannot tell you how happy I am, Back in September 2012 i realised my Porn ED problem, when i failed (as i was addicted to porn form the age of 13 till september 2012..
After i understood the problem, i decided to take control on porn, and then my journey began, It was a blend of all emotions, challenges and endevour
but eventually it all was worth it.
Yes, my success story is combined with relapses, sadness, small victories and achievements at some point of time, but i never gave up to start again to reach my goal and to live upto this day to tell my success story to the world
Today I have no issues with erection and my early ejaculation has also healed.....My Brain rewired and my ED Healed I love you guys for helping humanity and saving the generatons......Three Cheers for YBOP and My Success
May all succeed in their journey, its possible don't give
Its easy to give up, tough to keep going - if you give up you loose everything and if you keep going "You become Everything" Cheers.
If you really wanna give up anything give up porn and see how nature opens the door of unexplored happiness, peace and life full of celebration. I wish you all the very best for your success.


I have question: In case, i have PIED and trying to avoid porn in order to heal it, is it necessary to quit masturbation at all? Even when I am imaginating my own girlfiend? Thank you very much ;)

 Have you read the START HERE ARTICLE?

START HERE: Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

good luck

Hi all, so im new and am in need of help!
Female, 21 and in a relationship, ive been using porn since i was about 15.
Ive been "sober" from PMO for 6 weeks, with no relapses or anything.

Im struggling because im finding this website unhelpful at times because obviously its male dominant, and its hard to find solace in the faqs because i cant relate.

I joined because i thought i could get some help by asking directly so here goes.

My biggest problem resulting from porn use which i realised a few months ago, is that i can't orgasm with my partner.
Weve been together a year and ive only orgasmed once, and i only did because i fantasised about porn.

I don't have whatever the female equivalent to ED is, i don't have any lowered libido and i havent notice any more self confidence because porn never gave me that sort of lowered self esteem or guilt.

My only problem is that i can't orgasm with my partner because without thinking about porn because i guess ive been desensitised from years of porn use.

I would appreciate any help anyone could give!

we don't have a forum.

First off, have you seen this article - Porn Problems: Here Come the Women

Also, a few rare rebooting accounts by females;

Back to your question. Male or female it's the same problem: You have wired your sexual arousal to everything associated with porn use. The difference is that men have their erections as a barometer, whereas females rarely make the connection between sexual difficulties and porn use.

As best I can tell the solution is the same for men and women - unhook from porn use, and rewire your arousal to a real person. This will take time. I think your best source for advice and help would be these 3 active forums.

Reboot Nation - It has a section for women -

The host just tweeted this - has a women's section -

YourBrainRebalanced has a women's section -

Hope that helps.

I'm pretty sure I have PIED. Now, even with porn, I have an erection but it's been nearly a year since I was fully hard... It's like 75% hard every time I masturbate now with or without porn.

I've also noticed the last year or so that my penis is very leaky. I've always had more pre-cum than average ... But the last year it's gotten pretty ridiculous. I got a massage the other day and had a semi-hard on while laying in my stomach ... When I got up... There was a large mark from my cum on the sheets even though I didn't cum smd. Wasn't touched. If I get at roused and don't masturbate I have lots of wetness in my boxers too. Now I'm noticing urine leaks out if I dont shake it plenty after peeing. I have a flawless diet and am very fit but have been masturbating 3-4x a day my whole life.28 years old.

I'm very very curious if other guys who have/had the pied also had leaky symptoms and if that will be fixed with a reboot too?

hello every one, one of the best informative sites i had ever seen.
I am masturbating on porn from the age of 13. now i am 28. first it started with pictures then high speed internet and at last when i fed up from HD porn videos i started watching self home made videos which gave me charm. i suffered with ED, and i was so addicted that i didnt get an erection while standing.
i decided from the beginning of 2015 not to masturbate. its my 7th day i didnt masturbate. first 4 days were really very heavy for me. felt sleepy every time, stomach upset, libido, no morning erections. but now i am recovering and my morning erection started. i am enjoying it.

but the main question i want to ask DO I RECOVER? secondly now when ever i sleep i have erection even at afternoon at nigh and at the same time i feel i still have no erection.

please help me in this.

but the main question i want to ask DO I RECOVER?

Are you asking if you will recover? We assume everyone can. If you are asking how long it will take - no one can answer that.

secondly now when ever i sleep i have erection even at afternoon at nigh and at the same time i feel i still have no erection.

I don't understand the question. Everything we know is here -

It's really very simple - no porn or porn substitutes and rewire your sexual arousal to real people.

I suggest visiting a forum - has definitely opened my eyes to what my problem was. I apologize in advance for this insanely long message so I appreciate the time anyone gives to read this in its entirety and responds with some help.

I'm 20 years old and I believe what I've been experiencing the past few weeks is PIED. I've been watching porn since probably about 12 years old. The habit grew into an addiction without me even knowing. As I got older, the porn use increased drastically. Up until recently, I would watch porn multiple times a day, probably 3 on average. I have been seeing the same girl for close to 3 years however, we just recently started having sex (last 3 months or so) because she decided she wanted to wait which I respected greatly. The first few times having sex were amazing and to my surprise, I lasted decently long. However, recently (past month to a month and a half) I have been having a problem achieving an erection.

But, what makes me different that I have not read on this forum yet is that I can achieve an erection randomly or when we do oral sex or if she's just playing around with it. We usually start with foreplay where I can achieve an erection and keep it however, literally seconds before I enter her, I lose the erection. One time she was giving me oral sex and I also lost my erection. I thought nothing of it. I work 30 hours a week and go to school full time so I am under stress much of the time. I thought it was just stress.

Then it kept happening. I kept losing my erection right before entering her. She began getting frustrated, naturally, as was I. I'm twenty years old. Were both attractive people. How could I possible have ED? I started googling why I would lose an erection right before having sex. What I got is what sent me to hell. I read that it's more than likely I'm experiencing "performance anxiety". That thought NEVER entered my head, but it made me believe I was experiencing performance anxiety and the past few weeks its been nothing but a downward spiral of anxiety and depression.

Anxiety that I can't satisfy my girl and things like that. I talked to her about it and it made it worse. We began arguing a lot about my problem. It just threw me into this pit of anxiety and insecurity and depression that I could not snap myself out of.

That is, until I stumbled upon this site where I realized that I don't have a "performance anxiety" issue. I have a porn addiction issue. Like I said, I was watching porn multiple times a day even with a girlfriend and never did I have a problem achieving or keeping an erection. Until a few weeks ago. I guess my first question would come in now; Does it happen all of a sudden like that? Just one day, you lose your libido entirely?

I also watched a lot of porn with girls that did not look anything like my girlfriend. She's a small, petite blonde. And my "go to" porn was always Latinas. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my ED problem but despite that, I'm still extremely attracted to my girlfriend.

Also, the weeks leading up to my sudden drop in libido due to my porn addiction, I was combining porn with nude pictures/videos of my girlfriend she would send me every once in a while. I read that your brain can not differentiate between pictures/videos of your partner and a pornstar. Could that have really "expedited" my problem occurring?

I stopped watching porn and looking at pictures and videos of my girlfriend entirely. I'm a week in exactly. I don't think I've had any real side effects. Maybe loss of concentration a bit, some anxiety and depression, but my libido has been slightly better than before. I get harder quicker and longer. I haven't tried having sex with my girlfriend yet since I stopped "cold turkey". I have however, talked to her about the problem and stated that it was because of the excessive masturbation to her pictures and videos and porn that lead to this problem. She's growing increasingly more impatient with this no sex thing. I mean we still do other things but she's getting more and more sexually frustrated. But I'm really trying to change and turn this PIED around for myself and I feel that if I have sex again and fail or succeed, it'll throw my reboot off. if I fail, I'll most likely head to that super anxiety depression place and if I succeed, I'll most likely think that it threw the reboot off.

I'm just looking for some advice on how to speed the process up or how to stay "clean" and determined that you CAN recover. I've already been doing replacement activities. I am in the gym 4 or 5 days a week, I write, and also study in my free time.

Is there anything else I can do to help myself?